King Of Gods Chapter 167

Chapter 167 – Interspatial Bracelet
Chapter 167 - Interspatial Bracelet

Abyss of Death.

In the dim dimension, a woman played the lute full of emotion. Her skin was like jade and she was like a perfect carving. Every smile she made was full of temptation.

In the eyes of anyone, she was perfection. Even under Yang Gan’s shouting, Quan Chen and co. didn’t really want to pass this ‘reward’.

“So beautiful, but way too queer… ”

Lin Fan had a stunned expression on his face and his face turned red as he thought about the dazed look he had before. Turning his gaze to the side, Lin Fan found Zhao Feng’s expression was the same as usual and he wasn’t affected at all.

From the beginning till now, Zhao Feng’s expression didn’t change. Lin Fan couldn’t help but admire him. He didn’t know whether it was because Zhao Feng’s willpower was strong or it was because Zhao Feng didn’t know information about s**.

“Shut up!”

Yang Gan took a deep breath and he forced himself to not look at the stunning girl as he coldly scanned Quan Chen and the others: “This girl is definitely not simple to be able to appear here. Maybe you’ve already all been tricked.”

Hearing this, everyone understood what he meant.

The Floating Crest Palace was closed off from the outside world and it opened once every five years. It was way too weird to have an exotic girl here.

Cold sweat poured down from the disciples’ body’s as they didn’t dare to look at the woman.

“Sister Yuan, what did you just see?” Zhao Feng said to Liu Yue’er deeply.

“I… ”

Liu Yue’er’s face went bright red as she slightly panicked, The person in the pavilion was the perfect image in their hearts. Men saw beautiful women and women saw handsome men.

“This reward is close, but I encourage everyone to give up. The first Trial is ending soon and according to the previous experiences in the Floating Crest Palace, there’ll be at least some rewards if we pass the 1st stage.” Yang Gan said to everyone, then he immediately turned into a purple light as he sped off.

“There was a large amount of illusion mental strength in the pavilion, which tricked even me. If I was flying across and affected by the mental strength… ” Bei Moi expressionlessly said and left decisively.

Everyone was unwilling, but they knew that the pavilion was much too queer, so they had to give up and continue. Even someone like Quan Chen clenched his teeth and forced himself to look away.

“Brother Zhao?”

Lin Fan suddenly realised that Zhao Feng had no intentions of leaving.

“You go first. With your current speed, you can pass the 1st stage.” Zhao Feng said calmly.

Lin Fan was surprised but he didn’t question Zhao Feng and immediately left. Only Zhao Feng didn’t move and he was the last person behind.

“Brother Zhao… ”

A voice as loud as a quiet ant sounded from in front and glancing over, Zhao Feng saw Ran Xiaoyuan look worryingly towards him.

“I’m fine, you go first.”

Zhao Feng faintly smiled as he looked at her once before looking calmly in front again.

Ran Xiaoyuan’s fists were clenched and her eyebrows fluttered like she was worried that Zhao Feng had been tempted by the woman in the pavilion. Furthermore, Zhao Feng’s expression showed that he wasn’t going to listen to her.


Zhao Feng’s figure suddenly leapt into the air and like a fish swimming, he floated towards the pavilion.

“Don’t!” Ran Xiaoyuan exclaimed in shock.

Every reward was filled with danger and the scenery in the pavilion was extremely queer. They couldn’t see through it, so they didn’t dare try.

Hu~ Hu~

The powerful wind above the abyss swept up and down, forming wave after wave of attacks on Zhao Feng.

“Oh my god! Brother Zhao’s been tricked… ”

Some of the nearby disciples were still within range to see Zhao Feng’s ‘crazy’ actions.

Apart from Ran Xiaoyuan, there was still Lu Hu, Liu Yue’er and Sun Yuanhao.

“What a deep movement skill!”

One of the 3 Core disciples, Lu Hu was surprised. A layer of azure enveloped Zhao Feng, which made him merge into the wind and pass through the tiniest gaps of the wind. He used the power of the wind at the same time to push himself forward…

In the blink of an eye, Zhao Feng had leapt out tens of yards. It was at this time that the scene in the pavilion changed. The exotic woman stood up and smiled at Zhao Feng. Such a stunning view made Lu Hu and co. dazed.

It could be imagined how terrible it was for Zhao Feng to face such a situation.

“Hehe, beautiful… ”

Zhao Feng smiled mockingly midair and he kept on running in the air like he wasn’t affected at all.

The girl in the pavilion was slightly surprised and she didn’t think a brat, that hadn’t even reached the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm, could block her illusion created from mental strength.


Zhao Feng’s figure swiftly landed on the pavilion and the scene shocked Lu Hu and the others.


The girl smiled emotionally as she began to undress, revealing her snow white skin beneath…

The exotic beauty slowly took off her clothes, showing off her perfect body.

