King Of Gods Chapter 1518

Chapter 1518 Killing A Divine Emissary

Chapter 1518 Killing a Divine Emissary

The white-robed man battling with Twilight Valley saw what was happening on the other battlefield and froze in shock. Beiming Hui was one of the stronger Divine Emissaries, but he was now heavily injured, and two of the three Palace Kings had already died, with the remaining pitch-black woman in grave danger.

Beiming Hui, whats going on!? the white-robed man shouted in alarm.

Beiming Hui fell silent, not knowing what to say. All they needed to do was hold down Zhao Feng until the Protector arrived, upon which everything would be settled, but after seeing Zhao Feng get so powerful and possess the same kind of Primal Chaos energy as himself, Beiming Hui had forgotten their original purpose. He became impatient and tried to defeat Zhao Feng to prove himself.

In the end, he had been the one handed a miserable defeat. One could say that he had singlehandedly created this situation, but for Beiming Hui, this was all because of Zhao Feng.

Primal Chaos God Burial! Beiming Hui bellowed as he burned his blood and Divine Power.


He thrust both palms forward, releasing vast waves of Primal Chaos energy. This vast amount of Primal Chaos energy gathered below Zhao Feng, forming a Primal Chaos vortex that exerted a powerful pull that dragged in all energy in the world.

Since he was right above the vortex, Zhao Feng felt the greatest pull of all. As this Primal Chaos energy vortex consumed energy, it continued to expand and rise upward. It was as if it wanted to bury Zhao Feng within.


Zhao Feng immediately activated his three Ancestral Artifact fragments, sending a wave of Spacetime energy at the vortex.

This powerful Spacetime energy greatly hindered the vortex. The Primal Chaos vortex gradually began to weaken, its rotation speed slowing.

Meanwhile, Zhao Feng slashed out several waves of energy with his Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword.

Boom! Bang!

In a flash, the Primal Chaos vortex was blown apart.

Upon seeing this, Beiming Hui retreated once more. He was heavily injured and had just used his most powerful bloodline art, but he still failed to hurt Zhao Feng. There was even a chance that Zhao Feng could kill him.

On the other side, the sole remaining Palace King was surrounded by Xin Wuheng and Zhao Fengs three clones, giving her no chance of escape. A few moments later, the pitch-black woman was killed.

With this, all three Palace Kings were dead!

Kill! Zhao Feng turned to Twilight Valleys battle with the white-robed Divine Emissary. As long as they could take care of the Divine Emissary with the Light Race bloodline, they could all safely leave.

No! How could this be? The white-robed man sensed several energies rapidly approaching and paled.

Time Prison! Twilight Valley immediately redoubled his efforts.

He wanted nothing more than to cut to pieces these Heavens Legacy Race members with implanted Light Race bloodlines.


Ethereal white lights appeared around the white-robed man, extending and connecting into a white cage.

If a normal person was caught in this cage, they would undoubtedly move as slowly as a turtle. However, the white- robed man had the Light Race bloodline and had his Light Law and Time energy. He was extremely resistant to this technique.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

He thrust out his palms again and again, and his powerful Time energy eventually succeeded in breaching the Time Prison.

But this had bought enough time for Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng to arrive.

Five Elements Law-Shattering Palm! Xin Wuheng thrust out a palm, gathering Five Elements energy into a massive five-colored palm that thundered down from the sky.

Zhao Feng swung his arm, throwing out the Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword in his hand. His clones also used their own eye-bloodlines to attack the white-robed man.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The white-robed man was immediately engulfed in attacks, but this was not able to do much to the white-robed man. After all, he was of the Light Race and had a Time Body, which was extremely resistant to all kinds of energy.


The white-robed man charged out from that terrifying explosion.

Beiming Hui, what are you doing!? Have you thought of the consequences that will come with failing this mission? the white-robed man immediately yelled. In his view, it was all Beiming Huis fault that they were in this situation.

The consequences! Beiming Hui shivered.

The Heaven Lords plan was in its final stage. He was extremely focused on this matter and dearly hoped to obtain the Ninth God Eye. If this mission failed because of him, the consequences might be more frightening than death.

When he thought of this, Beiming Hui took in a deep breath and turned to Zhao Fengs group. He had to delay them until the Protector arrived.

Brother Xin, please hold off Beiming Hui for a moment! Zhao Feng called out.

Beiming Hui was greatly weakened by his injuries. Xin Wuheng and Zhao Fengs three clones would probably not have much of a problem holding him off.

Senior Twilight Valley, lets go! Zhao Feng immediately barked.

The white-robed Light Race man was very fast. If he was not heavily injured or killed, they would find it very hard to escape.

Time Blade! Twilight Valley swung out with his palm, sending out so many ethereal white blades that they seemed like a boundless white river.


Zhao Feng gripped a Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword and charged up for close-quarters combat.

Die! the white-robed man roared, swinging both arms and unleashing two massive blades of Time energy. These blades brought silence wherever they passed, seeming to freeze even space itself.

Seeing this, Zhao Feng formed two Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Swords and tossed them forward.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

Time blades collided with Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Swords. As these energies detonated, a distortion of forbidden energy was created at the point of impact.

