King Of Gods Chapter 1481

Chapter 1481 Peak First Heaven Bzzzz

Chapter 1481 – Peak First Heaven Bzzzz!

An obscure and powerful Eye Intent surged out of the Heaven Lord’s eyes.

“An eye-bloodline?” Zhao Feng was shocked.

The two Divine Emissaries in the secret chamber were incredibly excited. They had never seen the Heaven Lord attack before.

It was rumored that the Heaven Lord had already reached the peak of the Third Heaven, which was the God King level. They had even heard rumors that the Heaven Lord was far stronger than ordinary God Kings, even approaching the God level.

Of course, this was all hearsay. Now that they were seeing it with their own eyes, how could they not be agitated? Bzzzz!

The Heaven Lord’s eyes became pitch-black – abysses of death of which a mere glance would fill one with endless fear. “The Eye of Death?” Zhao Feng was shocked.

The Eye of Death used by the Heaven Lord was the strongest Eye of Death Zhao Feng had ever sensed. If he didn’t know that the Heaven Lord was a member of the Heaven’s Legacy Race, he would have taken the Heaven Lord to be the Death God Eye.

The Eight Great God Eyes that had emerged after the Ancient Era were all at the God level. Gods were the strongest existences in the Fan Universe, and no one could kill them and seize their eyes.

But if this wasn’t a God Eye, then it at least had to be at the Quasi God Eye level.

“Eye-bloodlines also have their attributes. The Eye of Death contains Death Origin energy. Only when you understand this power and its essence can you truly display the power of Death,” the Heaven Lord calmly said. However, at this moment, his aura and demeanor went through a massive transformation.

Now, he had the pitch-black hair of a devil that appeared like the dark sky as it bizarrely danced in the air. His entire body was suddenly devoid of life and appeared cold and alien. He had fused entirely with the Eye of Death, becoming a representative for Death itself.

“Death and Life might counter each other, but at the end of death is rebirth, and at the end of life is death. The two are intricately connected!” As the Heaven Lord continued to speak, his Eye of Death fiercely rippled.

Buzz! Bzzz!

Intense Death Law energy emanated from his eye, but the Heaven Lord kept it under complete control so that it did not affect anything else.

When the Heaven Lord’s Eyes of Death had built up energy to a certain point, they suddenly turned into faint green stars. In a flash, his eyes became dark green.

Zhao Feng was astonished. The Heaven Lord was now brimming with pure vitality, a Life energy that all life would yearn for. The Heaven Lord also took a genial aura, as if he had arisen from nature – as if he was a venerable tree within an ancient forest.

“The Eye of Life!?” Zhao Feng was shocked.

The Eye of Death from just a moment ago instantly transformed into the Eye of Life. Moreover, the Heaven Lord had a thorough understanding of both these eyes.

“The emergence of Life is imperceptibly accompanied by the flow of Destiny!” The Heaven Lord smiled.

A moment later, his Eye of Life became the Eye of Destiny. At this moment, he was like a sage who knew all the secrets of the world, an ethereal and untouchable existence.

“This… what!?” After a spell of shock, Zhao Feng turned solemn.

He had never seen anything like this before, where one person could possess so many eye-bloodlines and use them as he pleased.

In normal circumstances, if two bloodlines emerged in a person’s body, they would devour each other or fuse. In addition, the Heaven Lord had already displayed three of the Eight Great God Eyes. Zhao Feng couldn’t help but speculate that he might possess all eight God Eye bloodlines!

It was difficult to imagine just how powerful a person would be if they managed to gather together all eight of those bloodlines in a single body.

Just what is his reason for wanting my Ninth God Eye…? Zhao Feng suddenly thought of something that left him stunned.

He recalled the legends of the Ancestral Eye. It was rumored that, when the Eight Great God Eyes were brought together, they could summon a supreme Ancestral Eye.

