King Of Gods Chapter 1460

Chapter 1460 Becoming A God Lord I

Chapter 1460 – Becoming a God Lord (I)

The Origin Returning Sect didn’t even try to consider Zhao Feng’s offer of peace before refusing.

Xiahou Wu and Han Ning’er couldn’t help but sigh and start worrying for the Origin Returning Sect. In the Ziling Zone, Zhao Feng had defeated a God Lord, and it was rumored that he had also killed God Lords in the Chixing Zone.

“Since you’ve refused my peace offer, I won’t be polite!” Zhao Feng focused his eyes.

He had no desire to cause trouble, but there were always people who thought they were something else and were overcome by greed.

These words immediately struck the trio from the Origin Returning Sect dumb.

“Haha, junior, I don’t know whether to call you brave or stupid.” Ancient God Qian Yuan and the two elders began to laugh.

Sixty-some years ago, when Zhao Feng had fled the Gulong Zone, he was only a Quasi-God. Even if he had many treasures and had made large bounds in cultivation, he could only be a Rank Seven Ancient God at most.

“Heh, just as arrogant as ever!” The upper echelon members of the Nether Ghost Race smiled even more sinisterly.

The members of Spirit Grass Gate looked at Zhao Feng like he was a monster. Just what made him so bold as to dare to say such things to the Origin Returning Sect Master?

“Since you’re not willing to talk peace, I can only let my strength do the talking!” Zhao Feng’s face turned stern as he stomped forward.

The Origin Returning Sect trio had just calmed down, but they found this sight so ridiculous that they were on the verge of once more exploding with jeers.

But as Zhao Feng stomped forward, the world shook.


The sky darkened and the clouds surged. All the Yuan Qi in the area began to gather around Zhao Feng. An immense worldly energy began to descend.

This powerful pressure weighed down on the two peak Rank Nine Elders and startled the Origin Returning Sect Master.

Before they could say anything: Thump!

Zhao Feng once more stomped forward, and the worldly pressure multiplied.

At this moment, the bodies of the two peak Rank Nine Elders sank down as they grimaced. The Origin Returning Sect Master was frozen, his eyes wide in shock.

The army of the Nether Ghost Race and Yellow Dragon Pavilion felt like countless mountains were pressing down on them, making it difficult for them to breathe.


A few moments later, several thousand people vomited blood and rushed backward.

“Retreat!” The Ancient Gods of the Nether Ghost Race and Yellow Dragon Pavilion called out.

This sudden shift left their minds blank, but in the face of this imminent danger, their instincts told them to flee.

“Speak. How do you want to resolve this?” Zhao Feng suddenly said, and then he took another step forward.

Although he was only a half-step God Lord, he had comprehended a Law. Moreover, his Chaos Origin Divine Power could compare even to outstanding First Heaven God Lords.


The energy of the world surged forward like a primordial beast.

Plush! Plush!

The two peak Rank Nines of the Origin Returning Sect vomited blood and fell back. The Origin Returning Sect Master couldn’t help but take half a step back, his entire body trembling.

Behind Zhao Feng, all the members of Spirit Grass Gate watched this in a daze. With three steps, he had forced back two top-class Ancient Gods and a half-step God Lord of the Origin Returning Sect. In the eyes of Spirit Grass Gate, half-step God Lords were already peerless experts that could kill them as easily as stomping on ants, but in the face of Zhao Feng’s invisible pressure, this expert had retreated!

This… Senior Zhao, we…” The Origin Returning Sect Master was momentarily speechless.

In his worst-case scenarios, he presumed that Zhao Feng would have some trump card that would allow him to temporarily match a half-step God Lord, but he had never imagined this situation. He didn’t even have the courage to attack now.

“Didn’t you want to capture me?” Zhao Feng made his fourth step, mobilizing his many Intents.


Boundless energy was gathered and roared forth with mountain-toppling momentum.

