King Of Gods Chapter 154

Chapter 154 – Strongest
Chapter 154 - (spoiler in title)

“It’s simple… ”

Zhao Feng’s tone and attitude were casual while facing Core disciple Yuan Zhi and 3 Elders.

Everyone was slightly surprised and of the 3 Elders, Elder Xue and 1st Elder showed a bit of interest. How low had it been since a disciple had been so calm when facing them?

The eyes of the three Elders were like fires that burned through lies.

“Zhao Feng, you’re very suspicious. If you hide anything, it’ll still be hard to escape our eyes.” Hai Yun Master said expressionlessly as a large pressure appeared from him.

Indeed, Zhao Feng was suspicious. He was only at the 1st Sky of the Ascended Realm, but he was the one to force the Protector back. Only he had seen the entire process.

At this moment, the cave was deadly silent, like the air had frozen.

They were all waiting for Zhao Feng’s answer.

Quan Chen, who was behind Hai Yun Master, was gloating. The slightest mistake from Zhao Feng would cause him to go to the land of no return.

“Why could I only last until the end? Why could I block the corpse poison? Why was it that I controlled the situation? Why is everyone else severely injured but not me… ? All of this comes down to one answer.”

Zhao Feng voice was as hard as steel and full of power.

Everyone paused slightly and they couldn’t keep up with him.

“Because I am the... strongest!”

Zhao Feng’s eyes were sharp and he used the most simplest way to respond.

Why? Because I’m the strongest!

Why could I last until the end? Because I’m the strongest!

Why could only I block the poison? Because I’m the strongest!

Everyone question came to a 4-word answer - Because I’m the strongest!

Zhao Feng knew clearly that even if he replied to these suspicious points, the questioner would use it as a basis to ask even harder questions. The simplest mistake would be caught by the 3 Elders at the True Spirit Realm.

Because I’m the strongest!

Such a simple answer shook everyone’s hearts.

Especially Xu Ren, Lin Fan and Xiao Sun. As they thought about Zhao Feng’s performance, they had nothing to say. Instead, they admired Zhao Feng more and more.

From the beginning till end, Zhao Feng had controlled the entire situation. Not only was he calm and clear minded, there was one more reason - absolute strength.

Strength is the foundation of everything.

Strength could stand for anything!

That’s why Zhao Feng answered so.

“Blatant!” Hai Yun Master hmphed coldly.


Yuan Zhi and Quan Chen looked at each other and laughed.

Queer expressions appeared on Elder Xue and 1st Elder’s face. They didn’t think that Zhao Feng would answer so simply and straightforward. But from Lin Fan and co.’s expression and Xing Chen’s fear, maybe this was the truth.

If Zhao Feng was really the strongest in the group, then every suspicious point would be gone.

At this moment, the 3 Elders looked at each other.

At their level, they could exchange thoughts with their Spiritual Sense.

At last, Quan Chen walked forward.

“Zhao Feng, I heard that you stalled the Silver Striped Blood Corpse alone for a while. Is this true?” Quan Chen smiled.

“That’s right.”

Zhao Feng knew that since Quan Chen could walk forward, it meant that the 3 Elders had agreed.

Next should be him proving his strength.

“How strong is the Blood Corpse Protector?” Quan Chen continued.

“Near the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm, but considering that he was severely injured, he’s probably around the late stages of the 3rd Sky.” Zhao Feng replied calmly and no one retorted.

Those who had been refined in the way of the corpse increased in speed, offense and speed, but their agility and movement both dropped.

In reality, Zhao Feng had pushed down how strong the Corpse really was because the corpse poison from the Blood Corpse Protector could beat those under the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm and the strength that the Corpse exuded at the time had almost exceeded the limits of the 3rd Sky.

“Late stages of the 3rd Sky? Haha, that’s perfect. Quan Chen’s cultivation is at the late stages of the 3rd Sky. Since you can stall the corpse, you should be able to last 10 moves against me.”

Quan Chen’s eyes twinkled. As he spoke,strong confidence surged from him.

Back then, he had crushed everyone at the Guanjun Palace and he had even beat Lord Guanjun in front of Zhao Feng. Quan Chen didn’t even put a brat, who was two Skies lower than him, in his eyes.

“Do your words represent everyones? The Elders?” Zhao Feng said coldly, like he was too disdainful to make his move.

“Yes!” Hai Yun Master said coldly, like his words could chill one to the bone.

1st Elder and Elder Xue both nodded their heads slightly as well. Obviously they agreed to this outcome.

Quan Chen’s cultivation was at the late stages of the 3rd Sky, which was the same as the Blood Corpse Protector and he could prove whether or not Zhao Feng was lying.

