King Of Gods Chapter 209

Chapter 209 – Ao Yuetian
Chapter 209 - Ao Yuetian

From several hundred yards up in the air, a clear piece of natural land with green grass and chirping birds came into view.

The Lin Moon Clan wasn’t deep within the mountains; it was next to a river. From high up, the river was in the shape of a curved moon. The heavenly energy there exceeded the Broken Moon Clan’s and several waterfalls made the area more wonderful.

Zhao Feng’s vision was broader and clearer, and this made him sigh. The Lin Moon Clan’s territory was much more beautiful than the Broken Moon Clan’s.

This was just the difference from the surface - the real difference was the heavenly energy here.

All the Clans would settle in a place rich in heavenly energy - this helped one’s cultivation and gave the clan members a better chance to break through.

If Bei Moi was placed in the Zhao family, even with the former’s talent, he wouldn’t be able to reach the Ascended Realm before the age of twenty.

Of the thirteen Clans, the Lin Moon Clan was ranked 4th, whereas the Broken Moon Clan was second to last, if not last.

After entering the territory of the Lin Moon Clan, the expressions of the Elders turned solemn.

At this time, a silver light came in from below.

“Haha, welcome, friends from the Broken Moon Clan.”

The comer was a silver/grey long sleeved Elder, who radiated an aura just below First Elder’s.

“Greetings, Elder Qun.”

First Elder smiled and greeted the newcomer, but Granny Liuyue and Hai Yun Master had slightly ugly expressions.

Elder Qun was only a normal elder of the Lin Moon Clan. First Elder had led the members of the Broken Moon Clan, but the Lin Moon Clan had only sent a normal Elder.

The Lin Moon Clan would normally send out the Clan Master or First Elder to greet them.

“Haha, Clan Master and First Elder are welcoming the Silver Moon Clan.”

Elder Qun seemed to know what the Elders of the Broken Moon Clan thought and laughed, but disdain flashed in his eyes.

Of the 3 Clans, the Broken Moon Clan was placed rock bottom and they had always come last in the Three Clan Party. Compared with them, the Silver Moon Clan was ranked 7th of the Thirteen Clans and were of greater importance.

Although the Elders of the Broken Moon Clan were angry, there was nothing they could do because the Broken Moon Clan lost battle after battle every time in the Three Clan Party.

Thinking up to here, the Elders looked at the participating disciples. The disciples of this generation were far stronger than before.

The Golden Ashen Giant Eagle landed in front of a palace.

Elder Qun smiled: “Let us old fellows go to the hall and discuss our matters. We’ll leave the younger generation to their own things.”

The Broken Moon Clan Elder’s nodded their heads, they were not surprised.

This was the norm for the Three Clan Party.

The Party had two objectives.

One was to discuss the cooperations between the Clan’s. The Scarlet Moon Religion had been quite the topic lately and it was probably one of the things that they would discuss.

The younger generation obviously wouldn’t participate in this.

The other reason was to let the younger generation of the three Clan’s spar with each other.

After all, the future of the younger generation determined a Clan’s future and it could determine the difference in strength between the Clans.

Usually, stronger Clans had more resources and their disciples would be more powerful.

For example, the ‘Four Stars’ were the top four ranked youths in the Thirteen Clans, meaning that the Lin Moon Clan also had one of the Four stars


The Broken Moon Clan entered into the hall.

“Friends, let me introduce you to the Lin Moon Clan.” An expressionless voice sounded.

The person that greeted the three was a white clothed youth, who had an expressionless attitude. All he did was faintly glance at the three disciples.

Bei Moi and Zhao Feng were both too lazy to say anything. Only Yang Gan smiled and introduced them.

Hearing about Zhao Feng and Bei Moi, Meng Yun, the white clothed youth said faintly: “So it’s two newbies.”

Meng Yun and Yang Gan seemed to know each other, but they weren’t exactly familiar.

“Brother Meng, what’s your rank of the Core disciples in the Lin Moon Clan?” Yang Gan asked.

This question peaked Zhao Feng and Bei Moi’s interest. Meng Yun’s aura was close to Yang Gan’s, at the peak 5th Sky.

“Third.” Meng Yun replied.

On the way, he led the Broken Moon disciples carefreely. It was as if he didn’t even bother to talk to them - he was just too lazy to do so.

The higher-ups of the Lin Moon Clan had only sent a normal Elder to greet the Broken Moon Clan and they had only sent the third ranked Core disciple to greet Zhao Feng and co.

“I heard that a disciple of your Clan has become one of the ‘Four Stars’, such a genius is admirable… ” Yang Gan said and started to ask about the circumstances about the Lin Moon Clan.

Meng Yun’s attitude towards him was only average and Yang Gan was helpless because the two next to him didn’t like to say anything.

Bei Moi was always expressionless, while Zhao Feng was too lazy to speak.

Ahh, these two guys are both self centered, arrogant pricks.

“Being one of the Four Stars, Brother Ao might or might not appear at the Three Clan Party this time. He has already reached the peak of the 6th Sky several months ago and he has even learnt the hardest skill of the Lin Moon Clan ‘Moon God War’, something that no one has done at his age for a hundred years.”

