King Of Gods Chapter 1515

Chapter 1515 Zhao Yufei's Circumstances

Chapter 1515 – Zhao Yufei’s Circumstances

“Feng, Grandmaster and I have calculated that the Heaven Defying Faction might move against Zhao Yufei.” Liu Qinxin stepped forward, a complicated look on her face.

Zhao Feng was astonished. He hadn’t expected for the Heaven Defying Faction to move against Zhao Yufei. But in truth, the Heaven Defying Faction’s goal was Zhao Feng. They couldn’t find Zhao Feng, so they wanted to force him out using this.

“I’m burdening Yufei….” Zhao Feng felt a hint of shame, but he felt comparatively more anger. He had not expected for the Heaven Defying Faction to be so despicable.

“Qinxin, is there any way to dispel the danger?” Zhao Feng immediately asked.

At present, Zhao Yufei might still be unaware of the hidden danger threatening her life, and Liu Qinxin only said that the Heaven Defying Faction might move against Zhao Yufei, meaning they hadn’t succeeded yet and were probably still searching for her. As long as he could find Zhao Yufei before the Heaven Defying Faction did, he could safely resolve the crisis.

“We’ve already managed to calculate Zhao Yufei’s rough position.” A ripple of emotion appeared in Liu Qinxin’s eyes when she saw how worried Zhao Feng was.

Zhao Feng learned that Zhao Yufei had already left the Spiritual Race, but this only put Zhao Yufei in even more danger. He needed to find her as quickly as possible.

“Zhao Feng, this is an incredibly dangerous move. The Ninth God Eye is of utmost importance. You need to think this over carefully!” Yu Tianwu emotionally sighed.

It was obvious that this was the Heaven Defying Faction’s plan to force Zhao Feng out. The pitfall had already been dug out, and all that was needed was for Zhao Feng to jump in.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but recall the sage’s words from before; if the Heaven Defying Faction succeeded in its plan, the entire Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods would suffer disaster.

“I can’t allow Yufei to be hurt because of me!” Zhao Feng firmly said after a moment of thought.

If he were to allow his childhood sweetheart to lose her life because of him while he was completely capable of stopping it, he would never be able to rest easy.

“This old man will respect your decision, and I will also help you by disrupting and suppressing the Heaven Defying Faction.” Yu Tianwu smiled as if he had long ago predicted Zhao Feng’s decision.

“Many thanks.” Zhao Feng kept the courtesies to a minimum.

The power of the Sage Faction was an absolute necessity in saving Zhao Yufei from the Heaven Defying Faction. Yu Tianwu had been constantly helping him with his problems and questions, and Zhao Feng could not put his gratitude into words. If he could help the Sage Faction in the future, he would not shirk his responsibility.

“Feng, I will also help you.” Liu Qinxin’s face revealed a hint of affection.

Zhao Feng was flabbergasted, and he suddenly sensed that something was wrong.

The woman before him had already admitted that she was Liu Qinxin, and in this period of time, Zhao Feng had sensed the affection Liu Qinxin had for him. Just now, Zhao Feng had displayed great concern over the fact that another woman was in danger, but now, Liu Qinxin appeared very calm and indifferent. This made very little sense.

“Okay.” Zhao Feng stared at Liu Qinxin and assented. At the same time, he saw a hint of sorrow in Liu Qinxin’s eyes, but at this time, finding Zhao Yufei was more important. Worrying about more would serve little purpose.

Zhao Feng returned and began to make preparations, in addition informing the Light Race and Xin Wuheng of what was going on. It was naturally best if he had the help of others when fighting against the Heaven Defying Faction.

However, Zhao Feng would not insist. After all, this matter was far too dangerous. He would accept whatever choice they made.

“If Zhao Yufei is in trouble, I naturally won’t just put my hands in my sleeves and watch from the sidelines!” Xin Wuheng grinned.

No matter how one looked at it, he and Zhao Yufei came from the same place.

“Cultivating for a long time is rather boring. It’s about time I went out and tempered myself!” Xin Wuheng appeared rather optimistic.

He had recently made a lot of progress. He was now a peak Second Heaven and not very far from the Third Heaven.

In his past life, Xin Wuheng had been exceptionally talented, with high hopes of becoming a God King. After his rebirth, Xin Wuheng had established an even stronger foundation that brought him even closer to this goal.

“How confident are you?” Twilight Valley asked a more pertinent question.

“With the help of the Sage Faction, if our luck is good, we might be able to find Zhao Yufei before the Heaven Defying Faction. If our luck is bad, it will be hard to avoid a conflict,” Zhao Feng spoke frankly.

“Okay! This time, the Light Race will help you!” After pondering the matter for a while, Twilight Valley agreed.

It had always been part of his plan to rely on the strength of the Ninth God Eye and the Giant God Race to take revenge on the Heaven Defying Faction. He could not just allow Zhao Feng to die. Moreover, Zhao Feng and Liu Qinxin had assisted the Light Race in the past.

He chose to help Zhao Feng both to return a favor and because he needed Zhao Feng’s strength and could not let him die.

Zhao Feng was elated to see that both Giant God Hall and the Light Race were willing to help him.

Later that day, Zhao Feng and the others set off.

Giant God Hall sent Xin Wuheng and the Grand Elder while the Light Race sent only Twilight Valley. After all, the foe they were facing was abnormally powerful and not one that pure numbers could deal with. Top-class fighting forces were of the utmost importance.

Based on the calculations of Yu Tianwu and Liu Qinxin, Zhao Yufei was located in the Tianhe Zone. The group used the Sage Faction’s Heaven’s Legacy teleportation array to directly move into the Tianhe Zone, adjacent to the Qianshan Zone.

