King Of Gods Chapter 1541

Chapter 1541 Spacetime God Versus Heaven Lord

Chapter 1541 – Spacetime God Versus Heaven Lord

The danger approaching the Life Sacred Land had been easily resolved by the sudden arrival of the Spacetime God. All the members of the Sacred Land breathed a sigh of relief, their hopes reignited.

The Life God was not skilled in combat, but the Spacetime God was different. If the two of them worked together, how could the Heaven Lord not be defeated?

“From the moment he decided to challenge the God Eyes, his defeat was decided!” God King Radiant Peak coldly snorted.

However, he had to admit that the Heaven Lord was quite extraordinary to force the Life God and the Life Sacred Land into this state.

The Heaven Lord had a dour expression, the terrifying energy radiating off his body causing the surrounding space to freeze. Even with the Life God hiding behind the Sacred Land’s array, he was highly confident in his ability to kill her within three days, but now that the Spacetime God was here as well, the two Gods working together would be rather troublesome.

“That isn’t actually a God Eye…” The Life God explained to the Spacetime God what the Heaven Lord had said.

The Heavenly Dao God Eye was just the Heaven Lord’s name for it. His eye could actually be even more powerful than a God Eye, and it even possessed a sliver of Heavenly Dao power. The Heaven Lord’s current goal was to kill the Eight Great God Eyes and obtain their God Eye Origins so that he could create the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye.

“Then let me experience a power even greater than that of a God Eye Deity!” The Spacetime God’s expression went cold as he raised an interested brow at the Heaven Lord’s eyes.

God Eye Deities truly were rather lonely existences. He couldn’t even remember how long it had been since he had encountered someone stronger than him. And with the Life God here, no matter how absurd the Heaven Lord’s eyes was, they still would not lose. Thus, the Spacetime God wanted to fight a battle with the Heavenly Dao God Eye.

“As you wish!” The Heaven Lord’s eyes gleamed with cold and severe light.

With the Heavenly Dao God Eye and the Ancient Race bloodline, he feared nothing.

One had to realize that, in the Ancient Era, the Ancient Race had dominated the ten thousand races. It was not one bit weaker than a God Eye.

Although the Heaven Lord could not compare to the great powers of the Ancient Race from that era, he was not that far behind.


The Heaven Lord barely finished speaking when an ethereal ray of light swept past his face, creating a spray of blood. “Dodged?” The Spacetime God raised a brow.

The Spacetime God’s attack could ignore distance and instantly be in front of his foe. Ordinary people simply couldn’t react in time.

However, the Heaven Lord still managed to dodge, only getting a cut on the face. This sort of wound was meaningless for the God-Devil Body and was instantly healed.

“As expected of the Spacetime God!”

“He injured the Heaven Lord!”

The eyes of many people in the Sacred Land glimmered with excitement. This was the first time the Heaven Lord had been injured after revealing his Heavenly Dao God Eye.

Down below, Zhao Feng was also paying attention to this battle. While the Life God was one of the weaker Gods when it came to combat, the Spacetime God was definitely one of the stronger ones.

Thumpthump! Thumpthump!

Zhao Feng’s left eye was becoming increasingly agitated, apparently because yet another God Eye had appeared in the area.

Zhao Feng discovered that he became able to use more and more of the God Eye’s power as the war progressed. All this was because of the stimulation provided by the Life God Eye and the Heavenly Dao God Eye. Now, the Spacetime God had also arrived.

“I wonder how many God Eyes I will be able to see!” Zhao Feng found himself rather excited.

If the Dream God Eye could interact with all Eight Great God Eyes, it could further its awakening, allowing it to display even greater power.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

Up in the sky was a scene of complete devastation. The fabric of space had been shredded into tatters, allowing forbidden spatial storms to wreak havoc. Any expert beneath the God Lord level that dared to approach would be instantly obliterated.

However, the Spacetime God and the Heaven Lord were completely unaffected in this environment and continued to battle.

“Weight!” The Heaven Lord focused on the void and began to exude a gray and turbid light.

The eye turned once, and then the immense weight focused on that single area caused space to collapse. Thwish! Thwish! Thwish!

Meanwhile, the Spacetime God left only blurs and spatial ripples in the air as he dodged the Heaven Lord’s instant-fire eye-bloodline techniques.

“Even dodging multiple instant-fire eye-bloodline techniques! Only the Spacetime God is capable of this.” Zhao Feng was stunned.

Moreover, the Spacetime God was completely unaffected by the chaotic state of space around himself, even using his secret Space movement techniques. He truly lived up to his title of Spacetime God.

The Spacetime God was fast, but the Heaven Lord was no snail. The Heaven Lord moved freely through space, unaffected by his environment. It was like he didn’t even reside in this dimension.


The entire world was under the Heaven Lord’s control, fire and lightning shuttling back and forth.

But the Spacetime God swam freely amid these endless attacks, avoiding everything.

“Ancient Divine Fist!” The Heaven Lord’s eyes erupted with light as he drew back his hand and then fiercely punched.

Under the bolstering of the Heavenly Dao God Eye, the fist of divine energy seemed invincible as it hurtled through the world. In its wake, it left behind pitch-black chaos that obliterated and destroyed all.


The Spacetime God appeared behind the Heaven Lord and spoke in a deep and calm voice; “You cannot injure me.”

