King Of Gods Chapter 1534

Chapter 1534 The Nightmare Beast King

Chapter 1534 The Nightmare Beast King

The descent of the Illusion God Races God King as well as the savage and dreadful ancient beast intimidated the entire battlefield. Even God King Radiant Peak and the Life God furrowed their brows in concern.

This ancient beast, could it be that one sealed within the Illusion God Sacred Land the Nightmare Beast King? God King Radiant Peak guessed at this ancient beasts background, but the idea only made him more uneasy.

One God King Nethercloud was hard enough to deal with. Together with the Nightmare Beast King, they were nigh impossible to deal with. When it came to the Dream Dao, the Nightmare Beast King had unquestionably far surpassed the Illusion God Race.

However, the Nightmare Beast King had never been willing to yield, so it was sealed in the Illusion God Sacred Land. Why did it seem to have been tamed now?

The Nightmare Beast King and God King Nethercloud are both probably being controlled! The Life Gods eyes gleamed.

Correct! Zhao Fengs left eye was also focused on God King Netherclouds group and the Nightmare Beast King. He could see strange soul marks and soul arrays within their bodies, even within the Nightmare Beast King.

They were probably under the control of the Heaven Defying Faction, forced to do its bidding.

But the Heaven Lord and the Left Protector didnt show any signs of irregularity. This meant that there were other experts doing the controlling from within the Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom.


God King Nethercloud sorrowfully sighed and then shot into the battlefield. The other Illusion God Race members immediately followed.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Seeing this, the Sacred Land members retreated. God Kings were Third Heaven God Lords, and no one dared to carelessly fight against such experts.

Boom! Bang!

A supreme Divine Power rumbled forth. As the earth crumbled, several thousand people were instantly slain as everything caught in the blast zone was vaporized.

When a God King attacked, the members of the Sacred Land were powerless and could only be slaughtered.

Your Excellency, we can only retreat and defend now! God King Radiant Peak grimaced and looked to the Life God for orders.

The sudden appearance of the Illusion God Race and the Nightmare Beast King had far exceeded the ability of the Sacred Land to counter. Unless God King Radiant Peak and the Life God themselves took action, they could not fight back.

Theres no rush. A friend of mine coming over, the Life God calmly replied.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, the Life Sacred Land would never retreat!

God King Radiant Peak appeared delighted. Anyone who could be called a friend of the Life God undoubtedly possessed immense strength.


A green light shot out of the Life Gods forehead and drifted into the core of the Life Tree.

There were eighteen array masters here working together to operate the Sacred Lands array. The green light the Life God released entered the mind of one of the array masters.

An outsider is entering the Sacred Land at these coordinates. Let them through! The eighteen array masters shared this information and began to change the array.

Bzzz! Swish!

A spatial passage appeared within the Sacred Land, and a golden figure flew in through it. If one stared, one would see that this was a man wearing a golden kasaya and radiating a golden Buddhist aura that seemed capable of expelling all evil.

Master Emptiness! God King Radiant Peak immediately recognized this man.

Master Emptiness was the God King of the Buddha Sacred Land in the southern region of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods.

Master Emptiness had once been pursued by a God King of the Devil Dao. The two battled for one hundred days before the Devil Dao God King decided to die together with Master Emptiness. However, Master Emptiness was more skilled and managed to preserve a part of his soul body. Later on, with the Life Gods treatment, he needed less than one hundred years to recover.

Master Emptiness looked at the battlefield outside the Sacred Land with a look of pity.

Emptiness, please help us! the Life God spoke in her gentle voice.

That is this lowly monks duty! Master Emptiness showed no fear and resolutely charged into the fray.

Bzzzzz! Broooom!

Buddhist light instantly illuminated the area outside the Sacred Land, and a profound golden Buddhist word slammed into God King Nethercloud.

God King Nethercloud was no easy customer, and his body transformed into a five-colored cloud as he battled with Master Emptiness.

The battle of the two God Kings caused the entire region to quake. Those nearby could only retreat, not daring to get too close to a battle of God Kings.

Fortunately, Master Emptiness arrived on time! God King Radiant Peak wiped away his cold sweat.

If Master Emptiness had not come, he would have had to enter the battlefield. However, the Heaven Lord was still on the sidelines, together with his unfathomable Protector. If God King Radiant Peak battled with God King Nethercloud, and then the Protector who was also a God King entered the fray, the situation would be very bad.

But this Nightmare Beast King One of the Sacred Lands upper echelon members grimly looked over.

Master Emptinesss prompt arrival had suppressed God King Nethercloud, but what about the Nightmare Beast King? The Nightmare Beast Kings cultivation was extremely close to the God King level, and its Dream Dao abilities and immense attack range made it extremely difficult to deal with.


The nine heads of the Nightmare Beast King savagely roared, unleashing a dark and bizarre halo. This dark halo blanketed the world like the fall of night.

Anyone who was struck by his dark halo would find their minds thrown into disarray, their energies escaping their control. Those of lower cultivation came to a stop, a look of struggle appearing on their faces, but a few moments later, they would fall silent and fall to the ground, clearly suffering from some nightmare.

What dreadful power! Twilight Valley was alarmed.

The Nightmare Beast Kings power covered a little less than half of the battlefield, and its effects were simply astounding.

The Nightmare Beast Kings powers did not differentiate friend from foe; the Heaven Defying Faction members had also suffered from its effects. However, the Nightmare Beast Kings attack had mostly covered the Life Sacred Lands forces, so more of its members were struck by it.

What do we do about this? God King Radiant Peak was greatly concerned.

