King Of Gods Chapter 1492

Chapter 1492 Golden Dragon Sacred Land

Chapter 1492 – Golden Dragon Sacred Land

Only the Pure Yang Palace Master, Ao Hongguang, and the Shadowstream Peak Master remained.

The Shadowstream Peak Master and The Pure Yang Palace Master had lost all will to fight, their minds crumbling in despair. Their group of six had been halved. How could the rest of them deal with Zhao Feng?

If time could be reversed, the Pure Yang Palace Master would definitely have not chosen to fight with Zhao Feng.

In the distance, Ao Hongguang was on the verge of death, about to be killed by the flames of the Black Destruction Dragon.

“Let’s stop here,” Zhao Feng suddenly said.

The Black Destruction Dragon immediately stopped, and the heavily injured Ao Hongguang immediately fell back. “What?” The Shadowstream Peak Master was astonished. Their deaths were assured, so why would Zhao Feng stop?

Ao Hongguang and The Pure Yang Palace Master were also astonished.

“Let’s end the matter here. If there’s a next time, I will completely annihilate Pure Yang Palace and Shadowstream Peak,” Zhao Feng spoke in an emotionless tone, and he emphasized every word of his final threat.

He did not delight in killing people, so he would let these three people go for now.

If he had used his full strength, he could have killed them all from the very start. Zhao Feng had already reached his goal, so his first priority was to get out of here as quickly as possible.

Although he was letting these people go, their factions had suffered a severe blow to their fighting power, ensuring that they would not fare well in the future.

The leaders of the two five-star factions immediately rejoiced, but at the same time, they inwardly trembled as they warned themselves to never provoke someone like this again. Otherwise, an entire five-star faction might end up being destroyed.


With a wave of the Spacetime Robe, Zhao Feng collected the Black Destruction Dragon and flew away.

With his Space Law, Zhao Feng found the entrance and flew through it.


A moment later, Zhao Feng appeared at the entrance to the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension within the territory of Pure Yang Palace.

But a moment later, incredibly oppressive and formidable ripples of Divine Power descended upon him, immediately putting Zhao Feng on guard. In the sky, a dragon covered in golden tattoos coiled in the sky, the energy radiating from it turning the entire world gold.

“Not good, an ambush!” Zhao Feng inwardly trembled as he activated the Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex.

But his foe had clearly been waiting for some time and had come prepared.

Boom! Bang!

The golden dragon roared and then charged down so quickly that there was barely any time to react. The Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex erected in haste was twisted and crushed by this golden dragon.

Boom! Bang!

As the Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex shattered, Zhao Feng was sent flying out, the blood and energy in his body roiling while his face paled.

He immediately spotted five figures floating in the distance. Two of them were at First Heaven, two were at Second Heaven, and the man with golden skin covered in dragon tattoos was a Third Heaven God Lord!

Zhao Feng did not recognize these five, but these five clearly recognized him.

“Eh?” One of the First Heaven God Lords was rather surprised. Not only was Zhao Feng not heavily injured, he didn’t appear that injured at all.

At this moment:

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The remaining three members of the party that had ventured into the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension emerged, confused and surprised looks on their faces. When they saw the five God Lords in the sky, they instantly paled.

“God Lord Golden Emperor!” the God Lords of the two five-star factions called out in respect.

God Lord Golden Emperor was a Third Heaven God Lord of the Golden Dragon Sacred Land.

They belonged to factions beneath this Sacred Land, so when they saw the Third Heaven God Lord Golden Emperor, they naturally had to bow.

But they were rather shocked. How did God Lord Golden Emperor know about the Heaven Mending Race legacy hidden here? Otherwise, why would a Third Heaven God Lord from another faction come here?

“Zhao Feng, hand yourself over!” God Lord Golden Emperor ignored the Pure Yang Palace Master and the others, his eyes focused only on Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng?” The Pure Yang Palace Master and Ao Hongguang were startled.

They had guessed that Zhao Feng was concealing his true name, but the name Zhao Feng was extremely familiar. The Ninth God Eye!

