King Of Gods Chapter 1523

Chapter 1523 Peak Second Heaven

Chapter 1523 Peak Second Heaven

Within the Divine Punishment Gods Divine Kingdom, Zhao Feng sat cross-legged within a Tribulation Lightning Domain.

At this moment, he had his soul body out to experience and absorb the powerful Tribulation Lightning energy around it. Under the long-term tempering of the Tribulation Lightning energy, Zhao Fengs Soul Intent reached the peak of the Second Heaven, only a step away from the Third Heaven.

Zhao Feng had also made immense progress in his Lightning Law and was on the verge of reaching early-stage comprehension.

Zhao Feng had also reached a whole new level in his Tribulation Lightning eye-bloodline techniques and in his ability to fuse Primal Chaos energy with Tribulation Lightning energy.

In summary, Zhao Fengs overall strength had significantly increased. If he encountered Beiming Hui again, he was confident that he would be able to quickly defeat and kill him.

It was difficult to imagine that, in just a few short years, Zhao Feng had made so much progress as a God Lord. All of this was thanks to the Divine Punishment God.

Of course, Zhao Feng was not the only one progressing. Within the Dream Divine Kingdom, the Black Destruction Dragon, his clones, and the ancient beasts had also gotten much stronger.

Zhao Feng had killed one Divine Emissary and several Palace Kings, and he distributed the spoils from this battle according to the level of achievement his subordinates had reached. Many of the precious resources Zhao Feng obtained had been passed on to his subordinates.

Zhao Feng had also taken some of the precious resources and God Lord Tyrant Dragons Ancestral Artifact fragment to the Black Destruction Dragon.

The Light Race and Giant God Race were anxious to get stronger very quickly. They had a greater need of resources and had little use for an Ancestral Artifact fragment with a Destruction Law, so they let Zhao Feng have it.

These resources and the Ancestral Artifact fragment had allowed to Black Destruction Dragon to smoothly break into the Second Heaven, enormously boosting its strength.

Meanwhile, his clones were greatly strengthened through the many resources available to them and the secret dimensions and installations of the Sage Faction. The owner of the Eye of Samsara, Zhao Hui, had broken into the God Lord level. The other clones were at the peak of the First Heaven and were extremely close to reaching the Second Heaven.

Zhao Yufei also hadnt been slacking off, and she spent the majority of her time in cultivation. Even though she had only recently broken into the God Lord level, she needed very little time to stabilize her foundations. Zhao Yufei had a legacy of the God Martial Race, and with so many experts here to guide her, she progressed very smoothly, her strength advancing by leaps and bounds.

There was also Giant God Hall. Giant God Hall had reestablished itself here. In this ideal cultivation environment, its overall strength had swelled. The Grand Elder, who had reached peak First Heaven long ago, under the guidance of the Sage Factions upper echelon members, had broken into the Second Heaven.

But what excited Giant God Hall the most was that Hall Master Xin Wuheng had broken into the Third Heaven!

One day, Zhao Feng left the Divine Punishment Gods Divine Kingdom to exchange some pointers with Xin Wuheng and Twilight Valley.

In his time at the Sage Faction, Zhao Feng would often find these two to exchange pointers. During these training bouts, he would not use the abilities of the Ninth God Eye.

At the beginning, Zhao Feng lost once. After all, Twilight Valley was abnormally strong, and when he used his full power and had Xin Wuhengs help, Zhao Feng would find it hard to win without using the Ninth God Eye. But the second time, Zhao Feng reversed the situation, and ever since then, he had not lost once.

Come, Twilight Valley calmly said.

Brother Zhao, we wont let you win so easily this time! Xin Wuheng faintly smiled.


Zhao Feng smiled as well. Turning over his head, he gathered Primal Chaos energy and Tribulation Lightning energy, instantly fusing them into a Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword.

On the other side, Twilight Valley and Xin Wuheng turned grim. They activated the full power of their bloodlines and prepared to use all their strength.

