King Of Gods Chapter 187

Chapter 187 – Vine Ocean
Chapter 187 - Vine Ocean

The egg was around the size of a fist and it was a dull grey color. The shell had carvings on it that appeared simple but profound at the same time.

Zhao Feng held the grey egg and he felt that it was just a stone with no life in it. However, if he calmed down and looked at it with his left eye, it was like he was holding a beating heart.

After inspecting it for a while, Zhao Feng still had no clue whatsoever.

He first put a bit of his True Force in, but there was no response. Zhao Feng realised that the egg shell had strong resistance against True Force.

He suddenly remembered that in some ancient records, it said that one could use their blood to sign a pact.

However, this was just a rumour – Zhao Feng didn’t know how to do it.

He paused slightly. Then, he bit his finger and sprayed a few drops of his blood onto the shell.

The egg still didn’t move, but Zhao Feng felt that his blood made the carvings on the egg more exquisite.

Enhancing his vision several hundredfold, Zhao Feng caught faint signs of the egg responding.

“Is my blood that rubbish?”

Zhao Feng could see clearly that only one-thousandth of his blood had been absorbed by the egg shell.

Then, he had a flash of insight and decided to try it with his bloodline power.

According to the Blood Corpse Protector, Zhao Feng had an ancient bloodline that made even the spawns of the Scarlet Moon Religion wary. This time, Zhao Feng carefully dropped a stream of faint azure blood that was as thin as a string onto the egg.

It entered without resistance.

Zhao Feng was overjoyed!

However, the next instant, his expression changed dramatically.

Wu~ Weng~~~~

The faint azure blood within him was being sucked out - it was seemingly entering a bottomless hole.

The grey egg was like a newborn baby that was ravenously taking in nutrients.

In just two short breaths, over half of the bloodline power within Zhao Feng had been sucked out, making him feel weak after having lost so much bloodline power.

“Stop! Stoppp!”

Zhao Feng circulated his left eye, and the azure abyss in the dimension of his left eye spun.

His bloodline power originated from his left eye and it was controlled by him after all. Zhao Feng had forcefully cut off the relationship with the egg.


Zhao Feng effortlessly sat on the ground with a pale face. His mental energy was also low.

Although he had cut off the bond, over half of the azure blood had still been sucked into the grey egg.

The carvings on the egg had a streak of blood running through them, looking beautiful and sinister.

Peh Peh! Peh Peh!

Zhao Feng heard a heartbeat emerge from within the depths of the egg like a new life was being created.

After waiting for a long time, the grey egg stopped moving. The only thing that changed was that its life aura became stronger.

Zhao Feng sat cross-legged on the ground and he took a big gulp of Spiritual wine as well as ate some treasures. He was soon engulfed in a hot feeling.

… He had paid a large price to recover his bloodline power.

“There’s still five days till the trials’ difficulty becomes far harder.”

Zhao Feng felt that time was running out.

According to what had happened, the difficulty would rise another level every ten days.

Zhao Feng had spent five days getting the egg, leaving him five days to prepare.

However, the recovery of his bloodline power was slower than wheat he had imagined.

Even though he had eaten a bunch of treasures and his True Force was bulging to the point that his cultivation had reached the peak of the 3rd Sky, the recovery of his bloodline power was still slow.

While he was recovering, Zhao Feng didn’t pay attention to the ring beside him.

The blood carvings on the grey eggshell faded away and a small crack that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye appeared.

Under normal circumstances, these changes wouldn’t escape Zhao Feng’s eyes. But the latter was focused on recovering his bloodline power and not on examining the grey egg.

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed.

Zhao Feng’s mental energy had reached its peak again and his bloodline power was mostly recovered.

“There’re still two more days till the start of the new pursuit.”

Zhao Feng put the grey egg inside his interspatial bracelet and didn’t notice the miniature cracks on the grey egg’s surface.

The most important thing to do right now was to prepare for the next pursuit.

Four hours later.

Zhao Feng arrived at the origin of the Dragon Snake Ice River - the freezing pond.

The wind near the freezing pond was like chilling knives.

Zhao Feng came over this time to see whether or not the freezing pond could handle another black metal monster.

After a while, Zhao Feng shook his head – the result was the same as last time.

The area where the mysterious blue crystal tear was had been occupied by the first two black metal monsters.

If he used the tear drop again, the temperature would reach the point where even those at the 4th and 5th Sky of the Ascended Realm would find it hard to resist.

The same plan couldn’t be used.

“I must think of another plan.” Zhao Feng murmured.

He soon remembered the Yao Beast King in the tall tower forest.

“The Yao Beast King in the tall tower forest should be able to fight the black metal monster, and with my ice arrows, we could kill the monster, but it’ll be dangerous… ”

Zhao Feng entered the forest, but after searching for hours, he still couldn’t find the Yao Beast King.

