King Of Gods Chapter 1489

Chapter 1489 Paramount Scripture

Chapter 1489 Paramount Scripture

This dark qilin possessed vast quantities of pure Primal Chaos energy, and its cultivation level was at peak Second Heaven. Ordinary peak First Heavens would be powerless against it and could only be beaten to death.

From this, one could tell that the mysterious being hidden in the God Altar had been watching Zhao Feng from the moment he entered this dimension. This other party had conjectured that Zhao Fengs strength was at most that of a peak Second Heaven God Lord. Thus, it had created a Second Heaven Yao God imbued with Primal Chaos energy.

Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword! The Chaos Origin Divine Power in Zhao Fengs hand gathered into a broad sword that crackled with Tribulation Lightning energy.

When confronting this sort of enemy, Zhao Feng would not be careless.

Oh? You can even fuse in Tribulation Lightning energy? The curiosity of the voice in the God Altar was piqued.

In truth, the fact that Zhao Feng, who did not have the Heaven Mending Race bloodline, was able to cultivate something so similar to Primal Chaos energy left him rather astonished.


The dark qilin howled and spat out a dark ball of twisted energy that shot toward Zhao Feng with incredible speed.

There was little skill in this attack. It was just a ball of condensed Primal Chaos energy fired at high speed. However, the traits of Primal Chaos energy made this attack immensely powerful nonetheless.


Zhao Feng began to rapidly move around the chaotic dimension.

Although this dimension was filled with Primal Chaos energy, Zhao Feng was wearing the Spacetime Robe, which contained two Ancestral Artifact fragments, so the effects of this energy were greatly reduced. As a result, Zhao Feng could still move around this dimension at high speed.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The dark and twisted ball of energy passed by Zhao Feng and impacted against the ground in a thunderous explosion. Thwish!

As he was dodging the dark qilins attacks, Zhao Feng was searching for any weakness in his foe.

He rapidly approached the dark qilin and slashed down with his Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword.


The sword left a wound on the dark qilins back.

However, the dark qilin was not a living being, but a technique being used by someone else. Primal Chaos energy surged into the wound and gradually healed it.

Primal Chaos energy was also extremely resistant to Tribulation Lightning energy.

Hmph! Zhao Feng cared little and began to search for other opportunities to assault the dark qilin.

Although the dark qilin possessed Primal Chaos energy, it was merely an attack technique, so it lacked the intelligence and flexibility of a living creature. Zhao Feng also had the advantage in speed, so the dark qilin could only passively defend.

Gradually, as more and more of the dark qilins Primal Chaos energy was consumed, its recovery speed became incapable of keeping up with Zhao Fengs damage.

Senior, if I win, shouldnt you agree to give your junior some reward? Zhao Feng even had the time to smile and chat. There was nothing to fear about the dark qilin now.

Laughter came out of the God Altar, but no answer to Zhao Fengs question.

Just when Zhao Feng was preparing to ask again, suddenly, Primal Chaos energy surged out of the God Altar and into the dark qilin. All the wounds on the dark qilin were healed, and its body grew somewhat larger, radiating a terrifying aura.

This Zhao Feng took in a deep breath.

The mysterious being in the God Altar had healed the dark qilin and increased its strength.

When confronting this dark qilin, Zhao Feng even felt like he was facing Beiming Hui Beiming Hui when he was not using his Heaven Mending Race bloodline.

This Ill thoroughly exterminate you! Zhao Feng focused his eyes, and the power of his Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword increased.


He activated the Spacetime Robe, the energy of the Spacetime Law emerging so that Zhao Feng could move even faster.

Eh!? A surprised shout came from within the three-tiered God Altar.

In truth, he had only strengthened the dark qilin to intimidate Zhao Feng to show him that the legacy left here was incomparably precious and not something Zhao Feng could look down on. He believed that he had already seen all of Zhao Fengs strength, not that Zhao Feng had been holding back. Thwish!

In a flash of light, Zhao Feng approached the dark qilin, formed a second Chaos Origin Tribulation Lightning Sword, and slashed down with both.


At the same time, the dark qilin fiercely attacked Zhao Feng, firing off one ball of chaotic energy after another. At such a close distance, not even Zhao Feng could dodge these fast-moving balls of energy.

Bzzzz! Booom!

Chaos Origin Divine Power surged and Tribulation Lightning energy was unleashed. A pitch-black hole crackling with white lightning quickly took form around Zhao Feng. With the Chaos Heaven Lightning Vortex, Zhao Feng was able to stave off most of the damage from the dark qilin and continue his assault.

At this moment, Zhao Feng was both offensively and defensively formidable, and he also possessed incredible speed. Boom! Bang! Crash!

The dark qilin was soon on the back foot, constantly being beaten down.

Just when Zhao Feng was getting excited, the qilin formed from Primal Chaos energy suddenly fell apart. At the same time, the nearby three-tiered God Altar began to flash with dazzling radiance.

Youre very strong! You win this battle! An imposing elderly phantom slowly emerged from the center of the God Altar.

A Remnant Will? Zhao Feng immediately understood the nature of this existence.

Remnant Wills were just thoughts. At most, they would contain some of the memories and knowledge of their master, but they wouldnt be that powerful.

