King Of Gods Chapter 1526

Chapter 1526 Baring One's Fangs Swish

Chapter 1526Baring One’s Fangs Swish!

Beiming Hui turned around and fled. Zhao Feng was far too strong now. If he continued to stick around, he would simply be adding his name to the list of the dead.

“I said before – this time, you’re doomed!” Zhao Feng focused his left eye on Beiming Hui, gathering Primal Chaos energy and Tribulation Lightning energy.


Suddenly, a gloomy bolt of lightning exploded out of Zhao Feng’s left eye and struck Beiming Hui.

“Ah…!” Beiming Hui screamed, his body freezing for a moment.

After being struck by the Primal Chaos Lightning Sword, he could feel Primal Chaos and Tribulation Lightning energies wreaking havoc in his body, damaging him physically and spiritually.

After six years, Zhao Feng’s Primal Chaos energy and Tribulation Lightning energy had both been cultivated to a whole new level.

Beiming Hui began to groan in pain.

But he did not have much time to catch his breath.

“Not good…!” Beiming Hui paled as he sensed danger approaching and immediately turned to flee.

But Zhao Feng was already upon him, swinging down his Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword.

In his haste, Beiming Hui only had time to form his Primal Chaos energy into a wall.

Boom! Bang!

But this thick wall of Primal Chaos energy seemed to have been made of tofu, Zhao Feng’s sword cutting it cleanly in two. The sword continued into Beiming Hui’s chest, cutting out a large wound.

Beiming Hui flew backward, vomiting blood.


Before he could even stand up, the Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword stabbed into his chest.

“No, Zhao Feng-!” Beiming Hui extended a hand and tried to plead for mercy.

But Zhao Feng would never spare him.


Zhao Feng formed a second and third Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword and cast them forward.

Seeing the situation, Beiming Hui could only use the power of his Divine Kingdom.

The image of a massive Divine Kingdom suddenly enveloped Beiming Hui.


The first Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword that stabbed into the Divine Kingdom manifestation was greatly hindered and unable to get any deeper.

“Explode!” Zhao Feng focused his eyes and shouted.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Swords that were stabbed into the Divine Kingdom manifestation and Beiming Hui’s chest both exploded, sending a storm of Primal Chaos energy ripping through the world.

When the dust settled, Beiming Hui’s body was revealed, and it was in tatters, his injuries grim as he struggled on death’s door.

“Die,” Zhao Feng flatly said, his left eye once more firing off a Primal Chaos Lightning Sword.

Boom! Bang!

Beiming Hui was incapable of resisting now. He was struck by the Primal Chaos Lightning Sword, and the energy that poured into his body obliterated him in both body and soul.

Finally, Beiming Hui – who had once captured Zhao Feng with a single move – was slain by that very Zhao Feng!

Many of the upper echelon members of the Spiritual Race were all struck dumb, seemingly petrified. They were all people who had yielded to the Grand Elder and chosen to obey him, but now, the Grand Elder and the person who supported him had been killed by Zhao Feng. Zhao Feng displayed unimaginable power. Even if they tried to run, it would be futile.

Ancient God Ice Origin felt like his body had been deprived of strength, and he dropped limply to the ground, his face slack.

In the Spiritual Race’s forbidden ground:

Swish! Swish!

Many people flew out, and Zhao Feng spotted the patriarch, Second Elder, and Third Elder among them.

While Zhao Feng was fighting, Zhao Yufei headed to the forbidden ground to free the members imprisoned there. “Patriarch!” In a flash, all the traitors of the Spiritual Race got down on their knees and begged for their lives.

The patriarch completely ignored these people.

“Zhao Feng, what happened to the Grand Elder?” the patriarch asked.

Given that they were able to come out and looking at the attitude of the traitors, he could already guess that Zhao Feng had defeated the Grand Elder and those mysterious experts.

“All dead,” Zhao Feng calmly replied.

These words caused the faces of the Spiritual Race members who had just been released to go stiff with disbelief. The patriarch, Second Elder, and Third Elder knew just how strong those Heaven’s Legacy Race experts were. There was even a Third Heaven God Lord in that group. But Zhao Feng was saying that these people were all dead?

“We owe you a great favor for this, Zhao Feng!” The Second Elder didn’t care if this was real or false, and he stepped forward to offer his gratitude.

It was fortunate that the Spiritual Race had changed its attitude toward Zhao Feng in a timely manner, or else Zhao Feng might not have chosen to save them.

“Master, what in the world happened? How did the Spiritual Race turn out like this?” Zhao Yufei immediately asked.

If she and Zhao Feng had not rushed back, the Spiritual Race might have been destroyed.

“It’s a long story. Some time ago, the Heaven’s Legacy Race experts suddenly descended, seized all the upper echelon members of the Spiritual Race, and forced us to submit….” the patriarch simply explained.

The Spiritual Race was no match for the well-prepared Heaven’s Legacy Race, and all of its upper echelon members had been captured. Later on, under the threats and bribes of the Heaven’s Legacy Race, the Grand Elder chose to submit. In the end, the Grand Elder was modified into a Death God Guard, becoming a plaything for the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

The Heaven Defying Faction seems like it had another objective in seizing the Spiritual Race.” Zhao Feng began to think.

At first, he had believed that the Heaven Defying Faction took the Spiritual Race so that they could set up a trap for him, but if this was supposed to be a trap, they would have placed at least three Divine Emissaries here, or even sent the Protector. In other words, the Heaven Defying Faction had another goal in mind.

“But now is not the time to talk about that. We need to withdraw from this place quickly!” Zhao Feng said.

Beiming Hui had undoubtedly sent word of his arrival to the Heaven Defying Faction. A large force might be here soon.

