King Of Gods Chapter 1442

Chapter 1442 A Sudden Change In The Situation

Chapter 1442: A Sudden Change in the Situation
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A large number of ancient beasts suddenly appeared and charged into the battle between the upper echelon members, working together with the Giant God Hall army to attack the Ancient Soul Hall army from two sides. Caught off guard, the Ancient Soul Hall army fell into disarray. This change left all the Ancient Soul Hall God Lords with nasty grimaces.

Meanwhile, Xin Wuheng and the Grand Elder rejoiced while all of Giant God Hall was reinvigorated.

“Ancient God Giant Devil, withdraw for now. Leave God Lord Gloomheaven to me!” Zhao Feng called out.


Chaos Origin Divine Power surged in Zhao Feng’s hand, gathering into a broad Chaos Origin Divine Sword. The powerful absorption power of this sword immediately began to devour the surrounding energy.

Ancient God Giant Devil sensed the pulses of Divine Power from Zhao Feng’s hand and retreated in shock.

Within the Chaos Origin Divine Power, Space Intent had reached Level Nine, Time Intent had reached peak Level Eight, and all the other Intents were of rather high level as well. This made Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Divine Power so powerful that it was equivalent to the Divine Power of a God Lord.

“Kid, you have too high an opinion of yourself!” God Lord Gloomheaven was furious.

By having Ancient God Giant Devil withdraw and facing him alone, Zhao Feng was essentially challenging and humiliating him. Moreover, God Lord Gloomheaven had recently gotten even stronger and was now capable of easily crushing ordinary God Lords. For a half-step God Lord like Zhao Feng to dare to challenge him alone was a complete joke.

“Kill!” God Lord Gloomheaven roared, after which his Soul Beast and its tornado of black water surged toward Zhao Feng.

“Chaos Origin Divine Sword, slash!” Unafraid, Zhao Feng gripped the sword with both hands and swung.

Booom! Whoosh!

The massive sword of dark silver energy crashed against the tornado, sending out a spray of black water.

At the start, Zhao Feng’s hands slightly trembled. At the same time, an invisible Soul energy rushed toward him. But his soul was like solid rock, completely unaffected, all external energy vanishing into it like a stone being cast into the ocean.

Besides that, the Chaos Origin Divine Sword was absorbing the energy of the black tornado, gradually increasing its own power.

“Die!” Zhao Feng’s body surged with Divine Power as he slashed once more.

By now, his Chaos Origin Divine Sword was far more powerful than the attack of God Lord Gloomheaven’s Soul Beast. In the face of this power, even the Earth Dragonbeast within the tornado sensed that something was wrong and took flight.


In a single slash, the tornado of black water was obliterated.

“This is impossible!” God Lord Gloomheaven shook his head in shock. How could an attack from someone as strong as himself be undone by Zhao Feng?


After breaking God Lord Gloomheaven’s attack, Zhao Feng shot forward.

“Murdering Dragon Strike!” God Lord Gloomheaven made an extremely ugly face as the pitch-black dagger in his hand began to surge with astonishing Divine Power. At the same time, the Earth Dragonbeast fused into God Lord Gloomheaven’s divine artifact.


God Lord Gloomheaven waved the dagger, unleashing a dragon of black energy that shot forward with heaven-shaking momentum.

God Lord Gloomheaven wasn’t taking the two half-step God Lords seriously before, but now, he was truly using his full power.

“Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword!” Zhao Feng knew that he could not keep holding back against God Lord Gloomheaven.


The broad silver sword immediately began to densely crackle with lightning.

“Die!” Zhao Feng fired off a bolt of energy from the Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword, sending it at the black energy dragon.


As Zhao Feng’s attack struck the dragon, Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning energy poured out, destroying and devouring any other energy it encountered.

The black energy slowed down, and its momentum visibly weakened.


Zhao Feng shot past it and toward God Lord Gloomheaven.

“What a powerful Divine Power attack!” God Lord Gloomheaven’s eyes went slack as his mind reeled in shock.

