King Of Gods Chapter 1483

Chapter 1483 Primal Chaos Energy

Chapter 1483 – Primal Chaos Energy

In the Tianhe Zone, outside the Burning Heaven Sea:


Dream light flashed and twisted. Slowly, a person emerged from within.

“Haha, safely out!” Zhao Feng stood up, his entire body feeling light.

Although he had received excellent treatment in the Heaven’s Legacy Race’s Divine Kingdom, he was still in enemy territory, and there were various unfathomable individuals within that made Zhao Feng feel uneasy every day. If not for his personal interest, he would have left that Divine Kingdom long ago.

Within the Heaven’s Legacy Race’s Divine Kingdom, Zhao Feng could use many resources unconditionally. For this reason, almost all the Intents he cultivated had reached the peak of Level Nine, and his Time Intent had even become a Time Law. He had also furthered his understanding of his Space Law and advanced his cultivation to peak First Heaven. There was also his sparring with Beiming Hui and personal instruction from the Heaven Lord.

Zhao Feng’s strength had taken a massive leap compared to where it was before.

Of course, while improving himself, Zhao Feng had not forgotten about his subordinates. A portion of the resources he requested had been given to his subordinates and clones to use. In that period, Zhao Feng also moved the Black Destruction Dragon to the Dream Divine Kingdom, where it had already succeeded in becoming a God Lord.

Of his clones, Zhao Kong had the best talent and also the Eye of Spacetime, so he had smoothly become a God Lord as well. The other clones were still only half-step God Lords.

All this was worth the risk of staying in the territory of the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

The Heaven’s Legacy Race was probably fuming and in the middle of searching for him. This was a source of great comfort for Zhao Feng.


When he scanned with his Divine Sense, Zhao Feng discovered that there were many more experts around the Burning Heaven Sea than usual.

After a Third Heaven God Lord appeared and a major battle took place, added to that the fact that the Ancestral Artifact fragment had been taken away, the flames of this forbidden area were much weaker than they were before. This was exactly why many experts who had not dared to venture into this forbidden ground previously were now exploring it.

The news that two major factions had gathered here to fight over an Ancestral Artifact fragment had gotten out long ago. Eighty percent of the people exploring this place had come for the Ancestral Artifact fragment.

Besides these treasure hunters, there were also experts from the Tianhe Zone’s Sacred Land. These people had formed into a powerful team that was currently searching the Burning Heaven Sea for clues.

The upper echelon members of two five-star factions had been annihilated, dealing a massive blow to the overall strength of the Tianhe Zone. Thus, the Sacred Land was anxious to find out why all this occurred or what sort of heaven-shaking secret was lurking beneath this incident.


Zhao Feng’s body vanished as he entered his Dream Divine Kingdom.

What was once the Ancient Dream Realm had been completely refined by him into a Divine Kingdom, which he called the Dream Divine Kingdom.

At this moment, everything in the Divine Kingdom was under Zhao Feng’s control.

Zhao Feng went to the core of the Divine Kingdom. Through the Divine Kingdom’s core, he smoothly assumed control over the entire Divine Kingdom, becoming the god of this world.

Buzz! Bzzz!

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi swiftly gathered. Zhao Feng created an independent dimension that possessed the same trait as the Spacetime Robe Dimension.

In addition, the dimension also contained the traits of Dream Origin energy. This also meant that his Realization ability was able to have an intangible effect within this space. Cultivating in this dimension was even a little better than cultivating in the average Sacred Land.


Seating himself within this dimension, Zhao Feng took out a weightless cloth.

“Space Ancestral Artifact fragment…!” Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

He was preparing to refine the Ancestral Artifact fragment.

“Zhao Feng, once you refine this Space Ancestral Artifact fragment, you might be able to fuse the two of us into your Spacetime Robe,” the Time Ancestral Artifact fragment suggested to Zhao Feng.

Fusing two Ancestral Artifact fragments into the Spacetime Robe would definitely give it a significant increase in power.

“Even something like that is possible?” Zhao Feng was positively delighted.

There was no need to talk about the power of one Ancestral Artifact fragment; if two of them were combined, the end result would naturally be even stronger.

“Fusing only a Time fragment into the Spacetime Robe won’t do much, but when adding on a Space fragment as well, the process will be very smooth and the end product very easy to use,” the Time fragment added.

“Okay, then let’s do it!” Zhao Feng immediately began to refine the Space Ancestral Artifact fragment.

Having already refined one fragment before and with his Space Law, Zhao Feng needed only three months to refine the Space fragment.

Zhao Feng proceeded to try and fuse these two Ancestral Artifact fragments into the Spacetime Robe.

Because these two Ancestral Artifact fragments were of different attributes, they strongly rejected each other. However, the Spacetime Robe had a tolerant nature and could hold both Ancestral Artifact fragments. Gradually, the two Ancestral Artifact fragments fused into the Spacetime Robe.

At this moment, the Spacetime Robe blazed with dazzling silver light, seeming restored to new condition. All the damage it had previously sustained was instantly repaired.

Of course, the Ancestral Artifact fragments had not truly fused with the Spacetime Robe, they were just temporarily taking up residence within it.

“Spacetime Barrier!” Zhao Feng activated the Spacetime Robe and the two Ancestral Artifact fragments within it.