When Meng Yun mentioned Ao Yuetian, a mocking smile appeared on the corner of his lips. Do you think clowns like you would have the right to challenge him?

Ao Yuetian was one of the Four Stars of the Thirteen Clans, his strength was top tier.

Even in the Thirteen Clans, not many people were his match, so how about just the three Clan’s people then?

“Impossible… Ao Yuetian’s actually cultivated the ‘Moon God War’.” Yang Gan exclaimed.

The Moon God War was a forbidden technique of the Lin Moon Clan, just like how Lightning Wind Palm was in the Broken Moon Clan. But the Moon God War was more advanced and complete, therefore its power was terrifying.

“I heard that one person in your Clan received an Inheritance, better than what I thought.” Meng Yun taunted.

Hearing this, Yang Gan got angry and he was about to explode.

“Ok, this is it.”

Meng Yun’s words took a twist and he led the three into a beautiful garden.

In the centre of the garden, there was a small pavilion with snacks inside. Disciples from both the Lin Moon Clan and Silver Moon Clan sat in the pavilion.

“Brother Ao and fellow daoists from the Silver Moon Clan, the participating disciples from the Broken Moon Clan have arrived.” Meng Yun purposely said loudly to catch everyone’s attention.

In the centre sat ‘Ao Yuetian’, wearing a robe of blue. In terms of charisma and attractiveness, he was on par with Yang Gan, a man of women’s dreams. But there was an arrogance that enveloped Ao Yuetian and his eyes alone brought great pressure.


All Ao Yuetian did was faintly nod his head. There was no intention of him getting up and to greet them.

Meng Yun started to introduce everyone.

“This is the Head disciple of the Silver Moon Clan, Mao Feng… ”

Meng Yun’s attitude was slightly more respectful when he started to introduce the Silver Moon Clan.

The Head disciple of the Silver Moon Clan had the same cultivation level as Yang Gan. On Mao Feng’s left and right sat a red haired youth and a silver robed sword-user.


Zhao Feng’s gaze landed on the red haired youth. Wasn’t he the youth he had seen that day in the ancient temple?

“This is Li Hong, ranked 2nd of the Silver Moon Clan Core disciples.” Meng Yun only slightly mentioned him.

Soon, the team of each Clan were announced.

The Lin Moon Clan was led by Ao Yuetian. The Silver Moon Clan was led by Mao Feng. The Broken Moon Clan was led by Yang Gan.

All three Head disciples had reached the 6th Sky of the Ascended Realm, but it was obvious Ao Yuetian was stronger than the other two.

Ao Yuetian was one of the Four Stars after all, and he stood a tier higher than the other two.

“The Broken Moon Clan even sends out disciples at the 4th Sky.” Several Core disciples discussed within the Lin Moon Clan.


In front of all these representatives, Zhao Feng’s 4th Sky cultivation stood out.

Some of the Core disciples of the Lin Moon Clan even said in disdain: “Even if they send weaker Core disciples, we’ll still be able to destroy that guy. It looks like the Broken Moon Clan has indeed fallen.”

“Quiet.” Ao Yuetian hmphed coldly and the pavilion instantly fell silent.

He wasn’t blaming these people for being rude, he just felt that it was embarrassing. From the beginning till now, he hadn’t even looked clearly at the disciples of the Broken Moon Clan, and why the heck would he look at the trash at the 4th Sky?

However, other disciples of his Clan had talked about ‘comparing’ themselves to him, wasn’t that embarrassing?

“Has the genius that has talent comparable to an Earth Spiritual Body appeared yet?” Mao Feng of the Silver Moon Clan suddenly asked.

Earth Spiritual Body!

The expressions of the geniuses from both Clan’s changed and a glint of light appeared in Bei Moi’s eyes.

“Sister Zhao will be arriving soon.”

A rare smile appeared on Ao Yuetian’s face.

“Sister Zhao is here.”

Several Core disciples exclaimed.

A quiet, goddess-like girl walked in from outside. Her beauty was incomparable and she looked like a delicate carving.

She wore a long purple dress and was draped in green, she had eyes as clear as crystal and skin as smooth as jade.

The second she walked inside the pavilion, many disciples were lost in that beauty.

Apart from Mao Feng, the other two disciples of the Silver Moon Clan, the red haired Li Hong and silver robed sword-user were both dazed.

“That is the rumoured ‘Purple Smoke Goddess’? The beauty that has talent comparable to an Earth Spiritual Body and the one that received an inheritance? The rumours are far from the reality.”

Mao Feng couldn’t contain the love and stunned look in his eyes.

“Sister Zhao.”

Ao Yuetian smiled and stood up to greet the Purple Smoke Goddess. His attitude towards her was far more welcoming than greeting the other disciples.

Everyone else felt slightly jealous, but because of Ao Yuetian’s overwhelming strength, there was nothing they could do.

“Yufei’s late.” The Purple Smoke Goddess smiled faintly, as like a lotus blooming.

But two people in the crowd were extremely surprised.

“It’s her… ”

Zhao Feng and Bei Moi were stunned.