Blade-like Spacetime energy engulfed the Heaven Lord’s surroundings, but the Spacetime God himself had already vanished.

Swoosh! Swish!

These countless slivers of Spacetime energy had completely surrounded the Heaven Lord. The sharpness and speed of this energy would have instantly sliced and diced any ordinary God Lord to pieces.

“If you can’t counter Spacetime’s speed, you will find it very difficult to defeat him.” The Life God’s soft laughter was practically intoxicating.

“Ah…!” The Heaven Lord’s grunts of pain could be heard coming from within that region of Spacetime energy. Suddenly, a terrifying energy exploded outward.

Boom! Bang!

Those Spacetime threads cutting back and forth were instantly snapped.

The Heaven Lord was covered in countless wounds, but all of them instantly healed.

“The God-Devil Body truly is rather problematic.” The Spacetime God’s eyes turned serious and began to flash with silver light. He began to build up immense amounts of Spacetime energy, preparing to heavily injure the Heaven Lord.


The Spacetime God disappeared once more as he approached the Heaven Lord.

“Reversal!” The Heaven Lord activated his Heavenly Dao God Eye and roared.

Space for one million li around him suddenly trembled. A moment later, everyone could see the Spacetime God flying in the exact opposite direction of the Heaven Lord.

“What’s going on here?” The Spacetime God’s heart turned grim. He was confident that his direction had not changed.

“This move can reverse time and space, affecting the order of the world!” The Life God was stunned. This time, as a spectator, she could finally comprehend the principles of this attack.

Just now, the Heaven Lord had used the Heavenly Dao God Eye to influence space itself, reversing it so that east became west and west became east.

The Spacetime God’s direction did not change – the world had changed around him.


The Spacetime God turned around and once more began to charge at the Heaven Lord. He dodged the many attacks unleashed by the Heaven Lord, and a Spacetime energy that could pierce through all surged out of his eyes.

“In this world, I am the only God!” The Heaven Lord activated his Heavenly Dao God Eye and bellowed, erupting with a strength that caused space to shake and shudder.

The Spacetime God had an ill foreboding and immediately fled.

You think you can run?” The Heaven Lord softly chuckled.


The Spacetime God just started retreating when he suddenly realized that he was getting closer to the Heaven Lord, not farther.

“Not good! He reversed the world again?” The Spacetime God’s expression turned dark, and he cursed. This ability truly was inconceivable and absurd.

“Weight!” Terrifying weight descended, but the Spacetime God could not dodge this time.

“Oh no!” the Life God cried out in alarm.

The Spacetime God felt like his body was bearing the weight of one hundred thousand mountains.

At this moment, he sensed imminent danger.

“Time Hardening!” the Spacetime God activated his Spacetime God Eye and bellowed.

The nearby spacetime gradually began to slow down and harden.

“Break!” the Heaven Lord roared.

A tyrannical energy obliterated the Spacetime God’s defense only moments after it began to take form. At this moment, a spark appeared on the Spacetime God’s body.


Using his Spacetime God Eye, the Spacetime God turned into an undetectable streak of silver light and vanished.

When the Spacetime God reappeared, his body was being ravaged by fire, lightning, and ice. It turned out that, just before he fled, he was struck by the Heaven Lord’s instant-fire attacks.

Spacetime energy surged as the Spacetime God transported these attacks away.


The Spacetime God’s face was pale as he coughed. He was not the Life God, who was practically unkillable and able to recover from any attack.

At this time, the Life God arrived at the Spacetime God’s side. She pressed a delicate hand onto his back and released a gentle and pure Life energy. Gradually, the Spacetime God’s injuries were healed, and his complexion returned to normal.

“Let’s work together to end this,” the Life God warmly spoke.

“Okay.” The Spacetime God nodded.

It had been a very long time since he was injured by another, but the Heaven Lord truly managed to heavily injure him just now. He now acknowledged the power of the Heavenly Dao God Eye and did not dare to continue acting arrogantly.

Two God Eyes working together? I’ll finish off both of you!” The Heaven Lord chuckled, utterly fearless.

With the Ancient God-Devil Body, his tenacity was on par with the Life God Eye, and the Heavenly Dao God Eye endowed with an unmatched ability to attack and control. He feared nothing!

At this moment, a heaven-shaking voice arrived in the form of a sonic wave; “Your Heavenly Dao God Eye is the eye of a sinner! It will be harshly punished!”

In a flash of lightning, a majestic middle-aged man appeared.

“Divine Punishment God!” God King Radiant Peak called out in surprise.

The other members of the Sacred Land showed expressions of respect. Three Gods had descended upon the world, and space itself had become distorted and chaotic. Those beneath the God Lord level no longer even dared to leave the array.

“Three God Eye Deities are here!” Xin Wuheng sighed in amazement.

“That’s not all….” Zhao Feng muttered. The response from his Dream God Eye told him that there was another God Eye nearby.


Far away in the distance appeared a stooped elder wearing a shabby robe. This person was none other than the Divine Punishment God’s mortal foe, the Death God.

“That scoundrel from the Heaven’s Legacy Race managed to produce such an incredible eye!” the Death God muttered in shock. He had also seen how the Heaven Lord managed to injure the Spacetime God. If he had been in that position, he would have found it very difficult to hold off the Heaven Lord’s assault.

The Death God closed his eyes and activated his God Eye. After some time, he sent out a message; “The two of you, hurry up and get over here.”