King Of Gods Chapter 146

Chapter 146 – Lightning Quick Counter attack
Chapter 146 - Lightning Quick Counter attack

The 4 felt tremendous shaking, it was like a beast had crawled out from underground.

“Everyone watch out! There’s probably an array setup here!”

Huang Yun acted calm, but a layer of cold sweat had appeared in his palm.

In the fear of the unknown, the four formed a circle with their backs to each other as they scanned their surroundings.

The trees kept on shaking, but the 4 had regained their composure.

“The trees aren’t actually shaking, the array brought these illusions upon us.” Xu Ren’s eyes were sharp.

Being inner disciples, Huang Yun and Xu Ren had both gone on many missions and they had a vast knowledge. This array was an illusion array which tricked people’s senses. But even though they knew this, the 4 didn’t dare move because they all knew nothing about arrays.

Out of the group, only Zhao Feng knew about arrays and he had mysteriously disappeared just before.

“Youngsters! This place shall be the place where you will be buried.”

A deep, hoarse voice sounded and then the trees were still once more.

The trees, grass and bricks hadn’t moved at all - it was just an illusion.

However, before they could let out a breath, lines of faint purple blood intertwined between the trees. The faint purple blood contained a weird power, which made them feel cold. The lines were like spiderwebs that enveloped everything in a one hundred yard raduis.

The faint purple blood even appeared on the ground.

“My body and True Force… ”

Xiao Sun felt that his movement was being eroded and the True Force was even being suppressed.

“Not good! We’ve entered a poison array!” Xu Ren’s expression changed dramatically.

Just then, the illusion array was to attract their attention - the true killing move was this poison array.

“Everyone quickly get out of the forest.”

Huang Yun exclaimed as a strong True Force surged from him, which headed at the array like a wave of fire.

Xu Ren, Xiao Sun and Lin Fan all used their Mortal skills as well.


A huge whirlwind suddenly appeared on top of the group, which rotated and sent out surges of powerful wind which restricted them from flying.

Plop! Plop! Plop… !

They had only just lifted a few foot off the ground before being pushed back down by the wind. The poison as well as the wind was like the ocean - it was never ending.

“Youngsters, after entering the Deadly Wind Illusion Poison Array, you won’t be able to fly away.”

A skinny black robed person appeared from within the aura and he had a smug smile. The black robed person slowly walked over and released a wicked aura which caused the wind to freeze.

The hearts of the 4 instantly clenched. Xiao Sun who had the lowest cultivation here was pale white and he couldn’t breath.

“3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm! Who are you!?”

A layer of cold sweat had appeared on Huang Yun’s forehead.

This mission was only 2.5 stars, but had the possibility of being promoted to 3 stars and it had now happened.

If it was a normal situation, the group would definitely be able to fight back against someone at the 3rd Sky and even win. But at this moment, they were in the Deadly Wind Illusion Poison Array.

“Xing Chen! How is it you!?” Xiao Sun exclaimed when he saw the skinny black robed person.

What!? Xing Chen, the Xing family head?

Huang Yun and the others were all shocked.

They weren’t suspicious of Xiao Sun’s words because the latter came from the Xiao family, which had some relationship with the Xing family.

Xiao Sun had seen Xing Chen a few years ago and he could still recognise him now, even though his face had changed dramatically.

“That’s right, I am Xing Chen! Today is the day of your death. Before you guys, there were many others that died here too. Out of them all, your group is the strongest and you will all become the last offering.”

Xing Chen’s smiled brutally, but his face muscles had gone stale and they were purple. It was obvious that he wasn’t fully human anymore.

“Xing Chen! How dare you train in Demonic and Wicked skills? Today, we shall slay you!” Huang Yun exclaimed and a silver sword appeared in his hand.

This sword was a Low grade Mortal weapon, which allowed him to challenge cultivators at the 3rd Sky even though he was only at the 2nd Sky.


A purple light flashed and the Xing family head sent Huang Yun flying with a slash.

How is this possible!?

Huang Yun almost spat out a mouthful of blood. The ‘Green Moon Blade’ in his hand was a Mortal weapon meaning that it was extremely sharp, but the opponent had blocked it with his bare hands.

The next instant.

Xu Ren holding his Jinyue Sword teamed up with Xiao Sun and Lin Fan to attack Xing Chen.

Boom… boom… boom…

A wave of purple black aura appeared from the Xing Chen and curled around him like a snake - blocking their attacks.

Xu Ren had a Mortal weapon, the ‘Jinyue Sword’, but all the damage created was a small bloody mark.

“His body’s been refined in the path of the corpse, so his defense is extremely strong. The only way to defeat him is to hit his vitalities.”

