King Of Gods Chapter 1571

Chapter 1571 The Riddle Of The Fan Universe

Chapter 1571 The Riddle of the Fan Universe

Yes, I lost. The Heaven Lords face went slack as his mind plunged into his memories.

Long ago, the Heavens Legacy Race accidentally entered this world and was imprisoned within it, unable to leave.

The Heavens Legacy Races goal had always been to leave this place, but there were two solutions to leaving, resulting in a schism. The Heaven Defying Faction sought to find the greatest power of this world and take all the resources of the world with them when they left. The Sage Factions solution was to peacefully live here until the right moment came.

The two factions could not be considered enemies; they could even be considered old friends. It was just that they walked different paths to realize the same goal.

The Heaven Lord had always believed that his solution was the right one, and he could lead the Heavens Legacy Race out of this place. But in the end, he had failed.

Zhao Feng, let him live, Yu Tianwu suddenly said.

What? The Heaven Lord was stunned. He never wouldve expected Yu Tianwu to plead for mercy on his behalf.

The two of them were both geniuses of the Heavens Legacy Race who had once shared an extremely close relationship. It was just that they had different ideas, so they went their own way to prove their own ideas.

Zhao Feng said nothing. The Heaven Lords conduct could not be forgiven.

The battle of the two Pseudo Ancestral Eyes had left the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods devastated, and even the outer dimensions had been affected. Besides that, the spatial fabric of the Fan Universe was riddled with holes and severely damaged. The number of dead from this war was simply uncountable.

Zhao Feng, your eye is probably the other Ancestral Eye. If you can obtain the power of the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye, this world can still be saved! Yu Tianwu continued.

The Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye and Zhao Fengs eye were clearly not the same, so Yu Tianwu was confident that these were two completely different Ancestral Eyes.

The two Ancestral Eyes had different abilities, but they were both peerless and heaven-defying. If Zhao Fengs eye matured to the Ancestral Eye level, perhaps he could repair the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods. And the Heaven Lords Heavenly Dao Pseudo Ancestral Eye also had the power of the Samsara God Eye, so those that died in battle could be revived.

Fine, I agree. Ill spare his life. Just treat it as me returning your favor. After a long period of thought, Zhao Feng agreed.

Yu Tianwu had met Zhao Feng in the Azure Flower Continent and helped him multiple times. Without him, Zhao Feng would have never reached this point. Thus, he decided to agree to Yu Tianwus request this time.

What? The Heaven Lord was stunned once more. Zhao Feng agreed?

I will try to send your people out of this place, Zhao Feng added.

He agreed to Yu Tianwus request, but he also wanted to fulfill their other wish.

In the memories of the Dream Ancestral Eye, the Dream Ancestral Eye and the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye were the two supreme powers of the Fan Universe. It was precisely the existence of these two that allowed the Fan Universe to steadily operate. Once Zhao Fengs eyes completely awakened to the Ancestral Eye level and he obtained the Heavenly Dao energy, he might be able to send the Heavens Legacy Race out of this universe.

Many thanks! Yu Tianwu genially smiled.

If Zhao Feng was able to do this, it would mean that the Sage Factions way was correct, and they would be the ones who would lead the Heavens Legacy Race out of the Fan Universe. Of course, this was no longer important.

Zhao Feng, youve won. Can you tell where your Ancestral Eye came from? The Heaven Lord calmed, and a sharp light gleamed in his eyes.

The Heavens Legacy Race was a race that prized knowledge, and they had a strong desire to learn about the unknown. I also just learned about that. Zhao Feng took in a deep breath.

The awakening of his eye didnt come with just immense power, but also many truths that no one else knew about.

When the Fan Universe was first created, there was only one continent called the Desolate Continent. Many powerful existences and species lived on this continent mighty races that were not included in the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. But the number one was still the Ancient Race, which dominated the continent.

As for why the Ancient Race was so powerful, ordinary people believed that it was because their bloodline was simply unmatched in power. In truth, within the Ancient Race resided two Ancient Ancestral Gods that no one else knew about.

These two Ancestral Gods were the avatars of the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye and the Dream Ancestral Eye. They controlled the entirety of the Fan Universe. They were the Kings of Gods!

But a mountain could not hold two tigers, and the existence of the two Ancient Ancestral Gods caused the Ancient Race to splinter. As the quarrels built up, they eventually erupted into a God-Devil war!

All the races of the Desolate Continent took part in this war, and in the end, even the two Ancient Ancestral Gods took action.

But the two Ancient Ancestral Gods were too powerful. The Desolate Continent was shattered into grains of dust, and the Fan Universe itself was forced to expand.

No one knew about the terrifying battle between the two Ancient Ancestral Gods. Only the memories within the Dream Ancestral Eye told Zhao Feng just how dreadful this battle was.

This battle had obliterated the Desolate Continent. In comparison, the damage done by the battle between Zhao Feng and the Heaven Lord was rather minor.

In the end, because of the Ancestral Ancient Gods were of similar strength, they both died. The Heavenly Dao Ancestral Gods Ancestral Eye divided into eight the Eight Great God Eyes. The Dream Ancestral Gods eye remained complete and fell onto a grain of dust. This grain of dust was the Azure Flower Continent.

