King Of Gods Chapter 168

Chapter 168 – Sent Flying with One Kick
Chapter 168 - Sent Flying with One Kick

On the black and gold road. Zhao Feng faced off against the Core disciple Lu Hu.

“Do you dare to attack me?” Zhao Feng said coldly as his hair blew in the air.

On the side, Ran Xiaoyuan’s expression also changed slightly and she stepped next to Zhao Feng.

Sun Yuanhao didn’t seem to have reacted and started to panic.

The atmosphere became tense.

Lu Hu’s expression suddenly changed as he remembered that Zhao Feng had 1st Elder backing. Furthermore, Ran Xiaoyuan had stepped next to Zhao Feng.

Ran Xiaoyuan was a disciple of the Clan Master and she had the same strength as Bei Moi.

A smile appeared on Zhao Feng as he knew that Lu Hu wanted a share but he didn’t have to guts to attack.

“Brother Zhao, I’ll help you.”

A pure, innocent smile appeared on Sun Yuanhao’s baby face.

At this point in time, both Ran Xiaoyuan and Sun Yuanhao were on Zhao Feng’s side.

Even if Zhao Feng’s side didn’t have any background, Lu Hu would be wary.

“Hand over the interspatial bracelet!”

Lu Hu’s face was dim, but suddenly, he clenched his teeth and lept at Zhao Feng and co.

What’s he going to do!?

Zhao Feng’s heart skipped a beat and he didn’t think that Lu Hu would still attack under this situation.

Wait! There’s something wrong!

Zhao Feng suddenly remembered something and glanced towards the pavilion. The eyes of the Illusion Fox inside the cage had turned purple as a smile of mockery appeared on its face…

Lu Hu’s eyes was full of greed and he had lost his mind. He was originally greedy and when the Illusion Fox put an illusion skill on him, the greed in his heart increased by 10 times.

“I forgot about this foxy bastard.”

Zhao Feng’s expression became solemn as he decided to block Lu Hu first. The latter was at the 4th Sky of the Ascended Realm and he had reached a high level in body strengthening.

Wind Lightning Destruction!

Zhao Feng used his Heavenly Wind God Technique and Silver Wall Technique without hesitation and he managed to just block Lu Hu’s crazy attacks.


After taking a hit head on, Zhao Feng’s figure retreated a few steps. Without using his left eye and his bloodline power, Zhao Feng didn’t have the upper hand.

“Brother Zhao, hand over the interspatial bracelet!”

A cold youth’s voice sounded from the side.


Zhao Feng felt a wave of air come towards him from behind and his expression changed dramatically. The person was Sun Yuanhao.

“Hahahaha… ”

Lu Hu laughed insanely as his attacks became fiercer.

Now, Zhao Feng was facing two attacks from the front and back respectively.


Ran Xiaoyuan exclaimed as she turned into a blur and blocked Sun Yuanhao.


Sun Yuanhao was pushed back by Ran Xiaoyuan in one move.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but sweat and feel lucky that Ran Xiaoyuan wasn’t affected by the Illusion Fox. One had to know that her strength was on par with Bei Moi’s and if he faced the attacks of all three, he could only run even if he used the power of his bloodline.

The illusions of the Illusion Fox could affect Sun Yuanhao and Lu Hu because they were already greedy and had weak will,while Ran Xiaoyuan wasn’t greedy.

Ran Xiaoyuan suppressing Sun Yuanhao made the situation better, but Zhao Feng was facing a core disciple of the 4th Sky and it was already a considerable feat to not lose.

“Looks like this is the only way… ” Zhao Feng thought.


Zhao Feng’s figure blurred and left a bunch of after images behind.

His body was like the fish, agile and fast as he retreated under Lu Hu’s attacks.

In terms of cultivation and body strengthening, Lu Hu was better than Zhao Feng, but the latter was better in movement.

Lu Hu was overwhelmed by greed and he didn’t realise that Zhao Feng was retreating towards Sun Yuanhao and Ran Xiaoyuan.

“I’ll first take care of you!”

Zhao Feng’s speed suddenly increased and disappeared from Lu Hu’s attack range.

He appeared at Sun Yuanhao’s side the next instant. The latter was originally suppressed by Ran Xiaoyuan and he couldn’t react to Zhao Feng’s sneak attack.

Lightning Wind Palm!

Zhao Feng thrust out a palm as thunder boomed and the wind howled.


Sun Yuanhao managed to block that palm, but he was forced back to the edge of road and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Go down!”

Zhao Feng kicked Sun Yuanhao into the abyss with one kick.


Sun Yuanhao screamed as he fell into the abyss.

“Brother Zhao, you killed him… ”

Ran Xiaoyuan’s face was pale white as she didn’t know what to do.

Zhao Feng’s plan was to first finish off Sun Yuanhao, who was weaker, so they could team up and fight Lu Hu.

“His will is weak and he was influenced by the fox, so we needed to take care of him first.”

Zhao Feng didn’t feel guilty at all. Sun Yuanhao had a pure and innocent baby face, but he was extremely cunning.


Floating Crest Palace, the entrance.

The 4 Elders and Clan Master sat crossed legged there.


The azure door suddenly brightened and a figure rolled out.

“Another person came out! So fast!”

Hai Yun Masters’ heart skipped but a beat but let out a breath as he saw who it was.

“Yuanhao!” Elder Xue exclaimed as he stared at the pale faced Sun Yuanhao.

