King Of Gods Chapter 176

Chapter 176 – Mysterious Crystal Tears
Chapter 176 - Mysterious Crystal Tears

Zhao Feng’s expression became solemn - what kind of power did the pond have to make his left eye and bloodline power automatically trigger their defensive measures?

He was certain that even existences at the fifth or sixth Sky of the Ascended Realm would feel uneasy before this cold.

“This should be the ‘origin’.”

Zhao Feng had a feeling that the secret of the Dragon Snake Ice River was here because he had scanned the other areas with his left eye and found no result.

Zhao Feng’s left eye could only see through three yards of the freezing pond. If it had been a normal river, he could have seen ten yards into it, but the water in this area was extremely unique and unbelievably cold.

In other words, he couldn’t see the bottom of the river with his left eye.

“Is it worth it to find the secret of the Dragon Snake Ice River? I’ll have to enter the pond to see.”

Zhao Feng’s thoughts turned.

If it was any other disciple here, they wouldn’t have tried because the chill within the freezing pond would even freeze beings at the Ascended Realm into ice blocks.

“My Silver Wall Technique has reached the highest level and has strong resistance against the cold. Apart from that, my bloodline power also seems to resist the cold as well.”

Zhao Feng thought for a while and then clenched his teeth as he decided to gamble.

Instinct told him that this Dragon Snake Ice River was very mysterious, and his left eye was attracted to the ancient aura inside.

Furthermore, he had many advantages which gave him a high chance of being able to retreat unharmed.


Zhao Feng’s figure was like a fish as he lept into the pond.

The next instant, a bone-chilling coldness enveloped his entire body.

If it was someone else with the same cultivation as him, they would instantly be frozen numb and would die quickly if they didn’t return to the surface.

However, Zhao Feng had trained in the Silver Wall Technique, which had strengthened his body.

In an instant, he had circulated his True Force to form a silver layer of light around his body.

Zhao Feng fully opened his left eye and sank deeper.

One yard…. Two yards…. Three yards….

Zhao Feng couldn’t stand it anymore at three yards, but luckily the azure blood within his body began to boil and a warm feeling suffused his body.

The power of the bloodline had stronger resistance than even the Silver Wall Technique.

Four yards… five yards… six yards….

The deeper he went, the more terrifying the coldness became.

Within the coldness was also a power which threatened to erode his soul and consciousness, but luckily, the light within his left eye rotated quickly and resisted the soul attack.

Even someone as strong as Yang Gan would be stopped at three yards, but Zhao Feng had already reached six yards, which was almost his limit.

He clenched his teeth and continued onward.

Six yards… Seven yards… Eight yards….

That was it!

Zhao Feng felt his body freeze and was almost rendered unable to return back to the surface.


Zhao Feng exclaimed in his heart as his bloodline power and True Force started to burn.


Zhao Feng began to move like a fish and swam back to the top.

“So close.”

Zhao Feng sighed out in relief.

Obviously it wasn’t like he didn’t gain anything.

Before Zhao Feng swam up, he saw a mysterious, transparent blue tear-shaped crystal the size of a watermelon.

“What’s the history of this blue crystal?”

Zhao Feng felt cold just by glancing at it. Luckily, it was with his left eye; had it been a normal eye, the coldness would have frozen his body immediately.

Instinct told Zhao Feng that this item wasn’t something he could touch nor have.

This thing was even more troublesome than ordinary Spiritual-grade weapons.

However, Zhao Feng was unwilling to let this go without inspecting it further.

The second time.

He first ate a Scarlet Blood Fruit because it contained pure Yang energy.

After swallowing it, Zhao Feng felt as if a fire was burning in his heart, which also ignited his bloodline power and True Force at the same time.

He had used one Scarlet Blood Fruit as the price to fight the cold within the freezing pond.


Entering once again, Zhao Feng was easily able to reach eight yards. His entire body was ablaze due to the Scarlet Blood Fruit.

At eight yards, there were only three yards left to the transparent blue crystal. The blue crystal was like an ice lotus, beautiful and eye-catching, but when looked at, it gave its beholder a chilly feeling.

Zhao Feng could only use his left eye to ‘inspect and admire’ it.

Eight yards…. Nine yards….

Zhao Feng felt the coldness increase with every step he took.

He was almost at ten yards, just one yard and a bit away from the blue crystal.

At this moment, Zhao Feng would be frozen solid if he took one more step.

Inspecting it under such a close distance, Zhao Feng found that the crystal wasn’t exactly a “solid” because its surface slightly rippled, like a teardrop.

“So unfortunate… is there really no way?”

Zhao Feng knew that, unless he wanted to die, there was no chance.


His figure swam up and as he did so, a plan formed.

He took out a thin silver silk string.