At a certain place in the forest, Zhao Feng saw a scorched hole in the ground; it seemed that a huge battle had taken place here.

“This plan’s already been used, and most likely by Brother Yang! Being an existence at the True Spirit Realm, the Yao Beast King has high intelligence and the same plan will be hard to succeed twice.”

Zhao Feng once again denied this plan.

He decisively left the tall tower forest and arrived near the vine ocean.

The vine ocean was also a forbidden zone in the Sky Boundary Island.

Zhao Feng had almost lost his life last time he was here.

“If I’m seeing correctly, there’s a “Vine King” in the centre of the Vine Ocean and has unbelievable strength. It seems to be one with the entire ocean.”

Zhao Feng stood far away and gave this conclusion after inspecting for a long time.

If he was correct, the entire vine ocean was only a part of the “Vine King” itself.

If so, then this area was definitely one of the most terrifying existences.

The reason he said ‘one of’ was because Zhao Feng had seen even more terrifying beings.

When he was first scouting the Sky Boundary Island, Zhao Feng had found a mountain. The enormous mountain was actually a “Mountain Monster” that was in deep sleep.

Zhao Feng couldn’t even predict how strong it was, but from its deep aura, it seemed that it could kill those at the True Spirit Realm as easily as stepping on ants.

Until it came worst to worst, Zhao Feng didn’t want to offend the “Mountain Monster”.

Therefore, he chose the vine ocean instead. He had been here once before and was slightly familiar.

For the next day, Zhao Feng surveyed the area nearby the vine ocean with his left eye.

At this time, there were only two people left in the entire Sky Boundary Island: Zhao Feng and Bei Moi.

Zhao Feng’s left eye saw the latter many times from far away, but Bei Moi was focusing on running away and didn’t find Zhao Feng.

“This guy’s luck is just too good…. He’s wearing a unique shirt and has that gourd….”

Zhao Feng clucked his tongue.

Bei Moi could withstand the pursuit of two black metal monsters up to here.

Time flew by quickly and the third pursuit was about to begin.

Both Zhao Feng and Bei Moi had made their preparations.

On the thirty eighth day of the trial.

Weng! Weng!

A flashing white door appeared on Zhao Feng’s left and right at the same time, and from it, there was a blurry figure that radiated a terrifying aura.

“What!? There’s more than one!”

Zhao Feng felt two deadly auras.

Two black metal monsters then appeared ten yards away on his left and right.


Zhao Feng used his bloodline power, becoming a transparent figure that flew towards the place above the vine ocean.

The battle plan had been simulated thousands of times in Zhao Feng’s mind to accommodate any change.

The only difference was that there was two black metal monsters instead of one this time.

Sou--- Sou---

Two black metal monsters flapped their wings and pincer-attacked towards Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng’s azure hair flew in the wind as he inspected the vine ocean below. His figure became a fish that swam through the gaps and would occasionally use his bloodline power and use his ‘Burning Wind Stance’ to destroy part of the vines to create a path for him.

When Zhao Feng was scouting the Sky Boundary Island before, he had realised that these vines had a bit of resistance against his Lightning Wind Palm.

It was the ‘Burning Wind Stance’ that could counter these vines.

Zhao Feng used his illusion fish movement skill to the max and, using his left eye to scan the surroundings, had acquired relative safety.

However, the two black metal monsters chasing him were big and were neither as agile nor as swift as Zhao Feng.

The two black metal monsters were soon wrapped by limitless vines, but because they were at the True Spirit Realm, their attacks instantly shattered through hundreds and thousands of vines.

Zhao Feng didn’t expect the normal vines to hold the monsters at the True Spirit Realm anyway.

His goal was to attract the black metal monsters to the centre and the plan was proceeding swiftly.

The black metal monster fell into the central area of the vine ocean.

Beng-- Sou- Sou-

Zhao Feng took out his Luohou Bow and fired three or four ice arrows near the two monsters’ surroundings.

The black metal monsters weren’t harmed by the ice arrows, but they caused their bodies to stiffen slightly at the critical point.

Beng! Pah! Pah…..

From the centre of the vine ocean came whistling sounds and tens of dark green vines the thickness of a bucket whipped through the air.


Zhao Feng had a feeling that the entire vine ocean was a living being. Every one of the ten vines had power comparable to the True Spirit Realm.

Luckily, he had planned his retreat in advance, and in reality, the Vine Kings’ attacks were only aimed towards the black metal monsters who posed a threat to him.

When Zhao Feng had retreated half a mile away, the two black metal monsters had been engulfed in the sea of vine ocean and couldn’t be seen.


Zhao Feng let out a long, relieved breath.


Before he could calm down, he felt something tangle his left wrist.

What was it!

Zhao Feng jumped up in fright as cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

Glancing over, the movement seemed to originate from within his interspatial bracelet….