The Remnant Will had merely used the Primal Chaos Divine Power within the God Altar for that technique, and this was the limit of the Remnant Wills power.

If Zhao Feng was allowed to continue wearing it away, the Remnant Will would have also begun to weaken. And if it left the God Altar, the Remnant Will was capable of doing even less.

Hmph, dont look down on a Remnant Will! If this old man is willing, I can detonate the power of the God King God Altar and take you down with me! The God King Remnant Will coldly snorted, unable to accept Zhao Fengs disregard.

Zhao Fengs mind trembled. The former owner of this God Altar was actually a God King. He also did not doubt that the God King Remnant Will had the power to detonate the power within the God Altar.

However, this Remnant Will had waited here for long because it was naturally waiting for a successor. It would not so easily destroy everything.

Although you are not a member of the Heaven Mending Race, it is very rare for someone to cultivate a Divine Power so similar to Primal Chaos energy. You satisfy the requirements for the legacy! Seeing that Zhao Feng had been properly cowed, the God King Remnant Will continued, And this old man has also seen your talent through the battle just now!

It turned out that the battle with the dark qilin was a test. The test was extremely easy for Zhao Feng, but it would probably have been excruciatingly difficult for anyone else.

So does that mean that Junior can inherit everything that was Seniors? Zhao Feng smiled and asked. He actually hoped that this God King Remnant Will would have some memories of the art its master once cultivated.

Youre right on that point. However, you actually have Destruction Dragon Race energy on you? The God King Remnant Will carefully examined Zhao Feng.

Destruction Dragon Race? Zhao Fengs eyes froze, and then he suddenly remembered a few things.

In the Ancient Era, the Heaven Mending Race was a pacifistic race. It traveled around the Fan Universe to repair the holes in space. Meanwhile, the Destruction Dragon Race lived for destruction, a species that derived energy from heedless annihilation. Thus, the two races had rather deep grudges against each other.

Zhao Fengs heart tightened. He had been together with the Black Destruction Dragon all this time, and the Black Destruction Dragon was in the Spacetime Robe Dimension right now. Would he lose out on the legacy because of something like this?

Although he had a greater desire for the art, the God King level God Altar alone was also a priceless treasure. Even a Sacred Land would be enormously tempted by it.

At this moment, within the Spacetime Robe, the little thieving cat opened its mouth. Gradually, the Destruction Dragon Race energy within the Spacetime Robe faded away, as did the energy on Zhao Fengs body.

Junior previously fought with a Destruction Dragon Race expert, Zhao Feng supplemented.

He truly had battled with the Destruction Dragon Race God Lord Tyrant Dragon before.

Mm, you were able to find this place and satisfy the requirements. I can fulfill my masters wish and pass on the Paramount Scripture to you! The God King Remnant Will nodded and did not continue arguing.

He had waited for so long for someone like Zhao Feng to arrive, and Zhao Feng possessed astonishing strength and talent, even leaving someone with his memories and experiences amazed.

Paramount Scripture? Zhao Feng was startled. The legacy here was apparently different from what he imagined.

Paramount Scriptures are arts a level higher than top-class divine-level arts. Even the best top-class divine-level arts can only be cultivated to peak Second Heaven, but Paramount Scriptures can last all the way to the God King level!

The God King Remnant Will saw that Zhao Feng was confused and began to explain.

Its an art? Zhao Feng was inwardly ecstatic.

He was not familiar with the concept of Paramount Scriptures because Paramount Scriptures were extremely special existences.

Paramount Scriptures cannot be directly transferred to others, nor can they be recorded using ordinary methods. It often requires immense expenditure to completely preserve and fuse the Paramount Scripture into the soul of the successor, the God King Remnant Will continued.

This also meant that obtaining a Paramount Scripture was probably accompanied by the death of a God King.

Besides that, if one wanted to obtain a Paramount Scripture, one would have to watch as the God King performed the art, and what the God Lord might comprehend would depend on their own talent and luck.

To think that it would be like that! Only now did Zhao Feng understand just how precious a Third Heaven God Lord art was. It was no wonder why the Heavens Legacy Races Protector had not agreed to Zhao Fengs request.

Haaa, when Master was still alive, he was a God King with a hope of obtaining the title of God The God King Remnant Will sighed.

With the successor found, his mission was complete.

A God? Zhao Fengs mind was shaken. It seemed like he had underestimated the former master of this God Altar.

The God Lord level consisted of Three Heavens, and only when one reached completion of the Third Heaven could one be considered a God King. However, there was no end to the path of martial arts, and it was fraught with countless variables. There were some people who were constantly able to get stronger and overcome themselves. Thus, these people were granted the title of God, taking their place among the strongest of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

There were two paths to becoming a God.

The first was to possess a complete Ancestral Artifact. A complete Ancestral Artifact contained the Origin energy of the Fan Universe. When one fused ones own energy with this power, one would ascend to a whole new level of power and become a God.

The second path was to achieve perfection in two Laws and then perfectly fuse them together into an even stronger power. But comprehending even one Law completely was incredibly difficult, let alone two, and then one had to fuse them together on top of that.

As long as I can obtain the Paramount Scripture, I will not let your master down. I will embark on the path to Godhood! Zhao Feng calmly said, his voice brimming with confidence.