King Of Gods Chapter 1521

Chapter 1521 The Divine Punishment God Eye

Chapter 1521 The Divine Punishment God Eye

Zhao Feng, we meet again. This time, once you return to the Divine Kingdom, dont even think about leaving! The Protector turned to Zhao Feng and gave a frightening smile.

Twilight Valley and Xin Wuheng felt their hearts tremble. The Protectors goal was to capture only Zhao Feng. As for everyone else, they would probably be killed.

As the Protector came over, even Zhao Feng began to panic. If this was an ordinary God King, he might have been able to fight back if he unleashed all his reserves, but the Protector was no ordinary God King, and he even had a Pseudo Ancestral Artifact. A single casual strike would be enough to obliterate everyone.

Zhao Feng, Ill make a deal with you. If you are willing to cooperate in handing over the Ninth God Eye, I can spare the others. At this moment, the Protector chuckled and made a proposal.

The faces of Zhao Fengs group went stiff. No one had expected for the Protector to make such a proposal at this time.

The Heavens Legacy Race Protector is truly a crafty fox! Zhao Feng inwardly cursed. He truly found it difficult to make a choice.

Oh, I forgot to say, the Heaven Lord has ordered me to first cripple your cultivation. You had better think carefully. the Protector added, flashing an evil smile.

The Protector was obviously implying that if Zhao Feng agreed to the proposal, he would not have to have his cultivation crippled.

At the God Lord level, one could be considered a ruling expert of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. Having ones cultivation destroyed and being forced to start from the beginning was a fate cruder than death. In addition, Zhao Feng had been thinking that, even if he was captured again, he could use Thought Teleportation to leave, but if his cultivation was destroyed, his success would not be guaranteed.

But these matters were for later. Zhao Feng was still faced with a difficult choice.

Suddenly, another heavy energy descended upon the world.

None of you can touch him! a deep and resounding voice boomed, causing even space itself to tremble.

The dark clouds scattered, and the flames were extinguished. The energies exuded by the two God Kings were instantly suppressed by this mysterious newcomer.

This energy could it be him? The Protectors face darkened, his eyes becoming uncertain.

In the distance, God King Charflame and his forces were also extremely gloomy.

Could could this be a God? God King Charflames eyes went wide as he scanned the area. The Heavens Legacy Race Protector had few enemies among the God King level. Only the Gods could outmatch this expert of the Heaven Defying Faction.

Whats going on? Zhao Feng was also startled. Had an even more formidable expert appeared to seize the Ninth God Eye?


Suddenly a straight-backed and imposing man wearing robes of gold and white appeared in the sky. His body radiated dazzling white lightning, imbuing him with an aura of boundless divinity. When anyone met his gaze, their minds were instantly struck by an invisible attack. Past crimes and evil deeds emerged in their hearts, causing them to become ashamed and timid.

The world fell silent as if all things were bowing in submission to this man.

Is this the Divine Punishment power of the Divine Punishment God Eye? The Protector inwardly sighed.

Under the power of Divine Punishment, no evil in the world could hide. Everyone had committed wrongs in their life; thus, everyone was affected to a certain extent by the Divine Punishment God Eye.

I didnt think it would be the Divine Punishment God! God King Charflame bowed low, his mind reeling in shock. He never wouldve imagined that todays events would attract one of the Eight Great God Eyes.

God Eye! Zhao Feng felt an incredibly familiar energy from this middle-aged man.

But God Eye Deities already had God Eyes. What did they need the Ninth God Eye for?

People of the Heavens Legacy Race, leave, the Divine Punishment God calmly spoke, stating an order that had to be carried out.

I did not think that the Divine Punishment God would personally come. Since thats the case, let us leave. The Protector sighed, his attitude rather calm.

What? Beiming Hui was stunned, discontent and gloom sweeping through his mind. He never wouldve imagined that they would still be unable to obtain the Ninth God Eye.

But since a God Eye Deity had intervened, there was nothing to be done.

Those known as Gods were the strongest experts of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, far above the God Kings.

Gods were basically immortal. Not since ancient times had there even been word of a God dying. From this, one could see just how powerful Gods were. Thus, the moment the Divine Punishment God appeared, even someone as strong as the Protector immediately chose to leave.

Go! With this order, the Protector led the members of the Heaven Defying Faction away.

Even with the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact, he was still some distance away from a true God.

And the Divine Punishment God had always carried out to the end his decisions. There was no meaning in them staying there.

Zhao Fengs group felt their hearts sink even more as they watched the Heavens Legacy Race group leave. A God Eye Deity was definitely a more powerful existence than the Protectors group.

You lot, come with me. Once the Heaven Defying Faction had gone, the Divine Punishment God turned to Zhao Fengs group.

To where? Zhao Feng asked.

Back to Yu Tianwus place.

The Divine Punishment Gods answer left everyone dumbfounded. It turned out that this God was not an enemy, but someone who had come to save them. Although they didnt know the reason, just escaping danger was enough for them.

Lets go! With a wave of the Divine Punishment Gods hand, Zhao Fengs party vanished.

