King Of Gods Chapter 1435

Chapter 1435 Plea For Help

Chapter 1435: Plea for Help
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Within the Spacetime Robe, several high-level Space Intent resources floated in front of Zhao Feng. The essence within these resources was slowly being absorbed by Zhao Feng.


An extremely obvious Space energy appeared around him, making Zhao Feng appear blurry and indistinct.

Level Nine was the peak for Intents. In order to comprehend an Intent to this extent, one would normally require an extremely long time.

However, Zhao Feng possessed countless precious resources and a supreme-quality Spacetime divine artifact in the Spacetime Robe. In addition, he also innately possessed some talent in Space Intent. It wasn’t impossible for him to succeed in a shorter time period.

Nearby, the Black Destruction Dragon opened its eyes.

“Space Intent… near Level Nine!” The Black Destruction Dragon sensed the powerful spatial ripples coming from Zhao Feng and was stunned.

After the war between the two races, the Black Destruction Dragon broke through into peak Rank Nine, and it originally believed that it would soon catch up to Zhao Feng.

This was because the standard for a half-step God Lord was Level Nine Intent, something connected to one’s comprehension ability and talent. And the Fire Intent it cultivated was easier to cultivate than Space Intent, so the Black Destruction Dragon believed that it would reach Level Nine first.

But it was no longer so certain about that.

Buzz! Bzzz!

The Spacetime Robe Dimension’s space became distorted and disorderly. Those of low cultivation and not skilled in Space Intent would be incapable of surviving in this dimension. This situation persisted for an entire year, only worsening as time went on.

One day, the distortion of the Spacetime Robe suddenly stopped.

“Success?” The Black Destruction Dragon opened its eyes and waited with bated breath.

Suddenly, a profound and unfathomable Space Intent began to exude from Zhao Feng. The distorted dimension was instantly pacified. The Black Destruction Dragon also sensed that this dimension had become even vaster and sturdier.

“Level Nine Space Intent… half-step God Lord!” Zhao Feng suddenly opened his eyes, his body shooting up into the air.

With his Space Intent at Level Nine, he now had almost complete control over the Spacetime Robe’s power.

“Master, congratulations on becoming a half-step God Lord!” The Black Destruction Dragon immediately voiced its congratulations.

Upon becoming a half-step God Lord, Zhao Feng went back to his spot and seated himself cross-legged on the ground. He needed to stabilize his foundation, and his other Intents also still had room to improve.

In addition, now that his Space Intent had reached Level Nine, he could cultivate the fifth level of the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique. Once he cultivated this level, he would have a significant leap in strength.

Three years in the Spacetime Robe passed in the blink of an eye. In this period of time, Zhao Feng fused his Intents together and also somewhat increased the levels of his other Intents. In addition, he had begun to cultivate the fifth level of the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique, and his Chaos Origin Divine Power had gotten even more powerful.

While cultivating this art, Zhao Feng was also cultivating the powerful combat skill of the fifth level, the Chaos Heaven Black Hole. This skill was an upgraded version of the Chaos Heaven Void Ring. It maximally strengthened the defensive and devouring powers of this skill and also added offensive capabilities.

Although the Chaos Heaven Black Hole was a combat skill of the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique’s fifth level, it was still incredibly difficult to cultivate. One had to be at almost the peak of the fifth level to actually use it.

Zhao Feng had only gotten a basic grasp of it at this time. He needed more time until he could fully display its power.

Time flew by, and Zhao Feng had now been in seclusion within the Spacetime Robe for eight years.

One day, Zhao Feng sensed a powerful ripple of energy from his interspatial dimension and ended his cultivation.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Feng took out the Ancestral Artifact fragment.

The Ancestral Artifact fragment had unleashed that powerful ripple.

“Lord Twilight Valley wishes for me to tell you that Xin Wuheng has asked for help from you.” An elderly voice came from the Ancestral Artifact fragment.