This silver string was extremely thin, forged from chilling metal that gave it properties of ice, and was a half-mortal grade weapon material.

Zhao Feng took out his Luohou bow and then wrapped one side of the string around the bow while wrapping the other side on a dark azure arrow.

This way the arrow shot out could be taken back.

“Hehe. I’ll try it out.”

Zhao Feng laughed lightly. Since the blue crystal tear wasn’t exactly a solid, this was his only option.

He then circulated his True Force and fired his arrow towards the blue crystal tear. To make sure no accidents happened, Zhao Feng held back on retreating until he felt the arrow hit its mark.


The dark azure arrow contained the power of his bloodline and True Force, and shot towards the blue crystal tear with half the speed of sound.

However, the arrow gradually lost speed and eventually turned into an ice arrow before barely managing to touch the ripples surrounding the blue crystal.

These ripples were actually part of the blue crystal tear as well.


A queer noise sounded from the bottom of the freezing pond, a sound which went straight through his soul.

Zhao Feng hiccupped and quickly swam up as he felt a sense of life-threatening danger.

At the same time, a terrifying coldness exuded from the Luohou bow.

“Not good!”

Zhao Feng felt his body turn numb and immediately threw the Luohou Bow away into the air.


His body lept several yards into the air and started to run on the air. Only when he was a few hundred yards away did he land back down onto the ground.

But even though Zhao Feng was several hundred yards away from the freezing pond, he could still feel the terrifying coldness.


Inside a tall tower in the nearby forest.

“What the hell is going on? Why did it suddenly become so cold?”

Yang Gan was at the ninth floor of the tower but still felt a chilling intent.

He wasn’t the only one affected.

Bei Moi and the other disciples all felt this cold.

With the Dragon Snake Ice River as the core, a chill spread across the Sky Boundary Island, causing the temperature to drop dramatically.

In just a few breaths of time, the temperature of the Sky Boundary Island had gone down by tens of degrees and kept dropping for the next ten breaths.

At the rate the temperature was dropping by, the entire Sky Boundary Island might become an island of ice.

In front of the freezing pond.


Zhao Feng felt as if his limbs had turned into ice.

He was the person who did this and was also closest to the pond, meaning that the cold he faced was the strongest, but luckily, the chilling intent only exploded for an instant before calming down.

Zhao Feng’s eyesight never moved away from the freezing pond, and his Luohou Bow fell down from the air still carrying a silver silk string that had now turned blue, while the arrow on the other side had broken into pieces and was now replaced by a blue ripple.

This blue ripple was a part of the blue crystal tear from the freezing pond.

Si Si---

The power of the blue ripple extended to the Luohou Bow through the string, which didn’t break into pieces as it already had the properties of ice to it.

After several breaths, the blue ripple disappeared into the Luohou Bow and formed a weird symbol on it.

The symbol was like an ice lotus that had bloomed.


The silver string broke into pieces.

Zhao Feng jumped up in fright but found that the Luohou Bow wasn’t damaged. It was a middle-grade Mortal weapon, after all, and was equal to a high grade weapon when used with its arrows.

The Luohou Bow lay on the ground, unmoving.

After feeling the coldness dissipate, Zhao Feng quietly walked over to the Luohou Bow. Touching it carefully with his hand, he felt a bone-chilling intent radiate from the bow, but it only spun around the bow and didn’t enter his body.

“At least the bow’s not broken.”

Zhao Feng let out a long breath as he carefully inspected the Luohou Bow, and found that apart from the bow being changed somehow by the power of the blue crystal tear, nothing had changed.

The power of the blue crystal tear was terrifying, as just a bit of its power had caused the temperature of the Sky Boundary Island to drop by tens of degrees.

He took out an arrow from his quiver, but his expression suddenly changed. All the arrows inside his quiver had turned faint blue, as if they had been changed by the cold when he had entered the freezing pond.

Sou-- Beng~

Zhao Feng pulled back his Luohou Bow and fired an arrow at a big tree.


The arrow pierced into the tree but didn’t go through,

Every flower and tree of the Sky Boundary Island was not simple, and if it was a tree of the outside world, it would definitely leave a gaping hole.

“There doesn’t seem to be any change in power?”

Zhao Feng was slightly disappointed. Could it be that his instinct was wrong?

The arrow had not increased in strength; on the contrary, it shattered into pieces after it hit its target, meaning that the material had been changed due to taking in too much ice attribute.

However, the next instant.

Si-- Si---

A layer of ice which became thicker and thicker formed on the tree that had been shot through.

In just one to two breaths of time, the ten metre high tree had been covered in ice and was like an ice statue, breathtaking in the sunlight.

“Sealed in ice…..”

Zhao Feng took in a cold breath, stunned.