It was such a breathtaking moment.

“F*** off!”

A light flashed in Zhao Feng’s eye as he kicked out. The beauty, who was just undressing, flew backwards and hit the pole with a ‘doom’.

“You… ”

The girl spat out a mouthful of blood as her face became pale white.


This scene made the jaws of those watching drop; Zhao Feng was way too brutal.


The beauty suddenly turned into a wisp of purple smoke and the next instant, a purple fox was seen trembling in a cage.

The scene of the fox trapped was extremely queer.

“This is an Illusion Fox, which is a ‘Yao beast’, a tier higher than Deadly Beasts.” Lu Hu exclaimed.

Deadly beasts were a terrifying existence, but they didn’t have their own mind and they only had a faint bloodline of Yao beasts or were tainted by pollution.

True Yao beasts had high intelligence and bloodline of ancient races. They were ranked higher than deadly beasts and they could even cultivate.

The Lord tier deadly beast at the Guanjun Province City that day was the lowest Yao beast, and it was on par with those at the Ascended Realm.

In the Green Flower Continent, only a very low number of beasts had the power to flip the oceans and lead an army of beasts, which could easily destroy a few countries.

Of course, the world of beasts had their own laws and there was a balance between them and the Clans.

“The Illusion Fox has probably reached the 5th Sky of the Ascended Realm.”

Lu Hu’s eyes twinkled with wariness.

5th Sky of the Ascended Realm, this had also surpassed Yang Gan, who had the highest cultivation here. But the Illusion Fox’s forte was illusions created from mental energy and even Yang Gan wouldn’t be able to block the mental energy while crossing the abyss.

“Brat, I’m going to tear you to shreds.” The Illusion Fox said hatefully as it ground its teeth.

If it wasn’t because of the cage, it could easily rip humans at the 2nd or 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm into pieces. Zhao Feng didn’t bother listening to it and went to the stone table in the middle of the pavilion.

On the table was a plate of fruit, a bottle or wine, a bracelet and the lute.

Zhao Feng extended his hand to grab one of the fruits to check what it was.

“This should be the Purple Spiritual Fruit that recovers body and mental strength.”

Zhao Feng took the 4-5 fruits and then smelled the bottle of wine: “This should be a low Spiritual Wine that can recover one’s energy for those at the Ascended Realm.”


Zhao Feng took a small sip and he instantly felt his True Force, mental energy and stamina recover. After running for 2 days straight under pressure and tiredness, Zhao Feng was on the verge of increasing his cultivation.

The last item was a bracelet and grabbing it, Zhao Feng laughed: “This should be an interspatial bracelet and the worst interspatial storage items are valued a High grade mortal weapon already.”

This bracelet was an item that could store things and its value was much greater than everything else on the table summed up.

“What!? Interspatial bracelet!?”

Shock appeared on Lu Hu and co’s faces.

“The worst interspatial item is already worth a high grade mortal weapon… ”

Lu Hu’s voice slight trembled as greed appeared in his eyes. High grade mortal weapons were at least 1 million substandard primal crystal stones or 10 thousand low grade primal crystal stones. Furthermore, items that could store things were rare.

Zhao Feng picked up the bracelet and he merged his consciousness inside. He felt the 1 metre cubed area inside.

Shua! Shua!

The purple Spiritual Fruit and bottle of wine disappeared as they were stored inside the interspatial bracelet.

“Interspatial items are indeed mysterious.”

Zhao Feng was overjoyed and he couldn’t help but remember how he had looked through all the books to gather knowledge.

Finally, his eyes landed on the lute lying on the table and it was instantly stored in the bracelet as well.

The lute was a middle grade mortal weapon which Zhao Feng had seen straight away, but musical weapons didn’t interest him much nor did he want to use it. However, it could be exchanged for a sum of primal crystal stones to pay off the debt he had with old man Zhang and he could even buy the Luohuo arrows if he was lucky.

“Kid, don’t get cocky!”

The Illusion Fox howled and she was extremely angry at Zhao Feng for ignoring her. The fox once again sent a bunch of illusions, but Zhao Feng had a super strong resilience against it and no damage was caused.

He had already seen the true figure of the girl when the pavilion had appeared, therefore he didn’t even get affected.


Zhao Feng’s body was like a fish as it swam through the air and landed back on the black and gold road in a few breaths.

Ran Xiaoyuan’s small mouth was wide open with surprise.

“Brother Zhao, your rewards are great. You shouldn’t keep them all to yourself right?”

Lu Hu let a ‘hehe’ and he didn’t hide the greed on his face. A large, powerful True Force circulated in his body and he sent out an aura that much much stronger than the normal 4th Sky aura.

Lu Hu was one of the 3 Core disciples who’s forte was body strengthening, his strength exceeded even Quan Chen.

“You dare to attack me?” Zhao Feng said coldly as his azure hair blew in the wind.