King Of Gods Chapter 1482

Chapter 1482 Safely Departing

Chapter 1482 Safely Departing

Beiming Hui was a top-class Third Heaven with the Heaven Mending Race bloodline, but his Divine Power attack had been blocked by a peak First Heaven junior. This further depressed and infuriated Beiming Hui.

Again! Zhao Feng called out, inwardly rather excited.

His Chaos Origin Divine Power was able to make so much progress naturally because of his Time Law and his many Level Nine Intents. But it was primarily because Space and Time Laws were originally one, so they provided the greatest boost to his Chaos Origin Divine Power.


Beiming Hui waved his hand, unleashing a vast palm of chaotic energy that hurtled toward Zhao Feng. This time, he was more serious and used eighty percent of his power.

Die! Zhao Feng also sensed that Beiming Huis attack was much stronger, so he used his full power to meet it.

The Chaos Origin Divine Sword swelled in size, becoming incredibly powerful as he fiercely swung it.

Boom! Bang!

The Divine Power was at full strength, all the Intents and Laws harnessed, and the two attacks canceled each other out.

What?! This kid managed to block it again!? Beiming Huis face darkened, and he became even more serious. Next time, he would definitely use his full force to defeat Zhao Feng.

But Zhao Fengs next words left him fuming.

Lets end it here.

After saying this, Zhao Feng left the training chamber. He sparred with Beiming Hui only to understand just what level his Divine Power had reached.

Can I look around the other parts of this place? Im very curious to see just how powerful this faction is. Zhao Feng asked after leaving the training chamber.

Thats fine. Beiming Hui only answered after a little while. It was clear that he had just asked the Protector.

Beiming Hui and the other Divine Emissary flanked Zhao Feng as they led him around the Divine Kingdom.

This Divine Kingdom had three massive Heavens Legacy Race cities, each one congregated into a massive mountain.

Zhao Feng was on the central mountain.

On his tour, he saw many members going back and forth, in and out of buildings, all of them clearly very busy. Even so, these people would all bow when the two Divine Emissaries walked by.

Who is this person? Hes being escorted by two Divine Emissaries!

Perhaps its an important member of the Yu surname!

Zhao Feng listened to some of the conversations around him.

The Yu surname? Is there something special about it? Zhao Feng directly asked. The Yu Heng he had killed also possessed this surname.

The surname Yu is the surname of the ancestor of the Heavens Legacy Race. It is a symbol of those who bear the purest Heavens Legacy Race bloodline. Beiming Hui coldly snorted before explaining.

Their faction was established by the 3rd ranked Heavens Legacy Race, but Zhao Feng had no tact and still hadnt agreed to the Heaven Lords request even now.

Is that so? Then the Heaven Lord should also have the surname Yu, Zhao Feng softly muttered.

It was no wonder the Heavens Legacy Race had started watching him after he killed Yu Heng. Yu Heng actually had a rather unique status.

Right, that Yu Heng you killed was the grandson of a Heavens Legacy Race elder. This elder has been constantly demanding your death. If not for the Heaven Lord, you would have been killed long ago! Beiming Hui coldly sneered.

But in truth, he was attempting to persuade Zhao Feng to submit because Beiming Hui believed in the Heaven Lords plan.

Zhao Feng ignored him and continued to observe his surroundings.

In truth, he was already planning his departure. After all, he had obtained enough benefits from this place. If he stayed for too long, an incident might occur.

He only made this current request before leaving so he could obtain as much information as possible. By subtly activating his left eye, he could see many things that the Divine Emissaries did not want him to see.

He discovered that many of the buildings on the left mountain were places where precious plants were grown. He even saw rare plants from the Ancient Era, almost every kind that was imaginable. Of course, he probably wasnt seeing the most precious and valuable items. Those were definitely hidden in more secretive places.

As for the right mountain, the majority of the buildings were related to bloodlines.

The experts of this faction all had powerful bloodlines that would leave others envious, but these were all artificially implanted bloodlines. Moreover, one could not fuse with whatever bloodline one wished. Similar to Zhao Fengs experience in that other Heavens Legacy Race city, before strengthening ones bloodline, one had to go through an assessment to see which bloodline was suitable. In addition, the chances of successfully fusing with a bloodline were extremely low, with the worst cases resulting in death.

The core of the Divine Kingdom should be in the central mountain! Zhao Feng began to carefully inspect the mountain.

There was a forbidden ground in the back that he couldnt see through at all. An incredibly powerful array domain had been placed around it. When Zhao Feng looked over, he even felt like there was a presence within that was observing him.

Zhao Feng vaguely saw a figure that turned out to be an ethereal robe.

As Zhao Feng was observing:


The entire Divine Kingdom fiercely shook, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi roiling and churning.


Several large warships howled as they left the Divine Kingdom.

Whats going on? Zhao Fengs gaze darkened as he turned to observe.

Come on, were going back! Beiming Hui immediately called out, and then he brought Zhao Feng back to the secret chamber.

On the way back, Zhao Feng saw many experts leaving the three mountains and flying into the distance.