1st Elder and co. didn’t know what to do.

The person who was kicked out was Elder Xue’s disciple, Sun Yuanhao who had the Changeable Body.

“Yuanhao, how did you come out so quickly?” Elder Xue said deeply.

“It’s Zhao Feng! He took all the treasures himself and kicked me down the abyss.”

Sun Yuanhao’s face was bright red as he said angrily. He was still affected by the illusion right now and he hadn’t calmed down yet.

“How dare he do that? This Zhao Feng even attacks others from the same clan.”

Elder Xue was furious.

The Floating Crest Trial was once every 5 years and every disciple only had one chance.

Sun Yuanhao’s talent was great and he was even younger than Zhao Feng. If he was successful, in the Trial his cultivation would increase by leaps and bounds.

However, this hope was destroyed by someone that had a Low tier Spiritual Body.

“Is there a misunderstanding here?” 1st Elder said deeply.

He knew that Zhao Feng seemed arrogant, but he was actually extremely calm.

“That Zhao Feng’s trained the Lightning Wind Palm, which means he’s not normal.”

A smirk appeared on Hai Yun Masters’ face.

Hearing this, Elder Xue, Granny Liuyue and the Clan Master all nodded their heads.

“I’ll wait after the trial to question him. 1st Elder, I’ll hand this over to the Regulation Division, which will be fair.”

Elder Xue took in a deep breath as he suppressed the raging flames of anger in his heart. If it wasn’t because Zhao Feng’s master was 1st Elder, he would have exploded already.

Weng~ gulu!

The azure door flashed as another figure rolled out.

So fast!

The 5 at the True Spirit Realm were all stunned.

How long had it been since the last person was kicked out?

The Elders focused on the figure and they found that it was Core disciple “Lu Hu.”

“What happened in the trial to make even Core disciples to get kicked out?”

The expressions of the Clan Master and co. were all solemn.

“Lu Hu, how did you exit so early?” The Broken Moon Clan Master asked.

They were all familiar with Lu Hu, since the latter was a Core disciple and a disciple of the Regulation Elder.

In the Clan, the Regulation Elder had authority on the same level as the Clan Master and 1st Elder because he/she held the power to kill and punish.

“It was Zhao Feng! He wanted to keep all the treasures to himself and kicked my down the abyss.” Lu Hu said through gritted teeth.

He was the same as Sun Yuanhao and was still under the Illusion Foxes spell.

Zhao Feng again!

The 4 Elders and Clan Master were full of shock and rage.

The Floating Crest Trial not only changed the destiny of the disciples that participated, it could also changed the destiny of the Clan.

And now Zhao Feng had sent a Core disciple and another disciple with a changeable body out in half the time it took tea to boil.

Furthermore, he had used the same method - by kicking them into the abyss.

“This Zhao Feng is so bad!”

The other Elders looked at each other with anger in their eyes.

“How could you be beaten by Zhao Feng?”

1st Elder caught onto something suspicious.

Lu Hu’s strength was just under Yang Gan.

“This is because of… Junior Sister Ran!” Lu Hu said angrily.

“What has this got to do with Xiaoyuan?”

The Clan Masters’ eyebrows rose. In her eyes, Ran Xiaoyuan was always an obedient child.

“Sister Ran helped that bastard Zhao Feng or else, disciple I wouldn’t have lost.” Lu Hu screamed as his two fists clenched together tightly.

How was this possible!?

The expressions of the 4 Elders and the Clan Master changed.

Indeed, Ran Xiaoyuan’s strength was on the same level as Bei Moi and she was able to exchange moves with those at the 4th Sky. If she teamed up with Zhao Feng, there was a chance of beating Lu Hu.

But why would Ran Xiaoyuan team up with Zhao Feng?

“Could it be… ?”

The Clan Master suddenly remembered how Zhao Feng had purposely lost to Ran Xiaoyuan in the Floating Crest Competition and then linked it up with what Sister Yuan had said.

The expression of the Broken Moon Clan Master made the others remember what had happened when the two fought.

“This Zhao Feng even… even made someone as pure and innocent as Xiaoyuan… ”

The Clan Master’s face was cold as anger appeared on her holy face.

At one time, the Elders were speechless.

Finally, they reached an agreement: “We must punish this Zhao Feng!”


On the black and gold road.


Zhao Feng sent Lu Hu flying with one kick and wiped the sweat on his forehead: “This Lu Hu is indeed much stronger. Thanks to Sister Ran, we were able to beat him.”

“They… They’re all… ”

Ran Xiaoyuan’s eyes turned red as she sobbed.

She wanted to help Zhao Feng before because the latter was being bullied. But now, Lu Hu and Sun Yuanhao had both been kicked into the abyss.

Zhao Feng was somewhat guilty to Ran Xiaoyuan because it was his fault that Ran Xiaoyuan was a ‘helper’.

“It’s ok, there’s a weird array here so that when one falls into the abyss, they won’t die and will get sent out anyway.” Zhao Feng assured.

With his left eye, he had total control of his surroundings.


Zhao Feng’s figure lept into the air and landed in front of the pavilion again.

“What do you want to do!?”

The Illusion Fox screamed in fear and anger.

“Want to do? It’s all because of you.”

Zhao Feng ignored the mental energy attack and he stomped his foot forward.


After Sun Yuanhao and Lu Hu, Zhao Feng kicked another beast into the abyss.