King Of Gods Chapter 1532

Chapter 1532 Demon God Race

Chapter 1532 – Demon God Race

“Zhao Feng, let’s work together to kill this man!” the Third Heaven God Lords of the Life Sacred Land messaged.

“The two of you, don’t interfere. Let me deal with him alone,” Zhao Feng flatly replied.

“What?” The Sacred Land God Lords were so shocked that their jaws almost dropped to their feet.

Zhao Feng was regarding himself too highly, was he not? This man was someone that the two of them together couldn’t handle, and now, Zhao Feng was saying that he would take him alone? Was he looking down on them?

“The victory of the Life Sacred Land is of utmost importance!” Zhao Feng added.

The two Third Heaven God Lords thought it over and finally nodded. Even with the help of Zhao Feng and his allies, the Sacred Land was still on the back foot. If Zhao Feng could hold down this Divine Emissary Wu, the two Third Heaven God Lords could go relieve pressure elsewhere on the battlefield.

Third Heavens were the peak fighting forces at present. Two of them being freed up would have significant influence on the overall situation.

“Then be careful!” One of the God Lords, a green-haired elder, gave one last word of warning, and then the pair withdrew.

Divine Emissary Wu and Zhao Wan engaged in a distant standoff. The area for tens of thousands of li around the pair became devoid of people.

“This Wu must express admiration for your daring. You actually dare to face me alone?” Divine Emissary Wu coldly smiled.

Zhao Feng said nothing, but his body seethed with fighting intent.

He had killed Divine Emissary Chang twice and had also killed Divine Emissary Li and Beiming Hui. Ordinary Divine Emissaries no longer interested Zhao Feng. He needed an equal foe, or even one who could somewhat pressure him. Only this could stimulate the potential of the Ninth God Eye.

After all, Zhao Feng was already at the peak of the Second Heaven. It wouldn’t be long before he could use all the strength of the God Eye!

You will pay a heavy price for your arrogance!” Divine Emissary Wu’s expression instantly chilled, and evil intent began to radiate from his body that made the entire world darken.


A tyrannical and ancient bloodline energy erupted from his body, bringing with it an evil will that grew fiercer as time went on. This bloodline energy surged into the sky, accompanied by a black-violet torrent that made space itself tremble.

Buzz! Bzzz!

The bloodline energy and black-violet energy began to circle around Divine Emissary Wu. Divine Emissary Wu’s skin and body also began to change, fusing with the torrent of energy.

“What’s going on!?” Everyone for a range of more than one hundred thousand li was shaken by this bloodline energy, their own bloodlines trembling in fear and impossible to circulate. A fear emerged from the very depths of their blood.

The Divine Emissaries of the Heaven Defying Faction were all started.

“Divine Emissary Wu is going to use his full strength!”

Divine Emissary Wu was the strongest of the seven Divine Emissaries, and one of the reasons for this was the powerful bloodline he had fused with.

“What a powerful bloodline energy!” Zhao Feng turned nervous and his face turned solemn.

Even his Primal Chaos energy was slightly trembling, and within the God Eye Dimension, the dreamy silver ball was growing increasingly agitated.

Within the Life Sacred Land, God King Radiant Peak and the Life God were also startled.

“This domineering and evil bloodline energy should be the 4th ranked… Demon God Race!” God King Radiant Peak’s heart sank.

The 4th ranked Demon God Race was a terrifying race, a race of devils that also possessed the God-Devil Body. It was said that, in the Ancient Era, this race had attempted many times to challenge the Ancient Race, but it failed each time. Regardless, the 4th ranked Demon God Race was definitely the strongest combat race besides the Ancient Race.

“Demon God Race, hm?” Zhao Feng recalled this 4th ranked race.

“With my Demon God Race bloodline, I am essentially on par with you, who cannot completely use your God Eye’s power, but the gap in cultivation ensures your defeat.” Divine Emissary Wu’s face was indifferent, but his gigantic black and violet God-Devil body radiated a tyrannical and evil pressure.