Zhao Feng breaking his last attack could have been explained through him being somewhat careless and holding back. However, the attack just now had harnessed his full strength, but Zhao Feng still blocked it.

As Zhao Feng’s Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword came down, God Lord Gloomheaven immediately dodged. Based on what had happened just now, Zhao Feng’s Divine Power attacks were on a similar level to his own.

No one would ever believe that the Divine Power attacks of a half-step God Lord were somehow on the same level of a top-class First Heaven God Lord.

“Didn’t you want to kill me? Why are you running?” Zhao Feng’s cold laughter came from behind him.

Level Nine Space Intent, peak Level Eight Time Intent, and the Spacetime Robe actually made Zhao Feng just a hair faster than God Lord Gloomheaven.

Sensing that Zhao Feng was getting ever closer, God Lord Gloomheaven began to panic a little.


Countless waves of Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning energy were shooting toward him. God Lord Gloomheaven’s body transformed into countless streams of water that dispersed through the air so that he could dodge Zhao Feng’s attack.

Everyone else naturally bore witness to this sight.

“Great, Brother Zhao!” Xin Wuheng found himself somewhat excited.

From Zhao Feng’s performance just now, he guessed that Zhao Feng was the one who had produced that God Lord Will a while ago.

“How could he be this powerful?” The Grand Elder of Giant God Hall was shocked beyond compare.

In contrast, the other two God Lords of Ancient Soul Hall both had extremely grim expressions. A God Lord of Ancient Soul Hall was being pursued and beaten by a half-step God Lord? Even if Ancient Soul Hall won in the end, it would still end up a laughingstock.

And that was only if they won, which was no longer a guarantee. The sudden entry of those ancient beasts into the battle of upper echelon members dealt severe damage to the Ancient Soul Hall army. Moreover, the Blood Flame Qilin Race was skilled in Fire Intent and was strengthened by the scorching environment.

Indeed, at this time, Giant God Hall was beginning to gain the upper hand in the battle of upper echelon members.

Bzzz! Boom!

At this time, the earth suddenly began to quake, and the temperature soared. “What’s going on?” Ancient God Giant Devil trembled.


The earth below suddenly exploded, unleashing searing lava and poisonous mist into the world.

“Ah…!” A Rank Seven Ancient God of Ancient Soul Hall immediately cried out, his eyes turning red as poison attacked his body.

But the Giant God Hall members within the Heaven’s Legacy array were unaffected.

“This is the Burning Cataclysm, an event of the Scorching Underworld that is extremely rare, taking place about every one hundred million years! It’s said that the Burning Cataclysm unleashes an extremely toxic fire poison that can affect even Rank Eight Ancient Gods. Rank Seven Ancient Gods who end up being infected by too much poison can even die.” Ancient Soul Hall’s God Lord Ghost Centipede grimaced.

Originally, the outcome of the war between Ancient Soul Hall and Giant God Hall was very obvious. However, Ancient Soul Hall’s forces suffered more from this Burning Cataclysm, causing yet another shift in the balance of power.

“The heavens are helping my Giant God Hall!” The Grand Elder’s face was ruddy with excitement.

Far in the distance, God Lord Stellar Aspect and the white-haired man were keeping a watch on the situation.

“This is… Destiny energy!” God Lord Stellar Aspect muttered in shock. He once more sensed that Destiny energy that had disrupted him time and time again.

Yes, this sudden natural disaster in this area had been urged on by that powerful Destiny energy. Ordinary people would find it very difficult to sense it, but he was able to keenly perceive it.

The thought of this Destiny energy caused God Lord Stellar Aspect’s expression to become extremely dark. This Destiny energy was stronger than he was. He even suspected that it was the influence of this Destiny energy that had abruptly stopped him from entering the Light Race’s Divine Kingdom.

The thought made God Lord Stellar Aspect slightly apprehensive. As someone who had delved deeply into the Dao of Destiny, he naturally understood just how powerful this energy was.

“God Lord Silverwing, Ancient Soul Hall is in a bad state. You should move out,” God Lord Stellar Aspect directly said.

