King Of Gods Chapter 226

Chapter 226 – Black Horse
Chapter 226 - Black Horse

“Lanyue, I’ll avenge you.”

Being one of the Four Stars, Xu Zixuan’s every action was paid attention to.

When he said this, the disciples in area three all started to gloat.

“Hahaha, that is karma.”

“That brat is indeed arrogant. Even someone as calm as Xu Zixuan was offended by his actions.”

Everyone was happy, like Zhao Feng had already been sent to the execution stage.

The fame of the Four Stars had reached an unbearable height.

No one thought that Zhao Feng had any chance against Xu Zixuan.

“En, thanks Brother Xu.”

Gu Lanyue didn’t reject Xu Zixuan’s offer and she took her poisonous eyes off Zhao Feng.

No matter how nice she was, after being smacked in the face in front of such a big crowd, she couldn’t put away the hate in her heart.

Seeing that everyone looked at Zhao Feng like a dead man, Lin Fan, who was next to Zhao Feng, got the jitters.

“Brother Zhao, the situation doesn’t seem to be very good… ” Lin Fan said slightly bitterly.

Because he was standing right next to Zhao Feng, others also paid attention to him and without a doubt, those people wouldn’t go easy on him.

“There’s only a handful of people who can beat you easily. If you really can’t win, just admit defeat. And I believe very soon that no one would dare to go hard on you… ”

Zhao Feng knew that Lin Fan had also been involved in the matter because of him, but he also knew the latter’s strength since the two sparred regularly together.


The nearby people snickered coldly when they heard the conversation between the two.

Lin Fan held down his voice: “How can you be so harsh to such a beauty?”

“It’s just a light injury. If it was someone else, the result would be the same. I treat everyone the same. Plus, I really didn’t do it on purpose… ”

Zhao Feng’s last sentence was lacking confidence.

“Treating everyone the same?”

Lin Fan shook his head. Although this was easily said, not many could do this.

But he didn’t know that in front of Zhao Feng’s left eye, everyone turned into a pile of flesh and bones, no matter if they were a beauty or not.

Therefore, Zhao Feng wasn’t affected much by looks.

Area 3.

The battles continued.

It was soon Lin Fan’s turn and his opponent was a yellow clothed youth who was at the 5th Sky.

“You’re on the same side as the one-eyed brat. I’ll make this battle very painful for you.” The yellow clothed youth said brutally.

Lin Fan didn’t say anything and he flashed out his sword, which sliced through the yellow clothed youth’s True Force defense.

In terms of cultivation, Lin Fan was only at the peak 4th Sky, but he was ranked top 5 in the Broken Moon Core disciples.

The yellow clothed youth was defeated in two to three moves.

The strength that Zhao Feng and Lin Fan displayed after the first round caused others to be slightly wary.


The second round started.

Xu Zixuan once again went up

Xu Zixuan’s opponent this time was a youth at the 6th Sky who was came from the Cloud Sword Clan.


A sparkling gold flying sword flew off Xu Zixuan’s back, and it flew out with extreme speed and power.

The disciple of the Cloud Sword Clan wasn’t bad and his forte was the sword, which instantly left a field of green swords in the air.


The sparkling gold light slashed at the opponent with unbelievable sharpness.

“I admit defeat.”

The disciple of the Cloud Sword Clan immediately gave up and at this time, there was already a bloody gash on his cheek.

In terms of strength, this youth from the Cloud Sword Clan was on par with Yang Gan, but he was defeated instantly.


It was Zhao Feng’s turn again.

The figure of a one-eyed and azure haired youth caught the attention of many.

And this time, Zhao Feng’s opponent was still very powerful. It was a square faced youth who wore a black robe.

The black robed youth had pitch black pupils and he was emotionless.

He stood with his hands behind his back and a queer aura spread out from his body.

“A Core disciple from the Ancient Shrine.”

“Tan Lin who is placed 3rd in the Ancient Shrine Core disciples rankings.”

Many people drew a cold breath.

Area 3 was indeed full of many strong people. Apart from Xi Zixuan, there was Tan Lin and Gu Lanyue. These people were close to the ‘top of the ladder’.

The participating disciples of the Ancient Shrine were always low in number and this time only five came, possibly all of the younger generation disciples of the Ancient Shrine.

The Ancient Shrine went down the path of elites.

According to previous experience, all of the Ancient Shrine disciples were generally able to reach the top 20 and there would definitely be one in the top 3.

“Zezeze, Zhao Feng’s luck is not very good.”

Gloating voices sounded from below.

Even Lin Fan had to admit this point.

First, it was Gu Lanyue and now, it was Tan Lin.

One had to know that if one’s luck wasn’t very good and they met powerful opponent’s every time, their performance would drop over time.

Xu Zixuan and Gu Lanyue were both watching this battle. Even some people from the other area’s looked over.

The reason why they paid attention was because of two points.

One: Zhao Feng had humiliated a beauty in the match before and he left a cruel impression in their hearts.

