King Of Gods Chapter 1443

Chapter 1443 God Lord Stellar Aspect Strikes

Chapter 1443: God Lord Stellar Aspect Strikes
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“Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword!” Zhao Feng unleashed a massive wave of Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning energy that howled toward God Lord Gloomheaven while devouring everything in its path.

“Want to kill me?” God Lord Gloomheaven saw what Zhao Feng’s intention was and couldn’t help but sneer. Zhao Feng was equal in terms of attack strength and far superior in terms of speed, but these two things were far from enough to kill him.


God Lord Gloomheaven’s body liquefied into countless streams of water as he prepared to dodge and minimize the damage done to him. But before he could finish this process, the energy of a Time Law descended upon his body.

“How could this be? Time Law!?” God Lord Gloomheaven grimaced.

Zhao Feng had clearly only used peak Rank Eight Time Intent before, so how did it suddenly turn into the even higher- level Time Law?

The powerful wave of Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning energy was about to strike, so God Lord Gloomheaven immediately used his Law of Water to fight back against the Time Law energy. The moment the Time Law weakened, he completed his secret art, his body transforming into countless streams of water that slowly scattered.


The Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning sword wave passed through the countless streams of water. However, God Lord Gloomheaven had avoided lethal damage, and by converting his physical body to a soul body, coupled with the special constitution of the Ancient Soul Body, allowed him to minimize the damage he did receive.

But even with all this, that Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning energy put him in great pain.


After returning to his original appearance, God Lord Gloomheaven immediately began to flee.

But at this moment, he sensed danger approaching.


A miniature Chaos Origin Divine Sword shot through the air and pierced through his head.

Zhao Feng’s original plan was to use the Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword to force God Lord Gloomheaven into using his defensive art. Once God Lord Gloomheaven had recovered his original appearance, he would immediately use his eye-bloodline technique to catch God Lord Gloomheaven off guard.

Hiss…! God Lord Gloomheaven’s face twisted in pain; he felt as if his soul was being run through by countless swords. But in the midst of this dire peril, he quickly regained his senses.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

He waved both hands, creating a black mist. At the same time, God Lord Gloomheaven turned into a pitch-black shadow and fled into the distance.

“Chaos Heaven Void Ring!” Zhao Feng used his own defensive skill, creating a ring of dark and chaotic silver energy around him. Zhao Feng also activated the defenses of the Spacetime Robe before finally plunging into the dark mist.

With his two layers of defense, Zhao Feng was able to safely pass through the mist, and his Chaos Heaven Void Ring was able to grow even stronger by absorbing the surrounding energy.

“Chaos Origin Conversion!” He proceeded to convert the strengthened Chaos Heaven Void Ring into Chaos Origin Divine Power, which he poured into the Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword. His Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword became even more powerful.


Activating the Time Law, Zhao Feng set off in pursuit of God Lord Gloomheaven.

“No…! What technique does this kid cultivate!? His Divine Power is so powerful and unique!” God Lord Gloomheaven was finally beginning to get a little scared.

“Wonderful!” Down below, the Giant God Hall upper echelon members saw that Zhao Feng was chasing God Lord Gloomheaven down and were both shocked and delighted.

Those upper echelon members who didn’t have a good opinion of Zhao Feng before now blushed with shame.

On the other end of the God Lord battlefield, Twilight Valley was fiercely clashing with God Lord Silverwing.

“Just what level of strength has this kid reached?” Twilight Valley glanced into the distance, a hint of shock in his eyes. Swoosh swoosh!

The sky radiated light as feathers clashed with blades, the space around them distorting.

“Time Execution!” Twilight Valley cut a palm through the air, his powerful Time energy instantly taking the form of a gigantic blade.


This Time energy blade pierced through the world and appeared right in front of God Lord Silverwing.

“What powerful Time energy!” God Lord Silverwing was alarmed. He was forced to admit that Twilight Valley was far more skilled in using Time energy than he was.

“Silven^ng Shield!” God Lord Silveming circulated Time energy while dso activating the div^

back. The two giant wings came together, fusing perfectly into a circular shield that protected God Lord Silverwing


Boom! Bang!

The Time Execution struck, its immense power causing the shield to fiercely tremble and throwing back its owner several dozen li.

“Damn! Why isn’t God Lord Stellar Aspect doing anything?” God Lord Silverwing was bewildered.

God Lord Stellar Aspect was a Second Heaven God Lord. Even if he wasn’t skilled in combat, he was still capable of turning the tides of this battle.

On the other end, Xin Wuheng and the Ancient Soul Hall Master were fighting. The former was passively defending and appeared somewhat unable to hold on.

“This time, I’ll kill you once and for all!” The Ancient Soul Hall Master focused his eyes.

But at this moment, a bone-biting pain came from his waist, together with a burning sensation.

“How could this be…? Why would my old injury flare up at a time like this?!” The Ancient Soul Hall Master’s body trembled in disbelief.

Five million years ago, he had battled to a standstill with another Second Heaven God Lord, but the waist of his soul body had been severely damaged during that battle, infected with fiery poison. He had long ago healed that injury, but the healing wasn’t complete, leaving behind a lingering wound.

But it had been millions of years since this injury had last flared up. Why would it suddenly flare up now?

“Could it be the influence of the Scorching Underworld?” The Ancient Soul Hall Master was confused.

Just a while ago, the Burning Cataclysm for which the Scorching Underworld was infamous had occurred.

“No, that’s not all….” The Ancient Soul Hall Master’s eyes darkened.

There was apparently a reason for the flare-up of his old wound. As a Second Heaven God Lord, he sensed that this matter was not as simple as it seemed. At this moment, the Ancient Soul Hall Master thought about how he had arrived half a month late.

