King Of Gods Chapter 144

Chapter 144 – Unsimple mission
Chapter 144 - Unsimple mission

The intent inside the Heavenly Wind God Technique felt similar and thinking about it, this skill had the element of wind. So there were things that he already learnt from the 4 Wind Stances and the Mysterious Wind Palm.

Even the Lightning Wind Palm had wind as a basis to summon lightning, so after reading it once, Zhao Feng had comprehended 10-20% of it.

If someone else of the Clan was here, they would be shocked. The difference between every class was massive and Low class Mortal skills were Holy martial arts in the mortal world.

For the disciples of the Clan however, a Low class Mortal skill wasn’t hard to comprehend - one just had to spend time to train it to the peak level.

But the difficulty of the Middle class Mortal skills was double that of the Low class skills. Normal inner disciples only had one Middle class skill and a small number had two.

As for High class Mortal skills, there were only 100-200 of these skills in the Broken Moon Clan. Even if a disciples under the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm got it, it would be hard for them to comprehend.

Therefore only a small number of core disciples with great talent, potential and comprehension were allowed to learn High class Mortal skills.

Zhao Feng had only read it once and he had comprehended 10-20% of it.

This was mainly due to 2 points:

After his left eye had upgraded, his comprehension level had increased.
Most of the skills that Zhao Feng had learnt were similar to the Heavenly Wind God Technique.

On the same day, Zhao Feng started learning the Heavenly Wind God Technique, he also read the simplified version, Heavenly Air Wind Technique.

The Clan rules stated that the skills in the Hollow Building must not be distributed or else the person’s cultivation would be crippled.

Zhao Feng didn’t get permission from the Clan and although this skill wasn’t “distributed”, it would still be troublesome if they found out. The simplified version, Heavenly Wind God Technique could cover up for it.

Half a day later.

Zhao Feng had entered the beginner level and the true force in his body was agile and fast. Two days later, all his true force had become Heavenly Wind True Force.

Zhao Feng had tested it out and the condensing speed of the Heavenly Wind True Force was extremely fast and it contained the sharpness from the Partial Wind Stance, but it was much more profound.

The more he learnt, the more surprised Zhao Feng became. The Heavenly Wind God Technique contained all the enlightenment from the first 3 stances of the 4 Wind Stances. The True Force was similar to the inner strength of Lightly Floating Ferry - fast, agile and sharp.


Zhao Feng suddenly realised that a move in the Heavenly Wind God Technique was exactly the same as his Mysterious Wind Palm.

Even though the Heavenly Wind God Technique trained true force, there was still moves contained and one of them, named the “Rotating Sharp Stance”, was extremely similar to his Mysterious Wind Palm. Even in the simplified version, Heavenly Air Wind Technique had a similar move named the Rotating Sword Palm.

“Does Ran Xiaoyuan train the Heavenly Air Wind Technique or the Heavenly Wind God Technique?” Zhao Feng thought as the scene flashed in his mind.

Ran Xiaoyuan was quite young, but she was almost at the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm. If she had trained in the Heavenly Wind God Technique, then her background wouldn’t be simple.

Stopping this line of useless thoughts, Zhao Feng circulated the Heavenly Wind True Force again. The more he did so. the more terrifying he found it to be.

With the Heavenly Wind God Technique as a basis, his Lightning Wind Palm would be on an entirely new level.

In a few days time, Zhao Feng’s cultivation had stabilised at the peak 1st Sky of the Ascended Realm.

Since he had learned the Heavenly Wind God Technique and Lightning Wind Palm, Zhao Feng believed that no one under the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm would be able to threaten him.



Zhao Feng’s bones were quite stale after cultivating for a few days straight. As he walked out the door, he saw a special letter stuck onto the door and it had a curved moon on it.

Zhao Feng knew that this symbol meant that this letter was the mission he needed to complete by the Clan. Every 2 months, inner disciple had to complete a Clan mission and once it was completed, they could get some contribution points and primal crystal stones as a reward. If they failed, a certain amount of contribution points would be deducted and if one failed continuously, they might be kicked out of the Clan.

“Clan task… ”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled as he opened the letter.

When the Clan assigned the mission, they would consider the disciples cultivation, so that the weaker disciples wouldn’t get too hard missions.

A few of the harder missions needed a group of disciples to complete together.

Because it was the first time Zhao Feng had got a mission, he was slightly excited and expectant.

“Mission: To find the source of plague of the Xing family and find the reason why the family head ’Xing Chen’ died. An extra reward will be given if the murderer is killed.”