The Giant God Race possessed the Ancient God Seal, allowing it to communicate with Twilight Valley within the Light Race’s Divine Kingdom, and Twilight Valley had a way to communicate with the Ancestral Artifact fragment.

“What!? The Giant God Race is in danger?” Zhao Feng was dazed.

When he asked Xin Wuheng how things were going back at the Divine Kingdom Trading Ring, Xin Wuheng had said that everything was fine. But if Xin Wuheng was now directly asking him for assistance, it was clear that the Giant God Race’s situation wasn’t good at all.

Now that he thought about it, this had to be the case. Even though Xin Wuheng had obtained an enormous amount of resources from the Light Race’s Divine Kingdom, the Giant God Race couldn’t possibly develop to a strong enough level to contend against Ancient Soul Hall in just a few decades.

Xin Wuheng was hoping to have Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei use their connections to have the Spiritual Race send reinforcements.

However, the Spiritual Race was a vast distance from the Chixing Zone, and two races had no previous relationship. Besides that, the Spiritual Race had just experienced a major war and needed time to recover from its grievous losses. Any rational race would never help a strange faction at a time like this.

But Zhao Feng still had to try. Upon leaving the Spacetime Robe, Zhao Feng went to find the Second Elder and explain the situation.

“Zhao Feng, the patriarch is traveling abroad, the Grand Elder is in seclusion, and the Cursed Words of Death in my body have not been completely undone. Moreover, this is a war between five-star factions of a different zone. The Spiritual Race is in no place to intervene….”

Just as expected, the Spiritual Race could not send reinforcements, with the Second Elder making a tactful refusal.

The Spiritual Race was a faction of the Ziling Zone. It truly was rather inappropriate for it to intervene in a war in another zone. Besides, the hopes of the Giant God Race defeating Ancient Soul Hall at its current level of strength were minuscule. If the Spiritual Race recklessly sent reinforcements, they might not come back.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll go alone.” Zhao Feng’s expression was emotionless.

He was only able to reach his level and possess a heaven-defying treasure like the Ancestral Artifact fragment because Xin Wuheng had gone against his entire race and supported Zhao Feng going into the Ancestral Legacy Treasury. Besides, Nan Gongsheng and Kun Yun were also with the Giant God Race.

In addition, Zhao Feng had just become a half-step God Lord, his strength increasing by a significant amount. He had the confidence to fight even against a God Lord.

And war was not necessarily a bad thing. In the previous war, he had reaped a great harvest from the Blazing Gold Race and exchanged it for twenty million high-quality God Crystals.

But this sort of fortune was still nothing much in a place like the Divine Kingdom Auction House. By going to the aid of the Giant God Race, he might be able to make even more money.

“Zhao Feng, you must not be rash!” The Second Elder immediately grimaced.

Zhao Feng had an extremely high chance of becoming a God Lord, even reaching the Second or Third Heaven. He had so much potential that the Spiritual Race was practically regarding him as a member of their race.

“Elder, be at ease. Back then, even God Lord Fire Cloud couldn’t do anything to me!” Zhao Feng confidently declared.

“Ancient Soul Hall can’t be compared to the Blazing Gold Race. This faction was powerful enough to overturn the Giant God Race. This alone is evidence of how abnormal it is.” The Second Elder immediately tried to persuade Zhao Feng.

But suddenly, powerful Space energy erupted from Zhao Feng’s body, sealing off the surrounding space. Even the Second Elder felt some spatial suppression.

You’re a half-step God Lord?” The Second Elder was stunned.

Zhao Feng was already a half-step God Lord, and it was in Space Intent.

Ordinary God Lords were already helpless against the Zhao Feng of the past, and now they were even more incapable. Even if Zhao Feng was no match, with his Level Nine Space Intent and his Time Law, escaping would be an easy task.

In the end, the Second Elder agreed to allow Zhao Feng to go and assist the Giant God Race.

“Elder, I entrust Yufei to you!” Before leaving, Zhao Feng was somewhat uneasy about leaving Zhao Yufei.

