King Of Gods Chapter 156

Chapter 156 – Scarlet Moon
Chapter 156 - Scarlet Moon

A few hundred years ago, a super power was formed by a legend and in just tens of years, the power swept across the continent.

That super faction had almost unified the continent and the strongest 10 Clans in the continent had to team up together to resist. That era belonged to the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion and its leader - Scarlet Moon Patriarch.

Even though the Patriarch was wicked, he created miracles time after time, and he made everyone else fear and respect him. There was still many who worshipped the Sovereign of Wickedness.

In the hearts of fans, the Scarlet Moon Patriarch was a god. Of course, it wasn’t all achieved by talent, there also needed to be ‘luck’.

The Scarlet Moon Patriarch didn’t have a Sky or Earth Spiritual Body. According to a somewhat inaccurate script, he only had a Middle tier Spiritual Body.

His achievements all originated from one thing. That was the Scarlet Moon Inheritance. The Scarlet Moon Inheritance allowed the Scarlet Moon Patriarch to change his destiny. The religion he created used this as a basis.

The Scarlet Moon Inheritance was ranked 3rd out of the 4 Great Inheritances and the only one that seemed to gain something from these inheritances was the Scarlet Moon Patriarch.

Apparently, before the cult was destroyed, the Scarlet Moon Patriarch recorded every secret about the Scarlet Moon Inheritance on a map that was later named the ‘Scarlet Moon Map’.

As long as one obtained this map and decoded it, they could find the Scarlet Moon Inheritance. However, the Scarlet Moon Map was purposely split into 108 pieces and spread throughout the continent. Many people had parts of the map, but no one had ever got all 108 of them.

This was because there were only 70-80 or so pieces found across the continent and the remaining 40-50 hadn’t ever been seen.

The Scarlet Moon Map was extremely mystical, even if one had 107, the Scarlet Moon Inheritance wouldn’t open.

Several hundred years later, people weren’t as excited as before. Of course, if one had a real copy of the Scarlet Moon map, it still had a high value.


And the Scarlet Moon map in front of their eyes seemed to be real. The value of this map had already surpassed the Spiritual weapon, but Zhao Feng didn’t regret giving it out.

Firstly, there’s no point in having only one piece. Secondly, Zhao Feng couldn’t use it even though its value was high. On the contrary, people would kill him for it.

This was the same reason that he gave up the Spiritual weapon as well.

“Zhao Feng, the two items you’ve just handed over are extremely rare. The Clan will give you a large reward for this, ask what you want.” 1st Elder was full of smiles.

Hearing this, all the other disciples were envious and jealous.

Zhao Feng had done too much!

A Spiritual weapon was the most treasured item in small Clans and a piece of the Scarlet Moon map surpassed even a Spiritual item.

Elder Xue was curious: “According to the rules, the spoils of war go to the individuals. Why didn’t you take it yourself, and instead gave it to the Clan instead?”

“A Spiritual weapon isn’t something that I can control. Furthermore, I didn’t know this maps’ value beforehand. Disciple here thought that maybe the Clan needs them more.” Zhao Feng answered.

Hearing this, both 1st Elder and Elder Xue nodded their heads: This Zhao Feng isn’t greedy and is smart.

If it was another disciple, they probably wouldn’t be able to suppress their greed and hold onto the Spiritual sword, which would cause others to kill them.

“And the spoils of war aren’t mine alone. Everyone in the team has a share.” Zhao Feng continued as Lin Fan, Xiao Sun and Xu Ren were filled with gratitude.

Although everyone knew that Zhao Feng had contributed the most and the reward would go to him, the latter had still shared it.

On the other side, Quan Chen was so angry that his face had turned green and the blood vessels in his eyes could be seen.

Zhao Feng had done so much and his reward made the eyes of even Core disciples turn red.

Hai Yun Master glanced coldly at Zhao Feng, but he soon hid it away.

Zhao Feng’s talent, talent, attitude were all perfect and no gaps were found. If the Clan didn’t give Zhao Feng a massive reward, how would other disciples give items to the Clan?

“Zhao Feng, we’ve decided to give you 200 low-grade primal crystal stones and 50000 contribution points. All your team members will get 50 low-grade primal crystal stones and 8000 points. Apart from that, the Clan can grant you a wish.” 1st Elder announced.

