King Of Gods Chapter 224

Chapter 224 – Glorious Appearance
Chapter 224 – Glorious Appearance

Hearing the three words ‘Shedding Spiritual pill’, the participating disciples all felt their blood rush and some of the older generation couldn’t help but be stunned.

Being a pill maker, information regarding the pill soon appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind.

The Shedding Spiritual pill was a Tier 3 Spiritual pill and its effect was that it helped those trying to break through to the True Spirit Realm by 20%.

This effect was enough for those at the 7th Sky and half-step True Spirit Realm to go insane for it.

There was a saying in this world: “Once a True Spirit, never mortal.”

Simply said, once one broke through to the True Spirit Realm, they were beings that couldn’t be compared to mortals. Their lifeform had exceeded mortals significantly and both strength and life span would increase dramatically.

A normal cultivator at the 7th Sky had a 10% chance of successfully breaking through to the True Spirit Realm.

Having a Shedding Spiritual pill meant that the original chances of success had been doubled.

“Furthermore, the Shedding Spiritual pill has another use. When someone at the Ascended Realm uses it, they are guaranteed to reach the next Sky. Even if someone at the 7th Sky uses it, they can easily reach the half-step True Spirit Realm.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but take a deep breath as his heart thumped.

The effect of the Shedding Spiritual pill was legendary for those under the True Spirit Realm.

A 100% chance of reaching the next Sky, how tempting was that?

One had to know that each and every step in the late stages of the Ascended Realm was hard, especially after the 4th Sky. One might be stuck at that step for years or even decades.

“No wonder it's a Grade 3 Spiritual Pill.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled and he made a decision. Even if he had to reveal all his strength, he would fight for first place.

The Shedding Spiritual Pill’s effect was irresistible.

Bei Moi’s fists were tightly clenched as a light flashed in his eyes.

Ao Yuetian of the Lin Moon Clan took a deep breath and his bloodline power started to tremble slightly, causing a tremendous aura to appear.

After the reward was announced, the top geniuses of the thirteen Clans all had resolute looks and some even had slightly insane and brutal expressions.


The rewards were all announced.

The first three were able to enter the Origin Core Ruins and the top ten all had respective rewards, including Spiritual Pills, martial arts and primal crystal stones.

But without a doubt, only the prize for first place was luring.

This was especially so for the Four Stars who had all reached the 7th Sky. If they were able to get the Shedding Spiritual Pill, they had a chance to break through to the True Spirit Realm in a year or two.

On the same day.

After the rewards and rules were announced, the representative disciples from every Clan went to register and get their number plates.

On the second day.

The once every ten years Alliance Banquet officially started.

At this point in time, the disciples from the Thirteen Clan all felt their blood boiling with excitement.

The Alliance Banquet was only once every ten years and it was different to the Three Clan Party. This was a stage purely for the younger generation and the older generation were only there to watch.

There were many geniuses in history who had evolved from a snake to dragon here. Furthermore, the Alliance Banquet wasn’t as simple as sparring.

Zhao Feng heard Vice Head Li mention that the rankings of the disciples would affect the resources that each Clan was allocated.

This meant that if Zhao Feng was able to reach top three or even get first, the Broken Moon Clan would benefit greatly.

This was also why the Thirteen Clan’s all placed great importance on the Alliance Banquet.

The black sand array stage that was several miles wide suddenly lit up.


The enormous black sand array stage was split into four different areas by beams of faint golden light.

The first round, qualifying round.

The four areas represented four different battlegrounds and each of the Four Stars would be in one of them.

After a range of battles, the top three from each area would be decided.

After the qualifying round ended, the four areas would become one and from there, the brightest battle in history would begin.

Everyone was expectant and excited for the last stage and if one was to enter this round, they were gathering face for their respective Clans.

Of course, this was considering that one was able to pass the preliminaries.


The two hundred elite disciples from the Thirteen Clans were split into four areas.

The first area had Cang Yuyue.

The second area had Lin Tongxuan.

The third area had Xu Zixuan.

The fourth area had Ao Yuetian.

Every area was lead by one of the Four Stars. This would mean the Four Stars wouldn’t clash too early and it would promote fairness.

Zhao Feng was sent to the third stage.

Lin Fan was also sent to the third area.

The two looked at each other and they smiled before walking to the third area.

The third area had already forty to fifty people of the younger generation on it and all of them had sharp auras.

Any one of them was stronger than most Core disciples of the Broken Moon Clan.

The third area was led by Xu Zixuan and everyone looked with him with wary and solemn expressions.

