King Of Gods Chapter 1484

Chapter 1484 Pure Yang Palace

Chapter 1484 – Pure Yang Palace

After confirming his destination, Zhao Feng set off for Pure Yang Palace.

While passing through a large Exchange Spiritual Hall, he heard news of the Heaven’s Legacy Race and decided to stop for a few moments.

“I hear that traces of a massive Heaven’s Legacy Race faction were discovered in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods just a while ago!”

“The 3rd ranked race known for its intellect?”

The name of the Heaven’s Legacy Race mostly engendered respect in others.

The 3rd ranked Heaven’s Legacy Race was the most intelligent of all the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. They had once produced weapons of mass destruction that could destroy entire worlds, had tried to duplicate the perfect bloodline of the Ancient Race, and they had even tried to make time machines so they could travel to the past and change history. Their various ideas left the other ten thousand races stunned.

This was also why their unrestrained plundering and development eventually offended many ancient races, causing them to join together to strike it down and force it into hiding.

No one had expected news of the Heaven’s Legacy Race reemerging after so much time.

It seems like that major battle forced the Heaven’s Legacy Race to reveal itself, Zhao Feng mentally speculated.

Although he was in the secret chamber at the time, he was able to sense the immense disturbance outside the Divine Kingdom. It was simply impossible to conceal such a large disturbance.

However, these people only knew that the Heaven’s Legacy Race had appeared, but they knew nothing about what it wanted to do. Zhao Feng had developed his own understanding after staying there for a while.

In his view, the Heaven Lord was an extremely ambitious man, and the Heaven’s Legacy Race undoubtedly had some goal that very few people knew about.

But Zhao Feng couldn’t be bothered to worry about such things. He currently needed to increase his strength as quickly as possible so that he could protect himself.

Besides news on the Heaven’s Legacy Race, there was also news on the Ninth God Eye. They only knew that the Ninth God Eye had appeared, but there was nothing else specific about it.

After listening around, Zhao Feng learned that the faction that had attacked the Heaven’s Legacy Race back then was the God Sealing Sacred Land.

“Tang Bai’s faction. Could it be…?” Zhao Feng saw Tang Bai escape back then.

Tang Bai undoubtedly had significant status in the Sacred Land, and he had definitely told the Sacred Land about the Ninth God Eye. In other words, the God Sealing Sacred Land had attacked the Heaven’s Legacy Race not for revenge; their true goal was probably the Ninth God Eye.

It was probably that, after failing, the God Sealing Sacred Land chose to spread the news around.

After understanding all this, Zhao Feng left the Exchange Spiritual Hall and continued on his journey.

Ten days later, as he was passing over a vast lake:


Heaven-shaking sounds of battle came from the distance.

“God Lord!” Zhao Feng immediately determined the strength levels of the combatants.

God-Lord-level battles were normally an extremely rare occurrence in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

Zhao Feng activated his left eye and saw that a pursuit was taking place in the distance. What left Zhao Feng speechless was that this pursuit was headed in his direction.

The one fleeing was an elder with an upright and honest face and flaming red hair. He was a First Heaven God Lord.

The pursuers were two First Heaven God Lords, with one of them being a peak First Heaven. These two pursuers were both concealed in dark streams of energy that concealed their appearances.

The fleeing red-haired elder glanced at Zhao Feng before flying past him. Because Zhao Feng was concealing his energy, the fleeing elder believed that Zhao Feng’s cultivation level was too low and completely ignored him. After all, Zhao Feng also appeared very young.

But what Zhao Feng didn’t expect was that those two pursuing God Lords viciously glared at Zhao Feng.

“This kid saw it! Kill!” One of the God Lords, who had a rather elderly voice, called out.

A moment later, a massive palm of dark energy howled toward Zhao Feng. The lake down below was thrown into turmoil, gigantic waves tossing and turning on its surface.

“Hmph!” Zhao Feng coldly snorted in displeasure.

Gathering his Chaos Origin Divine Power, he punched.

Boom! Bang!

This seemingly ordinary punch obliterated the attack of that God Lord. The God Lord who had sent that attack went stiff in shock.

“We made a mistake!” The other God Lord, who had the voice of a middle-aged man, spoke.

“We committed a great offense just now! Good Sir, please forgive us!” The elderly voice spoke again. If they provoked a God Lord while already pursuing a different one, they would have a real problem on their hands. Thus, he immediately apologized to Zhao Feng.

Seeing that they had apologized, Zhao Feng prepared to leave.

But at this moment, the fleeing red-haired elder’s eyes flashed, and he turned to Zhao Feng.

“Good Sir, please save me! This old man is willing to offer a large reward of God Crystals and resources!” The red- haired elder seemed to be somewhat pleading in his tone.

He was already injured, and there was a high chance that he would die while being pursued by these two God Lords.

Zhao Feng said nothing and prepared to leave. The God Crystals and resources offered by an ordinary First Heaven God Lord were of no interest to him. Moreover, this was a matter between other God Lords, so he really didn’t care that much.

“Many thanks! Good Sir, please travel safely!” The two people in the black streams of energy smiled.

“Cease resistance and hand yourself over!” one of the men yelled.


A spear appeared in his hand, its tip firing off countless bolts of energy that were so densely packed that they were impossible to dodge.

“Good Sir, don’t go! Save me and Pure Yang Palace will undoubtedly richly reward you in gratitude!” The red-haired elder was in grave peril, and he once more pleaded for Zhao Feng’s help.

