King Of Gods Chapter 221

Chapter 221 – Flying
Chapter 221 - Flying

Within the stone room.

The one human and one cat sat on the ground cultivating.

Half a day later, the flask brewed another batch of alcohol which contained gave off a spiritual smell.

Although it hadn’t become Spiritual-grade alchohol, through Zhao Feng’s left eye he could still tell that this alcohol could improve the bodies of those that were at the Ascended Realm.

He also found that the longer the flask brewed, the higher the grade of the alcohol would be and even had the chances of creating true Spiritual alcohol.

But this process would need around one month.

Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat had made a deal to split 50-50.

The little thieving cat’s desire towards the alcohol had almost reached the level of his desire for treasure.


The human and cat cultivated quietly in the stone room.

Zhao Feng was consolidating his cultivation while trying to draw out more of the potential within the mysterious liquid.

Because the little thieving cat had eaten the insect corpse, it hadn’t fully digested it.

Two days later.

Both the auras radiating from Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat had increased.

Zhao Feng didn’t know the exact strength of the cat but there shouldn’t be much problem of it taking care of the Core disciples within the Clan.

“There’s only ten days left till the Alliance Banquet and my mission isn’t completed yet.”

Zhao Feng decided to return.

The human and cat flew in the air and left the silver crystal field.

Zhao Feng surveyed the tombs below but didn’t dare go close.

That was a forbidden area containing the ‘Curse of One Hundred Graves” whose origin came from these tombs. Although the bodies in the tombs had died, they still radiated a fearsome aura which confirmed that they were all existences at the True Spirit Realm or higher when alive.

The closer one got the mysterious erosion force would also be stronger.

Returning to the ground of white bones.

Zhao Feng once again had to face the attacks of the white skeletons.

Lightning Wind Palm!

Zhao Feng used all his power and amist the combination of lightning and wind, the skeleton were scattered into dust.

At this moment in time, even the skeletons at the 7th Sky were easily taken care of by Zhao Feng.

After exiting the ground of white bones, the area of mist appeared.

“The tombs should be the core and centre of this place; the ground of white bones as the inner circle and the area of mist and the outer circle.”

Zhao Feng concluded.

After entering the area of mist, one’s senses would be disrupted and lose their sense of direction. As for whether they were able to escape successfully it depended on luck.

Once someone entered the ground of white bones they would be affected by the power of the curse.


The Yin Shadow Cloak flapped and Zhao Feng turned into an azure streak that gave the occasional sizzle of lightning that sped towards the boundaries of the area of mist.


Zhao Feng seemed to sense something and immediately hid behind a big tree.

An instant later two powerful auras entered the area of mist.

One of them was a grey-robed old man while the other was an old woman.

The two both had the air of True Spirit surrounding them which could even counter a bit of the mysterious power within the area of mist.

Obviously, these two were at the True Spirit Realm.

“The Forbidden land of One Hundred Graves indeed lives up to it’s name. My spiritual sense can only extend up to one yard here.”

The grey robed old man sighed.

“Do you still want to continue? The curse from the Forbidden land of One Hundred Graves isn’t something that those at the True Spirit Realm can counter. In the past those who had escaped from this place had all been cursed and went crazy before dying in just a few years time….”

The old woman persuaded.

Zhao Feng who was hiding behind a tree felt his heart clench. He didn’t think that the curse from the “Forbidden land of One Hundred Graves” was this terrifying. Even those at the True Spirit Realm who had survived exiting this place had died in the end.

Could a bit of this curse still be on him?

Although Zhao Feng had his mysterious left eye, he wasn’t certain.

Furthermore, from the looks of it the two in front of his eyes were obviously stronger than the Elders in the Clan.

“This Old Man only has tens of years of life yet and it’s impossible for me to break through to the True Lord Realm and the Origin Core Realm in this Area of Dust. According to the records of the “Ancient Shrine”, if I can leave this place, the chances of success are at least ten times higher.”

The grey robed elder was full of determination.

Sending the two at the True Spirit Realm away with his eyes Zhao Feng didn’t dare use his left eye to lock on to them even though he knew that one’s senses were restricted in this area.

It was because of this reason the two couldn’t sense Zhao Feng who also had the help of the Yin Shadow Cloak.

A while later.

Zhao Feng heard a long shout - the grey robed elder had entered the ground of bones.

“These two should be Elders of the ‘Ancient Shrine”. I’ll wait and see the situation.”

Zhao Feng didn’t make any rash moves.

The area of mist was to his advantage - he wasn’t scared of being found here.

A white later.

A scream came from the ground of bones.


The noise of flying through the air sounded, only to see the grey robed elder retreat from the ground of bones.

The old woman immediately went up urgently and asked the situation.

The grey robed elder was full of fear and couldn’t stop trembling. Face green, he finally managed to speak out: “The curse has enveloped my body and my lifeforce is being drained…..”


The grey robed elder sat cross-legged on the ground and ate some spiritual pills with the woman helping nearby.

Zhao Feng’s face was weird - what had infected the grey robed old man?

Standing from afar, he used his left and to inspect.


When Zhao Feng’s left eye saw the grey robed elder, his heart went cold and couldnlt help but take a cold breath.

Through his left eye he saw invisible white hands stained in blood crawl around the grey robed elder’s body.

The organs of the grey robed elder were being eroded by the invisible hands.

This scene made Zhao Feng’s hairs stand up.