Of course, this was only a legend that was impossible to verify. The legend required that all Eight Great God Eyes be brought together, not the bloodlines of their descendants. However, also because this was a legend, it was impossible to say it wasn’t true either.

Zhao Feng found it impossible to predict what the Heaven Lord’s objective was.

Behind the Heaven Lord, the two Divine Emissaries were stunned. The Divine Emissary who was not Beiming Hui also had a God Eye descendant bloodline, but he was far more inferior when it came to actually controlling it.

“I have other matters to attend to. The two of you, continue to remain here and wait for Zhao Feng’s answer.” After saying this, the Heaven Lord left.

Elsewhere, in a secret base:

“Your Excellency Heaven Lord, has that junior given an answer yet?” the Protector inquired.

One year had now passed.

“He has no intention of voluntarily handing over the Ninth God Eye,” the Heaven Lord flatly replied. This was the conclusion he had obtained from Zhao Feng’s behavior recently and his expression from the visit just now.

“Then why are we-?” The Protector’s expression darkened.

“There’s no hurry. These resources are nothing to us, and this person is very talented. I don’t have much desire to kill him.” The Heaven Lord cut the Protector off.

“Yes!” The Protector said no more.

By now, the Heaven Lord could already see that Zhao Feng would not comply. However, Zhao Feng was talented. The Heaven Lord did not care about Zhao Feng’s deliberate provocations. The Protector felt sincere admiration for the Heaven Lord’s vision.

After the Heaven Lord left, Zhao Feng continued his seclusion, studying his eye-bloodline. He had obtained much inspiration from the Heaven Lord.

“Dreamification!” Zhao Feng used the Origin energy of his Dream God Eye.

In a flash, the world before him became a dazzling and dreamy paradise.

The two Divine Emissaries also noticed this. At this moment, their bodies felt uncomfortable all over, and they felt inexplicably anxious.

Zhao Feng used Dreamification several times. On the last time, the two Divine Emissaries felt as if their souls and divine bodies had suddenly weakened for no reason.

Within the Spacetime Robe:

“The Dreamification ability has gotten even stronger!” Zhao Feng opened his eyes and smiled.

In truth, Zhao Feng had only increased his understanding of how to use the Dream God Eye, but that alone increased the power of his dream eye-bloodline techniques.

In the secret base, the Heaven Lord and the Protector were looking at the images on the screen in front of them.

“Is this the power of the Ninth God Eye?” The Protector was completely focused.

At the same time, he received a message from the two Divine Emissaries describing the various oddities they were feeling.

The abilities of the Ninth God Eye are rather complicated. It isn’t like the Eight Great God Eyes!” The Heaven Lord’s eyes dimmed.

The Ninth God Eye that they had accidentally come upon was apparently somewhat different from what he imagined. In the secret chamber:

“Do you have a space-type Ancestral Artifact fragment?” Zhao Feng looked at the two Divine Emissaries, a crafty smile on his face.

“Ancestral Artifact fragment?” Beiming Hui almost cursed. Fortunately, he was confident that Zhao Feng couldn’t leave this place, so the Ancestral Artifact fragment he wanted was only being loaned to him.

Three days later, Beiming Hui returned with a weightless white cloth that seemed to be made of liquid gold. This was a space-type Ancestral Artifact fragment.

Upon receiving the Space Ancestral Artifact fragment, Zhao Feng entered the Spacetime Robe to cultivate with it.

He primarily cultivated the Space Law, which decided his path of cultivation. Moreover, space and time were one. This Space Law fragment could assist him in breaking through the bottleneck he was facing with Time Intent.

After sitting down, Zhao Feng circulated the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique and began to cultivate the Space Law.

After two months, he had made significant progress in his cultivation. Half a year later, Zhao Feng’s Time Intent, with the assistance of Space and Time Ancestral Artifact fragments, had reached the level of a Law. The addition of the Time Law gave Zhao Feng even more room to advance in his cultivation.