“Then let’s try it out!” Zhao Feng’s fighting intent was only further stimulated by this immense pressure.

Back when Zhao Feng was facing Yu Heng, who had possessed the Ancient Race bloodline, his God’s Spiritual Eye was stimulated into evolving. This time, Divine Emissary Wu’s Demon God Race bloodline seemed to be having a similar effect.

“Haha!” Divine Emissary Wu savagely laughed.

The current him exuded demonic and tyrannical pressure with every move. He was a peerless demon god, completely different from the ordinary and mediocre aura he exuded before.

“Demonheaven Palm!” Divine Emissary Wu suddenly attacked, a black-violet light gathering in his right hand and shooting forward.


A massive black energy palm seething with demonic energy hurtled through space as it flew at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng turned his palm over, revealing a dark metallic fragment; this was a Primal Chaos Ancestral Artifact fragment. Zhao Feng had not used it in his battles with Divine Emissary Li and Divine Emissary Chang because they were not qualified to make Zhao Feng use it.

As he gripped the Ancestral Artifact fragment, Primal Chaos and Tribulation Lightning energies surged, gathering into a gigantic Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword.

Boom! Bang!

The two attacks fiercely clashed, the terrifying energies wearing away at each other. A black-violet lightning storm engulfed the region.

“What powerful energy!”

Zhao Feng had used both hands to wield the Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword, but he still felt extremely hard- pressed. If he didn’t have the Primal Chaos energy and Tribulation Lightning energy, he would have been incapable of directly fighting with Divine Emissary Wu.

“Heh, not bad. Without using the God Eye’s power, you can still match my blow?” Divine Emissary Wu laughed, his attitude inspiring dread and awe.

“Go!” Zhao Feng activated the two Space Ancestral Artifact fragments and one Time Ancestral Artifact fragment in his Spacetime Robe.

Swoosh! Swish!

A massive silver blade cut across the black demon palm. At the same time, he put more power into the Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword and obliterated the demon palm. Zhao Feng immediately used the devouring trait of Primal Chaos energy to absorb some of the Demon God Race energy.


The silver blade continued onward, streaking toward Divine Emissary Wu.

“Hmph!” Divine Emissary Wu snorted, unleashing his tyrannical and demonic strength and forming a black and twisted fog of energy around him.

As the silver blade cut through it, it was worn down and weakened by this power.


The dimmed silver blade sliced into Divine Emissary Wu’s body, but as it cut deeper, the silver blade rapidly weakened until it eventually disappeared. Divine Emissary Wu’s wound then took less than one second to heal.

“The God-Devil Body of the Demon God Race can’t compare to the Ancient Race’s, but it is extraordinary in its own way!” Divine Emissary Wu brashly laughed.

He was invincible in both offense and defense. Zhao Feng could do nothing to him.


The space under Divine Emissary Wu’s feet suddenly twisted, and with a thump, Divine Emissary Wu charged at Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng was naturally not an idiot. He would not engage in close combat with Divine Emissary Wu’s God-Devil Body. He activated his Spacetime Law and flew away.

As he dodged, he also swung his Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword.

Boom! Bang!

When that sword struck the demonic black body of Divine Emissary Wu, it caused his body to tremble, and a bloody wound appeared on his shoulder.

“It’s gotten stronger? You’ve absorbed some of my Darkfiend energy?” Divine Emissary Wu’s face turned stern. Black- violet energy surged up and slowly began to heal the wound on his shoulder.

This was not important. Even if Zhao Feng’s attacks were a little stronger, they were still of little effect on his God- Devil Body.

“Demonheaven Palm!” Divine Emissary Wu gathered his Darkfiend energy and unleashed a tyrannical palm that could suppress the heavens.

“Primal Chaos Domain!” Zhao Feng unleashed his Primal Chaos energy, transforming this region of the world into one of Primal Chaos.