A moment later, they came to a stunning realization and stared in shock at Zhao Feng. As it turned out, the God Lords of the Golden Dragon Sacred Land had not come for the Heaven Mending Race legacy, but for the Ninth God Eye.

“Could he be the holder of the Ninth God Eye?!” the Pure Yang Palace Master blurted out in surprise.

The Eight Great God Eyes were known as Gods within the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. The appearance of the Ninth God Eye meant that another God would join them.

In their minds, Gods were transcendent and unreachable existences. They never would have imagined that the youth they had been fighting with was the holder of the Ninth God Eye, a possible God.

But in the battle just a moment ago, Zhao Feng had not used any sort of eye power. Perhaps they didn’t even the ability to force Zhao Feng into using his eye powers.

Far away in Pure Yang Palace, True God Dragon Emperor’s eyes were wide open, his body faintly shivering.

“Just… just what sort of terrifying experts did the ancestor call over to deal with Zhao Feng?!” True God Dragon Emperor was only a Rank Four True God. He couldn’t see clearly, and all he could sense was a heaven-shaking energy in the distance. If he got any closer, the aftershocks of energy would probably annihilate him.

Zhao Feng licked the blood at the corner of his lips.

“Hand myself over? That all depends on whether you have the skills!” Zhao Feng’s expression was cold. He could naturally tell that they had come for the Ninth God Eye.

He had only been injured by God Lord Golden Emperor just now because he was caught off guard. In a proper battle, Zhao Feng was not guaranteed to lose.

Back in the Heaven’s Legacy Race’s Divine Kingdom, he was able to exchange a few blows with Beiming Hui. After leaving the Divine Kingdom, he had completed the cultivation of his art, found a Paramount Scripture, and had even fused two Ancestral Artifact fragments with his Spacetime Robe. He was much stronger now than he was back then. Zhao Feng was confident that he could fight with a Third Heaven God Lord!

“If you submit and hand over the Ninth God Eye, we might be able to spare your life!” God Lord Golden Emperor coldly threatened.

“Haha, submit? You ambushed me! I don’t plan to just let that go!” Zhao Feng loudly laughed as he soared into the air.


At this moment, the Heavenly Closure Seal on his body was completely undone. His hair gradually gained a dazzling silver luster, radiating a rainbow of colors as it wildly danced in the air. His left eye shone with a dazzling dreamy luster that had a hypnotic effect on others.

Bzzz! Boom!

Energies of all kinds began to converge around Zhao Feng as he madly absorbed it all.

“What? He actually dares to challenge a Third Heaven God Lord!?”

“Even if he has the Ninth God Eye, he’s only a peak First Heaven. He can’t possibly be a match for God Lord Golden Emperor!” The Pure Yang Palace Master and Ao Hongguang gasped in shock.

In the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, a Second Heaven challenging a Third Heaven was incredibly rare, and a First Heaven challenging a peak Third Heaven was simply unheard of.

“Haha, even if you have the Ninth God Eye, you’re a little too arrogant.” Rather than being angry, God Lord Golden Emperor smiled.


Suddenly, he vanished, a dazzling golden light shooting toward Zhao Feng.

At this moment, the entire Pure Yang Palace began to tremble. Those Ancient Gods watching from extremely far away were sent flying, and quite a few True Gods simply exploded.

Bzzz! Hwoom!

Dark Primal Chaos energy was unleashed. Zhao Feng gripped a Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword while surrounded by a Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex.

Now that he was facing a Third Heaven God Lord, he held nothing back.

Boom! Bang!

The two collided, causing the entire world to tremble and fierce gales to rip through their surroundings.

The two God Lords of Pure Yang Palace used all their defensive techniques to protect as much of the foundation of Pure Yang Palace as possible.


After this clash, Zhao Feng backed up several steps. His Primal Chaos Lightning Vortex was slightly deformed, but it quickly recovered.

On the other side, God Lord Golden Emperor was flabbergasted.

