King Of Gods Chapter 1519

Chapter 1519 Group Battle Against A God King

Chapter 1519 – Group Battle Against a God King

“Purgatory Sacred Land, God King Charflame!” Beiming Hui muttered in shock as he stared at that elder wrapped in fiery light.

“It seems like those two God Lords reported the matter!” Xin Wuheng’s expression darkened. If he knew things would turn out like this, he would have killed God Lord Bloodthirst and his companion.

“The God King of the Purgatory Sacred Land?” Zhao Feng slightly exhaled in relief.

In his eyes, a God King of the Heaven Defying Faction would be much stronger than a God King of a Sacred Land. As long as this newcomer wasn’t a God King from the Heaven Defying Faction, there was still a chance to turn things around.

It seemed like there was only time for God King Charflame of the Purgatory Sacred Land to arrive. Since they outnumbered him, they could probably put up a fight.

You recognize this old man?” God King Charflame looked at Beiming Hui.

He had no impression of this Third Heaven God Lord with the Heaven Mending Race bloodline, but he did not care. After all, he was the God King of the Purgatory Sacred Land and was rather famous in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

“Beiming Hui, it seems like your Heaven’s Legacy Race will lose out once again!” Zhao Feng interjected at this crucial moment.

“Heaven’s Legacy Race?” God King Charflame was taken aback, and he turned a dour stare on Beiming Hui.

Several years ago, the upper echelon members of two five-star factions had been completely wiped out in the Burning Heaven Sea. Based on their investigation, the Sacred Land had concluded that this was related to the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

Beiming Hui glared at Zhao Feng. There was a chance of escaping the God King’s eyes, but now that the God King knew who he was, the situation had changed. Beiming Hui could now keenly sense this God King’s killing intent.

Of course, Beiming Hui also keenly understood what Zhao Feng was aiming at. Zhao Feng wanted Beiming Hui to temporarily join with him in fighting back against the God King.

“It seems that you plan to resist?” God King Charflame could naturally tell that Zhao Feng’s group planned to fight back, and Zhao Feng’s actions just now were to pull Beiming Hui to his side.


Beiming Hui flew over to Zhao Feng’s side. Escaping alone was probably impossible, so he could only join with Zhao Feng’s group to fight back against the God King.

“This generation of juniors is truly a bunch of know-nothings!” God King Charflame mockingly sighed.

As he finished saying this, the temperature of the region suddenly began to soar while violent flames pressed toward Zhao Feng’s group.

At this moment, energy of any other kind was pushed out. Under the effect of God King Charflame’s perfect Fire Law, all other Intents were greatly suppressed. Only the Primal Chaos energy of Zhao Feng and Beiming Hui was in a somewhat better state.

Zhao Feng and Beiming Hui suddenly attacked, unleashing immense waves of Primal Chaos energy.

Boom! Bang!

The fire battered against the barrier of Primal Chaos energy, stirring up massive waves of flame.

Within the defensive barrier, Xin Wuheng and Twilight Valley launched their own attacks against God King Charflame. Thwish!

Twilight Valley gathered Time energy into a tangible blade that cut through everything as it shrieked forward.

Xin Wuheng activated his Giant God Race bloodline, harnessing his vast physical strength to fire off several palms of Fire energy.

“You dare to counterattack?” God King Charflame was rather surprised. Were these people idiots or just ignorant to dare attack a God King?


God King Charflame waved a palm, gathering together the boundless Fire energy in the world into a sun-like sphere and firing it off.

“What a powerful attack!” Xin Wuheng was taken aback. If he took this attack from God King Charflame head-on, he would almost certainly be doomed.

Boom! Bang!

The vast sun sphere seethed with fire. As it swallowed up the attacks of Xin Wuheng and Twilight Valley, it only dimmed a little.

In the face of the immense pressure exuded by the sun sphere, Xin Wuheng and Twilight Valley paled and backed up.

“Chaos Heaven Wave!”

“Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Slash!”

Zhao Feng and Beiming Hui attacked, unleashing powerful Primal Chaos attacks that slammed into the scorching sun sphere.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The two terrifying energies collided, and in the end, the sun sphere was blocked.

“Not bad! This old man truly did look down on you!” God King Charflame smiled.

Zhao Feng’s face darkened. There were two Third Heaven God Lords present, and Zhao Feng himself had the strength of a Third Heaven. Although Xin Wuheng was only at the peak Second Heaven, his strength was also bordering on the Third Heaven. But in this situation, they still only barely managed to fend off one attack of a God King!

He originally planned to push back the God King and then flee, but now, Zhao Feng realized that he had been underestimating the power of a God King.

“Zhao Feng, you’re too naive. God Kings are so powerful that even if we work together, we can only resist him!” Beiming Hui mocked.

“Hmph, God Kings are also at the Third Heaven!” Zhao Feng coldly snorted.

That all of them working together were only able to resist God King Charflame’s attack was primarily because Beiming Hui was too injured. Moreover, he definitely had some ulterior motive and was not using his full strength.


With a wave of the Spacetime Robe, Zhao Feng put away his three clones. Their cultivation levels were too low to be of much help against a God King, and they were more likely to be killed.

But after putting away the three clones, Zhao Feng summoned the Black Destruction Dragon.

The Black Destruction Dragon had reached the Second Heaven. After all, the Black Destruction Dragon had already reached the First Heaven after its time in the Light Race Divine Kingdom. Later on, after Zhao Feng killed two Third Heaven God Lords, he gave most of the resources to the Black Destruction Dragon.