As the Demonheaven Palm approached, Zhao Feng used all the energy of the Primal Chaos Domain to resist it.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The pair’s battlefield became a forbidden ground. Just seeing that terrifying storm of energy from a distance was enough to make one’s courage fail.

“Dreamification!” Grimacing, Zhao Feng used his Origin energy. Passively taking attacks was not his style.

The forbidden region was covered in dazzling dreamy colors. The demonic palm instantly weakened.

Boom! Bang!

Zhao Feng used his Primal Chaos Lightning Sword and the power of the Primal Chaos Domain to shatter it in a single blow.

Meanwhile, Divine Emissary Wu came up to attack Zhao Feng.

Within the range of Dreamification, even Divine Emissary Wu’s God-Devil Body was affected. With the assistance of the Dreamification and the Primal Chaos Domain, Zhao Feng was able to clash with Divine Emissary Wu for a short period of time.

Primal Chaos energy was powerful on the offensive and defensive. Coupled with Zhao Feng’s advantage in speed, he could evenly fight with Divine Emissary Wu.

“Hmph, Darkfiend God Hand!” Divine Emissary Wu’s brow furrowed, and he gathered his Darkfiend energy and thrust out a palm.

He was somewhat confused. Although he had attained fifty percent fusion with his Demon God Race bloodline, it seemed to not be that effective in resisting Zhao Feng’s Dreamification. The further disruption of the Primal Chaos Domain made him feel like he was fighting in mud.

Thus, he built up his strength into a single supreme strike.

A demonic palm circled by black-violet streams of energy hurtled forward like a flying mountain.

“I was waiting for this!” Zhao Feng instantly focused his left eye on Divine Emissary Wu’s attack.

“God Eye Duplication!” Dreamy mist erupted from the left eye, engulfing the massive hand.

Only by duplicating his enemy’s attack could he effectively damage his foe.

While duplicating this attack, Zhao Feng used the energy of the Primal Chaos Domain to slow it down as much as possible.

“It’s useless!” Divine Emissary Wu gave a brash and domineering laugh.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

All the Primal Chaos energy that tried to stop the demonic hand was obliterated.

But at this moment, Zhao Feng’s left eye pulsed and drew back its energy. The duplication was complete.

God Eye Illusory Oblivion! Zhao Feng once more used a Dream Origin eye-bloodline technique.

The demonic hand was gradually covered in a layer of dreamy color. A moment later, the now-dazzling demonic hand began to fade out of existence.

“What? My attack!” Divine Emissary Wu was stunned. Although he knew that Zhao Feng possessed this kind of ability, he did not believe that it would be effective against his Darkfiend energy.

“Primal Chaos Lightning Sword!” Zhao Feng shot a Primal Chaos Lightning Sword out of his left eye.

Divine Emissary Wu’s face darkened as he swung a hand to block it.

God Eye Duplication: Darkfiend God Hand!

Zhao Feng sent out his Soul Intent, and an enormous dreamy silver eye appeared in the sky behind Divine Emissary Wu.


Dreamy mist burst out from it, and then a gigantic Darkfiend God Hand seething with demonic energy hurtled out of the mist.

“Oh no!” Divine Emissary Wu grimaced, and he used his other hand to gather the black-violet torrents of energy into a gigantic wall.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The Darkfiend God Hand and the Primal Chaos Lightning Sword attacked Divine Emissary Wu from two different angles. Black-violet demonic energy and Primal Chaos lightning exploded outward, tearing several giant holes in the fabric of space.

Many people on the battlefield were entranced by this battle between Divine Emissary Wu and Zhao Feng.

“I didn’t think that Zhao Feng was powerful enough to fight equally with Divine Emissary Wu!” The remaining Divine Emissaries were stunned.

“What’s the situation?” Xin Wuheng was more worried about the actual battle. Would Zhao Feng actually be able to defeat the strongest Divine Emissary?