So this world actually had two Ancestral Eyes! The Heaven Lord smiled. The riddle that had left him befuddled was answered.

Why did the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Eye divide into eight? One could say that this was the Dream Ancestral Eyes work. Why did his plan to fuse together the Heavenly Dao God Eye make so much progress after he obtained Zhao Fengs blood? Because Zhao Feng had the Dream Ancestral Eye, and the Dream Ancestral Eye had infused the energy of the Ancestral Eye in Zhao Fengs body.

Hand it over, the Heavenly Dao energy! Zhao Feng extended a hand.

The Heaven Lord nodded and began to cooperate. He wanted to obtain the strongest power of this world and all of its valuables before leaving, but his main goal was just to leave this world. He had failed, so if the god of this world was willing to forgive his errors, he had nothing to say and could only cooperate.


Gray-white streams of light flew out of the Heaven Lords forehead and entered Zhao Fengs hand, flowing through his body.

His left eye was the Dream Ancestral Eye. If this supreme power existed alongside another similar existence, he did not know what would happen. Thus, Zhao Feng stored the Heavenly Dao energy in his right eye.

Gradually, Zhao Fengs right eye began to change, turning gray-white and emotionless. Just glancing at it would instill fear in ones heart.

On the other hand, Zhao Fengs left eye was dazzling and gorgeous, instilling in others a desire to get close.

A few moments later, the eye at the center of the Heaven Lords forehead vanished.

At the same time, in another place in the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods, the Spacetime, Death, Divine Punishment, and Myriad Forms Gods stood in the void.

Just who won? The Divine Punishment God had a grave expression.

The battle between Zhao Feng and the Heaven Lord made the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods and all of the Fan Universe tremble. The Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods was in the middle of crumbling away, its pieces scattering into the surroundings, but the trembling had suddenly stopped. This meant that the battle was over.

The God Eye Deities and all the other Gods of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods peered into the chaotic void, wanting to know who had won.

At this moment, Destiny God Eye Liu Qinxin sent word. The four God Eye Deities finally relaxed and exhaled in relief. This news spread through the realm: the Heaven Defying Faction had lost!

On the other end, the Heaven Lord lost all his Heavenly Dao energy.

Zhao Feng stood in the void, the energy he exuded so frightening that it made others instinctively want to back away.

Heavenly Dao energy and Dream energy were both energies that far surpassed the energy of any other God in the Fan Universe, and these two energies could mutually boost each other. This mutual relationship caused the two eyes to get stronger and stronger, and the power Zhao Feng radiated caused the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods to shake once more.

Lets get back for now! This power is too strong! Yu Tianwu and the Heaven Lord returned to the white warship.

These two supreme energies were too powerful. Zhao Feng would probably need some time before he could fully control them.

There shouldnt be a problem. Yu Tianwu muttered.

For some reason, he felt uneasy. The source of this unease was that legend: when the supreme Ancestral Eye opens, all things in the world will disappear.

But now that he thought about it, this was impossible. After all, two Ancient Ancestral Gods had existed in the distant past of the Fan Universe.

Feng! Liu Qinxin deeply gazed at Zhao Feng before following the warship.

What a powerful energy! Zhao Feng closed his eyes and sensed the boundless energy within him.

The Dream Ancestral Eye, in particular, was rapidly awakening, and it had already reached an unimaginable level. Suddenly, Zhao Feng sensed that the Heavenly Dao Pseudo Ancestral Eye stopped growing in power.

Of course, the Dream Ancestral Eyes stimulation made the Heavenly Dao Pseudo Ancestral Eye much more powerful than it was with the Heaven Lord.

With this power, I will definitely be able to help the Heavens Legacy Race leave this place. Zhao Feng smiled as he opened his eyes.



The world before Zhao Fengs eyes trembled, an indescribably dangerous energy packing every inch of space. Everything began to crumble away.

As he spread out his Divine Sense, more than half of the Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods appeared in his mind. However, the entire Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods was crumbling and vanishing. Space was tearing apart and all was being wiped out. The universe itself was in the middle of destruction. All living beings were instantly killed. Not even God Kings or Gods were able to survive.

Qinxin! Zhao Feng suddenly called out.

The white warship had also been swallowed up in the destruction. At the final moment, Liu Qinxin even took out the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace, the supreme Ancestral Artifact of the Destiny God Eye, but even the Ancestral Artifact was obliterated.

No! Whats going on!? Zhao Fengs face froze in panic and fear began to take hold of his heart.

A few moments later, the entire world was destroyed. The Ancient Desolate Realm of Gods had disappeared. The outer dimensions had also vanished.

Everyone else was gone, leaving only Zhao Feng.

Was this my mistake? Zhao Feng stood frozen.

He now recalled the legend. Had the complete awakening of his Dream Ancestral Eye led the entire world to be destroyed?!

This world was now a chaotic void ravaged by destructive storms and brimming with dangerous and frightening energies.

Zhao Feng was downcast, grief-stricken and alarmed.

Eh? Theres still someone here? an old and mumbling voice spoke, but it sounded loud and clear to Zhao Feng.