King Of Gods Chapter 1514

Chapter 1514 The Little Thieving Cat's Secret

Chapter 1514 – The Little Thieving Cat’s Secret

The interaction between the two cats instantly shattered the earlier mood. The extremely senior sages within the tower pensively stared at the little thieving cat.

Zhao Feng dryly coughed and looked at Yu Tianwu. Although Yu Tianwu had already said that the Continent Zone’s Six Warlock Divine Sage was one of his clones, Zhao Feng could not act as closely with Yu Tianwu as he had with the Six Warlock Divine Sage.

“Sage, just where did this cat come from?” Zhao Feng pointed at the little thieving cat and asked.

The Heaven’s Legacy Cat was the highest secret of the Heaven’s Legacy Race. Yu Tianwu definitely knew about it. It was just a matter of if he was willing to talk about it.

“I didn’t think that this Heaven’s Legacy Cat of yours would have already matured to this level!” Yu Tianwu said in surprise as he inspected the little thieving cat.

Zhao Feng looked at the big lazy cat on Liu Qinxin’s shoulder. The only ways the little thieving cat had changed recently were in the size of its body and the designs on its body. It appeared that the big lazy cat was in no way inferior to the little thieving cat. The big lazy was very large, and its body had always been covered in silver designs.

“Heaven’s Legacy Cats were originally just implanted with the Heaven’s Legacy Race bloodline and given several other abilities. They served as the ideal companions for the Heaven’s Legacy Race, but later on, the Heaven Defying Faction used the Heaven’s Legacy Cats for the Ancient Race Duplication Plan,” Yu Tianwu suddenly said, and his words astonished Zhao Feng.

“Heaven’s Legacy Race… the Ancient Race Duplication Plan?” Zhao Feng blurted out.

Yu Tianwu’s words were simply astonishing, and Xin Wuheng and Twilight Valley were similarly shocked. This cat was actually connected to the number Ancient Race? They had also heard about how the Heaven’s Legacy Race wanted to control the Ancient Race bloodline, but they knew nothing about the specifics.

“The Ancient Race bloodline is too powerful. Those who are compatible enough to safely fuse with it are less than one in several hundred million. But the creatures the Heaven’s Legacy Race created can be modified, and once a Heaven’s Legacy Cat successfully fuses with the Ancient Race bloodline, it means that the members of the Heaven’s Legacy Race can also fuse with the Ancient Race bloodline.”

The matter Yu Tianwu had divulged left everyone dumbfounded.

Twilight Valley and Xin Wuheng were particularly shocked. As expected, the Heaven’s Legacy Race wanted to control the power of the Ancient Race.

“Then this thieving cat…?” Zhao Feng had never imagined that the little thieving cat would be hiding this kind of secret. It was no wonder the Heaven’s Legacy Race had such a desire for this Heaven’s Legacy Cat, even nurturing it. It was for the sake of its bloodline.

At the same time, Zhao Feng was a little happy. If the little thieving cat was this powerful, then as long as he trained it well, it would be of enormous assistance in the future.

“However, your Heaven’s Legacy Cat is a failed product,” Yu Tianwn added.

Zhao Feng was struck dumb and given a rather sharp blow. The little thieving cat was actually a failed product!? Meowmeow!

The little thieving cat immediately showed an expression of extreme displeasure. It repeatedly gestured, saying it was unique, not a failed product.

“Haha, although it’s failed product, it experienced a mutation that has led to many more variables. It’s already left the bounds of the original Heaven’s Legacy Cats created by the Heaven’s Legacy Race. Although it doesn’t have the Ancient Race bloodline, it has an ability that allows it to imitate the bloodline powers of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races!” Yu Tianwu smiled and continued.

Only when the little thieving cat heard this did it let the matter go.

“Imitate the Ten Thousand Ancient Races?” Now that Zhao Feng thought about it, this really was the case.

The little thieving cat had used the secret arts of many different races, but it was only able to imitate those ranked in the teens at best. The bloodlines of the top ten were somewhat more difficult to mimic. Of course, based on what Yu Tianwu had said, the little thieving cat still had room to grow.

Zhao Feng finally had an answer to the mystery of the little thieving cat.

“Sage, why did your clone descend to the Continent Zone?” As they talked, Zhao Feng realized that the sage was rather easy-going, even willing to talk about the highest secrets of the Heaven’s Legacy Race, so Zhao Feng also began to relax.

The dimensions outside the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods were known as the outer dimensions, and there were countless such dimensions like the Continent Zone. Why had the leader of the Sage Faction, Yu Tianwu, sent one of his clones to the Continent Zone? What was his goal? The little thieving cat? Or the Ninth God Eye…?

The Heaven’s Legacy Race is a race from outside this universe – you probably know this.” Yu Tianwu was rather surprised. He had clearly not expected Zhao Feng to ask this question, but he still replied without reservation.

“Outside the universe!?” Everyone was startled by these words. The Heaven’s Legacy Race truly had suddenly appeared in the Fan Universe during the Ancient Era.

What lay beyond this universe remained an eternal question in their minds.

