King Of Gods Chapter 1433

Chapter 1433 The Auctions Climax

Chapter 1433: The Auction’s Climax

“The starting price for the Eight Ultimate Sacred Heavens Art is 1.5 million high-quality God Crystals. Each new bid must be at least ten thousand higher!”

The starting price of the Eight Ultimate Sacred Heavens Art was greater than that of any previous object up for action. Some of the final bids didn’t even manage to reach 1.5 million.

But the moment the white-robed elder finished speaking, several people swiftly made bids.

“1.6 million.”

“1.62 million!”

“Two million!”

The price of the Eight Ultimate Sacred Heavens Art rose with unprecedented speed, swiftly reaching two million. The bidders were mostly half-step God Lords or God Lords.

Xin Wuheng also called out a bid, but the price was rising so quickly that the ultimate price would probably exceed his estimates, so he decided to give up.

Three million!” A God Lord of a five-star faction under the Spacetime Sacred Land suddenly moved, calling out a shocking price.

Even so, only part of the group gave up. There were even many factions who seemed dead-set on obtaining this art. After all, a powerful art could grant a cultivator strength far above normal and decide how far they would be able to proceed on the martial path.

Although supreme-quality divine artifacts were rare, they were still external objects. Thus, the value of this divine-level art far exceeded ordinary supreme-quality divine artifacts.

In the end, the Eight Ultimate Sacred Heavens Art was taken by the Sacred Land of another zone for a price of six million high-quality God Crystals.

The Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique can only last me until I become a God Lord. When the time comes, I will have to find another art or create my own….” Zhao Feng’s expression darkened. He was not far from becoming a God Lord now and had to start planning for the future.

If there was an art of the God Lord level suitable for him, Zhao Feng was planning to make a move.

The final price for the Eight Ultimate Sacred Heavens Art was the highest so far and made great waves, but the auction was far from over. Each one of the following items was an incredibly rare treasure, even more precious than the Eight Ultimate Sacred Heavens Art. The atmosphere in the auction house was raised to the very limit.

“Next up for auction is a Divine Kingdom left behind by a peak First Heaven God Lord, infused with a Law of Darkness. In addition, the original appearance has been completely preserved. The treasures or secrets of this God Lord might still be inside!” The white-robed elder smiled.

“What? A peak First Heaven God Lord’s Divine Kingdom?”

“Completely preserved!?”

Many experts found themselves tempted by this item.

Only God Lords could create Divine Kingdoms, but the majority of them would not keep their Divine Kingdoms on them. For this reason, when these God Lords were killed, their Divine Kingdoms remained, turning into ownerless objects. Those who were lucky enough might accidentally enter one of these Divine Kingdoms, obtaining the fortune left behind by a God Lord.

At this moment, the Divine Kingdom Auction House was auctioning off something that countless people could only dream of – a lucky opportunity.

“Divine Kingdom!?” Shock appeared in Zhao Feng’s eyes. He hadn’t expected even Divine Kingdoms to be purchasable.

“If a half-step God Lord is able to refine this Divine Kingdom and inherit its power, they will usually have a ninety percent chance of becoming a God Lord. If the Law energy matches with a God Lord expert, they can fuse this Divine Kingdom into their own Divine Kingdom, rendering it indestructible.” The white-robed elder added a further explanation of this Divine Kingdom’s uses and value.

Of course, there were also flaws in using a Divine Kingdom to become a God Lord, as it would affect one’s future potential. But the auctioneer would definitely only choose to talk about the advantages.

“A Divine Kingdom can basically create a God Lord! No wonder the Blazing Gold Race cared so much about the Divine Kingdom that Zhao Yufei obtained.” If he didn’t hear it from the old auctioneer, Zhao Feng would have never known about this.

His primary purpose in coming here was to buy treasures that he could help him break into the God Lord level.

However, this Divine Kingdom was a little too much, and the Divine Kingdom contained a Law of Darkness, which Zhao Feng had no expertise in whatsoever. He possessed the Spacetime Robe and Ancestral Artifact fragment, so it was best if he walked the Dao of Spacetime.

Xin Wuheng was also greatly tempted, but he could guess that this Divine Kingdom’s price would undoubtedly be sky-high.

The starting price is three million! Each new bid must be at least ten thousand higher than the previous!” the white- robed elder announced.

As this Divine Kingdom was still completely preserved and could hold many valuable secrets or treasures, the starting price of the Divine Kingdom was placed at three million.

“Four million!” A God Lord raised the price by one million right from the get-go.

But his bid was quickly drowned out.

“4.1 million!

“4.12 million!”

One bid after another was shouted out, with Ancient Soul Hall’s God Lord Evil Spirit being one of them.

“Six million!” the Fallen Heaven Sacred Land’s God Lord loudly called.

At a price of six million high-quality God Crystals, the Eight Ultimate Sacred Heavens Art had instantly been equaled. It seemed like the Fallen Heaven Sacred Land was determined to obtain this Divine Kingdom.

This Divine Kingdom was wholly capable of creating a God Lord, and the experts of the Fallen Heaven Sacred Land had always cultivated evil and wicked Intents like Shadow Intent, Darkness Intent, and Decay Intent.

The Law of Darkness contained in this Divine Kingdom was perfectly suitable for the Fallen Heaven Sacred Land. If they succeeded, they could have a peerless prodigy become a God Lord or strengthen the power of an existing God Lord.

But there were countless factions who practiced Evil Dao in the five major zones, and all of them needed this Divine Kingdom.

“6.1 million!”

“6.2 million!”

The price of the Divine Kingdom continued to rise.