Zhao Yufei had enormous potential, and if she was given ample time, she could rapidly mature. Zhao Yufei was currently in seclusion and Zhao Feng had not told her that he was leaving.

Zhao Yufei did not have the strength to be of use in a battle between five-star factions. The Giant God Race was not safe at the moment, and the Spiritual Race would never let Zhao Yufei go anyway. In order to minimize problems, Zhao Feng decided to just go alone.

“Zhao Feng, the Spiritual Race cannot send too many experts, but we can still send a few Rank Eight or Rank Nine Ancient Gods with you.” The Second Elder was still somewhat uneasy.

“There’s no need.” Zhao Feng rejected the kindhearted offer from the Second Elder.

If a God Lord was leading the team, the Spiritual Race would be able to arrive at the Chixing Zone a little faster, but bringing along some Rank Eights or Rank Nines would just slow him down.

And Zhao Feng wasn’t going alone; he had many powerful helpers coming with him.

In addition, if Zhao Feng went alone, he could use the Light Race’s Divine Kingdom, allowing him to reach the Chixing Zone in very little time. He naturally couldn’t let outsiders know about this.

All these factors played a part in Zhao Feng’s refusal.

After leaving the Spiritual Race, Zhao Feng went to a hidden and secluded area.

One month later:

Boom! Bzzzzz!

The Ancestral Artifact fragment floated in the air, unleashing immense Time energy that linked with another enormous wave of energy. A few moments later, a path was formed.

The Light Race’s Divine Kingdom was incredibly high-level and contained enormous amounts of energy. At this time, Twilight Valley had moved the Divine Kingdom over near the Ziling Zone and set up a path, and Zhao Feng was able to directly enter the Light Race’s Divine Kingdom.

After entering the Divine Kingdom, Zhao Feng would be able to get to the Chixing Zone even more quickly.


Zhao Feng jumped into the path.

After a moment of spacetime discord, he appeared in the Light Race Divine Kingdom’s forbidden ground, next to the Tree of Time. An elder floated in front of him, his body made of flowing streams of light.

“Senior Twilight Valley, many thanks!” Zhao Feng carefully examined Twilight Valley.

If his guess was correct, Twilight Valley was currently a First Heaven God Lord, but he appeared to exude an unfathomable aura.

“It wasn’t long since our last meeting, but you’re already a half-step God Lord!” Twilight Valley was rather surprised. Zhao Feng had left this place as a Rank Nine Ancient God.

“I have the harvest from the Light Race’s Divine Kingdom to thank for that,” Zhao Feng said with a smile.

Zhao Feng spent the following period within the Light Race’s Divine Kingdom, cultivating or honing himself in dangerous areas. Three months later, Twilight Valley created another path and sent Zhao Feng to the Chixing Zone, close to the Giant God Race’s location.

There was an extremely dangerous forbidden ground of the Chixing Zone known as the Scorching Underworld. The world was shrouded in scolding red mist. Even a Rank Six True God that approached this place would be swiftly set upon by corrosive flame poison.

The flame poison here was very special; not only did it invade the body, it also affected the soul.

The farther one ventured, the stronger the flame poison became. Even Ancient Gods would be affected to a certain extent.

One could occasionally spot giant pitch-black figures in the searing lava underground, each of them exuding dangerous blazing auras.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Several figures were slowly traversing through the Scorching Underworld. Their leader was a tall and slender man with a cold and harsh expression. His body was immersed in a dark and ghostly fog that kept out the scorching poisonous mist.

“Ah…!” A scream came from the back of the group.

Several experts and Medicine Dao practitioners immediately went over.

“They really know how to hide! To think that they would run to a place like this!” a Rank Nine Ancient God cursed.

Ancient Soul Hall had mobilized almost the entire faction to find the Giant God Race, combing through almost every inch of the Chixing Zone.

“Their struggles are about to end!” The leader, God Lord Evil Spirit, wickedly laughed.