Xu Ren stared at Xing Chen with shock. Their opponent was like the living dead, his skin was pale and hard.

“Although the poison from this array can’t kill those at the Ascended Realm, it can erode your life and restrict your strength. In half an hour's time, your strength will decrease by half.” Xing Chen smiled brutally.

Hearing this, the expression of the 4 became even nastier.

Being in the poison array, their strength was restricted and the longer this battle took, the worse it was for them. But Xing Chen’s defense even surpassed normal cultivators at the 3rd Sky.

The only good thing that although he was quick, the movements he made weren’t agile because his body had been refined in the path of the corpse. When the 4 of them teamed up, they were barely able to gain the upperhand.


Just at this moment, the trees shook dramatically again which caused the 4 to panic.

The Deadly Wind Illusion Poison Array also created illusions to distract them.

“Family head! The array has been fully opened and there’s no flaws, but the brat had escaped.” Two figures clothed in black entered the array and said.

“That brat needs at least several days to return to the Broken Moon Clan, so there’s nothing to worry about. You two deputy family heads help me kill these other disciples!” Xing Chen roared and attacked with more ferocity.

The family head as well as the two deputy heads formed a triangle and they used the power of the array to try and kill Huang Yun and co.

“I’ll fend off the family head. You guys try and finish the other two!” Huang Yun told the others.

He was the strongest amongst the group and he was able to challenge those at the 3rd Sky. He was able to fight Xing Chen with his Green Moon Sword, but he couldn’t face him straight on.

On the other side.

Xu Ren, Xiao Sun and Lin Fan all started to exchange moves with the other two.


Lin Fan struck his sword on one of the people, but no damage was caused. On the contrary, it was him that was pushed by by the recoil.

He and Xiao Sun were barely able to fend off one off because their attacks weren’t able to break the opponent’s corpse body defense.

Xu Ren was at the 2nd Sky and he had the Jinyue sword, which allowed him to fight on par with the other deputy head.

The one in real trouble was Huang Yun.

His opponent was just too terrifying, the slightest mistake would mean severe injury if not death.

“Does the Heavens really want me to die… ?”

Huang Yun felt his life force being eroded by the poison array and the circulation of his True Force slowed down.

Lin Fan and the other two’s situation was even worse than his - they needed to suppress the poison and fight at the same time.


Huang Yun took a direct hit from the family head straight on and he was sent flying backwards with blood flying out of his mouth.

With the injury of their leader Huang Yun, the group's destruction could be imagined.

Huang Yun was extremely bitter. At the beginning, when he had taken this mission, he didn’t put it to his heart since the only aim was to kill Zhao Feng and Lin Fan.

However, this mission was much harder than expected and not only did it reach the 3rd star, it almost reached the 4th star as well.

Thinking back, Huang Yun had a feeling that he had been calculated. Maybe he was just a chess piece of Yuan Zhi and Quan Chen’s, a piece that could be thrown away without hesitation.

“If Zhao Feng was still here, he could fight against one of the deputy’s with his Lightning Wind Palm. I heard that he’s a genius at arrays as well… ”

Huang Yun was full of regret.

His aim was to kill Zhao Feng and Lin Fan, but the situation was changed. He could have killed Zhao Feng, but they wouldn’t be able to escape this nightmare.

Lin Fan was full of despair and he remembered what Zhao Feng said before they left: “Maybe it would be more successful if it was just Brother Lin and I.”

How could a broken group focus together?

If the group was together at the beginning, they had a large chance of retreating without being hurt.


Lin Fan was sent flying as during the clash of metal and the deputy smiled gruesomely as he pounced on Lin Fan.


Lin Fan could already see the faint purple poison on the deputy’s hands.

‘This is it! My life ends here!’ Lin Fan thought as he sighed heavily.


A golden ray of light pierced through the air and hit the deputy in the blink of an eye.


One of his eyes had been pierced through by an arrow and the deputy howled in agony.

He wasn’t a true corpse after all - he had just been refined in the way of the corpse, which made his body as tough as metal, but places such as his eyes were still critical points.

“Brother Zhao!”

Lin Fan glanced at a figure a hundred yards away crouching on a large tree.


However, before he could even react, the second arrow pierced through the air and shot straight into the deputy’s throat.


The deputy fell onto the ground dead as his eye and throat had both been hit by arrows and ripped into shreds.

Such magnificently powerful archery made the jaws of the others present drop.

Even someone as strong as Xing Chen stiffened.

Everyone turned to look at the one eyed, azure haired youth standing on top of a tree. The wind ruffled up his hair, which made him look even more wicked.