While Zhao Feng was much stronger than before, he would still be rather helpless against the Protector.

“Leave? To where?” The patriarch was startled. The Spiritual Race had been established in this place for many, many years, and its people had developed a deep affection for this place.

Zhao Feng could see that the patriarch did not want to leave, but the situation was special. The Spiritual Race had to leave. But where would they go?

At this moment, an Ancient God flew out from the group of Spiritual Race members in the distance.

Everyone stared at this Ancient God. They found it very strange that a Spiritual Race traitor had dared to rush out in front of the Spiritual Race God Lords and Zhao Feng.

“People from the Spiritual Race, I am a member of the Life Sacred Land. If you have nowhere to go, you can go to the Life Sacred Land.”

The crowd was shocked to hear this man’s identity. They exchanged glances among each other, still suspicious of this man’s true identity.

“Let’s go to the Life Sacred Land,” Zhao Feng said.

Whether or not this man was a member of the Life Sacred Land, going to the Life Sacred Land was truly the correct choice.

The Spiritual Race was not willing to move, so it was best to ask for help from the Sacred Land in either case. Zhao Feng was confident that the Heaven Defying Faction’s conduct was a challenge to the Life Sacred Land’s authority, and the Sacred Land would not just sit back and watch.

“Okay. To the Sacred Land!” The patriarch nodded in agreement.

The supreme expert of the Life Sacred Land was one of the Eight Great God Eyes and held the title of God.

The Spiritual Race was a faction under the administration of the Sacred Land. After such a major incident, the Sacred Land could not possibly remain uninvolved.

Zhao Feng and the Spiritual Race group began to head toward the Life Sacred Land. As for the traitors, the patriarch placed a special mark on their bodies and then ordered them to guard the Spiritual Race.

Half a month later, the group arrived at the Life Sacred Land.

As they arrived, the domain opened up for them.

“Please!” A Sacred Land Elder was waiting to lead them inside.

“Elder, we-” the patriarch prepared to explain.

“The Life God has requested to see you. All of you only need to follow me.” The Sacred Land Elder genially smiled.

“What? The God!?” The patriarch, the Second Elder, and even Zhao Feng were all surprised to hear this. They never would have expected that the Life God would request a meeting with them.

Perhaps the Life God already noticed something, or else the Sacred Land wouldn’t have sent someone to infiltrate the Spiritual Race…. Zhao Feng mentally noted.

They would probably be able to learn the truth once they met the Life God.

At the top of the ancient Life Tree was a palace of crystalline green that radiated comforting Life energy.

As soon as they entered the palace, the party was startled. Standing at the upper reaches of this palace was a tall, noble, and elegant woman. She was wearing light green imperial robes that trailed for several feet behind her. Her body was perfectly shaped, her skin tender and fair, her face possessing an exquisite and peerless beauty that drained everything else around her of its luster.

“The Life God?” Zhao Feng’s mind trembled. He never expected the Life God to be such a beautiful woman. She didn’t seem very old, and it was hard to imagine that she was someone who had lived for tens of billions of years.

The Life God was a noble and inviolable goddess, but she exuded an inexplicable intimacy that made anyone who looked at her feel a sense of closeness.

The members of the Spiritual Race were immersed in the Life God’s beauty and warmth, all their worries swept away. Even the Spiritual Race Patriarch, a Second Heaven old monster who had lived countless years, quietly appreciated the Life God.

“People of the Spiritual Race!” the Life God spoke, her heavenly voice penetrating into their minds.

“Paying respects to the Life God!” The Spiritual Race party bowed.

“There is no need for courtesy. People of the Spiritual Race, you have come to seek aid from the Sacred Land, yes?” The Life God slowly sat down.

Yes, my Spiritual Race was forcefully seized by the Heaven Defying Faction. If not for the return of Zhao Yufei and Zhao Feng, the entire Spiritual Race might have ended up becoming theirs!” The Spiritual Race Patriarch had a look of sorrow and grief on his face.

“It’s not just your Spiritual Race. The same has happened to the Blazing Gold Race, Divine Tree Ocean, and Heaven- Shaking Alliance!” The Life God’s serious face exuded a different sort of beauty.

The Life God had already noticed something was wrong, so she sent members to infiltrate the four five-star factions, but she was never able to find out exactly what was going on. But then, Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei returned, throwing the situation in the Spiritual Race into disarray.

After listening to the Spiritual Race Patriarch’s story, the Life God gained an even deeper understanding of the situation.

“What? The other five-star factions…?” The patriarch and the others were all stunned.

The factions the Life God mentioned were the other five-star factions of the Ziling Zone. In the current situation, one could even say that the Heaven Defying Faction had infiltrated the entire Ziling Zone with the exception of the Life Sacred Land.

“The Heaven Defying Faction, just what is it trying to do?” Zhao Feng’s heart sank.

Near the border of the Ziling Zone, in that pitch-black palace at the summit of the central island in the Heaven’s Legacy Race Divine Kingdom, the upper echelon members of the Heaven Defying Faction had gathered.

“Heaven Lord, Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei returned, causing a mishap at the Spiritual Race. All of our men hidden there were wiped out!” A black-robed elder stood up.

Beiming Hui had requested reinforcements from him, but the Heaven Defying Faction had not sent any.

“Unimportant,” the Protector flatly said.

Next to him, the Heaven Lord had been smiling the entire time.

But everyone else could detect a tinge of anger in this smile, because it was yet again the Ninth God Eye that had ruined their plan.

“It’s time to show the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods everything we have…. There is just one last step in our plan!” the Heaven Lord suddenly declared, his dark and unfathomable eyes twinkling like stars.