King Of Gods Chapter 1495

Chapter 1495 Primal Chaos Lock

Chapter 1495 – Primal Chaos Lock

Tell us all you know about Zhao Feng! If you leave anything out, you will bear the consequences!” A voice came from beside God King Heaven Dragon. It was none other than the God Lord who Zhao Feng had caused to flee in despair, God Lord Golden Emperor.

But next to a God King, he seemed insignificant and remarkable. The Pure Yang Palace Master even failed to notice him at first.

“Yes! Back then, Zhao Feng called himself Zhao Wang and assisted Pure Yang Palace twice, in addition staying at the Pure Yang Palace for a period of time….” The Pure Yang Palace Master did not dare to hide anything and divulged all he knew about Zhao Feng. Of course, he now knew that Zhao Feng taming the little thieving cat was just an act.

When he mentioned the matter of the Heaven Mending Race’s legacy, God King Heaven Dragon’s eyes gleamed. It was obvious that even a God King was very interested in the legacy of the Heaven Mending Race.

“Where was the legacy located?” God King Heaven Dragon finally spoke, the shapeless sound wave turning into golden ripples that spread outward and seeped into the minds of others.

Afterward, God King Heaven Dragon entered the Yellow Dragon Secret Dimension to search for clues, even entering the dimension where Zhao Feng had obtained the legacy.

“The Primal Chaos energy here is of an extremely high level,” God King Heaven Dragon softly muttered. He speculated that a legacy of Heaven Mending Race God King had been left behind in this place.

Your Excellency Heaven Dragon, when I fought with Zhao Feng, he was also using Primal Chaos energy!” God Lord Golden Emperor whispered. At the same time, he silently cursed. Zhao Feng had definitely obtained the Heaven Mending Race’s legacy in this place. Otherwise, Zhao Feng wouldn’t have become that powerful, and he wouldn’t have been defeated.

“Order the entire Tongtai Zone to search for traces of Zhao Feng. Report to me the moment you find something!” God King Heaven Dragon decreed.

It was evident that God King Heaven Dragon was prepared to personally take action.

Yes!” God Lord Golden Emperor called out.

“This person is extremely powerful. Even Golden Emperor was defeated….” God King Heaven Dragon’s face darkened. Even after handing these missions to his subordinates, he was still somewhat doubtful. A cold light flashed in his eyes, and then he disappeared.

The world gradually returned to normal, and all the members of Pure Yang Palace breathed a sigh of relief. They had feared that God King Heaven Dragon would vent his rage over the Zhao Feng incident on Pure Yang Palace.

But God Kings were perceptive individuals. He understood that this matter had nothing to do with Pure Yang Palace, so he did not further investigate the matter.

However, Shadowstream Peak was in trouble. After learning about the Heaven Mending Race’s legacy, it had secretly schemed to take it for itself and destroy Pure Yang Palace. This could be considered as deliberately starting a war with a five-star faction to weaken the overall strength of the Tongtai Zone.

In addition, God King Heaven Dragon was rather interested in the Heaven Mending Race legacy. If Shadowstream Peak had reported this matter to begin with, the Heaven Mending Race legacy and the Ninth God Eye might have both been his.

But seeing as Shadowstream Peak only had one God Lord left, the Golden Dragon Sacred Land did not punish it too severely.

While the Golden Dragon Sacred Land was searching for Zhao Feng with all its strength, so were the majority of the other zones in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. After all, this was the Ninth God Eye. Obtaining it could allow one to completely transform their destiny.

Every day, there were countless pieces of false information regarding the Ninth God Eye.

On the other side, the Heaven’s Legacy Race faction under the Heaven Lord had smoothly escaped the prying eyes of the other experts from the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods and had once more concealed itself.

Within the dim and pitch-black palace, the Heaven Lord was seated on his raised throne.

“Seven Divine Emissaries and nine Palace Kings. Have them all mobilized to find and capture Zhao Feng,” the Heaven Lord calmly announced.

Yes!” the Divine Emissaries and Palace Kings called out in unison.

They had learned long ago that Zhao Feng, who was imprisoned in a secret chamber within the Divine Kingdom, had escaped. It was difficult to imagine that there would be a moment when even their Heaven Lord would suffer a loss.

“Once you capture him, cripple his cultivation!” The Heaven Lord raised a brow as he added.

When Zhao Feng had suddenly vanished, they had started a thorough investigation to find out how Zhao Feng had managed to escape, but in the end, they failed to learn anything. They speculated that a God had secretly assisted him, but they found no clues indicating this. In short, Zhao Feng’s disappearance was shrouded in mystery.

The Heaven Lord even speculated that this matter was related to Zhao Feng’s Ninth God Eye. In order to prevent this from happening again, he decided that Zhao Feng needed to be crippled.

Everyone turned solemn upon hearing this. The Heaven Lord rarely suffered a loss. Everyone knew that the Heaven Lord was determined to capture Zhao Feng again. Thus, anyone who captured Zhao Feng again would undoubtedly be richly rewarded.

“In addition, assemble all the information we have on Zhao Feng and bring it to me.” The Heaven Lord gave one last order.

Finding a person in the vast Realm of Gods was actually rather simple. After all, the Heaven Lord possessed an immense faction with a sophisticated communication network. But it was also rather difficult. For example, God Lords usually lived in very isolated places, not emerging for tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of years. Even his faction would find it very difficult to investigate such people.

This being the case, he needed a second plan. He needed to understand everything about Zhao Feng so he could identify his weaknesses.

“If you have the time, you should go as well,” the Heaven Lord whispered to the Protector at his side.