The Origin Returning Sect Master trembled, his face turning ghastly pale, a trickle of blood coming out from his mouth. It was like he had been struck by a heavy blow.

Boom! Bang!

The two peak Rank Nines were thrown backward, leaving bloody trails in the air.

“Senior Zhao, we were the ones who were wrong in this matter! The Origin Returning Sect is willing to pay any compensation!” The Origin Returning Sect Master finally knew what to say and did so in a soft voice.

He did not dare wonder if Zhao Feng would really kill them. As long as they could survive, they might be able to recover what they had lost, but death would be the end of everything.

“Get out of here! Don’t let me see your face in the future!” Zhao Feng growled.

A mere peak four-star faction had nothing worthy of his attention. His main goal this time was to use the Origin Returning Sect to intimidate the other factions.

Yes, yes!” The trio from the Origin Returning Sect quickly scrambled to their feet and fled.

Zhao Feng was far too powerful. Even without actually attacking, he had made them vomit blood. If he had really struck, he could have easily annihilated them.

As for the Yellow Dragon Pavilion and Nether Ghost Race armies, they had scattered long ago.

In the rear, the members of Spirit Grass Gate were dumbstruck. Everyone had imagined that a bloody battle was going to take place, and the arrival of the Nether Ghost Race had made them despair.

But in the end, Spirit Grass Gate won without fighting. The enemy army, including the experts of the Origin Returning Sect, had been frightened into a complete rout.

“So strong!” Han Ning’er murmured in shock.

Although she was already shocked by Zhao Feng’s power when they traveled together, the shock Zhao Feng could give her was simply endless.

“S-Senior Zhao, many thanks for saving Spirit Grass Gate!” The Spirit Grass Gate Master immediately stepped forward to voice his gratitude. Zhao Feng had managed to save Spirit Grass Gate from a major crisis in passing.

“When are you returning to the Ziling Zone?” Zhao Feng turned to Xiahou Wu and Han Ning’er.

“We still plan to stay a while,” Xiahou Wu immediately said.

Firstly, Spirit Grass Gate had only recently been reestablished. Han Ning’er would not leave so quickly. Secondly, it would take some time to completely heal Spirit Grass Gate Master’s injuries.

Since that was the case, Zhao Feng also decided to remain at Spirit Grass Gate for a spell. Although he had intimidated away the Origin Returning Sect, there were probably still some factions who were dissatisfied with him and would come to seek him out.

He could resolve these matters first and then leave. This would prevent those people from going to the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race and Spirit Grass Gate after he left.

Zhao Feng had only imprisoned a few True Gods from these factions. This was not anything to die over. These people were simply too greedy and wanted Zhao Feng’s treasures.

Zhao Feng naturally could not waste the time he spent in Spirit Grass Gate. Entering the Spacetime Robe, he entered a period of secluded cultivation to build up power.

One day on the outside was one hundred days in the Spacetime Robe.

Five hundred days soon passed in the Spacetime Robe, and in that period, no factions had come to find him.

Zhao Feng sensed that he had reached a bottleneck in various aspects and would find it difficult to progress any further.

“You guys, go out and stand guard for me!” Zhao Feng called the Black Destruction Dragon, Zhao Wang, and Zhao Kong, moving them out of the Spacetime Robe Dimension.

The Black Destruction Dragon had just become a half-step God Lord. This together with its bloodline allowed it to challenge typical God Lords. His two clones had both reached peak Rank Nine. With the three of them standing guard, Zhao Feng could be more at ease.

Zhao Feng entered the Ancient Dream Realm and began to focus his mind as he prepared to break through to become a God Lord!

The hardest part about Becoming a God Lord was compressing the nine Divine Stages into a single God Altar. When creating the God Altar, the Divine Stages would disappear, one by one. If one failed, these Divine Stages would not return. They would have truly disappeared. For this reason, many experts who tried to become a God Lord would suffer a plunge in cultivation upon failure.

