King Of Gods Chapter 230

Chapter 230 – Finals
Chapter 230 - Finals

After several rounds of more fighting, the battles in Area 3 came to an end.

The rankings in Area 3 were:

First: Zhao Feng

Second: Xu Zixuan

Third: Gu Lanyue

Zhao Feng was the darkest horse who had walked down a path of miracles and became a Star.

At the same moment, the preliminaries of the other Areas had either ended or were coming to an end.

According to the rules of the Alliance Banquet, every Area would select 3 geniuses to enter the finals.

The finals would be carved into history and it would decide their destiny.

Those that reached the top 10 would receive plentiful rewards and the top three had the chance to enter the Origin Core Ruins.

First place would receive the biggest prize, the ‘Shedding Spiritual Pill’.

“My cultivation is at the peak of the 5th Sky right now and after reaching the 6th Sky, I can eat that pill allowing me to immediately reach the 7th Sky.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes were decisive as he clenched his fists.

Furthermore, his God’s Spiritual Eye could give him breakthroughs if he was to enter the Origin Core Ruins.

This meant that if Zhao Feng came first, his cultivation and strength would increase dramatically.

At the same time.

A battle from Area 1 attracted the attention of many.

Cang Yuyue vs Bei Moi.

The latter was also a dark horse.


A red light flashed through the air like it was opening the heavens. At that instant, everyone felt like their hearts had been stabbed.

Field of Dark Water.

A dark blue ripple appeared around Bei Moi, forming a defensive barrier as endless as an ocean.

At the same time, a green/gold light that spread from his Green and Gold Shirt swirled around his body.


At the instant that the Field of Dark Water was condensed, a pair of wings appeared on Bei Moi’s back, which allowed him to shoot lightning quick towards Cang Yuye.

However, no one could block Cang Yuyue’s offense.

With a ‘craaack’, Bei Moi’s strongest defense, the ‘Field of Dark Water’ was instantly shattered and it caused blood to leak from the latter’s mouth.

A bitter smile appeared on Bei Moi’s lips. His Field of Dark Water was able to block several attacks from cultivators at the 7th Sky, but it had been instantly slashed apart by Cang Yuyue’s one sword.

Luckily, he had his Green and Gold Shirt, which was an Inheritance Item which not only increased his defense, it also his speed, allowing him to propel towards Cang Yuyue.

Ten yards… eight yards… Five yards…

Since the beginning of the Alliance Banquet, no one had ever come so close to Cang Yuyue.

This was also the first time that someone had successfully blocked one of Cang Yuyue’s moves without being defeated.

“This brat’s defense is so strong.”

Cang Yuyue’s expression changed slghtly.

Compared to the strength that Bei Moi had at the Three Clan Party, he had improved at an unbelievable speed.

Zhao Feng, Ao Yuetian and Xu Zixuan would all find it hard to break through his Field of Dark Water, but unfortunately, his opponent was Cang Yuyue, who had slashed it apart with just one sword.

Dark Water - Reverse Dragon Strike!

A large wave of water surged from Bei Moi and it wrapped around his arms, forming a whirlpool that smashed heavily towards Cang Yuyue.

The power contained in this strike was shocking. Even Ao Yuetian had to admit that the difference between him and Bei Moi had been dramatically reduced. The latter was at the level that he was at the Three Clan party.

Slaying the Clouds, Slashing through the Waves!

Cang Yuyue paused slightly before slashing out her second sword, which instantly caused sounds of shattering.

One could only see a white flash of light pierce into the sky, causing the defensive array to sway and even crack a little.

“Not good!” The True Spirit Realm judge exclaimed and he sent his energy into the array to stabilize it.

It was hard to imagine just how powerful that sword was to reach that level.


Bei Moi was already on the ground and a sword gash stretched from his forehead, over his nose, to his chest.

Cang Yuyue was still clean and her eyes were still clear. With her one sword, she had crushed all of the geniuses of the Thirteen Clans under her feet.

The geniuses of the same generation as her were shunned and sad at the thought of being crushed by a woman.

“This power of this sword is just… ”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but take in a deep breath.

His left eye started to analyse what his situation would be if he was to face that one sword.

The result was instant defeat.

Of course, Zhao Feng also knew Cang Yuyue’s weakness. Being someone who focused on the Sword and the pinnacle of offense, her defense wouldn’t be very good. But it wasn’t just Zhao Feng who knew this, everyone also did.

Cang Yuyue herself would also know this.

But the problem was, who could block her sword?

One sword breaking through ten thousand techniques.

Every skill be be reduced to pieces by her.

Cang Yuyue had gone easy on the last blow or else Bei Moi would now be in two halves.

The placings from Area 1 also came out:

First : Cang Yuyue.

Second: Bei Moi

Third: Liu Qianlong

Cang Yuyue and Liu Qianlong were both from the Cloud Sword Clan and were cultivators of the Sword.