“Heh, I was already getting impatient!” The white-haired man’s eyes flashed with sharp light, and strange crystalline light began to rise from his body. Thwish.

In a flash of light, God Lord Silverwing disappeared and then reappeared on the battlefield.

“Who goes there?” Xin Wuheng and the Grand Elder were both shocked. Why had another powerful God Lord aura appeared at a time like this?!

“Haha, you’ve really made a mess of things. You still haven’t finished off Giant God Hall, and you even made me come in!” God Lord Silverwing disdainfully glanced at the three Ancient Soul Hall God Lords.

All the members of Giant God Hall grimaced at these words, their hearts sinking to rock bottom. Ancient Soul Hall still had another God Lord!

“Please intervene and bring this all to an end!” the Ancient Soul Hall Master coldly said.

“Naturally.” God Lord Silverwing faintly smiled.

Suddenly, his body erupted with dazzling white light, and it became half-transparent. It appeared as if countless streams of light were flowing within his body.

At the same time, a heaven-shaking ancient energy began to exude from his body. All the nearby experts below the God Lord level felt as if their minds had been dealt a heavy blow.

“Light Race!?” Xin Wuheng called out in alarm. He never would’ve imagined that the people helping Ancient Soul Hall were members of the Light Race.

“I’ll kill you first!” God Lord Silverwing turned to Giant God Hall’s Grand Elder and shot forward.

But at this moment, a powerful spatial disturbance appeared not far from the Grand Elder.


A small and dim path took shape, and then a white light shot out.

“The Light Race?” A figure made of blurry white light suddenly appeared in front of God Lord Silverwing, its eyes fixed on him.

Twilight Valley!” Xin Wuheng sighed in relief.

The moment God Lord Silverwing appeared, Xin Wuheng had used the Ancient God Seal to communicate with Twilight Valley, but he hadn’t expected for Twilight Valley to so promptly arrive.

The Grand Elder seemed to know about Twilight Valley and did not appear to be surprised, but everyone else was dumbfounded. The battlefield situation was changing far too quickly. Two Light Race experts had unexpectedly intervened in this war.

“Light Race expert?” God Lord Silverwing was taken aback. He had never expected a Light Race expert to pop up the moment he had intervened in the battle.

In the distance, God Lord Stellar Aspect was pensive. “As I expected, there really were surviving members of the Light Race in the Light Race’s Divine Kingdom….”

“As a representative of the true Light Race, I will obliterate you!” Twilight Valley’s face chilled.

He could sense that this God Lord Silverwing was no member of the Light Race at all. This was undoubtedly yet another experiment of the Heaven’s Legacy Race.


With a wave of his hands, he fired off two waves of Time energy. The world instantly slowed down.

“Hmph!” God Lord Silverwing was furious. For a true member of the Light Race to suddenly jump out right when he was about to attack truly left him enraged beyond compare.

“Silverwing Featherstrike!” A pair of silver wings appeared on God Lord Silverwing’s back, apparently a supreme-quality divine artifact.

Swoosh swoosh!

The wings flapped, firing off numerous tiny white knives of energy.

Before the two attacks had even collided, the Time energy within them twisted together, causing this part of the world to become distorted and incredibly slow.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The clash between the two Light Race members appeared to be moving in extremely slow motion, a bizarre sight to witness.

But in the end, Twilight Valley had the slight advantage. This was not merely because he was a true member of the Light Race, but because his cultivation level at his peak was far above his current level. He possessed understanding and experience that left God Lord Silverwing in the dust.

“So it was an imitation Light Race…? Then the Heaven’s Legacy Race is probably nearby!” Although Twilight Valley had stopped God Lord Silverwing, Zhao Feng sensed another danger.

“I have to kill God Lord Gloomheaven as quickly as possible!” A harsh light flashed through Zhao Feng’s eyes.

As long as he killed God Lord Gloomheaven, he could go to the aid of Twilight Valley or Xin Wuheng and widen their side’s advantage.


The Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword in his hand swelled with power, and his left eye began to pulse with terrifying eye-bloodline energy.