Even the old woman next to the grey robed elder felt uneasy and had to maintain a certain distance while circulating his True Force.

When the old woman came near, the white invisible hands would also attack her.

Of course, although they couldn’t see the existences of the hands they could instinctively feel the threat from them.

Zhao Feng’s eyes was filled with pity - that grey robed elder probably won’t live past half a year.

“This Forbidden land of One Hundred Graves is indeed, forbidden.”

Zhao Feng was pretty scared, he never expected that the little thieving cat would take him to such a dangerous place. If he had first known the situation here, Zhao Feng wouldn’t dare go in even if he had one hundred more guts.

Zhao Feng immediately circulated his left eye to check the cat’s and his situation but found that there was nothing wrong.

Zhao Feng let out a breath.

The reason why Zhao Feng wasn’t affected by the curse was because of the mysterious left eye. It was like a token that could dissipate the power of curses.

As for the little thieving cat, it’s history was extremely mysterious and was the one to lead him here in the first place.

“Little thieving cat, don’t do this next time.”

Zhao Feng coldly glanced at the little thieving cat with his left eye.

The little thieving cat gave cold hiccup and nodded its head multiple times before taking out the ancient coin and playing with it sadly.

Zhao Feng knew that only the mysterious left eye could control the little thieving cat or else with the cat’s attitude why did it even not bother with those at the True Spirit Realm?

Not long after.

The grey robed old man and old woman flew away.

Before they left sounded the old woman’s voice: “This is for not listening to me. In the past thousand years only Lord Patriarch was able to Forbidden land of One Hundred Graves and return unharmed. But even the Patriarch wasn’t able conquer this place. All we can do know is go to the Iron Dragon Country and find Division Leader. He’s extremely mysterious but profound in mental energy techniques. Maybe there’s a way…..”

After the two left for a while.

Zhao Feng’s figure appeared as he squinted his eyes: “Is this Patriarch the Scarlet Moon Patriarch?”

He didn’t stay any longer and left the way he came through the area of mist.

Two days later.

Zhao Feng found the Two headed Silver Crowned Bird in the Sky Cloud Forest.

The Two headed Silver Crowned Bird was a lord of the skies whose strength was incomparable amongst those at the 6th Sky.

But Zhao Feng’s strength now was at least twice of what he had left the clan with. Just with one pull of the Luohou Bow he was able to slay a Two headed Silver Crowned Bird.

The mission required four heads and Zhao Feng soon found another one.

This time Zhao Feng didn’t shoot it down. Instead he used a mental energy technique to control the Two headed Silver Crowned Bird.

If someone from the Ancient Shrine was here they would've been stunned.

Zhao Feng who was at the 5th Sky, had controlled a Yao beast which was at the 6th Sky - this was already incredible. Furthermore the Two headed Silver Crowned Bird had two heads meaning that it was twice as hard to control.

Zhao Feng sat on the Two headed Silver Crowned Bird and returned back to the Sky Moon Mountain.

“What’s that Yao beast with two heads?”

The disciples on the Sky Moon Clan panicked and acted as if they were facing a powerful enemy.

Two headed Silver Crowned Birds were undefeatable existences even for inner disciples.

When they saw Zhao Feng on top of the Two headed Silver Crowned Birds, their eyes was filled with respect and even admiration.

Zhao Feng had completed the mission of killing two Two Headed Silver Crowned Birds.

But unexpectedly several Vice-Heads bidded against each other to buy this Two headed Silver Crowned Bird.

How cool would it be to own a Two headed Silver Crowned Bird? It would be the best ride apart from the Giant Golden Ashen Eagle.

The important part was that there was Zhao Feng, a ‘beast trainer’ who could affect the Two headed Silver Crowned Bird’s state of mind which made it easier to train the bird.

An hour later.

Zhao Feng sold the Two headed Silver Crowned Bird to Vice-Head Li and not only did he complete the mission, he had also earned tens of thousands of substandard Primal Crystal stones.

Vice-Head Li’s face was red and full of smiles.

Of course, it wasn’t this easy to earn the Primal Crystal stones. For the next few days Zhao Feng had to use his mental energy techniques to help Vice-Head Li train the Two headed Silver Crowned Birds.

On this day.

Core disciple Bei Moi returned from outside and his cultivation had reached the peak of the 5th Sky.

But when Bei Moi saw Zhao Feng, his expression changed dramatically into disbelief.

Because Zhao Feng’s cultivation was even slightly than his, having reached the perfection of the 5th Sky, not far away from the 6th Sky.

“Looks like my effort and risk involved was worth it.”

Zhao Feng thought smugly in his heart.

This was the first time he had surpassed Bei Moi.

At this moment.

There was only several days left till the Alliance Banquet.

“There’s still 5-6 days till the Thirteen Clan’s Alliance Banquet but the place where it’s hel is kind of far from the Sky Moon Mountain, so we’ll be leaving in two days time.”

First Elder called Zhao Feng and Yang Gan out.

When First Elder’s gaze landed on Zhao Feng, his eyes flashed with joy.

Yang Gan’s expression changed slightly - he didn’t think that this junior martial brother of his was already half a step into the 6th Sky.

Zhao Feng stood with his hands behind his back as his azure hair blew in the wind. A smile had curled up in his lips and an indescribable confidence came from him that made him more mysterious.

After returning to the Clan, he was full of confidence for the Alliance Banquet.

From this moment onwards, there was no power that could stop him from flying.