“This is all a Third Heaven God Lord amounts to?” A sneer appeared on Zhao Feng’s lips as he looked at God Lord Golden Emperor. He had estimated his own strength correctly; the current him was completely capable of exchanging blows with a Third Heaven God Lord.

On the other side, the four other God Lords of the Golden Dragon Sacred Land were stunned.

In the first clash between God Lord Golden Emperor and Zhao Feng, they were even, neither side having the upper hand!

The Pure Yang Palace Master and Shadowstream Peak Master were even more stupefied.

“Junior, you’re too arrogant. You only blocked seventy percent of my strength. I admit that I underestimated you, but you won’t get a second chance…!” God Lord Golden Emperor angrily grunted.

In truth, he had used almost one hundred percent of his strength, but Zhao Feng still blocked him. He only said such things to preserve his dignity.

But he wouldn’t give Zhao Feng any more chances.


Golden light erupted from behind him as the two Second Heaven God Lords appeared. One of the Second Heaven God Lords, a well-endowed woman, was a peak Second Heaven, and the golden tattoos on her body gleamed with a noble aura.

With three God Lords this time, would Zhao Feng still be able to fight back?

“Kill!” God Lord Golden Emperor angrily roared.

Although Zhao Feng had blocked one of his attacks, he was still absolutely confident in his ability to defeat Zhao Feng.

But what they needed was to capture Zhao Feng and take the Ninth God Eye. Thus, he used his subordinates so that Zhao Feng wouldn’t be able to escape.


The three God Lords of the Golden Dragon Sacred Land shot forward in three streaks of golden light to surround Zhao Feng. In the face of such a force, Zhao Feng would be hard-pressed fighting alone.

“Come out!” A black-scaled man, a silver-eyed handsome youth, and a cat came out of the Spacetime Robe.

The members of the Golden Dragon Sacred Land were taken aback. Although Zhao Feng’s subordinates each had their own unique traits, their cultivation levels were too low. None of them had reached Second Heaven, so they weren’t worth worrying about.

“Kill!” Zhao Feng called out, and then he charged at God Lord Golden Emperor.

Zhao Kong was responsible for dealing with the weaker Second Heaven God Lord. This was somewhat difficult for him, but as he had the Eye of Spacetime, he had the greater speed, ensuring that he wouldn’t die.

The Black Destruction Dragon and the little thieving cat were responsible for dealing with the peak Second Heaven woman.


Various kinds of Law energy rippled forth, throwing the world into disarray.

All the disciples of Pure Yang Palace had retreated a vast distance. Those that hadn’t retreated were already dead. “Zhao Feng, these subordinates of yours are only seeking death!” God Lord Golden Emperor jeered.

The Golden Dragon Sacred Land truly did have the advantage in this battle.


A golden bolt formed in his hand, dragon carvings flashing upon it.

Zhao Feng suddenly slashed with his Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword.

With each clash, the energies of a Spacetime Law and a Light Law would scour the surrounding region.

After ten-some exchanges, Zhao Feng’s Primal Chaos Divine Sword was getting stronger and stronger, able to go blow for blow with God Lord Golden Emperor’s fierce attacks.

To think that this kid would have such power! God Lord Golden Emperor was internally rather shocked. Zhao Feng being able to block one blow could have been because he had used all his power, but if he was able to continue fending him off over the course of the battle, did this not mean that Zhao Feng was about as strong as he was?


God Lord Golden Emperor’s face twisted in rage. His bloodline power erupted in dazzling golden light, the images of golden dragons flashing within it.

After activating his bloodline, God Lord Golden Emperor instantly became even stronger.

Boom! Bang!

Zhao Feng was instantly pushed back several steps. His Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword trembled, a crack appearing on it. Although God Lord Golden Emperor’s bloodline was only in the top twenty, it was still extremely powerful.


As Zhao Feng had already been recognized, he now used the Dream God Eye without fear, a dreamy luster appearing upon it.

“Dreamification!” Harnessing his Origin energy, he began to release clouds of dreamy mist from his left eye. The world before Zhao Feng instantly became a dreamy paradise.