King Of Gods Chapter 239

Chapter 239 – Highest Reward
Chapter 239 - Highest Reward

The top battle of the Alliance Banquet was decided in one move.

Cang Yuyue’s offense was still unbearable, but she was the one who was defeated.

“How is that possible? Zhao Feng won so easily.”

“Just one move! I feel that Cang Yuyue lost on purpose.”

Most of the representing disciples didn’t know what was going on. From the surface, it seemed that Zhao Feng had won too easily.

From the beginning till the end, he was immeasurable and he seemed confident he would win.

This gave others a feeling that Cang Yuyue had lost on purpose.

But in reality, Zhao Feng had won this match because of luck. Any change could have resulted in him being defeated by Cang Yuyue in one move.

There was only a few people who were able to see the exchange.

“Unfortunate… Cang Yuyue had a 70% plus chance of winning, but she was still lost.”

“Cang Yuyue’s mind had some injuries to it and the seed of sword intent wasn’t stable. Hence the defeat.”

The seniors of the Cloud Sword Clan sighed.

Cang Yuyue’s battle was too frustrating. She had the strength to win had lost.

Those at the True Spirit Realm could see the deciding factor.

At the beginning, Zhao Feng had used words to shake Cang Yuyue’s confidence.

Firstly, Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye could control Cang Yuyue’s every movement and inspect her secrets.

Secondly, mental energy couldn’t be blocked, Cang Yuyue’s mind was already injured and her seed of sword intent unstable.

This also meant that Zhao Feng had grabbed Cang Yuyue’s weakness and flaw straight from the beginning. This was also the God’s Spiritual Eyes’ forte and when used with mental energy, the effect was doubled.

Even if Cang Yuyue understood Zhao Feng’s intent, she was still forced to condense her seed of sword intent to retaliate.

And this was also in Zhao Feng’s plan.

The latter had shaken Cang Yuyue’s confidence and crumbled her seed of sword intent at the instant that she made her attack.

The second step was based on the fact that the first step had succeeded.

Carelessness made Cang Yuyue once again fail and her seed of sword intent was diminished by over half and her strike was also broken.

Of course, the power of Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye and his bloodline power was also shocking.

At the critical moment, he broke through Cang Yuyue’s seed of sword intent and paid the price of being injured to block Cang Yuyue’s sword.

This way, the side of victory balanced towards Zhao Feng.

The first few steps was to shake Cang Yuyue’s belief and confidence. After blocking her strike, the whole situation had changed.

When Cang Yuyue had condensed her second strike, it had been easily taken care of by Zhao Feng.

When Zhao Feng came close, the victory was decided.

Cultivators of the sword aimed for offense, to break through ten thousand skills with one sword.

Therefore, in terms of attacks, they were superior to those who had the same cultivation.

But everything hads its weaknesses.

Apart from offense, cultivators of the sword were weak at everything else.

The world had too many mysterious skills that were unable to be defended against.

For example, the Curse of a Hundred Graves was a nightmare for those even at the True Spirit Realm.

Therefore, Zhao Feng wouldn’t envy cultivators of the Sword. There were too many techniques in the world that could instantly kill you.

If Cang Yuyue hadn’t comprehended the seed of sword intent, a blink from Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye or Lin Tong’s Heavenly Absent Eye could kill her.

“Zhao Feng wins!”

The judge at the True Spirit Realm looked complexly at Zhao Feng. The reason why Zhao Feng had won this battle was because of his mindset.

It could be said that Cang Yuyue’s sword was unbearable for those under the True Spirit Realm.

When the result was announced, Cang Yuyue’s mind had woken and with a pale face, she coldly locked onto Zhao Feng as sword intent filled the air.

She had understood the reason why she had lost and felt cold when thinking about his tricks.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye faced Cang Yuyue’s eyes, not scared of her sword intent.

Under the pushing of his bloodline, the God’s Spiritual Eye seemed to contain a mysterious power. But as of now, Zhao Feng didn’t know how to use it and so was mainly used for defense instead of offense.

At this moment, the victor was decided. Both Zhao Feng and Cang Yuyue wouldn’t say anything.

Although Zhao Feng’s victory depended on luck, his moves had potential to them.

Spectating Stand of the Broken Moon Clan.

“Won, he actually won!”

First Elder couldn't suppress the excitement in his heart and the corners of his eyes turned wet.

First place in the Alliance Banquet. This represented the highest honour amongst the juniors in the Sky Cloud Forest area.

This was the first time in a thousand years that the Broken Moon Clan had taken first place.

Previously, the Broken Moon Clan would be at the bottom of the pack and it was even hard for one or two of them to enter the top twenty.

