King Of Gods Chapter 185

Chapter 185 – Worsen
Chapter 185 - Worsen

The Floating Crest Trial had entered the last stages and even someone as strong as Yang Gan, who had reached the peak 5th Sky and was half a step into the 6th Sky, felt hard-pressed.

On the eighth day of the pursuit, which was also the twenty-sixth day of the trial.

Yang Gan was puffing and cold sweat formed on his forehead. The monster behind him was slow compared to him, but after being chased for seven to eight days straight, even he couldn’t take it.

Before he left, he had prepared some pills. But after continuously eating them, their effects decreased.

It wasn’t a matter of energy recovery now, but his life.

“My cultivation’s the highest, there shouldn’t be anyone left now.” Yang Gan thought.

At this moment, the black metal monsters’ speed was faster than normal cultivators at the 4th Sky. People such as Bei Moi and Quan Chen should have exited now. But Yang Gan was unwilling to leave this early.

Only twenty six days had passed; it wasn’t even a month yet and according to First Elder, Hai Yun Master had lasted longer than a month.

“A month! I need to last at least a month to break the record!”

Yang Gan clenched his teeth.

Although his will was strong, the life within him was slowly fading away, meaning that he wouldn’t be able to last long.


At a certain moment in time, Yang Gan saw a figure.

“Who is it?”

Yang Gan’s heart skipped a beat. How could there be others still in the trial apart from him?

The figure was a familiar, expressionless youth.

The youths cultivation wasn’t high, but his speed was extremely fast. A green gourd hung in front of his chest. He was also wearing a green/gold cloth shirt, which had a pair of wings protruding from the back, giving him faster speed and better agility.

“Bei Moi!”

Yang Gan’s eyes went wide.

The person coming was indeed Bei Moi and his luck was considered the best of all the disciples. He was sent to the entrance of the ancient garden from the start and he found many treasures.

The green/gold cloth shirt was an unique treasure which could allow the user to float in the air by just inserting their True Force inside.

In terms of speed, Bei Moi’s could be compared to the 5th Sky and he didn’t seem to be trying much.

“Brother Yang.”

Bei Moi glanced expressionlessly at Yang Gan before running off on his own.

This scene caused Yang Gan’s heart to shake. There was still someone else in the trial and what made it unacceptable was that the other person seemed to be much more relaxed than him.

Don’t even talk about breaking Hai Yun Masters’ record - it would already be hard trying to come first in this generation.

“There’s only one thing I can do now.”

Yang Gan took a deep breath and he turned in the direction of the tall tower. He was kind of familiar with the tall tower and there were many powerful beasts there, including a ‘Yao Beast King’, which was comparable to the True Spirit Realm.

Yang Gan had a plan and that was to attract the black metal monster to the ‘Yao Beast King’, so the two would fight.

However, this wasn’t something that he dared try easily because the ‘Yao Beast King’ had no restrictions. Its attack and speed weren’t controlled.

Once he was locked onto by the ‘Yao Beast King’, he would be instantly killed.

Furthermore, the Yao Beast King was the leader of a beast horde, which included subordinates at the 5th, 6th and even 7th Sky of the Ascended Realm.

Due to the change in temperature however, most of the subordinates had died or were in hiding.

Unknowingly, the danger of Yang Gan’s plan dropped.


Yang Gan attracted the black metal monster to the territory of the ‘Yao Beast King’.

At this moment he took a deep breath and concentrated. The slightest mistake could mean his death.

The danger of a Yao Beast King was far greater than the black metal monster.

Zhao Feng also knew that there was a Yao Beast King here, but he didn’t dare use this plan because the risk was just too great.

Kong~~~~ Wu~~~~

From the tall tower forest came a frightening howl and a fierce-looking Three-Headed Blazing Lion charged over.

The Blazing Lion had three heads and it was enveloped in flames. Before it even came close, Yang Gan already felt the scorching heat.

“I was found so fast.” Yang Gan was surprised.

From several miles away, the Three-Headed Blazing Lion had felt his existence, but it was attracted by the True Spirit Realm aura of the black metal monster.

Yang Gan immediately retreated back to the black metal monster.

This was an extremely dangerous move since it meant that Yang Gan would have to face the attacks of both the black metal monster and Yao Beast King. But of the two, the black metal monsters’ speed was slower, meaning that it was less risky.

Soon, the Three-Headed Blazing Lion caught up and he showed his dominance towards the black metal monster. But he was ignored by the latter who was focusing on pursuing Yang Gan.

The Yao Beast King was extremely angry - he was the King of this forest and this intruder dared to ignore him??