“The original world of the Heaven’s Legacy Race was destroyed and scattered into several pieces that were tossed into the chaotic world outside the universe. Our piece ended up in this strange world and became unable to communicate with the outside world. I am currently searching for an opportunity to leave this place. Back then, I calculated many points of opportunity and placed my clones in these dimensions. Your Continent Zone was one of them,” Yu Tianwu explained the reason.

It turned out that many of these small outer dimensions had Yu Tianwu’s clones. The Six Warlock Divine Sage was only one of them.

“Leave this place?” Zhao Feng still could not understand what this was about, nor could anyone else.

No one had ever been able to leave the Fan Universe before, and it was believed by many of the great powers in the Ancient Era that this was the only world. It was only later on that the arrival of the Heaven’s Legacy Race shattered this idea.

“This opportunity might rest on you!” Yu Tianwu forthrightly said.

Of course, Yu Tianwu could not be sure. The Ninth God Eye contained far too many variables and possibilities.

Zhao Feng fell silent. He also did not know much about the Ninth God Eye. Even if Yu Tianwu said that the opportunity for the Heaven’s Legacy Race to leave the Fan Universe rested on him, Zhao Feng could not offer any help.

In addition, Zhao Feng still remained doubtful about this point. No one had been able to leave the Fan Universe for countless years, and not even after the appearance of the Eight Great God Eyes had there been any talk about such a thing. Why would the Ninth God Eye suddenly change this situation?

“Then what is the Heaven Defying Faction’s goal?” Zhao Feng asked.

The Heaven Defying Faction was also part of the Heaven’s Legacy Race. Was their goal the same as the Sage Faction’s? To leave the Fan Universe?

“Their goal might be the same as ours, but as for what they are up to, not even this old man is sure. However, I have calculated that once the Heaven Defying Faction’s plan succeeds, the entire Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods will be plunged into calamity….” Yu Tianwu thought for a few moments and then sighed.

“I feel that their goal is not the same as the Sage Faction’s!” Twilight Valley coldly said.

He was extremely hostile to the Heaven Defying Faction. He would never believe that they would commit such contemptible acts for this goal.

“We still don’t know about that, but the plans of the Heaven Defying Faction are definitely connected to the Ninth God Eye. Thus, Zhao Feng, you should stay here. Once you can fully use the power of the Ninth God Eye, you won’t have to be afraid of anything,” Yu Tianwu voiced his idea.

This was also what Zhao Feng had in mind. He trusted in Yu Tianwu’s calculations more than most. Of course, this was related to Liu Qinxin.

If the Heaven Defying Faction succeeded, it would cause a disaster for the entire Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. This was not something he wanted to see.

The war of ancient times had caused the ancient continent to crumble and split apart and led to severe losses in the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, some of them even going extinct. If this sort of thing happened again, who knew what state the Fan Universe would end up in?

“We will also trouble you,” Xin Wuheng politely said. On his first day in the Sage Faction, he had already learned such an astonishing secret. It seemed like his choice was correct.

Zhao Feng, Giant God Hall, and the Light Race decided to stay with the Sage Faction for the time being.

“Liu Qinxin, where did you get your Eyes of Destiny?” Zhao Feng questioningly looked at Liu Qinxin. In the Continent Zone, Liu Qinxin had not possessed an eye-bloodline.

“From the legacy of the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace,” Liu Qinxin calmly said.

“To think that the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace was so special!” Zhao Feng sighed.

The Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace had not only given Liu Qinxin an eye-bloodline, it had caused her cultivation to soar and taken her into the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

“How did you come to meet the sage?” Zhao Feng continued asking.

Although the current Liu Qinxin was noble, mysterious, calm, and elegant, Zhao Feng still felt extremely close to her. After leading Zhao Feng to his private residence, Liu Qinxin left.

Just like this, Zhao Feng’s group came to reside with the Sage Faction.

Quite a few of the Heaven’s Legacy Race intelligence crystals in the Sage Faction were useful for cultivation.

The little thieving cat spent the entire day out and about, apparently exploring the area.

Besides cultivating, Zhao Feng could also go and see Liu Qinxin. Although they didn’t seem to have much to talk about, once they did start talking, they seemed to forget time, and their conversations seemed like they could carry on forever.

Zhao Feng spent several years in the Sage Faction solidifying his cultivation. After that, he began to cultivate the higher levels of the Primal Chaos Scripture.

He believed that these peaceful days would continue for some time, but one day, Yu Tianwu asked Zhao Feng to see him. The atmosphere in the tower was solemn.

“What’s the bad news?” Zhao Feng sensed that something was wrong.

Anything that could make the Sage Faction so grim could not be a good thing.

“The Heaven Defying Faction is intent on obtaining the Ninth God Eye. Since you’ve been hiding for the last few years, they’ve found a way to force you to appear!” Yu Tianwu said.

“So it really does have to do with the Heaven Defying Faction.” Zhao Feng’s eyes focused.

“Feng, Grandmaster and I have calculated that the Heaven Defying Faction might move against Zhao Yufei.” Liu Qinxin stepped forward, a complicated look on her face.