King Of Gods Chapter 235

Chapter 235 – Who’s the King (2)
Chapter 235 - Who’s the King (2)

In the arena, Cang Yuyue faced Lin Tong and the air seemed to freeze.

At this moment, the crowd was dead silent, leaving behind only the sound of hearts beating.

From the beginning till now, the one move still hadn’t decided the victor.

Although it seemed to be long in reality, only two to three breaths had passed but in the illusion the two had already exchanged several hundred blows.

Lin Tong and Cang Yuyue would have experienced countless exchanges every instant.

“Time in the mental energy dimension is different from the physical world. Maybe they’ve been fighting for a long time.”

Zhao Feng stared intently at the finals arena.

Lin Tong’s face was slightly twisted as he used all his strength. The mysterious cold power from him seemed to erode the air and he was still able to gain the upper hand.

Cang Yuyue’s eyebrows were furrowed as her peerless face was slightly filled with different emotions such as pain, loneliness and helplessness.

The light in her eyes was getting fainter and her sword was slowly falling down.

The invisible power of mental energy was slowly rising and devouring the sky.

In the eyes of the crowd, the beauty was falling into an abyss. Although the geniuses couldn’t see the exchange, they could feel which way victory was sliding towards.

“Hold on, Senior Martial Sister!”

“As long as you can block this, you can slay him in one sword.”

The disciples of the Cloud Sword Clan cheered.

“Yuyue can’t hold on anymore. Of the Four Stars, she’s the only one without a bloodline power… ”

A few of the older generation had solemn faces.

Although Cang Yuyue was a peerless prodigy and had great perception, she didn’t have a bloodline.

Bloodlines were just too rare.

Of course, this didn’t mean that if one didn’t have a bloodline, they couldn’t become a miracle.

For example, the owner of the Dragon Concealing River, the ‘Concealed Dragon’, who was famous tens of thousands of years ago, didn’t have a bloodline power.

The Scarlet Moon Patriarch, who had shaken the world, didn’t have a bloodline as well and he only had average talent.

Bloodlines were an advantage, but Cang Yuyue didn’t have one.

Lin Tong had a unique bloodline and it was because of this that he was able to cultivate the Heavenly Absent Eye of the Ancient Shrine.

Another point that Zhao Feng found was that Lin Tong’s mental energy source was special - much stronger than those who were at the same cultivation as him.

The balance of victory kept sliding towards one side.

A transparent layer of black mist started to rise from Cang Yuyue’s foot. At the beginning, it only reached her knees but it soon covered half her body.

This scenery was due to mental energy leaking out into the air and it reflected the situation of the exchange.

Every time the black mist rose, the light in Cang Yuyue’s eyes would become dimmer.

In a breath to two breaths time, the black mist had enveloped Cang Yuyue’s shoulders and neck.

The only bit remaining was her struggling face.

Cang Yuyue’s figure was about to be fully covered in black mist.

“Sister Yuyue!”

“Senior sister, you can’t lose to anyone! No one can block a sword of yours!”

The Cloud Sword Clan members exclaimed.

Everyone knew that once Cang Yuyue woke up, she could turn the situation around with one sword.

However, no one had ever resisted through one glance of Lin Tong’s Heavenly Absent Eye.

Everyone watched the black mist cover her nose and reach her eyes.


The green blade fell from Cang Yuyue’s hand as the hearts of the Cloud Sword Clan members jumped as well.

When a sword master lost their sword, it was the same as losing their soul.

“Hahahaha… ”

The people from the Ancient Shrine let out a long breath and laughed.

The black mist had devoured Cang Yuyue’s body and it had reached past her eyebrows to her forehead.

Cang Yuyue’s body had almost been fully enveloped.

Lin Tong’s twisted face slightly loosened.

However, right at this moment, Cang Yuyue’s dim eyes suddenly released a holy light like a ray of ‘sword light’ had appeared.


Her sword power once again condensed and it formed a ray of sword light that slashed through the air.

“That’s!?” Many people from the Iron Dragon Country exclaimed.

Their expressions hadn’t changed this much ever since the beginning of the Alliance Banquet.

“That… Could it be… ”

The Cloud Sword Clan Master was speechless.

“Sword Intent… The seed of Sword Intent!” The Cloud Sword Clan’s First Elder shouted.

Sword Intent.

The seed of Sword Intent.

Cang Yuyue’s eyes seemed to contain a sword that could slay demons and gods with just a thought.

Tok! Tok!

The black mist was shattered by the invisible Sword Intent.


Lin Tong immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and with a pale face, he shot out the last ray of red light at Cang Yuyue.

Cang Yuyue hmphed, but her eyes were still crystal clear and revealed a look of understanding.