The mission was extremely simple and there was a description about the Xing family.

Zhao Feng knew about the Xing family, since it was one of the big families of the Cloud Country. The family head, Xing Chen, was at the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm, the same as Lord Guanjun.

The combined strength of the Xing family was one par with the Guanjun Palace.

In the past few months, there was a weird plague and the family head had died. The two sons fought each other to get the position of family head.

The letter had a warning on it: There are signs of cultivators from other countries. If there are enemies that you can't match, you can retreat and call the Clan for help.

Mission ranked : 2.5 stars with the possibility of it going up to 3 stars.

The Clan missions had 7 stars in total and every star corresponded with the 7 Skies.

2.5 stars meant that one needed at least a 3rd Sky cultivator or many 2nd Sky cultivators.

“This mission is 2.5 stars, not something a newbie would usually have.”

Light twinkled in Zhao Feng’s eyes and just like he expected, he found the other group members: Huang Yun, Xu Ren, Xiao Sun, Zhao Feng, Lin Fan.

Captain: Huang Yun

Peak 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm.

Vice Captain: Xu Ren

2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm.

Looking at the members of the group, Zhao Feng had a weird feeling that the mission this time wasn’t simple. From the surface, it seemed that this mission was led by two disciples at the 2nd Sky and the other 3 were all elites at the 1st Sky especially when Zhao Feng and Lin Fan were once both top outer disciples.

A composition like this was suitable. But if one went further, they would find Xu Ren had a feud with Zhao Feng and Lin Fan. As for Xiao Sun, he had cut ties with the two as well.

The captain Huang Yun had the highest cultivation, but Zhao Feng didn’t know anything about him.

Mission reward: Completing the basic requirements = 100 substandard crystal primal stones, 100 contribution points. Killing the murderer = an extra 200 crystal primal stones and 200 contribution points.

“At least the reward is bountiful.” Zhao Feng snickered coldly.

“Brother Zhao.”

At this moment, Lin Fan came over.

A letter exactly the same as Zhao Feng’s was in his hand and he went straight to the point: “What do you think about this mission?”

“The mission won’t be smooth. If it was just us two, our chance of success might be even greater.” Zhao Feng smiled deeply.

Lin Fan was slightly stunned, Zhao Feng’s meaning was very clear. The overall strength of the group was pretty strong, but the enmities in the group made it that they wouldn’t cooperate well together.

He would rather take this mission alone and have Lin Fan help him.

“Who’s this Huan Yun?” Zhao Feng asked.

Huang Yun was the leader of the group.

“This person is placed in the top 3 amongst the disciples at the 2nd Sky of the Ascended Realm and he seems to have connections with Yuan Zhi.” Lin Fan answered.

Yuan Zhi? Hai Yun Master’s disciple!

Zhao Feng’s heart skipped a beat - it looks like he was right.

If he wasn’t wrong, Hai Yun Master or someone else fiddled with the task. so that this mission would even be life threatening.

The leader Huang Yun was an elite of the 2nd Sky and the vice captain Xu Ren had feuds with Zhao Feng and Lin Fan.

Xiao Sun probably had also gone over to their side as well. This mission was aimed at Zhao Feng and Lin Fan.

Zhao Feng was slightly guilty because the mission should be aimed at him more than Lin Fan. The mission was in three days and Zhao Feng made some preparations.

For weapons, he took the Golden Stairs Bow which was originally from the Zhao family. He had taken it to the blacksmith and they estimated that it was a half - Mortal weapon, meaning that it was just a class lower than Xu Ren’s “Jinyue Sword”. But Zhao Feng believed that when he used the Golden Stairs Bow, those at the 1st Sky weren’t a problem and he could even threaten those at the 2nd Sky.

Apart from that, he also took medicines, detoxification pills etc. For this mission, Zhao Feng was extremely precise and he made extra preparations.

He had already planned for the worst and the worst thing that could happen was that this mission was aimed at him and it could threaten his life…

The only good thing was that the disciples of Hai Yun Master only wanted to restrain his growth.

3 days later.

The group of 5 heading to the Xing family gathered together. The captain Huang Yun was expressionless.

“You two better behave! If something goes wrong, it’s your responsibility!” Vice captain Xu Ren coldly glanced at Zhao Feng and Lin Fan.

Xiao Sun looked gloatingly at the two, which proved the latter’s guesses. At the same time, two people stood on a hill a few miles out.

“Brother Yuan, this mission is too hard for them. It’ll be too pleasurable for him if he dies… ” Quan Chen was somewhat unwilling.