If one failed at the final moment, using up all nine Divine Stages, one would fall all the way down to below the Heavenly Divine Realm. This was a destructive blow for a half-step God Lord, a fate even more painful than death.

But Zhao Feng was rather confident. Firstly, he had a Law, and it was the extremely tolerant Space Law. Secondly, his Soul Intent had already reached the God Lord level, and together with the God’s Spiritual Eye, he would have incredible control over the process, reducing the possibility of any mishap.

In addition, the Ancestral Artifact fragment contained a Time Law. It could slow down time, further reducing the chance of any mistakes. He also had the Heaven Void God Origin Ginseng, which increased his chances of becoming a God Lord.

One day, a disciple of Spirit Grass Gate arrived at Zhao Feng’s residence.


A black-scaled man suddenly appeared in front of him, giving him a scare.

“My master is in seclusion. Is there a problem?” the Black Destruction Dragon asked.

“Traces of Ancient Gods have been discovered near Spirit Grass Gate. They might be targeting Senior Zhao….” The Spirit Grass Gate disciple immediately left after making this report.

“Only a measly Ancient God?” The Black Destruction Dragon grunted in indifference.

To the north of Spirit Grass Gate:

Swish! Swish!

Several people heading toward Spirit Grass Gate suddenly stopped.

“Come out!” An elder with long arms turned his eyes toward the distance.


Several figures slowly emerged. Their leader was a woman with glossy skin that was covered in bewitching white tattoos.

“So, it was the Sky Water Yao Race.” The long-armed elder’s eyes flashed.

This bewitching woman was none other than the Sky Water Yao Race Matriarch.

“Brother Gong Shu should be going to kill Zhao Feng, right?” The woman gave a bewitching smile.

“I presume that the Sky Water Yao Race has the same goal, but why are you hiding here? Are you afraid of Zhao Feng?” The long-armed elder was somewhat confused.

He had started to come over as soon as he heard of Zhao Feng’s return. He originally believed that Zhao Feng had already been captured and that he might arrive in time to get a share of the spoils. After all, Zhao Feng had also imprisoned members of his faction.

But the actual situation was very different from what he imagined.

“It seems that Brother Gong Shu doesn’t know. The Origin Returning Sect noticed Zhao Feng and went after him long before us, but in the end, the members of the Origin Returning Sect went back empty-handed!” the bewitching woman slowly said.

“How could that be?” The long-armed elder was shocked.

The Origin Returning Sect was stronger than his faction, but it had gone back empty-handed? Did Zhao Feng have some powerful protector?

“If that’s the case, why are you still here?” The elder glanced at the woman.

The Sky Water Yao Race was extremely crafty, and he did not entirely believe this woman’s words.

“A single faction might not be able to do anything to Zhao Feng, but Zhao Feng offended no less than twenty factions back then. Even if that kid has a First Heaven God Lord protecting him, they can’t possibly fight against so many factions of the Gulong Zone!” The woman charmingly smiled.

In the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension and the Gulong Martial Gathering, the Sky Water Yao Race had suffered a loss at Zhao Feng’s hands. And for Zhao Feng to be able to oppose a half-step God Lord in such a short time, he undoubtedly had other heaven-defying treasures and cultivation resources with him beside the Five Elements Palace and the Spacetime Robe. She had already spent tens of millions of years halted at the half-step God Lord stage, so she had a burning desire for treasures that could help her become a God Lord.

In addition, she was confident that Violet Night Hall would also be tempted.

The long-armed elder was confident that the Sky Water Yao Race would not remain if there was nothing to be gained, so he decided to stop as well.

Gradually, the long-armed elder came to realize something; whenever a new faction would come, the Sky Water Yao Race would leak their energy so that this faction would notice them and be recruited.

“As expected, the Sky Water Yao Race is a crafty race!” The long-armed elder made a mental note.

Less than half a month later, twelve four-and-a-half-star factions had been gathered.