An outsider who saw this would certainly find this absurd. Third Heaven experts of the Light Race and Giant God Race were actually using all their power against a single Second Heaven.


Twilight Valley transformed into an ethereal streak of light as he shot toward Zhao Feng. With a wave of his palm, he released one Time energy blade after another, and they came so ceaselessly that they seemed like sunlight reflected off the surface of a lake.

Zhao Fengs eyes turned stern as he stabbed forward his Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword.

Boom! Bang!

The entire world trembled under this frightening explosion. With one thrust of Zhao Fengs sword, he succeeded in completely destroying a portion of the Time energy blades.

But even more Time blades were howling at him from other angles. A single Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword would not be enough to fend them all off.

Crack! Pop!

At this moment, lightning erupted from the Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword. This lightning spread out from the sword and formed a net of lightning. From a distance, it appeared that Zhao Feng was not holding a sword, but an umbrella.

This was a result of Zhao Fengs cultivation; he could have the Tribulation Lightning energy attached to the Primal Chaos Divine Sword undergo various transformations.

With the Tribulation Lightning energy spread out into a net, his Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword now had a much larger attack range.

Boom! Hisss!

By waving around the Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword now, he was able to instantly obliterate the blades of Time energy. A few moments later, Zhao Feng had cleared the air of these Time blades.

At this moment, Xin Wuheng suddenly attacked. Boundless weight suddenly enveloped Zhao Feng. At the same time, Xin Wuheng gathered up his bloodline energy and Divine Power and thrust out his fingers again and again, releasing several swift bolts of energy at Zhao Feng.


In response, Zhao Feng waved the Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword, releasing bolts of Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning energy. With the Gods Spiritual Eyes observation ability, he was able to accurately strike each of Xin Wuhengs attacks with a corresponding sword bolt.

Boom! Bang!

The furious explosion forced Xin Wuheng to take several steps back.

What a powerful energy! Xin Wuheng was taken aback.

He had reached the Third Heaven, but in terms of Divine Power attacks, he was still far inferior to Zhao Feng.

For the rest of the battle, all the attacks Xin Wuheng and Twilight Valley tried were staved off by Zhao Feng. In terms of speed, not even Twilight Valley could break free of Zhao Fengs pursuit.

In the end, Twilight Valley and Xin Wuheng conceded.

Kid, youre getting strong too quickly! Twilight Valley couldnt help but sigh.

He hadnt expected that he, a Third Heaven of the Light Race, working together with another Third Heaven, would still have to concede to Zhao Feng. And Zhao Feng didnt even use the Ninth God Eye.

Ill leave first. Zhao Feng returned to the Divine Punishment Gods Divine Kingdom to cultivate.

But when he arrived, he realized that the Divine Punishment God was no longer there.

It seems that the Divine Punishment God left. Zhao Feng emotionally sighed.

The Divine Punishment God had already mentioned this to Zhao Feng.

But Zhao Feng was already content with the three years of guidance he had received from a God. Besides, Zhao Feng had made enough progress with his Tribulation Lightning energy. Now that the Divine Punishment God was gone,

Zhao Feng began to cultivate the Primal Chaos Scripture. After all, this was his primary art.

Three years of cultivation had made Zhao Fengs foundation extremely sturdy. He could now attempt to increase his cultivation level.

He divided his mind into two parts. The first part was focused on cultivating techniques and comprehending the Laws. The other part studied the profound combat skills of the Primal Chaos Scripture.

Zhao Feng had long ago become proficient with Primal Chaos Lock. It was now time to learn even more powerful Primal Chaos skills. After some filtering, Zhao Feng decided to cultivate a skill called Primal Chaos Domain.

Once used, this skill would construct a Primal Chaos Domain. Within this domain, Zhao Fengs Primal Chaos energy would be boosted, and he would have an infinite source of energy to draw on. As for his enemies, they would find that other kinds of Divine Power would be suppressed and devoured within the domain.