“Go!” Zhao Feng called out.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Everyone charged forward. The Black Destruction Dragon, Twilight Valley, and Xin Wuheng were responsible for offense. Meanwhile, Zhao Feng and Beiming Hui, with their Primal Chaos energy, were responsible for fending off God King Charflame’s attacks.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

Explosions resounded through the world of red flame, causing it to madly churn and seethe.

At this moment, this area of battle had become a forbidden ground a full level higher than the Burning Heaven Sea. Ordinary First Heaven God Lords would not even dare to venture within.

“You brats!” God King Charflame’s expression turned stem.

These people working together actually succeeded in momentarily restraining him.

Of these, Twilight Valley’s attacks were more effective. After all, at his prime, he was almost a God King, so he was incredibly shrewd and experienced.

The Black Destruction Dragon and Xin Wuheng were also extremely strong existences for their level. In addition, the Black Destruction Dragon’s Origin Destruction was not as suppressed by the Fire Law.

In addition, the little thieving cat was occasionally making sneak attacks when the opportunity presented itself.

But even more important was that Zhao Feng and Beiming Hui were blocking God King Charflame’s attacks. Zhao Feng’s Primal Chaos energy was on par with Beiming Hui’s, so it was like two Third Heaven God Lords were impeding and weakening God King Charflame’s attacks.

Moreover, Zhao Feng would occasionally launch attacks against God King Charflame.

“Primal Chaos Lightning Sword!” A Primal Chaos Lightning Sword shot out from Zhao Feng’s left eye.

God King Charflame grunted, Fire energy surging up to weaken and block the sword.

Move… move… Origin energy surged in Zhao Feng’s left eye.

As Zhao Feng circulated his Thought power, he focused on a single thought. He was imagining the Primal Chaos Lightning Sword moving to a different spot above God King Charflame.

At this moment, the Realization ability activated, turning Zhao Feng’s imagination into reality!


That Primal Chaos Lightning Sword impeded by countless flames suddenly vanished.

“Eh?” God King Charflame was startled by this sight. He even began to believe that his judgment had been wrong and that Zhao Feng’s attack was so weak that it was simply wiped out.

But a moment later, he once again felt the energy ripples from the Primal Chaos Lightning Sword.


In a burst of lightning, the Primal Chaos Lightning Sword appeared above him and stabbed into his head.

“What? Why did it appear above me?” God King Charflame was flabbergasted. Such things were normally done using Space Law energy, but he didn’t sense any spatial ripples just now.

Hisss! God King Charflame yelped in pain as he shook his head. He gave Zhao Feng a vicious glare.

“It doesn’t seem to have done anything!” Zhao Feng was internally quite shocked.

His Primal Chaos Lightning Sword was able to almost instantly kill ordinary Second Heavens, and even the Third Heaven Beiming Hui regarded it with dread. But even though this sword had accurately struck God King Charflame’s head, it was to seemingly little effect.

However, in Beiming Hui’s view, Zhao Feng’s feat just now was astonishing enough. It was basically unheard of for a Second Heaven God Lord to injure a God King.

At the same time, Beiming Hui gained an even higher opinion of the abilities of the Ninth God Eye. Not even a God King was able to notice anything.

“Sea of Purgatory!” God King Charflame bellowed, extending his hands and unleashing his perfected Fire Law.

The temperature shot up once more and the flames became even more frenzied. A blood-red flame began to expand outward from God King Charflame.

Xin Wuheng, Twilight Valley, and the Black Destruction Dragon were instantly blown back several dozen li by this explosive energy, vomiting blood as they scowled.

“Zhao Feng, you’ve provoked the God King!” Beiming Hui yelled.

God King Charflame clearly wasn’t using his full strength a moment ago, but the situation had changed.

“So what if he’s a God King?” Zhao Feng’s expression was harsh.

A sealed energy next to his God Altar suddenly began to shift.


Zhao Feng waved a hand, sending dark Primal Chaos energy surging forward. The moment this energy appeared, part of the Fire energy in the region was absorbed.

This Primal Chaos energy was the energy that the God King Remnant Will from the Heaven Mending Race legacy ground had sealed in Zhao Feng’s body.

“This isGod King level Primal Chaos energy!” God King Charflame was alarmed.

This God King level Primal Chaos energy was clearly from an ancient time and had clearly been weakened, but it was still Primal Chaos energy. After absorbing God King Fire energy, its strength began to increase.


Zhao Feng gathered this energy into a Primal Chaos Divine Sword and flung it forward.

God King Charflame took this attack seriously, not daring to be careless. Waving his palms around, he gathered his flames into a blazing phoenix.

“Explode!” Zhao Feng suddenly shouted.

If God King Charflame was prepared for it, he would probably be capable of blocking this Primal Chaos Divine Sword. Since that was the case, it was better to just detonate the energy.

Boom! Bang!

The Primal Chaos Divine Sword that was approaching God King Charflame suddenly exploded. Dark and twisted energy radiated from the blast, devouring everything in the vicinity.

In the face of this sudden burst of Primal Chaos energy, God King Charflame’s blazing phoenix gradually crumbled away while the energy in his body was thrown into disarray, forcing God King Charflame to back up several steps.

“Kid, you dare-?” God King Charflame turned furious. Being injured by a Second Heaven God Lord was a disgrace that he would carry for the rest of his life. But he only got halfway through his sentence when his expression sank.

On the other side, Xin Wuheng and the others were shocked beyond compare.

“How could Zhao Feng have God King level Primal Chaos energy?” Beiming Hui’s mind was reeling. If Zhao Feng had used this energy from the very beginning, he would already be dead.