The only people left were the group from the Purgatory Sacred Land.

Haaa God King Charflame sorrowfully sighed.

Two major characters had appeared in the Purgatory Sacred Lands lands that he could not afford to offend. He had truly lost any dignity he had to speak of.

The Qianshan Zone, the secret base of the Sage Faction:


Lightning filled the skies as a group of people suddenly emerged.

They all had looks of pleasant surprise. They initially didnt believe that the Divine Punishment God would really bring them back.

The group went to the top floor of that six-sided tower.

Tianwu, Ive brought them back, the Divine Punishment God casually said.

Ive troubled you. Yu Tianwu smiled.

These two appeared to share a relationship deeper than mere acquaintances.

At this moment, everyone understood that Yu Tianwu had requested the Divine Punishment Gods help. As it turned out, Yu Tianwu had already prepared for the worst outcome; just when it seemed like they were about to fail, the Divine Punishment God arrived to save them.

I owe you a favor after all, but Ive repaid it now, the Divine Punishment God firmly declared.

Everyone in the world had questions, and Gods were no different. He had once asked Yu Tianwu a few questions in exchange for a favor.

Senior, my utmost gratitude for the rescue! Zhao Feng, Twilight Valley, and Xin Wuheng immediately said.

They were previously unsure why this God they didnt know had saved them. Only now that they knew the reason did they offer their thanks.

Dont be in such a rush to repay the favor! I was planning to ask you to help me with something else. Yu Tianwu suddenly chuckled.

Is it for the Ninth God Eye? The Divine Punishment Gods gaze settled on Zhao Feng.

At the same time, Zhao Feng was examining the Divine Punishment Gods God Eye. This pair of eyes seemed to crackle with endless white lightning, and just looking at them would cause countless feelings of guilt to appear in ones mind. Moreover, one would take oneself to be triflingly insignificant while this would become a vast and imposing mountain.

Youre not interested in the Ninth God Eye? Hes also a member of the God Eyes. Yu Tianwu grinned.

A member of the God Eyes, hm? The Divine Punishment God carefully examined Zhao Feng.

Of the Eight Great God Eyes, only one or two had ever believed in the existence of the Ninth God Eye. Although the Divine Punishment God sensed an extremely familiar aura from Zhao Feng, he had another strange feeling.

Okay! Then Ill stay with you for a spell, the Divine Punishment God suddenly said.

The Divine Punishment God could guess what sort of assistance Yu Tianwu desired. It was merely assisting Zhao Feng in improving his strength and cultivation. As they were both God Eyes, the Divine Punishment God could give more to Zhao Feng than he could to others.

The Divine Punishment God had agreed partially to return his favor to Yu Tianwu, but it was also in part for the sake of the Ninth God Eye.

As the owner of the Divine Punishment God Eye, he did not need another God Eye. But any God Eye would one day become a God, and there was no need to elaborate further on the status of a God in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

There were Eight Great God Eyes in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, but they had their fair share of grudges between each other. The Eight Great God Eyes were currently divided into essentially two camps; on one side was the Life God Eye, Divine Punishment God Eye, and Spacetime God Eye. On the other side was the Death God Eye, Samsara God Eye, and Destruction God Eye.

The Myriad Forms God Eye and Destiny God Eye belonged to neither faction. Both sides had tried to recruit these two God Eyes, but they were rather difficult to find, particularly the Destiny God Eye.

If the Divine Punishment God formed a good relationship with Zhao Feng here and recruited him, then once Zhao Feng became a God, he would increase the overall strength of his faction.

After a short while, everyone dispersed.

Zhao Feng moved Zhao Yufei out of his Divine Kingdom.

Brother Feng, are we safe now?

Zhao Yufei wasnt very comfortable in the Divine Kingdom. After all, she knew that Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng were facing some unknown danger outside.

This place is the base of the Heavens Legacy Races Sage Faction. Were extremely safe here, Zhao Feng said with a smile.

This place was protected by Destiny energy, making it very difficult for the Heaven Defying Faction to find this place. And besides that, the Divine Punishment God was here as well.

At the same time, the Protector led his party back to the Heaven Defying Factions Divine Kingdom.

The Heaven Lord had been waiting at the summit of the central island this entire time.

Left Protector, I didnt think that even you would fail! The Heaven Lord had a look of surprise on his face as he sighed.

It had been a very long time since they had tasted consecutive failures, and this all happened after the appearance of the Ninth God Eye.

The Heaven Lord did not appear to be blaming the Protector, as he understood just how strong the Protector was. If even the Protector failed, it probably meant that he had run into a God expert.

The Divine Punishment God appeared. The Protector slightly shook his head.

The Eight Great God Eyes, hm? The Heaven Lords face darkened with anger.

However, I obtained some of Zhao Fengs blood. Perhaps it can be useful. The Protector turned over his hand, revealing a glass tube with a bead of blood inside.

The Ninth God Eye imperceptibly altered Zhao Fengs soul and flesh. Perhaps a secret connected to the Ninth God Eye lies within. The Heaven Lords eyes flashed with sharp light.