Another three years passed. Zhao Feng spent all three years immersed in cultivation.

He had already made some progress with the Primal Chaos Domain, and his Divine Power had also smoothly reached the peak of the Second Heaven.

Primal Chaos Domain! As Zhao Feng shouted, he summoned vast amounts of Primal Chaos energy from his body that fused into the world.

A few moments later, an area for one million li around him became dark and gloomy. Primal Chaos energy began to absorb all things within this area while countless torrents of Primal Chaos energy flew through the air.

In this place, Zhao Feng could easily summon Primal Chaos energy, giving him a major boost in power. And anyone who entered this area would be massively suppressed, their attacks constantly devoured.

One day, Zhao Feng ended his seclusion and prepared to find Twilight Valley and Xin Wuheng so he could try out some of his new techniques, but when he ended his seclusion, he saw that Zhao Yufei was nearby and had apparently been waiting for some time.

Yufei, whats wrong? Zhao Feng inquired.

Earlier, when I was communicating with the upper echelon members of the Spiritual Race, I learned that the Spiritual Race has recently run into a few problems, Zhao Yufei frankly said.

After being gone from the Spiritual Race for so long, it was very normal to get in touch. When she did, Zhao Yufei learned that the Spiritual Race had run into a major problem.

Zhao Yufei was a member of the Spiritual Race, and from the moment she came to the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, she had basically spent all her time at the Spiritual Race. The Spiritual Race had treated her well, even entrusting its future to her. Zhao Yufei felt a strong sense of belonging to the Spiritual Race.

Ill go back with you to take a look, Zhao Feng immediately offered.

But, Brother Feng, you Zhao Yufei was taken aback.

Although Zhao Feng had gotten much stronger, he had still not reached the level where he could guarantee the safety of the Ninth God Eye. And if the Heaven Defying Faction still wanted to obtain the Ninth God Eye, it would definitely have spies around the Spiritual Race.

Theres no need to worry. Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

The Divine Punishment God had not merely instructed Zhao Feng when it came to Tribulation Lightning energy and general cultivation problems; he had also assisted in Zhao Feng in studying the abilities of the Ninth God Eye.

In those three years of guidance from the Divine Punishment God, the abilities of the Dream God Eye had been greatly improved. For example, Dreamification now had a much larger range, greater effect, and lower cost. The Realization ability had also become even more unreasonable.

In the past, Dreamification was only effective on smaller objects, but after that period of study and training, Dreamification could now successfully target an object as large as an ordinary room.

There was also Thought Teleportation. Now, Zhao Feng no longer needed to fall asleep. He just needed to create a Dream Dimension to use the ability. This cut down severely on the time needed for Thought Teleportation. This also meant that Zhao Feng had a much greater chance of escaping from any unknown dangers.

Thus, even if the Heaven Defying Faction had spread its net over the Spiritual Race, Zhao Feng was confident in his chances of escaping unharmed.

But as this matter was rather important, Zhao Feng decided to ask the sage.

Zhao Feng, given the current circumstances, even this old man cannot predict too much, Yu Tianwu calmly said.

What happened? Zhao Feng sensed that many things had happened while he was cultivating.

Three years ago, the Illusion God Sacred Land of the Chixing Zone began to war with the Heaven Defying Faction. In the end, the Illusion God Sacred Land was conquered. At present, the Heaven Defying Faction is operating freely and openly within the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. Yu Tianwu slowly said.

Although the Heaven Defying Faction was more active now, it left little evidence of its activities, so it seemed like an ordinary Sacred Land faction. However, many factions knew that things were not as simple as they seemed.

Although this old man does not recommend that you leave, this old man has divined that the Heaven Defying Faction does not seem to have as much desire for the Ninth God Eye at present, Yu Tianwu added.

Perhaps as Zhao Feng matured, the chances of successfully seizing the Ninth God Eye decreased, causing the Heaven Defying Faction to simply give up.