“Pure Yang Palace?” Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed, his expression slightly twitching.

He was planning to go to Pure Yang Palace to take a look at some stuff. After summing up all the information he had gathered in the Heaven’s Legacy Race’s library, he had ultimately determined that there might be secrets, legacies, and treasures of the Heaven Mending Race on the grounds of the Tongtai Zone’s Pure Yang Palace

There were some secrets that Pure Yang Palace definitely would not tell him, but if he saved a God Lord of Pure Yang Palace, this faction would definitely try its best to help him.

Zhao Feng suddenly turned around and looked at the red-haired elder.

“Good Sir, please pay no attention to this matter. Once we finish with him, we are willing to give you half of what is in his interspatial dimension!” The two pursuers saw Zhao Feng turning around and knew that the situation was about to reverse, so they immediately tried to bribe him to look the other way.

Zhao Feng appeared rather young and was a First Heaven at most. If he joined with the red-haired elder, they would still be no match. However, the pursuers would also not be able to do much to two God Lords working together.

Offering up half of a God Lord’s wealth was incredibly generous. After all, Zhao Feng had only come upon this situation by accident.

“Good Sir, Pure Yang Palace is a five-star faction. I can invite you to be a guest of our Pure Yang Palace, where you can receive anything you need!” The red-haired elder saw a chance and immediately spiced up his offer. Zhao Feng was his only hope of surviving at this time.

The two of you, get out of here!” Zhao Feng barked at those two God Lords in the dark streams of energy. He had decided to save the elder.

“What?” The two pursuers were rather astounded.

Even if Zhao Feng had decided to intervene, this attitude was a little too arrogant. Someone so young could only be First Heaven at most, and he would be no match against the two of them, even if he worked with the injured red- haired elder.

“It seems like I’ll have to use force!” Zhao Feng coldly snorted and sent out a surge of Chaos Origin Divine Power.

The world darkened as all the energy in the surrounding area converged on Zhao Feng.

The two pursuers were startled and sensed that something bad was about to happen.

At this moment, Zhao Feng punched, and immediately a massive fist made of dark energy hurtled toward the pair.

“So strong!”

Only when confronting Zhao Feng’s attack did the two realize just how strong Zhao Feng was. Purely the Divine Power in this fist made the two of them tremble in fear.

“Retreat!” The pair immediately made their decision.

After all, when Zhao Feng decided to intervene, they had already failed, let alone the fact that Zhao Feng was so strong. Boom! Bang!

The two of them worked together to put a defense that barely managed to block Zhao Feng’s attack. After that, the two swiftly fled.

The red-haired elder’s jaw dropped, and it took some time for him to shake off his shock.

“Many thanks, Good Sir, for saving my life!” The red-haired elder solemnly gazed at Zhao Feng.

He had doubted Zhao Feng’s strength before, but he then personally witnessed Zhao Feng frightening away his two pursuers. A young person with such strength had to belong to some Sacred Land.

“Didn’t you invite me to Pure Yang Palace as a guest? I was planning to pay that place a visit.” Zhao Feng smiled.

“Since Good Sir was already planning on visiting, Pure Yang Palace will naturally welcome you!” The red-haired elder was rather surprised, but he was still delighted to bring him over.

On the way there, Zhao Feng learned that this red-haired elder was called Ao Hongguang, and he was an Elder of Pure Yang Palace. While on an outside excursion, he was ambushed, and while fleeing, he ran into Zhao Feng.

As for his own identity, Zhao Feng gave the name Zhao Wang, and he also said that he was a God Lord of the Life Sacred Land. This would reduce the suspicion the elder might have of him. The Life Sacred Ld was incredibly ^ away, and a single Sacred Land would have many God Lords.

The response from the little thieving cat is getting closer and closer! Zhao Feng could sense through the pet contract that the little thieving cat was nearby.

As they ventured onward, Zhao Feng realized that the little thieving cat was in the vicinity of Pure Yang Palace. The little thieving cat had divination abilities, so perhaps it already knew that Zhao Feng was headed for Pure Yang Palace and had decided to wait for him there.

When he arrived at Pure Yang Palace, Zhao Feng became sure of this point.

Pure Yang Palace was built atop a lofty range of mountains. Its buildings were golden and red, all of them exuding intense heat.

Within Pure Yang Palace, in the central hall, all the upper echelon members had assembled.

The Pure Yang Palace Master was a tall and slender elder in a red robe, a Second Heaven with a strong aura.

There was also another God Lord beside him, a middle-aged man at First Heaven.

“We must truly thank Good Sir for your efforts!” The Pure Yang Palace Master had already expressed his gratitude several times.

Pure Yang Palace had three God Lords in total. By saving the life of one God Lord, Zhao Feng could be said to have altered the destiny of Pure Yang Palace.

“Good Sir, if you have any request, please state it. Pure Yang Palace will do its best to fulfill it!” the Pure Yang Palace Master declared.

In his view, since Zhao Feng had saved Ao Hongguang’s life and had been planning to personally visit Pure Yang Palace anyway, he undoubtedly had some ulterior motive.

“This Zhao truly does have a matter that brought him here.” Zhao Feng paused for a moment.

He could not directly discuss the Heaven Mending Race’s secrets. He needed to find another excuse to investigate the


At this moment:


A Pure Yang Palace elder rushed inside.

“What’s going on? Can’t you see that I’m entertaining an honored guest?” The Pure Yang Palace Master was incensed by this interruption.

“Palace Master, it’s that cat again….” The elder had a rather unsightly grimace.