King Of Gods Chapter 1500

Chapter 1500 The Ability Of Heaven Mending

Chapter 1500 The Ability of Heaven Mending

Within the Light Race Divine Kingdom, both of the invading Death God Guards had been killed, but the hole still existed, the struggle between Twilight Valley and the Heavens Legacy Race not yet concluded.

This Divine Kingdom was of an extremely high level. No one else except Twilight Valley had the ability to repair the hole. However, all of Twilight Valleys concentration was on defending against any further intrusion from the Heavens Legacy Race. He had no time for anything else.

On the side, Zhao Feng was immersed in the Primal Chaos Scripture, a flood of information sweeping through his mind. The information regarding the ability of the Heaven Mending Race to repair spaces was incredibly detailed, even a little disorderly. After all, the Primal Chaos Scripture was primarily for passing on arts and combat skills. Thus, Zhao Feng found learning the space-repairing abilities of the Heaven Mending Race to be somewhat more difficult.

Even so, Zhao Feng still had to study them.

It seems that repairing the space of the Fan Universe is also a kind of cultivation for the Heaven Mending Race! Zhao Feng came to understand that, when the Heaven Mending Race used Primal Chaos energy to repair the spatial fabric of the Fan Universe, they were engaging in a kind of cultivation and comprehension.

The entirety of the Fan Universe could be said to have been born from an infinite plane of Primal Chaos energy.

While learning and studying, Zhao Feng had a part of his mind look through the intelligence reports he had taken from the Heavenly Yao Hall. This information included incidents big and small that had taken place over the last hundreds of millions of years in the Chixing Zone. The most detailed reports were on incidents that had taken place recently. This included information that only the five-star factions and the Sacred Land of the Chixing Zone knew about and included many details on the inside stories of these incidents.

Eh? Zhao Feng suddenly found some information related to Giant God Race.

After reading through it, he paled. It turned out that the Illusion God Sacred Land had repeatedly helped Giant God Hall to lower its guard. Secretly, many members of the Illusion God Race had infiltrated Giant God Race to observe its every movement. Their true goal was the Ninth God Eye.

Zhao Feng had some understanding of the Illusion God Race. It was extremely powerful among the ancient races, known for transformation, deceit, infiltration, and disguise.

Truly, you can know someone for a long time and not understand their true nature! Zhao Fengs expression sank. From Xin Wuhengs tone at the time, he could tell that Xin Wuheng rather trusted the Illusion God Sacred Land.

I have to inform Xin Wuheng! Zhao Fengs eyes flashed.

He did not know if his visit to Giant God Race had been noticed or not by the spies of the Illusion God Race, but at this moment, he had to inform Xin Wuheng of what was going on.

Rumble! Boom!

An enormous explosion resounded through the Divine Kingdom.

Not good! Theres an expert outside attacking the Divine Kingdom! Twilight Valley grimaced.

He was currently in an equal fight with the Heavens Legacy Race. However, the Heavens Legacy Races faction was enormous, and it could move freely outside the Divine Kingdom. They had sent a few members to attack Twilight Valleys Divine Kingdom from the outside world.

Although Twilight Valley could move the Divine Kingdom, it couldnt move very quickly and probably wouldnt do much.

As those experts outside attacked, the Divine Kingdom would gradually be affected, and that gap would get larger and larger.

Zhao Feng estimated that the Heavens Legacy Race could have sent in God Lords by now, but they had not done so.

They plan to widen the gap so that its large enough to set up a spatial passage that they can use to freely enter and exit the Light Race Divine Kingdom! Twilight Valley managed to barely squeeze these words out of his mouth.

Zhao Feng was startled. If this happened, they would end up being fish in a barrel.

We can only ask for reinforcements from Giant God Hall! God Lord Cheng Yun worriedly said.

The Light Race had a temporary alliance with Giant God Hall. Now that the Light Race Divine Kingdom was in danger, it was Giant God Halls duty to offer a helping hand.

Let me do it! I happen to have something to tell Xin Wuheng! Zhao Feng stepped forward and took out his message token.

Only six days! If Xin Wuheng doesnt get here by then, it will be too late! Twilight Valley grimly said.

Giant God Hall:

On this day, God Lord Dreamcolor, a person of incredibly high status in the Illusion God Sacred Land, had come to pay a personal visit.

This action once more intimidated the other five-star factions of the Chixing Zone, making them put aside any plans to make trouble for Giant God Hall.

Giant God Hall is most honored by this visit, God Lord Dreamcolor! Xin Wuheng came out to personally welcome God Lord Dreamcolor.

God Lord Dreamcolor had an extremely high status in the Illusion God Sacred Land and was a Third Heaven God Lord possessing a thick bloodline and incredible talent. She was the most talented individual to appear within the Illusion God Race in hundreds of millions of years.

Of course, God Lord Dreamcolor was also acclaimed in the Chixing Zone for her beauty. Many of the men in Giant God Hall stared at God Lord Dreamcolor in the sky. Although she was surrounded by a white mist that concealed her appearance, her alluring and well-endowed figure was visible for all to see.

After being welcomed by the upper echelon members of Giant God Hall, the Illusion God Sacred Land party was led into the central hall.

Once both sides had exchanged a few pleasantries:

For what reason has God Lord Dreamcolor graced us with your presence? Xin Wuheng got straight to the point.

Giant God Hall is a newly-established five-star faction of the Chixing Zone. I have come here today to see how Giant God Hall is doing, God Lord Dreamcolor spoke in a pleasant and graceful tone.

Everything is on the right track. In every aspect, Giant God Hall is practically on par with all the other five-star factions of the Chixing Zone! Xin Wuheng smiled.