Two: The disciples of the Ancient Shrine were strong and their attacks were very mysterious.

Therefore, Zhao Feng and Tan Lin’s match became a focus point.

“Kekeke… Aren’t you going to admit defeat after seeing that your opponent is me?”

A sizzle of a blue light lit up in Tan Lin’s pitch black pupils.

An invisible layer of mental energy had enveloped the area. Under normal circumstances, Tan Lin’s opponents would stand still for a second or two before falling unconscious to the ground.

Zhao Feng only felt an invisible hand crush on his body.

At the same time, alluring voices sounded in his mind.

Hypnotist Illusion attack.

Zhao Feng recognised his opponent's style of offense very quickly.

However, the latter’s mental energy was nowhere close to the hooded figure from that day, so how could it harm Zhao Feng?

One breath… Two breaths… Time passed slowly by.

Three breaths later.

Zhao Feng still had a smile on his face as he stood in the same place.

How was this possible?

Cold sweat had started to form on Tan Lin’s forehead as his expression became solemn. His eyes flashed coldly as a layer of grey flames formed around him and the blue light in his eyes became larger.

The mental energy in the air caused the energy to fluctuate slightly.

It was obvious that Tan Lin had used all of his strength and the spectators only felt their hearts tremble slightly and they felt uneasy as well.

“Such a powerful mental energy attack.”

A portion of the disciples below felt their hearts jump as they felt part of the remaining attack.

A small number of people had expressions of fear or weariness.

Both Xu Zixuan and Gu Lanyue were moved by this display of mental energy.

The mental energy attacks from the Ancient Shrine were indeed hard to block against and many disciples were lacking resistance against it.

However, seconds and seconds passed by.

After tens of breaths, Tan Lin’s back was soaked in cold sweat, but Zhao Feng wasn’t harmed at all.

The spectators were all stunned.

Even the higher-ups of the Ancient Shrine had solemn expressions.

A light flashed in Lin Tong, one of the Four Star’s nightmare eyes: “Could this person have a treasure that resists mental energy attacks?”

“Looks like this is the best you can do.” Zhao Feng smiled.

Only he would be so casual in front of the mental energy attack.

“Brat, don’t think just because you can block my mental energy attack with a treasure, it gives you the right to be arrogant.”

Tan Lin gave up on using mental energy attacks and he crossed his palms, condensing a layer of grey light which caused his cold aura to rise.

As the Ancient Shrine was ranked 2nd in the Thirteen Clans, they obviously did not only rely on mental energy techniques or else they wouldn’t be able to hold onto the title of 2nd for so long.

“Kneel!” Zhao Feng exclaimed and the air seemed to explode with thunder as a layer of mental energy enveloped Tan Lin.


Blood leaked from Tan Lin’s orifices as he kneeled onto the ground with a ‘plop’.

The crowd watching below felt their blood boil as they heard Zhao Feng’s shout.

“What kind of attack is that?”

“It also seems like a mental energy attack.”

The crowd broke out into discussion as they looked at Zhao Feng with disbelief.

Just one shout from Zhao Feng alone injured Tan Lin.

The second that Tan Lin kneeled onto the ground, a cold light flashed in Zhao Fang’s eyes as he sent out a cold aura with caused his area to feel like hell.

“Such strong mental energy… You’re also… ” Tan Lin managed to squeeze out as he lay there without energy.

“Zhao Feng wins!” The judge announced Zhao Feng’s victory.

“That brat’s mental energy is even stronger than the disciple from the Ancient Shrine.”

“Look, Zhao Fang’s battle and killing intent have surged up.”

This battle shook the four areas.

Zhao Feng walked off the stage, still cold and emotionless. The wicked look from his hair blowing in the wind was impressioned deeply into everyone’s heart.

Area 3.

Looking at Zhao Feng who was getting closer, the disciples were full of wariness and fear.

Gu Lanyue couldn’t help but take in a deep breath. She never would have thought that this person would be so strong and mysterious.

From this moment onwards, Zhao Feng’s name was spread throughout the Alliance Banquet.

The first black horse had appeared in the Alliance Banquet and his strength was comparable to the ‘top of the ladder’.

“This degree of mental energy is nowhere near enough for the Stars. It’s several tiers lower than Lin Tong’s Heavenly Absent Eyes. It’s hard to reach such a high mastery by training mental energy and Lightning at the same time.” Xu Zixuan said regretfully.

Being one of the Four Stars, his knowledge and thoughts were on another level.

He couldn’t see through Zhao Feng before and he maybe thought that there was a surprise. But after seeing that the latter also concentrated on mental energy techniques, he lost interest.

Xu Zixuan remembered what his Master told him: Focus is the path to the peak of success.

Cang Yuyue was someone like this. Her one sword had reached the pinnacle. No matter what you have, mental energy or body strengthening, it would all be sliced through with one sword.

Of course, this reasoning was also the foundation of this world.