King Of Gods Chapter 234

Chapter 234 – Who’s the King (1)
Chapter 234 - Who’s the King (1)

The rest of the representing disciples were unable to breath because of the pressure emitting from the three geniuses.

This pressure created a feeling that it had nothing to do with strength but was caused by the Heavens.

Cang Yuyue, Lin Tong and Zhao Feng.

The three great prodigies were three separate forces.

At this moment in time, they had recognised each other’s strength and recognised them as true opponents.

“Cang Yuyue, I had originally thought that you would be my only opponent in the Alliance Banquet. I didn’t expect for another one to pop out.”

Lin Tong stood with his hands behind his back and his pitch black eyes focused on Zhao Feng.

He didn’t say anything, but his voice resounded in her ears through mental energy.

Cang Yuyue stood holding her green blade like a goddess. Her clear eyes started to inspect someone for the first time.

Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong understood each other quite well and this new opponent was someone that they both needed to understand.

None of them knew how far this youth in front of them could go.

Zhao Feng stood coldly as his beautiful but slightly wicked hair moved about with the wind. This scene caused the hearts of many girls to shake.

Although Zhao Feng wasn’t very good looking, his features weren’t bad and his eye seemed to contain a limitless depth.

The pure azure hair that he had even caused girls to be jealous and it made him seem slightly wicked.

“Although my opponents are strong, I will still strive for first place.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes were sharp as an invisible wave of battle intent surged from his body. In the Alliance Banquet, he had created miracles step by step and he had finally reached the peak of the tower. But the killing intent that hid in the dark was several times stronger than before.

These killing intent didn’t just come from Hai Yun Master alone.

A prodigy that came from a weak clan like the Broken Moon Clan made others forces jealous and ill willed.

However, Zhao Feng wasn’t a baby anymore and his wings had grown.

Furthermore, any true genius had to face jealously and killing intent.

Both Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong would face limitless troubles. This was a path that had to be crossed.

“Let the storm come even stronger than before. If I can come first and get the pill, I’ll be able to reach the 7th Sky straight away.”

Zhao Feng decided to give it his all.

Being peerless geniuses, both Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong didn’t show any signs of retreat. Their strength would jump rapidly if they were able to get the Shedding Spiritual Pill and they had the chance to reach the True Spirit Realm in just one to two years.

“These three geniuses have gained the fortune of entering the Sky Cloud Forest. This Alliance Banquet may be their chance to turn from a snake into a dragon.”

The experts from the Cloud Sword Clan, who were at the True Spirit Realm, conversed and sighed.

Geniuses like Cang Yuyue, Lin Tong and Zhao Feng usually only appeared once every several hundred years.

But this time, three had appeared at once. How great was their fortune?

In the corner that belonged to the Iron Dragon Country.

“It looks like the Sky Cloud thirteen countries still have some fortune remaining. Maybe it’s from their glorious days.”

A noble woman wearing a silver mask smiled faintly.

At the same time, the reactions from the higher-level of the Thirteen Clans were different. There were sighs, envy and unwillingness…

But all of them understood one thing, the victor would be decided from amongst these three.

The Broken Moon Clan.

“I didn’t think that Feng’er had reached such a stage.” First Elder sighed.

He was already satisfied if Zhao Feng was able to enter the finals and become one of the Four Stars.

But now, Zhao Feng, Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong had formed three forces that competed for the King of the Stars.

Looking at the three and the fortune that were bestowed upon them, Xu Zixuan and Ao Yuetian’s eyes were all dim and their fists were clenched due to unwillingness.

None of them had thought that Zhao Feng was able to reach such a height.

He wasn’t a dark horse but a dragon waiting to rise and fly.

The finals arena.

The battles continued and the remaining twelve geniuses sparred with each other.

If one was to win all 11 battles, they would be undoubtedly first.

Half a day later.

The next round of battles began.

Cang Yuyue, Lin Tong and Zhao Feng once again displayed their strengths and instantly defeated their opponents.

Zhao Feng’s opponent was Bei Moi.

Dark ripples of water formed a protective barrier around Bei Moi’s body.

WIthout saying anything, Zhao Feng took out his Luohou Bow and with the faint flash of azure blood, a Luohou arrow that surpassed the speed of sound shot out and moved on a profound route.

Bei Moi’s heart shook and the arrow in his eyes became a bolt of lightning. He felt himself fall into a limitless abyss and the snow and ice around him howled.

If he was dazed for even half a second, the arrow that surpassed the speed of sound could decide the victor.


The arrow slid past Bei Moi’s shoulder and froze his body. At the same time, a numbing sensation enveloped his body.