“The Sky Cloud Forest has a Sword Dao genius.”

The mysterious black figure’s voice was slightly solemn.

“There aren’t many geniuses like her even in the Northern Continent. If she’s able to form a true Sword Intent, she’ll probably become someone who’s going to overrule the destiny of this continent.” The silver masked woman worriedly said.

“She’s only just comprehended the seed of Sword Intent. Stepping onto the sky is even harder than condensing a true Sword Intent.”

The others didn’t think much of it.

But at this point in time, the high authorities of the Thirteen Clans had broke out into discussion.

The victor was already decided. Although Cang Yuyue didn’t comprehend the true Sword Intent, she had resisted through one glance and victory was only one sword away.

“Seed of Sword Intent?” Zhao Feng murmured to himself as his expression became solemn.

Cang Yuyue, who hadn’t comprehended a Sword Intent, already greatly pressured him and now, she had comprehended this power.

Sword Intent was a legend in this continent and its rareness even surpassed experts at the Origin Core Realm.

Zhao Feng had read about it before in records before, but not much was said about Sword Intent.

This was because there was barely anyone who had comprehended this power and it was hard to describe it.

“Several hundred years ago, the Ten Great Factions banded together against the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion. At that time, the Scarlet Moon Patriarch was undefeatable and even experts at the Origin Core Realm were slain by him. Luckily, an expert of the sword, who had reached the Origin Core, had appeared. He had comprehended Sword Intent and he could destroy anything with just one thought. Even someone as strong as the Scarlet Moon Patriarch was wary of his attacks. The Scarlet Moon Patriarch’s defeat had a lot to do with him.” The Cloud Sword Clan’s First Elder said.

Many people knew about this legend.

“That person was Ye Wuxie, someone who could threaten the Scarlet Moon Patriarch.”

“Apparently, he had received the Inheritance that ranked second in the Northern Continent, the ‘7 Sword Inheritance’.”

When discussing the legends, many people were full of excitement and admiration.

The ‘Scarlet Moon Inheritance’ and ‘7 Sword Inheritance’ were two of the 4 Great Inheritances in this continent.

The 7 Sword Inheritance contained 7 inheritances that were related to the sword and Ye Wuxie had only received one of them, but this had made him the top sword expert.

Of course, Ye Wuxie must have comprehended the Sword Intent.


Lin Tong’s finger was sliced off and a whisp of sword light was wrapped around his neck.

“I admit defeat.”

Lin Tong stood still and he didn’t move.

Under normal situations, he wasn’t able to block Cang Yuyue’s sword.

Between him and Cang Yuyue, the possibilities that existed were only instant victory or instant defeat.

And unfortunately for him, it was the latter.

Of the Four Stars, Cang Yuyue was the only one without a bloodline power, but she had defied the heavens and at the last critical point, formed a seed of Sword Intent.

“My chances of beating Cang Yuyue before didn’t exceed 50%... now that she’s comprehended the seed of Sword Intent, my chances are reduced to a maximum of 20%... ”

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed as he felt the pressure increase.

Cang Yuyue’s seed of Sword Intent was something that no one had expected.

Sword Intent could slash through the void and pierce through mental energy attacks.

When one had comprehended something similar to the Sword Intent, they were the bane of mental energy techniques.

And in a normal situation, Zhao Feng thought that there was the chance of him being instantly defeated by Cang Yuyue.

The only thing that could change the outcome was God’s Spiritual Eye.

If Zhao Feng only used his bloodline power, he would definitely lost. Only by using God’s Spiritual Eye did the chance of victory exist.

The finals arena.

This battle of the peak had finally ended.

At this moment in time, Cang Yuyue had gathered all the glory and it was almost destined that all the geniuses of the Thirteen Clans would be crushed by a girl.

In the eyes of the geniuses, Cang Yuyue was getting further away from them.

Even someone as strong as Lin Tong had been instantly defeated by the seed of Sword Intent. Others probably didn’t have a chance at all.

But there was still eyes that landed on the one eyed azure haired youth.

Zhao Feng was expressionless, but his eyes twinkled. He didn’t have any signs of retreat.

The finals arena.

The rounds of sparring continued.

The 7th battle.

Zhao Feng met a very strong opponent.

“Zhao Feng vs Lin Tong.”

As soon as this was announced, the crowd once again broke into excitement.

This battle decided the rankings of the first three places.

If Zhao Feng lost, he would be third. But if he was to win, there was still the last bit of hope.

“I feel a similar aura from you.”

Lin Tong’s Heavenly Absent Eye slowly opened, but unexpectedly, he didn’t attack.

“Oh? What do you mean?” Zhao Feng asked curiously.

“Take off your eyepatch.”