On the journey, the little thieving cat would occasionally throw out a few bronze coins to divine Zhao Yufei’s position, but the clues were too few. It was rather difficult to find a single person in a place as large as a zone.


The little thieving cat pointed forward and gestured.

“Zhao Yufei is in the center of the Tianhe Zone!” Zhao Feng immediately said, and the group picked up the pace.

As the little thieving cat continued divining, the range of their search continued to shrink. By the time they arrived at the central region of the Tianhe Zone, the little thieving cat had ruled out several more areas.

Xin Wuheng and Twilight Valley couldn’t help but sigh in wonder. The Heaven’s Legacy Cats, implanted with the blood of the Heaven’s Legacy Race, truly were extraordinary.

Zhao Feng sensed that he was getting closer and closer to Zhao Yufei.

“I hope Yufei is okay!” Zhao Feng didn’t hope that the Heaven Defying Faction wouldn’t find Zhao Yufei, only that she was okay. As long as she was fine, there was a chance to turn things around even if she had been found.

Near the center of the Tianhe Zone in the Burning Heaven Sea:


A faint violet glow suddenly burst out, transforming into a jade-like woman wearing a light purple robe. Her gorgeous face had several men in the nearby area slack-jawed and wide-eyed, but right after noticing her, they realized that she was actually a God Lord. To become a God Lord at such a young age was truly too difficult.

This woman was naturally Zhao Yufei, who had left the Spiritual Race to temper herself. Two months ago, she had used the Heaven Void God Origin Ginseng Zhao Feng had left her to smoothly reach the God Lord level.

At this moment, the waves of fire in the Burning Heaven Sea churned.

“Not good! They’re coming!” Zhao Yufeis face tightened as she once more transformed into a violet streak of lig^ fled.


The Burning Heaven Sea exploded, two people rushing out. One of these was a middle-aged man wearing golden-red armor and radiating a fiery glow. Next to him was an elder wearing a robe that depicted a red sun.

“That way!” The elder’s eyes focused.

The two immediately flew off in pursuit.

“Wasn’t that middle-aged man the illustrious God Lord Bloodthirst of the Purgatory Sacred Land?” an Ancient God called out in alarm.

The Purgatory Sacred Land was the Sacred Land of the Tianhe Zone.

God Lord Bloodthirst was a rather famous First Heaven God Lord in the Tianhe Zone. It was rumored that he was extremely bloodthirsty. Back then, some Ancient God was rude to him, so this man slaughtered him and the peak four- star faction he belonged to.

“Who was that woman? She actually offended God Lord Bloodthirst and earned his attention!? She’s doomed!” A young Ancient God shook his head.

“Little girl of the Spiritual Race, the more you struggle, the more this God Lord Bloodthirst likes you! When the time comes, you’ll be wishing for death!” God Lord Bloodthirst’s face exuded evil, and his brutal and evil desires were plainly seen in his eyes.

But after pursuing for some time, God Lord Bloodthirst and the robed elder realized that the distance between them and Zhao Yufei wasn’t shrinking at all.

“This little girl isn’t simple,” God Lord Bloodthirst muttered.

She was so young, but she had speed comparable to older First Heavens like him and the elder beside him.

“She does have the Spiritual Race bloodline. If you hadn’t revealed your killing intent so early, the Blood Spirit God Origin Stone might have already been ours!” the elder rebuked.

Zhao Yufei had accidentally discovered a Blood Spirit God Origin Stone in the Burning Heaven Sea. The two of them happened to be passing by, so they decided to seize it for themselves.

This natural treasure could thicken one’s bloodline and strengthen the level of atavism. It could also concentrate and strengthen one’s Divine Power. The Blood Spirit God Origin Stone presented an immense temptation to First Heaven God Lords, and even Second Heaven God Lords would have need of it.

The elder looked ahead and shouted, “God Lord of the Spiritual Race, if you’re willing to give us half of the Blood Spirit God Origin Stone, we will drop the matter here!”

Zhao Yufei naturally wouldn’t believe this. She ignored the words of her pursuers and continued to flee with all her might. With her God Martial Race legacy, she possessed a higher level of understanding with regards to every combat skill. Speed arts were no different.

Suddenly, Zhao Yufei sensed several alarmingly powerful energies appearing in front of her. When she focused, she saw several figures far in the distance. One of them was a man with dreamy silver hair and wearing a silver robe. Wasn’t this Zhao Feng? When she saw the little thieving cat on his shoulder and Xin Wuheng next to him, she was even more certain.

“Brother Feng!” Zhao Yufei rejoiced, and her eyes moistened. She prepared to rush over.

But suddenly, she grimaced. “No, I can’t let the Purgatory Sacred Land’s people notice Brother Feng!”

The members of the Purgatory Sacred Land were patrolling the Burning Heaven Sea in part to find clues as to how Vermillion Bird Pavilion and Swift Wind Gate were destroyed, but they were also searching for clues related to the Ninth God Eye.

Zhao Yufei had also come to the Burning Heaven Sea because she heard that the Ninth God Eye had appeared here. Once she arrived, she came to better understand a few things. She learned that many great powers of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods desired the Ninth God Eye.

Zhao Yufei clenched her teeth and began to move in a different direction.

In the distance, Zhao Feng also rejoiced upon seeing Zhao Yufei, because they had managed to find her before the Heaven Defying Faction did. But Zhao Yufei suddenly turned in another direction, leaving Zhao Feng astonished.

But Zhao Feng soon discovered the reason. With his extensive vision, he spotted two figures nearly one million li away.