“An arrow with mental energy attached… ”

Bei Moi smiled bitterly.

He had to admit that he couldn’t do anything against this arrow.

Firstly, he couldn’t ignore Zhao Feng’s mental energy attack. Secondly, the arrow’s speed was terrifying after the Lightning Inheritance and bloodline power was merged with it.

This arrow could pierce through the defense of a cultivator at the 7th Sky of the Ascended Realm.

Zhao Feng’s limitless moves: bow and arrow, mental energy techniques and his power of lightning made him feel helpless.

After four of five more battles, Cang Yuyue, Lin Tong and Zhao Feng, the three Star King’s had no defeats.

Only when they met would this happen. This was also the time that the spectator were waiting for.

It was hard not to meet another Star King in the total of eleven battles

Finally, in the sixth round, two of the Star Kings met.

“Cang Yuyue vs Lin Tong.”

At the instant that the judge’s voice ended, the crowd all became excited.

The power of Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong had been impressioned deeply in their hearts. They were people who had instantly beaten their opponents.

Cang Yuyue was the top Star who had crushed the geniuses of the Thirteen Clans under her feet.

Those who were in the same generation as her were sad. These men had been surpassed by a woman and they could only look up to her.

And this time, Cang Yuyue’s opponent was also extremely strong. From the beginning to now, no one had been able to block Lin Tong’s Heavenly Absent Eyes.

He only needed one glance to defeat his opponent.

Cang Yuyue’s power could be seen with the eye, but Lin Tong’s couldn’t and it was extremely hard to defend against.


The judge who had reached the True Spirit Realm waved his hand.


The second his words were finished, the humming of a sword and a ray of light enveloped the arena.

But at the same time, Lin Tong’s Heavenly Absent Eyes had already opened.

In Lin Tong’s abyss-deep eyes, a rotating red dot had appeared.

The mysterious and invisible power flowed everywhere and no one was able to block it.

Cang Yuyue’s sword had only been half drawn out and it was frozen midair.

Reality meant that mental energy attacks were faster than physical attacks, at least if the two were at the same cultivation they were.

At this moment, everyone stared intently at the arena.

The clash of the Stars was so simple.

A second or even a move could decide the victor.

The Cloud Sword Clan and Ancient Shrine members all stared tensely at the arena.

These two Clans represented the first and second most powerful clans of the Thirteen.

Their disciples were top tier in the Alliance, but the situation for Cang Yuyue didn’t seem to be good because Lin Tong’s attack had arrived first.

Cang Yuyue’s eyebrows fluttered slightly as she struggled, but she was still fighting back.

The green sword in her hand trembled slightly.

A dark red light appeared on Lin Tong’s body and it resisted Cang Yuyue’s sword.

Although the latter’s sword had been stopped midway, her instinctively actions made her slash at her opponent, even though its power dropped significantly.

However, even then a gash appeared on Lin Tong’s shoulder, which made him moan slightly.

In this gap, Cang Yuyue’s eyes suddenly flashed as she drew her sword once again.

“Not good!”

The expressions of the older generation from Ancient Shrine all changed.

Cang Yuyue’s offense had surpassed every other genius present. This was something not to be doubted.

Even Zhao Feng and Lin Tong had to admit this point.

Cang Yuyue’s power was immeasurable. She didn’t have a bloodline power and still could reach such a step, this displayed her perception for the sword.

Lin Tong took a deep breath and he flapped his black robe as the red dot in his Heavenly Absent Eyes became brighter and became even more alluring.

The light in Cang Yuyue’s eyes dimmed once again and the terrifying power that was condensed in her sword slowly dissipated as her jade hand fell slowly.

Cold sweat poured out off Lin Tong’s forehead.

Every time the light in Cang Yuyue’s eyes dimmed, her hand would fall an inch due to Lin Tong’s effort.

“Not good!”

The expressions from the Cloud Sword Clan members was solemn. As the light in Cang Yuyue’s eyes dimmed, her hand holding the sword would fall slowly. The moment it fully fell down was the moment of her defeat.


The green sword suddenly hummed and Cang Yuyue’s hand once again rose again as her power condensed.

At this point in time, it was dead silent.

The throats of the spectators had been choked.

There was no beautiful display of skill, but the invisible exchange between them could decide the victor any second.

Victory and defeat was between one thought.

Cang Yuyue might be able to resist and defeat Lin Tong in one slash.

There was also the possibility of Lin Tong dragging Cang Yuyue into a limitless abyss.

Every second of the exchange was like stepping on a metal wire midair.

Victory and defeat.

Who would the glory belong to?

Time seemed to stop.

The clash between the two Stars only needed one move.

But, this move was still ongoing.