King Of Gods Chapter 1507

Chapter 1507 Cultivating In A Dream

Chapter 1507 Cultivating in a Dream

The faces of God Lord Dreamcolor and the blue-haired old woman chilled. As it turned out, Yu Liuping had long ago noticed the Illusion God Sacred Lands plan of faking its injuries, and he had also experienced their secret art before and developed a countermeasure against it.

After dispelling the dream realm around himself, Yu Liuping messaged the method to the other Heavens Legacy Race members.

Strike! God Lord Dreamcolor coldly snorted, and then she changed directions and charged at Yu Liuping.

The blue-haired old woman understood God Lord Dreamcolors intention and immediately attacked.

At this moment, the two God Lords of the Illusion God Sacred Land attacked Yu Liuping. As long as they could defeat Yu Liuping, the remaining Heavens Legacy Race members presented little threat.

Hmph, you two think you can do anything to this old man? Yu Liuping softly chuckled.

Die! A five-colored ribbon appeared in God Lord Dreamcolors hand, which separated into five differently-colored streaks of light that shrieked toward Yu Liuping.

A jade-green staff appeared in the old womans hand, and as she swung it, it released dark green waves of energy.

The Heavens Legacy Race were not strong fighters. As members of the Illusion God Race, if they worked together, they could definitely defeat Yu Liuping in short order.

Ill let you have a taste of this old mans true power! Yu Liuping showed little concern for the sudden attack from these two experts of the same level. His rough and old skin began to shine with many strange tattoos. Suddenly, another powerful bloodline energy erupted onto the field, engulfing those ancient tattoos.


A red and domineering energy radiated from Yu Liupings body and shot into the sky. Everyone else in an area for hundreds of thousands of li around felt an incredibly oppressive energy, but their minds remained within the Dream Dimensions as if they were experiencing some dreadful nightmare.

The red torrent of energy triggered by the bloodline energy circled in the air, drawing out the figure of an enormous God-Devil, which exuded a frighteningly cold aura.


As the God-Devil grew increasingly real, it began to mimic Yu Liupings movements while radiating that heaven-shaking aura and boundless fighting intent.

At this moment, God Lord Dreamcolor and the old woman stopped, their bloodlines trembling.

God Martial Race bloodline! God Lord Dreamcolor blurted out in surprise.

If they underestimated Yu Liuping in the past, believing that they could easily push him back if they worked together, their minds had completely changed now. The 5th ranked God Martial Race was a race that excelled in fighting, and it was proficient in using a variety of combat skills and secret arts.

Ill get rid of you meddlesome flies first! Yu Liuping snorted as he charged at the two Third Heaven God Lords of the Sacred Land. The Illusion God Sacred Land was stubborn to the end. If they were not excised now, who knew when they might suddenly interfere again?

As Yu Liuping began to move, that red God-Devil mimicked him, exerting a suffocating pressure on everyone around it.

How could things have turned out like this?! God Lord Dreamcolors brows tightly locked together in rage and vexation.

The Illusion God Race had used all its cards, and she believed that they would be able to smoothly capture the Ninth God Eye and leave. Alas, the Heavens Legacy Race was one step ahead. Not only did they have a way to deal with Boundless Nightmare, but their leader also had an extremely powerful bloodline.

This bloodline must have been implanted. Its probably far inferior to the bloodline of an actual God Martial Race descendant. If we work together, we still might be able to put up a fight! the blue-haired old woman said, her turbid eyes dark.

Thats all we can try! God Lord Dreamcolor clenched her teeth and agreed.

She also believed that Yu Liupings strength could not be comparable to an actual member of the God Martial Race.

Moreover, before entering the Light Race Divine Kingdom, they had notified God King Nethercloud. It wouldnt take long before God King Nethercloud himself arrived, after which the situation would be easily resolved.

Zhao Feng remained where he was originally standing, pretending to be caught up in Boundless Nightmare as he observed the situation.

As expected, this old man of the Heavens Legacy Race isnt normal! Zhao Feng was inwardly rather startled.

He hadnt expected for Yu Liuping to possess such a powerful bloodline. With his bloodline activated, Yu Liuping was probably on par with Beiming Hui while activating the Heaven Mending Race bloodline.

In addition, this was Zhao Fengs first time seeing the God Martial Race bloodline. He realized that this bloodline was rather similar to the Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline he saw in the Continent Zone. Perhaps the two of them were connected?

Meanwhile, the other Heavens Legacy Race members had broken free of Boundless Nightmare and were embroiled in combat with the other members of the Illusion God Sacred Land.

Of course, their cultivation levels were not as high, so they had consumed a considerable amount of soul energy to break out of the dream realm. However, the members of the Illusion God Sacred Land had just finished activating Boundless Nightmare, which taxed their bloodline energy even more heavily. Thus, they were somewhat unable to cope.

Ill let them fight for a while. Zhao Feng was in no rush to break free of Boundless Nightmare.

The Illusion God Sacred Land was engrossed in fighting the Heavens Legacy Race. If he suddenly awakened, he would immediately end that.

Of course, he wasnt going to just sit around either. Zhao Feng closed his eyes and began to circulate his Dream energy and Thought power, instantly creating a dream realm of his own.

Zhao Feng constructed his own Dream Dimension over the dream realm created by the Illusion God Races Boundless Nightmare. Zhao Feng sent the majority of his mind into this Dream Dimension.

He could alter anything in this dimension except for himself.