In a flash, unreal light erupted from the Spacetime Robe and shrouded Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng thrust out a finger, firing off a bolt of Chaos Origin energy. This Chaos Origin energy flew into the Spacetime Barrier and instantly slowed, its strength slowly shaved away. By the time the Chaos Origin bolt left the Spacetime Barrier, it had almost completely dissipated.

Zhao Feng then tried out the other abilities of the Spacetime Robe. The results left Zhao Feng very satisfied.

In summary, combining the two fragments inside the Spacetime Robe was essentially overlapping their abilities. This was much better and easier to use than if they were separated.

Buzz! Bzzz!

At this moment, a strange ripple of energy came from his God Altar. Sending his mind into it, Zhao Feng discovered that his God Altar had produced a strange ball of dark and chaotic energy.

While refining the Ancestral Artifact fragment and performing the fusion, Zhao Feng had split off a part of his mind to cultivate.

“Primal Chaos energy!” Zhao Feng was elated.

In capturing Zhao Feng, Beiming Hui activated his Heaven Mending Race bloodline and unleashed this Primal Chaos energy to seize Zhao Feng. For this reason, Zhao Feng was not unfamiliar with this energy.

Although the Heaven Mending Race was ranked 6th, this Primal Chaos energy was stronger than even the Origin energy of the 5th ranked God Martial Race.

“As I expected, when the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique reaches perfection, it would produce Primal Chaos energy.”

Although there was only a little Primal Chaos energy, it had been forged from many Intents and Laws, making it incredibly pure.


Zhao Feng took this Primal Chaos energy and fused it to his Chaos Origin Divine Sword.

Boom! Bang!

With a single slash, the sword unleashed an immense stream of chaotic energy. This energy was not countered by anything and madly absorbed all the energy in its path. It was also extremely damaging.


Zhao Feng excavated a massive furrow in the ground, which seethed with chaotic energy.

“The devouring trait has gotten even stronger!”

After fusing in the Primal Chaos energy, the Chaos Origin Divine Sword became even more stable. Its devouring ability and overall strength had also increased.

He estimated that the Chaos Origin Divine Sword fused with this sliver of Primal Chaos power was able to contend against Beiming Hui’s Divine Power when he was not using his bloodline.

Beiming Hui’s Primal Chaos power was cultivated through his bloodline while Zhao Feng had condensed a sliver through cultivating his technique and with the help of his Space and Time Laws. An attack made completely of Primal Chaos power would definitely be much stronger.

However, producing this sliver of Primal Chaos power meant that the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique had reached its limit. If Zhao Feng wanted to make any further progress, he would need to find a new art or create his own. There was also another method, which was to build up resources and energy over a long period of time, upon which one would naturally break through.

In truth, many God Lords in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods used the third method to advance in cultivation. For this reason, many of them were extremely old, having lived hundreds of millions of years, even billions of years.

Zhao Feng naturally couldn’t wait that long though. The fastest method was to find a cultivation art.

“Fortunately, I found a lot of information on the Heaven Mending Race in the Heaven’s Legacy Race’s secret library!” Zhao Feng smiled.

He was confident that the cultivation art most appropriate for him was the art of the Heaven Mending Race.

After summarizing the information he had gathered in the secret library, he determined that there were three areas that could be hiding secrets, legacies, and treasures of the Heaven Mending Race. One of these points was in the zone adjacent to the Tianhe Zone, the Tongtai Zone.

“I should get ready to move out.” Searching for the Heaven Mending Race became his first priority.

Before moving out:

“Heavenly Closure Seal!”

Zhao Feng used the Heavenly Closure Sealing Art Tang Bai had given him to seal the power of his Dream God Eye.

The Tianhe Zone’s Sacred Land was currently vigorously investigating the mysterious disappearance of the God Lord experts of two five-star factions. If someone recognized Zhao Feng as the Ninth God Eye, he would be in trouble.

Zhao Feng was confident that the Tianhe Zone also had one of the Heaven’s Legacy Race’s branch factions, and if the Heaven Lord found out, it wouldn’t take long before top-class experts arrived to capture Zhao Feng. If he fell into the hands of the Heaven Lord again, the Heaven Lord would definitely be warier. Even with Thought Teleportation, Zhao Feng probably wouldn’t be able to escape.


Zhao Feng’s dreamy silver hair gradually dimmed, losing its spirit and turning into ordinary hair. After sealing the Dream God Eye, Zhao Feng also sealed his aura.

With this done, he left the Dream Divine Kingdom and headed for the Tongtai Zone.

In less than half a year, Zhao Feng safely arrived at the Tongtai Zone.

Zhao Feng bought a rough map of the Tongtai Zone from a large Exchange Spiritual Hall.

“The area is… near the Pure Yang Palace.”

The Pure Yang Palace was one of the three major five-star factions of the Tongtai Zone. Its members cultivated Yang Fire and possessed extraordinary strength.

Eh? A response from the little thieving cat!?’

As he was preparing to set off, Zhao Feng suddenly stopped. Just now, he sensed a response from the pet contract between him and the little thieving cat.

Although the response was extremely brief, Zhao Feng was sure that the little thieving cat was in the Tongtai Zone, and that it was not far from the place Zhao Feng was heading.

Zhao Feng had partially left the Ziling Zone in order to search for the little thieving cat, but midway through his journey, his plans were upset by the Ancestral Artifact fragment and the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

“Wonderful!” Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

The little thieving cat had been with him ever since the Broken Moon Clan. After not seeing the little thieving cat for so long, Zhao Feng was truly beginning to miss it.