Has someone discovered this place and started to attack it? Zhao Feng speculated. There was an eighty to ninety percent chance that this was the truth.

Perhaps this was precisely why Beiming Hui immediately escorted Zhao Feng back; he feared that Zhao Feng would use this chaos to leave the Divine Kingdom.

Zhao Feng put up no resistance and returned to the secret chamber. Once they activated the array, the two Divine Emissaries left, a great weight off their minds.

In the outside world, several hundred individuals floated beneath an overcast sky. Almost all of these people were Ancient Gods or God Lords. One of these was a white-robed figure holding a white fan: Tang Bai. Even higher up in the air was a translucent white-robed elder who gave off no aura whatsoever.

This old man has never heard of such a mysterious faction, the white-robed elder murmured.

Buzz! Bzzz!

Ripples appeared in the sky, and then black warships charged out. Automatons manned these warships, and there were even Death God Guards.

Several powerful God Lords appeared, and one of them, a black-robed elder, stepped forward and calmly asked, What does the God Sealing Sacred Land mean with this?

This black-robed elder was none other than the first Divine Emissary Zhao Feng met in that pitch-black palace.

Hmph, Id like to ask you the same question! Why did you attack a God Lord of my God Sealing Sacred Land, even attempting to kill him!? A Third Heaven God Lord emerged from the God Sealing Races army. At his side was Tang Bai.

On the other side, Beiming Huis face turned stiff. This was his error; if he had killed Tang Bai back then, such a thing would not have occurred.

Within the Heavens Legacy Races Divine Kingdom, the Heaven Lord and the Protector floated in the air.

I didnt think that the God Sealing Sacred Lands people would actually find this place! The Protector was rather surprised.

Even if Beiming Hui let a fish escape, the God Sealing Sacred Lands people shouldnt have been able to find their hiding place.

This shows signs of their handiwork. The Heaven Lords profound eyes were unperturbed, and he seemed to be reminiscing.

So that was the case! The Protector nodded and said no more.

The Heavens Legacy Race was not internally that peaceful. For him to not have initially noticed meant that Yu Tianwu must have personally taken action.

You should go. Frighten them away and then move the Divine Kingdom, the Heaven Lord calmly said, and then he went back.

The Protector swiftly left the Heavens Legacy Races Divine Kingdom.

In the secret chamber:

Its time to leave! Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

At this moment, deafening explosions came from the outside, throwing space and time into disarray.

It seems like there really is a battle going on! The heaven-shaking pulses of energy had Zhao Feng sighing in wonder. There had to be at least Third Heaven God Lords taking part in this battle, perhaps even God Kings.

But this Divine Kingdom was showing no signs of breaking. From this, one could see just how sturdy the core of the Divine Kingdom was.

Haha, go on and fight! Ill be taking my leave! Zhao Feng chuckled as he seated himself cross-legged on the floor.

Beiming Hui had claimed that not even a God King skilled in a Space Law could leave this dimension. However, Zhao Feng was confident that his Thought Teleportation had nothing to do with any Space Laws. After all, he had traveled from the Continent Zone all the way to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

Ill be taking this Space Ancestral Artifact fragment as a gift! Zhao Feng still had not returned the Space Ancestral Artifact fragment he borrowed.

In the forbidden ground, the Heaven Lord saw what Zhao Feng was doing. Seeing Zhao Feng sitting cross-legged on the ground, he took Zhao Feng to be cultivating and did not pay much attention. He still needed to control the Divine Kingdom to ensure that no outsiders snuck in. In addition, he was also getting ready to move the Divine Kingdom.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

It didnt take long for the Divine Kingdom to cease shaking.

In the outside world, the God Sealing Sacred Land was in wholesale retreat.

The white-robed elder in the sky had a dour expression, grunting, I hope that the Heavens Legacy Race does not commit the same mistakes of the past.

His foe was the Heavens Legacy Race, and this was their territory. His chances of victory were zero. And in the short clash just now, he was the weaker one.

All the members of the God Sealing Sacred Land departed. The members of the Heavens Legacy Race returned to the Divine Kingdom.

At the same time, the Divine Kingdom began to move elsewhere.

In the Divine Kingdoms forbidden ground:

Your Excellency Heaven Lord, the other Sacred Lands, including the Gods, will learn of us eventually! The Protector was rather worried.

Theres no need for you to worry about that. As the Heaven Lord calmly spoke, a sharp light flashed in his eyes.

Your Excellency Heaven Lord, Zhao Feng, hes! The Protector looked at the nearby screen and paled.

Hes gone! The Heaven Lords expression darkened, and the entire dimension instantly became extremely heavy and oppressive.

The Protector was frozen to the spot in shock.

Could the God Sealing Sacred Land or a God have secretly taken action? The Protectors eyes turned as he speculated.

Even though the Heaven Lord was standing guard, Zhao Feng had still vanished. This was far too absurd. And the God Sealing Sacred Land had attacked just now, so it was possibly connected to this disappearance.

But not even the God Sealing Sacred Land had this capability. Thus, the Protector speculated that a God had secretly intervened.