But this time, first place belonged to the Broken Moon Clan.

Of the final twelve, Bei Moi was probably able to reach the top 10 and although Yang Gan didn’t make it into the final twelve, his placing was probably in the top 20.

The higher-ups of the Broken Moon Clan couldn’t even describe their joy.

Only Hai Yun Master’s smile was unnatural as he tried to hide the uneasiness in his heart.

The thing that he didn't want to happen, happened.

Ever since the Floating Crest Trial, Zhao Feng had turned impossibles into possibles.

In terms of talent, potential, will, mind… Zhao Feng was top tier.

This was especially so for mindset. Zhao Feng was much smarter than others at his age.

The other clans of the Thirteen Clans looked at each other and broke out into discussion.

The Cloud Sword Clan spectators and Ancient Shrine spectators had ugly expressions on their faces. The glory of first place had been taken by the Broken Moon Clan who was always at the bottom.

The Lin Moon Clan was also stunned.

The three Moon Clans were originally one clan and the Broken Moon Clan was always rock bottom.

Just a while ago, at the Three Clan Party, the Broken Moon Clan had already surprised everyone. But now, it seemed that the Broken Moon Clan had been holding back.

After Zhao Feng and Cang Yuyue’s battle, the Alliance Banquet had technically ended. There was no more resistance against Zhao Feng and Cang Yuyue.

The finals required the twelve to each fight eleven battles.

Finally, Zhao Feng won all eleven matches and Cang Yuyue won ten.

Lin Tong won nine, losing only to Zhao Feng and Cang Yuyue.

Without a doubt, Zhao Feng was the King of the Alliance Banquet this time.

“I didn’t manage to catch up.”

Zhao Yufei’s eyes were slightly dim.

On the finals stage, Zhao Yufei wasn’t even able to retaliate against Zhao Feng. The latter’s mental energy and offense had reached a peak when used with the God’s Spiritual Eye.

Apart from Cang Yuyue who had unbearable offense, no one else could threaten him.

But soon, a light flashed in Zhao Yufei’s eyes: “If I can’t surpass him, then I’ll use him as my aim. This is also a sort of belief.”

Zhao Yufei’s heart flaw suddenly disappeared.

If she couldn’t surpass Zhao Feng, why not just follow her heart and use him as a goal?

The change of heart made her a young girl once again.

This had its own advantages and disadvantages.

The good thing was that Zhao Yufei didn’t have a heart flaw anymore and as long as Zhao Feng kept on improving, her strength would also improve.

But the disadvantage was that if Zhao Feng was fully defeated sometime, this would also affect Zhao Yufei because the latter had made the former a tall mountain and her lifegoal.

Two to three days later.

The final battles had fully finished.

First: Zhao Feng

Second: Cang Yuyue

Third: Lin Tong

Only three Stars were decided this time.

Because Ao Yuetian and Xu Zixuan could be instantly defeated by the others, they weren’t ranked as Stars anymore.

Immediately then came the rewards of the Alliance Banquet.

The Alliance Banquet was held by the Thirteen Clans and every Clan had to pay a portion of the price which made up the rewards.

In other words, this was a gamble in which the Thirteen Clans all placed huge bets.

Winning or losing depended on the placing of the representing disciples.

Without a doubt the top three all won.

Just first place alone received a Shedding Spiritual Pill, whose value was immeasurable.

Apparently, the Thirteen Clans paid a huge price to refine this pill and they had gathered several Pill Masters a year or two earlier to create this pill.

The Shedding Spiritual Pill was the largest bet this time and no one would have thought that this prize would have been won by an unfamous disciple from the Broken Moon Clan.


Zhao Feng wasn’t unfamous anymore. Ever since he won first place, his name was recorded into the books of history and his fame was spread across the Sky Cloud Forest areas.

On the day that the Alliance Banquet ended, the top ten went to receive their rewards.

First place received a Shedding Spiritual Pill and ten thousand low grade primal crystal stones, which was worth one million substandard primal crystal stones.

Apart from that, the top three all had the right to enter the Origin Core Ruins.

Under the eyes of greed, envy, jealousy and unwillingness, Zhao Feng received the Shedding Spiritual Pill.

The Shedding Spiritual Pill was placed in a jade case and the Spiritual pill that was the size of a thumbnail was pure green with a transparent purple on the surface.

When the case was shaken, the surface of the spiritual pill would ripple beautifully.

Zhao Feng had a 100% chance of reaching the next Sky by using this pill.

“Feng’er, the price of this pill is too high. I recommend you to eat it as soon as possible so that nothing unexpected will happen.” First Elder said solemnly.