It was already an incredible feat for Bei Moi to beat Liu Qianlong and this was linked to his powerful defense.

Cultivators of the Sword would lose if they faced opponents with strong defense since they couldn’t last long.

After that, the placings from Area 2 came out:

First: Lin Tong

Second: Zhao Yufei

Third: Yan Chuan

Yan Chuan was also a dark horse that had beat Yang Gan, but he had ultimately lost to Zhao Yufei.

The finals result from Area 4.

First: Ao Yuetian.

Both the second and third place rankers were cultivators that had reached the top ten in the last Banquet, coming from the Cloud Sword Clan and Ancient Shrine respectively.

Now, the preliminaries had ended and all the representing disciples were allowed to rest for one night to prepare for the finals tomorrow.

The finals was also the point of writing history. Even the disciples that had lost weren’t willing to miss it.

Next, the Thirteen Clans analysed the number of disciples that had reached the finals:

Cloud Sword Clan
Ancient Shrine
Broken Moon Clan
Lin Moon Clan
These four Clan took up a large proportions of the disciples participating in the finals.

The Jade Secluded Palace and True Mystic Clan both only had one participating each.

The Cloud Sword Clan was indeed worthy of being the top Clan of the Thirteen Clans and it took up the most spots.

But compared to previous Banquet’s rankings, the Cloud Sword Clan and Ancient Shrine had less than normal.

This was because there were just too many dark horses this time.

Zhao Feng, Zhao Yufei, Bei Moi and Yan Chuan were all really un-famous people and the Broken Moon Clan’s performance was shocking.

This Clan that was originally at the bottom of the Thirteen Clans and now, it had two people entering the finals and one of them had even taken Xu Zixuan’s spot in becoming one of the Stars.

The faces of everyone from the Broken Moon Clan was red.

The Alliance Banquet not only concerned each Clan’s glory, it also attributed to how much resources each Clan got.

In the past, the Broken Moon Clan could only rely on luck to have one person entering the finals.

At least in the past few times, no one had been able to enter the finals.

The majority of the places were taken up by the Cloud Sword Clan and Ancient Shrine. The other Clans found it even hard to get one, which made it even harder for the Broken Moon Clan.

“We’ve broken the norm for the first time in the past couple hundred years. It could be said that there are our true elites.” A few of the older generation said.

The geniuses participating in the finals came from several Clans and not one Clan had ever taken all the spots before.

The second morning.

The finals officially started.

The disciples participating had refreshed themselves and they had reached their peak states.

The four Areas were combined into one massive area - the finals area.

The boundaries was greatly increased.

The twelve prodigies sat in respective positions in front of the final area, while the spectators were a bit further away.

The once every ten years Alliance Banquet had entered the last stage and it would enter the records of history and attract many spectators.

The countries nearby and the Thirteen Clans all had people here.

Although the amount of spectators wasn’t enormous, everyone present wereT elites of the younger or older generation.

“The first battle: Cang Yuyue vs Qi Jiu.”

One of the four judges, who were in each, corner announced.

“I admit defeat.”

The youth named Qi Jiu smiled bitterly and he gave up. He came from the same Clan as Cang Yuyue.

The second battle.

“Lin Tong vs Bei Moi.”

Lin Tong who was clothed in black and Bei Moi in green and gold walked onto the arena and they stood a hundred yards apart.

Bei Moi wasn’t someone to admit defeat easily and a pair of green wings extended out from the green gold shirt as a whirlpool formed in his arm that lashed out at Lin Tong.

“Heavenly Absent Eyes.”

Lin Tong’s eyes became dark and they seemed to turn into an abyss with a red light in the middle that seemed to suck in one’s soul.

At this moment, Lin Tong was like the lord of hell as he glanced coldly at Bei Moi.


Bei Moi fell onto the ground soaked in cold sweat with fear written on his face: “How is this possible… ?”

He could at least block Cang Yuyue’s first sword, but facing Lin Tong, who used his Heavenly Absent Eyes straight away, he was defeated with just one glance.

Every time Lin Tong attacked, everyone would be moved.

Both Xu Zixuan and Ao Yuetian had deep wary in their eyes. Even someone as strong as Cang Yuyue had their expression change.

There were two people that couldn’t be beaten in the Alliance Banquet - Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong. One would either be defeated in one sword or with one glance.

“Zhao Feng vs Yan Chuan.”

It was soon Zhao Feng’s turn.

It wasn’t hard for everyone to realise that the people who were stronger came up first.

“Hahaha… let me see how much weight a Star can actually pull.” Yan Chuan laughed loudly as a gold and bronze light enveloped his body.

Immediately after that, a flaming symbol appeared.

Of the Four Stars, he only feared and respected Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong. As for Xu Zixuan and Ao Yuetian, he was also wary of them.

But to Zhao Feng, a new Star, he wasn’t.