Synchronize the dream realm with reality!

Within the dream realm, Zhao Feng seated himself cross-legged on the ground and began to cultivate. Zhao Fengs Dream Dimension was synchronized with reality. This was meant for both his enemy and himself.

At this moment, he was in his own dream realm, quietly cultivating, but to the outside world, he appeared to still be trapped in the Illusion God Races Boundless Nightmare.

This Dream Dimension had the same special time cultivation effect as the Spacetime Robe, and this effect was further strengthened by his Time Law and Dream Origin energy. This made the time ratio four hundred to one.

Zhao Feng took out a golden-jade cloth, which immediately began to exude intense ripples of Space Law energy. This was none other than the Space Ancestral Artifact fragment the little thieving cat had stolen from the blue-haired old womans array.


Within the dream realm, Zhao Feng attempted to fuse this Ancestral Artifact fragment into the Spacetime Robe.

During the entire process, Zhao Feng was also comprehending the Space Laws. Now that he had two of this type of Ancestral Artifact fragment, he could clearly sense that his Space Law was about to break through a bottleneck.

Long before this, Zhao Feng had managed to reach peak First Heaven in both Laws and Divine Power. Later on, after cultivating the Primal Chaos Scripture, he remolded his Divine Power, but it was still at the limit of First Heaven.

Now that he had reached early-stage understanding of the Space Laws, his Divine Power smoothly broke into the Second Heaven. He used this chance to circulate the Primal Chaos Scripture and try and break into the Second Heaven proper.

Outside, the Heavens Legacy Race continued its bitter clash with the Illusion God Sacred Land.

Radiant Palm! Yu Liuping bellowed as he thrust out a palm.

The red God-Devil did the same, sending a gigantic red palm flying forward.


An enormous palm of golden-red energy, imbued with unfathomably divine might, howled forward.

What a powerful attack! The old womans eyes darkened as she repeatedly waved her jade cane.

Three green vortices appeared in the air, countless giant vines pouring out of them to wrap around the Radiant Palm.

At the same time, God Lord Dreamcolors five ribbons attempted to pierce through the palm. In her other hand, the ice crystal thrust forward, firing off a cold streak of light to attack Yu Liuping.

Truly ignorant! Yu Liuping grunted and thrust forward a finger.

The red God-Devil again mimicked his action, unleashing a powerful bolt of energy from its finger that easily obliterated God Lord Dreamcolors attack.

Yu Liuping with his God Martial Race bloodline activated possessed extraordinary power, and he could maximize the strength of any technique he used. Although he was facing two Third Heavens, he was the one with the upper hand.

Kill! Yu Liuping roared an order at the other three Heavens Legacy Race members.

As for himself, he held nothing back and charged at the two Third Heaven God Lords. Several powerful skills were used one after another, hurtling toward God Lord Dreamcolor and the old woman.

Hes too powerful! The old woman was forced to admit that the two of them were not able to stave off Yu Liuping.

Just hold him down. Once His Excellency Nethercloud returns, everything will be over. And I dont believe that this person can use such a powerful implanted bloodline without limit! God Lord Dreamcolors expression was gloomy.

Although they were no match for Yu Liuping, they would not be defeated easily.

God Lord Dreamcolor had some understanding of the Heavens Legacy Races implanted bloodlines. Strong implanted bloodlines could only increase ones fighting power for a short period, and different people would suffer from different side effects.

As the two battled, the shockwaves from their battle battered the forces of the Light Race Divine Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Twilight Valley was guiding the energy of the dimension to stimulate the minds of the people caught in the dream realms.

Xin Wuheng was the first to break free of Boundless Nightmare. His face was pale and his heart thumping in fear. He stared at the scene before himself in utter shock.

At the same time, he immediately fell back. Although he had the ability to break himself free of the dream realm, he could not help his many comrades break free.

When Xin Wuheng glanced at Zhao Feng and saw that he was also in the dream realm, a look of disbelief appeared on his face.

The Sacred Land and the Heavens Legacy Race are truly unfathomable! Xin Wuheng sighed as he viewed the battle from a distance.

As the battle continued, the Black Destruction Dragon and Giant God Race Grand Elder also began to lightly shake, and after a little while, they also broke free.

Each person that broke free from Boundless Nightmare would have a fearful and pale complexion. In Boundless Nightmare, they truly had experienced various frightening things.

Boundless Nightmare was powerful, and if it was targeted at one person, it was capable of plunging them into an eternal nightmare.

However, Zhao Fengs forces were numerous, so the effect had been greatly weakened and was made only temporary. This was also why God Lord Dreamcolors plan was to capture the Ninth God Eye and then leave the Divine Kingdom.

Little time had passed in the outside world, but much time had passed in Zhao Fengs Dream Dimension.

By now, Zhao Feng had little attention to spare on the battle outside. He was constantly accumulating and refining his Space Law and was on the verge of advancing it to the next level.

The Dream Dimension was twisted and chaotic under the effects of the Space Law, and a blinding and dazzling light engulfed the area. Zhao Fengs Primal Chaos Divine Power was also being refined, and it seemed on the verge of going through a qualitative transformation.

Zhao Feng knew that he was now at a crucial moment in his charge toward becoming a Second Heaven God Lord.

Once he succeeded in this breakthrough, his strength would be given a massive boost. When the time came, he would be able to easily take care of the Heavens Legacy Race and the Sacred Land.