Xu Zixuan stood with his hands behind his back and he was extremely handsome. He would smile faintly and he seemed easy to talk to. The only point different about him was that he had three swords on his back and each of them was high quality.

In terms of ranking, Xu Zixuan was above Ao Yuetian, but he wasn’t as arrogant as the latter.

Apart from Xu Zixuan, there was also geniuses from the ‘top ladder’ in area three.

Geniuses at the top ladder were just one step below the Four Stars and their cultivation had reached the 6th Sky, having the strength of head disciples.

Taking area three for example, there were already three or four top ladder geniuses whose aura’s were even stronger than Yang Gan.

These top ladder geniuses’ eyes flashed as they locked onto Xu Zixuan.

Obviously, their target was the Four Stars. No one else was put in their eyes.

“The qualifying round will now begin!”

Under this sound, the four judges at the True Spirit Realm announced the start.

In the next instant, the spectators broke out into chaos.

Each of the Four Stars, representing the top prodiges of the Thirteen Clans stepped onto the stage.

On the first stage, a girl holding a three yard long green sword with eyes full of calmness stood quietly, like a goddess in a picture.

She was Cang Yuyue, the head of the Four Stars, a girl who had crushed everyone of the younger generation under her feet.

On the second stage, a youth clothed in pure black stood there and he seemed to have the ability to pull everyone’s heart into an abyss.

On the third stage, a handsome youth with three swords behind his back stood there and he seemed like he wasn’t part of this world.

On the fourth stage, a man with the air of nobility and the features of a stone carving was there.

At this point in time, the Four Stars all stepped up gloriously at once.

And their opponents were all extremely nervous. One didn’t know if it was an honor or sadness to face off against the Stars of this generation.


A cold flash of light that seemed to be able to slice through the clouds had appeared.

That one flash of light dimmed everything, including the black sand array stage.

Everyone’s hearts trembled as their eyes saw a sword shadow. And at this time, Cang Yuyue’s attack was complete.

Her opponent, who was at the peak 5th Sky, had a faint blood gash in their throat.

The spectators were all stunned by the beautiful slash.

Zhao Feng’s heart shook and he felt as if his own heart had been sliced open. That sword seemed to be able to slash into one’s consciousness and destroy everything with a feeling of loneliness.

That’s right.

Zhao Feng felt loneliness from it. A loneliness from one standing at the top of the mountain.

At almost the exactly same time, Lin Tong, Xu Zixuan and Ao Yuetian had finished their battles.


Lin Tong’s opponent fell onto the ground silently as blood leaked out of their eyes, nose and ears.

The opponents of Lin Tong, who was the Head disciple of the Ancient Shrine, were always defeated without sound.

In area three.


One of the three swords in Xu Zixuan’s back suddenly flew out of its sheath and it flew through the air before slaying his opponent.

Attacking through the air with his sword in absolute dominance.

“He’s trained this skill of the Mystic True Clan to such a high degree!”

The group of people in area three felt their hearts go cold and a few had pale faces.

Xu Zixuan’s actions were like a god's.

Zhao Feng and Lin Fn couldn’t suppress the shock in their hearts. This was the first time that they had seen something similar to this.

Such beautiful, incredible and unbeatable power came from Xu Zixuan.

“The Mystic True Clan apparently pursues the mystic door for eternal life and they have mysterious techniques.”

Before the Alliance Banquet started, Zhao Feng had researched the other Clans.

Area four.

Ao Yuetian pointed his finger and a cold flash of moonlight sent his opponent flying while spitting blood at the same time. Crisp and simple.

In the short span of one breath, the Four Stars all instantly slew their opponents.

The fastest people were Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong, who had finished their attacks before anyone had reacted. Even their opponents didn’t see how they lost.

“The Four Stars are indeed stronger than another… ”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath as he felt a huge pressure.

The strength that the Four Stars showed in the first round was only the tip of an iceberg.

Their true strength and hidden cards were unimaginable.

The appearance of the Four Stars lit up the entire atmosphere.

After that, the four areas started the next round of battles.

Zhao Feng’s attention went back to area three.

Apart from Xu Zixuan, there were also many top ladder geniuses who were more powerful than Yang Gan and had the potential to fight for the rankings of the Four Stars.

Zhao Feng first thought that he needed to wait at least half a day for his turn, but it was his turn on the third round.

Zhao Feng’s opponent was a blue robed girl who had beautiful eyebrows and the air of someone that rejected anyone from a thousand miles out.

The beauty and aura from the girl caused the expressions of many people of area three to move and even Xu Zixuan looked at her.

Zhao Feng felt that this girl wasn’t simple - he could tell from the looks of sympathy towards him from the crowd around the stage.