When Ancient God Hall wasnt completely devoured by the Ancient Soul Race yet, the Illusion God Sacred Land had treated the Giant God Race rather well. Now that the Illusion God Sacred Land had provided assistance to Giant God Hall, Xin Wuheng felt extremely grateful.

In addition, I know that Hall Master Xin has some connection to the Ninth God Eye, but there are too many people after the Ninth God Eye. If Giant God Hall connects with the Ninth God Eye again, the Illusion God Sacred Land might not be able to do much. God Lord Dreamcolor spoke in a soft and soothing tone.

On the surface, she appeared concerned that the Ninth God Eye might bring trouble for Giant God Hall.

This Xin also understands this, Xin Wuheng indifferently said.

If Hall Master Xin still has some relationship with the Ninth God Eye, the Illusion God Sacred Land might be able to serve as your protective umbrella! God Lord Dreamcolor continued, her words brimming with friendliness.

Xin Wuheng was just about to reply when he received a message. As Zhao Fengs voice resounded in his mind, Xin Wuheng turned grave for a moment.

God Lord Dreamcolor noticed that momentary shift in Xin Wuhengs expression.

In truth, she had come this time to see what was going on. For the domain around Xin Wuhengs place of seclusion to suddenly open and close with none of the Illusion God Race spies seeing anyone going in was truly suspicious.

Moreover, in Thunderstorm Canyon, a subordinate faction of the Heavens Legacy Race had been destroyed. God Lord Dreamcolor sensed that these two incidents might be connected, so she had personally come to Giant God Hall.

God Lord Dreamcolor, this Xin has a matter that requires me to leave at once! Xin Wuheng suddenly said.

He now knew everything from Zhao Feng, and he felt rather helpless. As the Light Race Divine Kingdom was asking for help, Xin Wuheng had to go to its aid.

But there were spies of the Illusion God Sacred Land within Giant God Hall, making it rather difficult for him to leave in secret. Thus, Xin Wuheng decided to get straight to the point.

For what reason must Hall Master Xin leave in such haste? God Lord Dreamcolor asked in surprise.

A good friend of mine is in danger! I just received his request for help. Xin Wuheng gave a rough summary.

In this sort of situation, God Lord Dreamcolor naturally could not stop him. After all, this concerned the life of a God Lord.

God Lord Dreamcolor led the members of the Illusion God Sacred Land away from Giant God Hall while Xin Wuheng and the Grand Elder set off for the Light Race Divine Kingdom.

Lady Dreamcolor, the good friend Xin Wuheng referred to should be the Light Race, the yellow-robed man beside her uttered.

The Illusion God Sacred Land had some understanding of the relationship between Giant God Hall and the Light Race.

Follow them and see whats going on, God Lord Dreamcolor softly said, and then her body gradually vanished into the white mist.

Yes! The yellow-robed man replied.

But inwardly, he was rather depressed. Following Xin Wuheng was not easy. Was the goal of the Illusion God Sacred Land not the Ninth God Eye? Why did they have to keep a watch on Xin Wuhengs relationship with the Light Race?

Within the Light Race Divine Kingdom:


Massive booms rang out as the gap gradually expanded. Twilight Valley was too busy fighting back against the Heavens Legacy Race to do anything about this.

This was now the fifth day. At this point, the gap was wide enough to allow three Second Heaven God Lords entrance. Xin Wuheng is coming! Zhao Feng suddenly said.

Okay! Twilight Valley was delighted.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

Outside the Divine Kingdom, the sounds of a heaven-shaking battle could be heard.

Xin Wuheng reported that there were two top-class Second Heaven God Lords outside. Although Xin Wuheng and the Grand Elder couldnt win, they could hold the enemies down and slow down the rate of expansion.

Half a day later:

Senior Twilight Valley, this matter can be brought to an end! Zhao Feng suddenly stood up.

Okay, its all on you! Twilight Valleys eyes sparkled. He also knew that Zhao Feng had obtained the legacy of the Heaven Mending Race.

Zhao Feng had spent this entire time studying how to repair dimensions. For the look of it, he had grasped how to repair this hole.


Zhao Feng vanished, next appearing at the gap in the Light Race Divine Kingdom. With a flip of his palm, he sent out a stream of Primal Chaos energy.

Progenitor of all things! Zhao Feng extended his hand, and the stream of Primal Chaos energy slowly approached the spatial hole.

The skills for repairing spatial holes primarily used the progenitor aspect of Primal Chaos energy.

Buzz! Bzzz!

The Primal Chaos energy appeared at the hole and continued to extend. The various energies within the Primal Chaos energy, such as Space, Water, and Wood, began to ripple. The energy began to connect and slowly fuse with the edges of the hole.

It didnt take long before Zhao Feng finished repairing the spatial hole.

Success! Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

After all, it was just a hole, not some large fissure or shattered dimension. The difficulty was not that great.

Meanwhile, in a mysterious dimension:

What? The hole Yu Liupings arms trembled. He had done his utmost, but the hole was still gradually repaired. Haaa, it was a Divine Kingdom with an owner, so its only right that the difficulty was too great Yu Liuping sighed.

At the same time, he messaged the God Lords near the Light Race Divine Kingdom to retreat and wait for another opportunity.

At this moment, God Lord Stellar Aspect appeared in the dimension.

Sir, according to a reliable source, the Ninth God Eye recently obtained a Heaven Mending Race legacy from the Tongtai Zone! God Lord Stellar Aspect said in excitement.

Yu Liupings face froze, his eyes going wide, and invisible pressure began to unrestrainedly pour out of his body.