Hearing this, the crowd broke out into chaos.

“200 low-grade primal crystal stones, that’s 20000 substandard primal crystal stones. I won’t even be able to earn that much in my whole life.”

The disciples were all envious and jealous.

20000 substandard primal crystal stones!

The sum made the eyes of Core disciples turn red and it made Deacons and Vice Heads envious.

Core disciples only received 100 substandard primal crystal stones a month, which was 1 low-grade primal crystal stone. Their true income came from their families or their missions.

Apart from that, 50000 contribution points was also a small fortune.

One had to know the Hollow Building only needed 5000 points to enter once. 3000 points could buy a Low-grade Mortal weapon.

With the amount of primal stones and contribution points Zhao Feng and co. had they could buy many items to increase their strength. Lin Fan and others were full of joy and excitement - they had done almost nothing and got such a big reward.

1st Elder took their expressions into account and smiled as well.

In reality, the rewards were nothing compared to the map and Spiritual weapon and it wasn’t that 1st Elder didn’t think of giving them more. Giving them more would only bring others to kill them.

Therefore, the amount of contribution points he gave surpassed the primal crystal stones.

“200 low-grade primal crystal stones and 50000 contribution points. That’s enough for any normal disciple to live well in the Clan for tens of years.”

Zhao Feng was extremely satisfied. Of course, his biggest prize was the ‘wish’.

He could ‘wish’ for something suitable and as long as it wasn’t too much, the Clan would agree.

What should I get for this wish?

Zhao Feng had two thoughts:

Get the 9 Twist Golden Wall Technique. This body strengthening technique was apparently a peak tier Mortal skill, which even Core disciples didn’t have the right to learn.

Become the disciple of an Elder or the Sect Master. Zhao Feng believed that any of these two wishes were in the Clan’s acceptable range.

“Zhao Feng, you don’t have to wish right now. You can go back and think about it then ask the Clan later.” 1st Elder smiled.

“I have one.” Zhao Feng said decisively and he instantly made a decision.

“Oh? Say it.”

The 3 Elders all looked at Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, your wish can’t be too much.”

Hai Yun Master purposely gave Zhao Feng some pressure, because the former already felt slightly pressured by the latter.

If it was someone else, it didn’t matter but this person was Lord Guanjun’s disciple. And this wasn’t something he wanted to see.

“I hope that 1st Elder can become my Master.” Zhao Feng said strongly.


All three Elders paused and Hai Yun Master was the first to react: “Zhao Feng do you think 1st Elder takes disciples easily? Even those with High-grade Spiritual bodies don’t have the right to become 1st Elders’ disciple.”

As soon as he finished, a large mental strength pressured Zhao Feng.

His meaning was clear: even those who had High-grade Spiritual bodies didn’t have the right to become 1st Elders’ disciple, so how could someone like you, who has a Low-grade Spiritual body, become one?

Zhao Feng felt his blood freeze, like a giant was standing in front of him.

When one reached the True Spirit Realm, they weren’t normal humans anymore. Compared to normal humans, they were giants.

At this moment, 1st Elder and Elder Xue didn’t say anything. Zhao Feng was extremely curious as to what went wrong.

His deeds should be enough to become a disciple of 1st Elder. The reason he chose this was because he needed a strong background just like Lord Guanjun had told him before. Only this way would the threat from Hai Yun Master drop.


At this moment, they fell into silence and the 1st Elder didn’t speak.

“Talent isn’t everything or else the Clan wouldn’t give the top outer disciple special rewards. If 1st Elder is willing to take me as his disciple, I won’t regret it.” Zhao Feng said confidently.

He had an ancient bloodline, which was only stronger than a peak tier Spiritual Body. Even the Blood Corpse Protector was shocked at his bloodline.

“Haha, 1st Elder won’t take you as his disciple. But if you’re willing, I will.” Elder Xue laughed lightly and broke the tense atmosphere.

Zhao Feng thought that 1st Elder probably had something that he couldn’t say. But his aim was to become a disciple of any Elder, not just the 1st Elder.

“Zhao Feng I’m also willing to take you as my disciple.” Hai Yun Master suddenly said with a smile.


This scene not only shocked Zhao Feng, even Quan Chen and Yuan Zhi’s jaw dropped wide open.