As for Yang Gan, this ant was ignored. The latter then ran left and right with the black metal monster close behind and the Yao Beast King behind the monster.

The defense of the black metal monster was extremely strong - it took many hits from the Yao Beast King and it wasn’t injured severely.

Raging Scorch of the Heavens!

The Yao Beast King used its ultimate attack and sent three a flame from each of its heads, which then intertwined together and shot towards the black metal monster.

With a ‘boom’, a hole the size of half a football field was left in the ground, scorched black.

Yang Gan was one mile away, but he was still slightly injured by the blast.

Luckily, this risk paid off - one of the wings and foot of the black metal monster was broken in the attack. It was just a matter of time before the monster was finished off by the Yao Beast King.

Yang Gan didn’t dare to hesitate and he immediately took off to avoid being pursued by the Yao Beast King after it finished off the black metal monster. No one would be able to survive the chasing of an existence at the True Spirit Realm.

For the next one to two days, Yang Gan was successfully able to run away.

“The risk was worth it; I took out a black metal monster.”

Yang Gan let out a long breath as excitement and proudness glinted in his eyes.

He didn’t know that he wasn’t the first to have such a plan. One wondered what would happen if he knew that someone had already killed a monster several days earlier with far less effort.

But before Yang Gan could be happy for one or two days, danger once again approached him.

On the eleventh day of the pursuit, which was also the twenty-ninth day of the trial.


A flashing white door opened ten yards away and from it came out a blurry figure… What!?

Yang Gan’s body froze as he exclaimed: “Why is there another one!?”


Yang Gan instantly made his decision to run, even though the black metal monster had not fully appeared yet.

The aura that radiated from this black metal monster was the same as the one before, but it’s speed started off at the 4th Sky straight away.

Treasury within the Castle.

Peng Si~ Peng Si~

Zhao Feng used his Lightning Wind Palm and he steadily attacked the array.

The protective array had faded by over half.

“The array will break in another two days.”

Zhao Feng smiled as he looked at the egg inside. He was thinking what type of species would it be, could it be a legendary ancient type?

There were some people who had received eggs or newborn animals which were used as mounts or pets. Some pets had great battle power and could hold their own.

There was apparently a ‘Golden Ashen Giant Eagle’, which could carry many people at once and it could kill cultivators at the 6th and 7th Sky of the Ascended Realm.


Suddenly, a terrifying aura enveloped Zhao Feng - it was as if something had locked onto him.

This feeling was very familiar.


A flashing white door appeared outside the treasury and a blurry figure appeared.

“What…!? There’s more!?”

Zhao Feng was stunned.

Calculating the time, it had been ten days since the start of the pursuit.

Ten days.

This was an important information.

Every ten days, there would be an extra black metal monster and this was the third tenth day.

Zhao Feng might have finished off one black metal monster, but as time progressed, the difficulty increased.


The treasury shook lightly as the black metal monsters’ attack landed on the array. The latter’s size was about three stories high and it couldn’t enter the treasury, but a casual attack from it had already shattered the ice near the entrance.

Just a sizzle of energy was pushed into the treasury and it almost made Zhao Feng cough up blood. Once it fully blocked off the entrance, Zhao Feng would die.


Zhao Feng turned into a transparent blue figure the instant the shock wave faded and he sprinted out of the treasury.


That figure left a faint azure glow in the sky, the symbol of Zhao Feng using his bloodline power to the max.

In that short instant.

Zhao Feng’s explosive speed was comparable to the 6th Sky and he landed on the rooftop opposite the treasury.

He had finally escaped!

“This fella’s speed is comparable to the 4th Sky and it just came out!”

Zhao Feng took in a deep breath.

Without hesitation, he once again attracted the black metal monster towards the freezing pond.

Four hours later.

The temperature of the entire Sky Boundary Island reached a point where those at the 4th Sky even felt cold.

“What the heck? The temperature dropped again.”

One hundred miles away, Bei Moi’s expression turned solemn. Two monsters chased Bei Moi and they came from different angles as well.

At the same time.

Zhaso Feng glanced at the freezing pond and murmured to himself: “It can only seal up to two monsters… ”

The area next to the blue crystal tear had been taken up by two small ice mountains. It wouldn’t be able to freeze another black metal monster since the latter wouldn’t be able to be so close.

At the same time, the temperature had reached a point where even those at the 4th Sky felt cold. If it worsened even more…

Zhao Feng then flew back towards the treasury at max speed.

After finishing off the second black metal monster, he only had ten days to get the egg out.