After another two months, Zhao Feng had cultivated to the peak of First Heaven!

But this also meant that he was reaching the limits of his art. Further advancement would require finding a new art or creating his own.

Zhao Feng preferred to search for an art because he needed to get stronger as quickly as possible. Creating his own art would undoubtedly take a very long time.

“Arts for Second and Third Heaven are almost impossible to price. Some of the more powerful inheritances are even equivalent to Ancestral Artifact fragments.”

The only art suitable for Zhao Feng was perhaps the Heaven Mending Race art cultivated by Beiming Hui. Such a powerful art would be on a whole new level of expensive.

“Divine Emissary Beiming, could you lend me the art you cultivate?” Zhao Feng decided to try and ask.

“…impossible!” Beiming Hui was astonished at first, and then he angrily refused.

However, Beiming Hui still sent this request to the Protector.

“Zhao Feng, unless you agree to work with us, handing over the Ninth God Eye and signing a soul contract…” The Protector had a rather stern tone.

Arts for Second Heaven and above were extremely precious. One naturally could not just be gifted to Zhao Feng. Moreover, he knew that Zhao Feng had no intention of working with them.

“I’ll think about it.” Zhao Feng lowered his head in thought.

But in his heart, he had already rejected this idea and begun to consider other options.

Several days later:

You have such a massive faction that probably has innumerable precious texts. I would like to deepen my understanding of the Ninth God Eye.” Zhao Feng asked, using the pretense of the Ninth God Eye.

“Follow me.” Beiming Hui rolled his eyes at Zhao Feng.

This person was truly willing to take any possible advantage available to him. First it was resources, then it was a precious fragment, and now, he was asking to see the library of the Heaven’s Legacy Race. There was probably no Sacred Land that could compare to the learning and library of the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

Zhao Feng was quickly taken to a massive library dimension. The books here were arranged according to type, and they covered almost every topic possible.

“You can go up to the fifth floor at most!” Beiming Hui warned before leaving.

Without another word, Zhao Feng threw himself into these books.

The first thing he looked for were books on the Eight Great God Eyes.

He began to browse through all sorts of books. He also inspected a few books related to the Heaven Mending Race.

“In the Wild Ancient Era, this was where the Heaven Mending Race operated… in the Ancient Era, the Heaven Mending Race was here…” Zhao Feng was mainly learning where the Heaven Mending Race had operated and the rumors and tales of the Heaven Mending Race that appeared later on.

Through his learning, he came to know of five famous incidents involving legacies of the Heaven Mending Race discovered by other people. Combining this with the information on where the Heaven Mending Race had operated before, Zhao Feng swiftly narrowed in on three locations. These three locations were highly likely to contain secrets and legacies of the Heaven Mending Race.

After doing all this, Zhao Feng read through some things he was interested in, like Ancestral Artifacts, the Eight Great God Eyes, and the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

The books in this place were bursting with information, and Zhao Feng gained an even deeper understanding of the Fan Universe through them.

After staying a month in the secret library of the Heaven’s Legacy Race, Zhao Feng departed.

After cultivating for several more days in the secret chamber, Zhao Feng one more proposed a battle with Beiming Hui. In the training chamber:

“Hmph!” Beiming Hui coldly snorted, his eyes burning with resentment, but he still fired off a chaotic ball of Divine Power.

“Chaos Origin Divine Sword!” Zhao Feng used his Space and Time Laws, as well as his peak Level Nine Intents, and fused them into peak First Heaven Chaos Origin Divine Power that he then turned into a Chaos Origin Divine Sword.

Boom! Bang!

Zhao Feng slashed, and the two attacks stalemated, both of them collapsing.

“What?” Beiming Hui grimaced in surprise.

He had used seventy percent of his strength just now, intending to push back Zhao Feng. He hadn’t expected for Zhao Feng to actually take the blow.

So little time had passed, but the progress Zhao Feng made was like leaping from the earth to the heavens.