“Nine million!” the Fallen Heaven Sacred Land’s God Lord frigidly said.

This price instantly intimidated the other bidders and caused many people in the auction house to call out in alarm. A price of nine million was incredibly high, and it also seemed like the Fallen Heaven Sacred Land viewed this item with utmost importance and would not be willing to let go. Thus, the remaining bidders all gave up.

Just when everyone believed that the Fallen Heaven Sacred Land would obtain the Divine Kingdom for the high price of nine million:

“9.1 million,” God Lord Verdant Origin softly called out, appearing rather indifferent. “9.12 million!” The Fallen Heaven Sacred Land’s God Lord continued to bid.

“9.2 million.”

“9.22 million!”

“Damn! This Divine Kingdom is of no use to the Life Sacred Land. They’re intentionally raising the pri robed woman’s eyes flashed with cold light.

However, they did the same thing earlier.

“We have to obtain this Divine Kingdom!” the white-skinned man with black stripes gloomily said.

“Eleven million!” The black-striped man’s voice was cold and harsh, tinged with a slight tremble.

The auction house exploded with noise. No one had expected for this Divine Kingdom’s price to almost double the Eight Ultimate Sacred Heavens Art.

“This Divine Kingdom isn’t that useful to us, so we’ll just give it to you,” God Lord Verdant Origin spoke in a modest and magnanimous tone.

This caused the people of the Fallen Heaven Sacred Land to almost break out in curses. Fortunately for them, this price was still not too unreasonable, and they had obtained the Divine Kingdom in the end, preserving their face in front of the Life Sacred Land.

“A single Divine Kingdom was actually sold for eleven million high-quality God Crystals?” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but sigh. Of course, he was also sighing in wonder at the domineering fortune wielded by God Lords of Sacred Lands.

After the Divine Kingdom, the other items that followed were all extremely valuable treasures. A Sacred Land would make a bid every time, and the majority of the prices would reach seven million God Crystals or higher. And it was mostly Sacred Lands that got their hands on these treasures.

After a slew of high-price bidding wars, the value of the items up for auction began to fall. But those who understood the situation knew that the climax was coming. The previous items had consumed the capital of many factions and experts, so the auctioneer was intentionally bringing out these lower-value items so that they would have time to make preparations.

“Golden Glass Axe! A supreme-quality divine artifact! Though somewhat damaged, it originates from the 21st ranked Blazing Gold Race, and its power is greater than ordinary damaged supreme-quality divine artifacts!”

“Flame Hell Shield! A damaged supreme-quality divine artifact! It possesses incredible defensive power and is also from the 21st ranked Blazing Gold Race…”

Up for auction next were several items that Zhao Feng had provided. As there were many of these damaged supreme- quality divine artifacts, they were being auctioned off all at once

Just as expected, the Blazing Gold Race’s old woman went full force to get back the divine artifacts that had been lost by her race.

“1.6 million!” Zhao Feng immediately responded, occasionally hiking up the price.

Damn! It must be the Spiritual Race! The old woman ground her teeth, but there was nothing she could do. During the bidding for the Heavensoul Featherspirit Stone, God Lord Verdant Origin had given that person some face, so this person was probably the Spiritual Race Patriarch.

“1.65 million!”

Zhao Feng knew to not overdo it and did not raise the price too high. He was constantly observing the old woman in the flames. The moment she hesitated, Zhao Feng stopped.

Just like this, Zhao Feng was able to get rather high prices for these divine artifacts, which returned to the Blazing Gold Race.

With this, all of the items that Zhao Feng put up for auction had been sold off.

“Haha, I now have nearly twenty million high-quality God Crystals!” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but rejoice.

Of course, he had to thank the Blazing Gold Race. He took those supreme-quality divine artifacts from the Blazing Gold Race and had now sold them back.

What was up for auction next were tools with unique skills.

These special tools were undoubtedly connected to the Heaven’s Legacy Race. Almost all the array and mechanism masters of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods felt an incredible yearning for the Heaven’s Legacy Race, and the products they created all showed the influence of the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

Some of these tools had a high value while some of them had rather low value. The most expensive tool was able to unleash an attack equivalent to a First Heaven God Lord, and it could even be recharged after use. This special tool was sold for a price of 4.5 million.

“Heavenly Demon Fire Dragon Blade! A top-class existence among supreme-quality divine artifacts. It is weakly infused with a Fire Law and a Destruction Law, and its power is sufficient to destroy ordinary supreme-quality divine artifacts. It originates from the 9th ranked Destruction Dragon Race.”

As this divine artifact contained a Fire Law and a Destruction Law, its value far surpassed Zhao Feng’s Spacetime Robe. After all, a normal supreme-quality divine artifact only contained top-class Intent Essence. At the most, it would be weakly infused with a single Law.

The final bid was ten million, almost the price of the Divine Kingdom earlier.

“Devil Soul God Jade! A Devil Jade left behind by a God Lord of the Devil Dao. After absorbing and comprehending the energy within, one can form a unique Devil Soul Body!”

The Devil Soul God Jade could cause one’s soul to evolve into a Devil Soul Body.

Upon reaching the God Lord level, one had to pay even more attention to cultivating the soul. Unique soul bodies were undoubtedly stronger than normal soul bodies. Moreover, the Devil Soul God Jade could also increase the strength of a God Lord of the Devil Dao.

The appearance of this item immediately set off a frenzied bidding war between numerous God Lords of the Devil Dao.

“Next up for auction is a fragment of a supreme Ancestral Artifact!”

The moment the white-robed elder spoke, the auction house immediately fell silent.