“Fine, let’s start.”

Zhao Feng blurred and landed next to the dried blood pond: “This was where the corpse and I fought.”

The terrain was the same, which made the situation seem more realistic.

Everyone nodded their heads and they made space for them.

At this time, more and more people came here to watch the show. This included Old man Zhang of the Clan Mission Division, who looked at Zhao Feng worriedly.

“Brother Zhao, the first move starts now… ”

As soon as Quan Chen finished his sentence, he sent out a palm and a light flashed at Zhao Feng.

The light was like an ice dagger in Winter - before the attack had even arrived, the coldness had arrived.

Xu Ren, Xiao Sun and Lin Fan all felt the cold.

“Brother Quan Chen’s using a High-class Mortal skill, Chilling Moon Manual! Just this move alone will defeat me.”

Xu Ren’s breathing was ragged, like he was Zhao Feng.

Chilling Moon Manual! High-class Mortal skill!

Quan Chen’s first move could already defeat all those under the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm.

“Illusion Fish Body!”

Zhao Feng was as agile as a fish and even though it seemed that he was close, he was in reality far away.

The second Zhao Feng moved, the eyes of all 3 Elders twinkled.


The chilling moon swiped past from Zhao Feng and missed, but it seemed like Zhao Feng didn’t move at all.

“Such a proficient movement skill!”

The crowd couldn’t contain their cheers.

“That kid interpreted the Illusion Fish Picture to such a level. The reasoning is like light in the water. Although he may seem close, in reality, he isn’t… ” Old man Zhang was stunned. Only he knew where Zhao Feng’s movement skill came from.

Shua! Shua!

Quan Chen slashed out again and light after light headed at Zhao Feng.

The latter was as agile as a fish and he performed his movement skill to its best.

The first 3 moves were all easily evade by Zhao Feng.

How is this possible!?

Quan Chen was finally shocked. He couldn’t believe that an ant, that was at the 8th rank of the Consolidated Realm a few months ago, could already face him.

“Don’t be too smug! I only used 60% of my strength just then.” Quan Chen said.

Then he turned into a blur, like he was moonlight, and charged at Zhao Feng.

Heavenly Wind Air Technique - Wind Destruction Palm!

Zhao Feng still moved like a fish and he circulated his Heavenly Air Wind Technique. The latter was only a simplified version of the Heavenly Wind God Technique and when Zhao Feng used it, it had reached a high level.


Zhao Feng was like fish swimming in the water, dodging most of the attacks while using his Heavenly Wind Air Technique to deflect the remaining blows.

4 moves… 5 moves… 6 moves…

Half of the 10 moves had passed.

Zhao Feng’s movement skill and True Force became smoother and his aura reached the peak of the 1st Sky.

“That kid’s movement skill is weird, it’s like it contains arrays.”

1st Elder scrunched up his eyebrows and he couldn’t think of where Zhao Feng’s movement skill had come from.

“1st Elder.”

Old man Zhang walked next to 1st Elder and he said something in a low tone.

“No wonder, that brat does have great comprehension, to be able to merge arrays into martial arts.”

1st Elder nodded his head and said: “Relax, I’ll be fair and square to everyone.”

With 1st Elder’s promise, old man Zhang let out a breath and thought: “Zhao Feng, this is the best I can do for you. Let’s see if you can create more miracles.”

“Zhao Feng, your movement skills is indeed great. But according to what I know, the real cultivation of the corpse was at least at the True Spirit Realm, so how could it be fooled by you?”

Hai Yun Master suddenly interrupted.

According to the deal before, Zhao Feng only needed to last ten moves against Quan Chen. He could dodge and evade or fight head on.

But now, Hai Yun Master’s meaning was to make Zhao Feng face Quan Chen head on. Although the Blood Corpse sub division Protector could see through Zhao Feng’s movement skill, it couldn’t do anything since its agility was too low.

1st Elders’ eyebrows rose, why did Hai Yun Master trouble Zhao Feng?

At this moment, there were only 3 moves till the end of the 10 moves.

“As the Elder wishes!” Zhao Feng’s voice was cold as he circulated his Heavenly Wind True Force to its max.

Lightning Wind Palm!

The sound of thunder became louder.


Zhao Feng successfully blocked one hit of Quan Chen’s attack and the two figures split apart.

This scene stunned everyone.

“Good chance to increase my cultivation!”

Zhao Feng felt his True Force become smoother and the remaining energy from the blood essence pill a few days ago become fully absorbed, which made his cultivation rise another little bit.

Chapter name: Strongest