Other than him and the Life God, there was no one else in the Life Sacred Land who could deal with the Nightmare Beast King.

Let me try! Zhao Feng abruptly said.

Zhao Feng, dont mess around. The Nightmare Beast King is nearly a God King. Its much stronger than that Demon God Race expert, and its skills are impossible to defend against! God King Radiant Peak immediately said.

Zhao Feng was an important fighting power for the Life Sacred Land. He could not be so easily thrown away.

Relax. I will not fight it directly. After saying this, Zhao Feng charged out.


On Zhao Fengs shoulder, the little thieving cat looked at the Nightmare Beast King and gestured at Zhao Feng.

This Nightmare Beast King had been sealed by the Illusion God Sacred Land for countless years. Though it was under the control of the Heaven Defying Faction, it was still trying to fight back against the marks and arrays binding its soul.


Zhao Feng reached the battlefield, and he released a blue and chilly mist from his Gods Spiritual Eye. This frigid Soul energy enveloped the Sacred Lands forces.

This cold mist stimulated the souls of those it touched, causing them to return to normal. Those who had been plunged into nightmares were also awakened by this cold Soul energy.

The Heaven Defying Faction had no one to help their members break free of the Nightmare Beast Kings influence. If this kept up, the Nightmare Beast King would have more effect on the Heaven Defying Faction than the Life Sacred Land.

This brat. the Protector grunted.

No rush. The Heaven Lord smiled.


The Nightmare Beast Kings nine heads roared to the heavens and released another powerful wave of Soul energy. The nine heads eyes instantly released a frightening and befuddling halo of dark purple. This halo gradually turned into nine balls of purple mist that exploded forward.

This is an ability of the Nightmare Beast King, the Thousand Devil Nightmare. Those of the same level can never escape alive, as they will be plunged into an endless nightmare. Everything that happens in their nightmares will even affect their bodies in reality! God King Radiant Peak scowled.

The Nightmare Beast Kings ability could turn dreams into reality. What happened in a dream would be reflected in reality.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

A dark ball of mist flew forward at a speed that was almost impossible to react to.

At a certain part of the battlefield, a Second Heaven God Lord sensed this purple ball of mist approached and immediately tried to retreat, but the ball of mist doggedly pursued him, and he could not break away.


The mist entered the mind of the Second Heaven God Lord. The Second Heaven God Lord was instantly plunged into the Thousand Devil Nightmare. His body in reality came to a complete stop.

Meanwhile, the other balls of mist flew to the other battlefield, causing those they struck to fall into the Thousand Devil Nightmare.

Its rather similar to my Intrusive Dream. Perhaps I can break this Thousand Devil Nightmare! Zhao Feng was startled, and his left eye activated.

As he circulated his Dream Origin energy, his left eye erupted with a dazzling halo of dreamy light and began to exude an inexplicable pull. Wherever Zhao Feng looked, his left eye would exert a pull on the minds of all living beings.

Those enemies with the same level of Soul Intent were basically incapable of resisting this Dream ability, but the range of Zhao Fengs Intrusive Dream this time was far too large. It encompassed no less than one hundred thousand people, so the pull exerted by Intrusive Dream was also weakened. An ordinary Second Heaven God Lord only needed to avoid looking at Zhao Fengs left eye to mostly resist this ability.

Of course, Zhao Feng was not doing this to kill low-level opponents, but to save the God Lords of his own side who had fallen into the Thousand Devil Nightmare. After all, the arrival of the Illusion God Race had caused the Life Sacred Land to slowly lose ground. If these God Lords were lost, the Life Sacred Land would suffer a devastating blow.

Intrusive Dream! Zhao Feng first locked his left eye onto a few of the God Lords who had fallen into the Thousand Devil Nightmare. These people were already dreaming, so they had no ability to resist and were instantly drawn into Zhao Fengs Dream Dimension.

Of course, there were also some people that Zhao Feng was not targeting but who could not resist his power, so they ended up being pulled into the Dream Dimension anyway.

Several hundred people appeared in the Dream Dimension. Zhao Feng killed off all the enemy members and drove out all the members of his own side.

All that was left were the four members in the Thousand Devil Nightmare. These people stood motionless, their bodies shivering and looks of fear, panic, or sorrow on their faces.

Hehe. Here, my word is law! Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

Although these people were still in the Thousand Devil Nightmare, they were also in Zhao Fengs Dream Dimension.

This was essentially a dream within a dream.

Awaken! Zhao Feng called out.

Thus, it became true. The four people in Zhao Fengs Dream Dimension awakened from their nightmare.

Whats going on? These people were afraid and confused. The various nightmares they had experienced just now seemed so real.

Zhao Feng was too lazy to explain, and he drove these people out of his Dream Dimension.

Back in the outside world, several hundred members of the enemy side suddenly exploded, and the Sacred Land God Lords who had been plunged into the Thousand Devil Nightmare suddenly awakened.

This sight drew the attention of many people, and the upper echelon members of the enemy force exchanged glances of dismay.

This is Dream Dao energy! I didnt think that Zhao Feng was able to contend with the Nightmare Beast King when it came to the Dream Dao! God King Radiant Peak was amazed and surprised.

In the distance, the nine heads of the Nightmare Beast King stared at Zhao Feng in confusion and hostility.

That would be interesting. I give him 50% chance he befriends him. His affinity with the Dream Dao is compelling and further supports a possible alliance, but could also cause enmity between them.


Is the Little Thieving Cat going to replace his buddy the Destruction Dragon with a 9 headed beast