What powerful Primal Chaos energy! No wonder Beiming Hui lost! The white-robed man was alarmed. He had used all his strength just now, but he still ended up on the losing side of this exchange.

Meanwhile, a dreadful Primal Chaos storm was raging toward him.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The white-robed man released one ball of Time energy after another to disperse this storm.

But at this moment, a dazzling bolt of lightning shot out of the center of the storm.


In a flash, a Primal Chaos Lightning Sword was shooting toward the white-robed man.

So fast! The man grimaced.

Zhao Fengs eye-bloodline technique was too fast. By the time he had noticed anything strange, the attack was right in front of him.

The white-robed man unleashed Time energy to affect Zhao Fengs attack while also trying to escape as quickly as he could.

Zhao Feng calmly watched all this from a distance. He could almost guarantee one hundred percent accuracy with his Primal Chaos Lightning Swords, but things were different when his opponent was a member of the Light Race. The Time energy of the Light Race could slow down an enemys attack while also increasing ones own speed. It was not for no reason that they were known as the fastest of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

But Zhao Fengs Ninth God Eye also had a basis for its reputation.

Speed up hit Zhao Feng harnessed his Origin energy and Thought power and focused them on a single idea. His left eye focused on the Primal Chaos Lightning Sword. His only wish was for the sword to strike the white-robed man.

The Realization ability instantly activated!

As his God Eye evolved and his cultivation increased, Zhao Fengs Thought power became stronger and stronger, as did his Realization ability.


The attack that originally had little chance of striking the white-robed man suddenly changed course and accelerated. What!? The white-robed man paled in disbelief.

Normally, the faster an attack was, the more difficult it was to change its course, but he now saw this bizarre sight with his own eyes. Not only had the Primal Chaos Lightning Sword changed course, but it even accelerated. This was simply absurd.


The Primal Chaos Lightning Sword pierced through the mans chest.

Even a Time Body did not fare well against the encroachment of Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning energy.

At the same time, Twilight Valleys blade of Time energy landed, cutting at the white-robed mans ethereal body.

Primal Chaos Lock! Zhao Feng pushed both hands forward, unleashing vast amounts of Primal Chaos energy. This Primal Chaos energy transformed into countless chaotic torrents that completely surrounded the white-robed man.

No! When the white-robed man recovered from the attacks of Zhao Feng and Twilight Valley, he discovered that he was already trapped.

Lock! Zhao Feng brought his hands together, and the chaotic energy instantly constricted into a ball that completely covered the white-robed man.

Buzz! Bzzz!

The white-robed man closed his eyes, and his entire body erupted with dazzling light, emanating powerful ripples of Time energy.

Zhao Feng, hes going to escape! Twilight Valley warned.

The Time Body of the Light Race was rather unique. Once one used a bloodline secret art, one became capable of passing through all physical objects. The Primal Chaos Lock naturally would not be able to hold him.

Of course, this was primarily because the devouring trait of Primal Chaos energy didnt have much effect on Time energy. Otherwise, the chances of the white-robed man breaking free would have been much lower.

He wont succeed! Zhao Feng focused as he began to circulate Origin energy. He constructed a Dream Dimension in his mind.

Intrusive Dream! As Zhao Fengs left eye focused on the white-robed man, it began to radiate a massive pull.

The white-robed man immediately felt his mind being pulled on, and he found it impossible to concentrate on using his secret art. Meanwhile, the Primal Chaos Lock continued to eat away at his energy.

At the same time, Twilight Valley attacked. The Time attacks he used could pass through the Primal Chaos Lock and strike the white-robed man. Although their power would be weakened, it was better than nothing.

The white-robed mans body trembled and shivered. On one side, his mind was being pulled on by Zhao Fengs Intrusive Dream. On the other side, the Primal Chaos Lock was slowly eating away at his power. And during all this, he still had to deal with Twilight Valleys attacks.

The pressure on three sides caused the white-robed man to gradually weaken. At a certain point, his mind relaxed, and he was pulled into Zhao Fengs Dream Dimension.

As long as one was in his Dream Dimension, Zhao Feng could kill even a God King.

Boom! Bang!

The white-robed man within the Primal Chaos Lock inexplicably exploded, dying together with his soul.

No, Divine Emissary Chang! Beiming Hui called out in shock. He never wouldve imagined that Divine Emissary Chang, with his Light Race bloodline, would end up being killed by Zhao Feng.

Go! Zhao Feng called out.

Without the help of the Light Race Divine Emissary, the heavily-injured Beiming Hui was incapable of stopping them.

Xin Wuheng and Zhao Fengs clones immediately retreated and prepared to leave.

But at this moment, the entire world seemed to freeze as an immense pressure descended. A moment later, the entire world was dyed red and seething flames blazed to life.

Everything was burning, even the earth and the air. All the people within this region also felt like they were about to ignite into flames.

This feeling God King! Zhao Fengs face went stiff.

They had just managed to resolve their current predicament and were about to leave, and now a God King had come? Was it reinforcements from the Heaven Defying Faction?

Its not the Protector. In the distance, Beiming Hui also sensed this scorching energy.

Where are you off to in such a rush?

There was a soft chuckle. A moment later, a smiling elder appeared in front of them, his body shrouded in boundless flames as he looked down upon them.