“Have I earned the attention of a Destiny Dao expert?” The Ancient Soul Hall Master couldn’t help but think of this possibility.

Destiny Dao experts could kill without a trace. By using the Dao of Destiny, they could guide and influence all things!

“Eh? The Ancient Soul Hall Master…” Xin Wuheng immediately sensed that there was something strange about the Ancient Soul Hall Master.

In the ensuing clashes, he discovered that the Ancient Soul Hall Master had weakened and was apparently not too focused on the battle. Gradually, Xin Wuheng came to sense that the Ancient Soul Hall Master’s old injury had flared up, affecting his ability to fight.

This took a great deal of pressure off Xin Wuheng. And it seemed like the old injury would have more severe effects on the Ancient Soul Hall Master the longer the battle went on. Thus, as long as Xin Wuheng stalled out the battle, he might even have a chance of winning.

Far away from the battlefield, God Lord Stellar Aspect was observing this all with an extremely ugly grimace.

Zhao Feng was hot on the heels of God Lord Gloomheaven and about to force him into dire straits. God Lord Silverwing was clearly weaker than Twilight Valley, making his defeat only a matter of time. Finally, to his surprise, the Ancient Soul Hall Master’s old injury had chosen this moment to flare up.

“It seems that my hand is forced!” God Lord Stellar Aspect’s eyes dimmed. Although he feared that mysterious Destiny energy, he had no other choice except to intervene now.

His hands began to form spells, causing tadpole-like characters to float into the air and fuse into the world.

In the distance, God Lord Silverwing and Twilight Valley suddenly sensed something.

“Okay!” God Lord Silverwing rejoiced and immediately backed up.


Countless golden characters suddenly emerged out of the void and began to form an array.

This is… a Heaven’s Legacy array!” Twilight Valley grimaced as he swiftly retreated.

But it was too late. The golden Heaven’s Legacy array suddenly created several golden pillars of light.

Swoosh swoosh!

Although Twilight Valley was extremely fast, the array seemed to have a powerful restriction that suppressed his Time Law.


Two of the golden pillars pierced through Twilight Valley’s right shoulder and chest. Those parts of Twilight Valley’s body struck by the pillars of light slowly turned from streams of flowing light back into solid flesh.

“Not good! My Light Race bloodline has been suppressed!” Twilight Valley was stunned.

This Heaven’s Legacy array that had suddenly appeared would not do damage, but when it struck him, it could suppress his bloodline energy.


The Heaven’s Legacy Race array gradually disappeared, but the majority of Twilight Valley’s Light Race blood had been suppressed.

“Die!” God Lord Silverwing heartily laughed as he charged once more at Twilight Valley.

With his Light Race bloodline suppressed, Twilight Valley had become much weaker in all aspects.

“Silverwing Featherstrike!” The supreme-quality divine artifact wings on God Lord Silverwing’s back shook, firing off countless feathers.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

By putting all his strength into defense, Twilight Valley was barely able to fend off the attack. However, Twilight Valley instantly became the weaker party, easily suppressed by God Lord Silverwing.

The other members on the battlefield were all flabbergasted.

“What’s going on here?” The Grand Elder’s face was frozen in shock.

Twilight Valley originally had the firm upper hand, but that array completely turned around the battle.

“There’s another expert nearby!” Xin Wuheng’s gaze was somewhat dark.

From the look of it, this expert was forced to intervene because the situation had become too disastrous, but they had no plans of actually showing themselves on the battlefield. There was no need to think about who – it was the Heaven’s Legacy Race!

At this moment, Twilight Valley was heavily injured by God Lord Silverwing.

“Run!” Twilight Valley could no longer worry about so much. If he remained in this place, he would probably die. Thwish!

Twilight Valley’s entire body flashed with mysterious white rays of light, and then he vanished as a mysterious beam into the distance.

“Do not pursue!” A voice resounded in God Lord Silverwing’s mind.

“If you chase, Ancient Soul Hall will probably be defeated. Moreover, it’s just one member of the Light Race. There’s no need to put that much attention on him. Right now, go and deal with Zhao Feng. Capture him alive!” God Lord Stellar Aspect sent new orders.

At this moment, the hardest part of this battle to predict was Zhao Feng, and the result he had obtained was extremely ambiguous. Moreover, despite being only a half-step God Lord, Zhao Feng had heavily wounded God Lord Gloomheaven. This made God Lord Stellar Aspect even more interested in him.

Besides that, he had also heard that Zhao Feng had a cat for a pet. Although this little thieving cat had not yet appeared, God Lord Stellar Aspect had already guessed at what it was.

“Okay!” God Lord Silverwing turned around and flew back.

At this time, Zhao Feng had pushed God Lord Gloomheaven into desperate straits and was just about to kill him. Suddenly, he sensed a powerful energy approaching.

“Not good! Another God Lord!” Zhao Feng’s face turned grave. Not only that, God Lord Silverwing was a God Lord with the Light Race bloodline.

“Zhao Feng, watch out!” Xin Wuheng couldn’t help but call out.

“Your Excellency!” The many ancient beasts below were also greatly concerned.

For a half-step God Lord to be able to defeat a top-class God Lord was already miraculous enough, but what if he was facing two God Lords?

In the face of this unprecedented crisis and unprecedented danger, Zhao Feng was calm like never before.

At this moment, he felt a swelling pain from his left eye. Within his God Eye Dimension, the dreamy silver ball fiercely shuddered. The picture of the eye upon the silver ball had almost entirely been colored in that dreamy hue. Only one tiny point was left!