The Protector nodded.

All the people in the pitch-black palace were shocked. Was even the Protector being mobilized?

Near a bay within the Tongtai Zone: Whoosh!

A spatial vortex appeared, a silver-clothed and silver-haired person slowly emerging from it.

“I should be safe for the moment,” Zhao Feng muttered after scanning the area with his left eye.

He entered his Dream Divine Kingdom.

Within a serene valley shrouded by cold mist was a tree of dazzling dreamy colors, radiating a multicolored halo that colored the surrounding fog. This multicolored tree was none other than the core of the Dream Divine Kingdom.

Once he reached this place, Zhao Feng sat cross-legged on the ground and used the power of the Divine Kingdom to build a special cultivating dimension. The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within this dimension was extremely concentrated, and it also had the time effect of the Spacetime Robe Dimension.

After taking some resources and resting for a few days, Zhao Feng recovered from all his mental exhaustion.

Zhao Feng entered secluded cultivation.

Third Heaven God Lord… late-stage Law!” Zhao Feng thought back to his battle with God Lord Golden Emperor.

There were strong and weak Laws, profound and shallow. Third Heaven God Lords possessed late-stage Laws. This was precisely why Zhao Feng, with his two Ancestral Artifact fragments and his Spacetime Law, had not been able to gain that much advantage against God Lord Golden Emperor. Meanwhile, he could kill First Heavens with a glance and Second Heaven God Lords with only a little more effort.

“If I reach the Second Heaven, I should be more capable of fighting Third Heaven God Lords!” Zhao Feng’s eyes focused.

But improving a Law was more related to comprehension of the Law. Moreover, Zhao Feng had only broken through recently. Reaching Second Heaven did not seem very realistic. Thus, after spending some time in seclusion to little effect, Zhao Feng stopped.

Although he could not advance his cultivation, he had another method of increasing his strength.

The contents of the Primal Chaos Scripture emerged in his mind.

“I’ve already converted eighty percent of my Divine Power into Primal Chaos energy. Let’s finish converting the rest!” Zhao Feng sent his mind into his God Altar, activated the Paramount Scripture, and began the conversion process.

He also split off a portion of his mind to study the bloodline secret arts and combat skills of the Heaven Mending Race contained within the Primal Chaos Scripture.

But Zhao Feng discovered that the first few secret arts were related to repairing dimensions, the Fan Universe, and special kinds of dimensions.

Based on what he knew during the Ancient Era, the Heaven Mending Race was a pacifistic race. This race rarely took part in the conflicts over resources. Rather, it wandered around the Fan Universe and repaired the holes in space, maintaining the normal operation of the entire Fan Universe.

Although Zhao Feng had inherited the legacy of the Heaven Mending Race, he had not inherited their will. He was no pacifist.

Skipping these contents, he began to read through the fighting techniques. The combat skills for Primal Chaos energy were extremely difficult and were normally used in conjunction with one’s bloodline.

Zhao Feng was not a glutton. He chose just one of these techniques to focus on first.

“Primal Chaos Lock.”

This was the skill that Zhao Feng decided on.

Beiming Hui had used a similar skill to capture him. After he was locked down, the majority of the energy Zhao Feng used had been absorbed by the Primal Chaos Lock, rendering him nigh incapable of resisting.

Moreover, the Primal Chaos Lock could be used together with his Spacetime Barrier for even better effect.

When he thought of this, Zhao Feng began to cultivate and comprehend this skill.

One year went by, but this was only three or four days in the outside world.

Zhao Feng had now completely converted his Chaos Origin Divine Power into Primal Chaos Divine Power.

As for the Primal Chaos Lock, Zhao Feng had comprehended more than half of it. If he aimed it at the Black Destruction Dragon, the Primal Chaos Lock would drop its strength to sixty percent of normal.

“It’s time to leave!” Zhao Feng rose and ended his seclusion.

He was preparing to further hone himself so that he could break into Second Heaven as quickly as possible.

Of course, he had another plan: investigate the other factions and intelligence networks the Heaven’s Legacy Race had planted in the various zones. He could not only develop a deeper understanding of the Heaven’s Legacy Race through these factions, but he could also weaken the Heaven’s Legacy Race by destroying them and further guarantee his safety.

In the outside world, a golden figure flying by suddenly stopped.

“Divine Kingdom?” The golden figure’s dazzling eyes stopped at a certain point in the air.

This person was extremely similar in appearance to the God King Heaven Dragon who had appeared at Pure Yang Palace.

“Even if it’s a mistake, I have to take a look.” The golden elder’s gaze turned solemn.


He thrust out a palm. A faint wave of golden light rapidly began to spread through the world.

At this moment, Zhao Feng appeared nearby.

“What?” Zhao Feng grimaced.

The moment he appeared, he felt astonishing ripples of Divine Power.

Boom! Bang!

The golden ripples of light battered against the air, causing space to twist and crack.

Zhao Feng was startled. If he had still been hiding just now, his Divine Kingdom would have been attacked by these waves of energy.

“Golden Dragon Sacred Land!” The bloodline energy and unique traits allowed Zhao Feng to quickly identify his foe.

His foe had restrained his energy so that Zhao Feng could not see his true level of cultivation. However, his God’s Spiritual Eye was beginning to pulse and thump.

At this moment, the golden elder turned his astonished eyes to Zhao Feng.

“The Ninth God Eye, Zhao Feng!” He rejoiced.

At the same time, he began to slowly release his energy.

The entire world began to take on a golden hue, and the entire region came under the control of his powerful Metal Law.