King Of Gods Chapter 241

Chapter 241 – Nightmare
Chapter 241 - Nightmare

The True Mystic Rank was the second Heaven of the True Spirit Realm and these people stood at the pinnacle of the Sky Cloud Forest. A flip of their hand could make it rain.

Across the entire Sky Cloud Forest area, the number of those at the True Mystic Rank hadn’t exceeded the amount of fingers on one hand.

For example, no one in the Broken Moon Clan had reached the True Mystic Rank in the past thousand years.

The strongest Moon Clan, the ‘Lin Moon Clan’ had an expert at the True Mystic Rank a couple hundred years ago, but he had left the area of Sky Cloud Forest not long after he broke through and headed towards the centre of the Northern Continent. Nothing was heard from him ever since then.

The three experts at the True Mystic Rank were from the Cloud Sword Clan, Ancient Shrine and True Mystic Clan, representing the strongest three Clans of the Thirteen Clans.

Even the expressions of the group from the Iron Dragon Country moved when they saw the three at the True Mystic Rank.

At this moment, the aura from the three at the True Mystic Rank spread across the whole area and they were the leaders of the Thirteen Clans.

Usually, these people were Grand Elders and it was a rare sight to see them. But the once every ten years Alliance Banquet was also special and it required experts at the True Mystic Rank to open the path to the Origin Core Ruins,

“Open the array.”

The Qi of True Spirit from the three experts at the True Mystic Rank connected to the earth and the ‘spatial abyss’ kept on expanding.

Around the spatial abyss was a wall of water. If it collapsed, the weight would be counted by hundreds of millions of kilograms.

The wall of water surrounding the spatial abyss kept on expanding until it reached the Origin Core Ruins at the bottom of the lake.

Zhao Feng God’s Spiritual Eye scanned it and he analysed that this path was created by an array and it needed three experts at the True Mystic Rank and a unique way to open it.

“Don’t waste any time. The array’s power can only last half a day and after that no one will be able to stay.”

The three experts at the True Mystic Rank floated at three corners respectively.

Under the crowd's gaze, Zhao Feng, Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong headed towards the spatial abyss.


Zhao Feng lept into the air and with the flash of lightning, he became a blur that surpassed Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong.

In terms of speed alone, Zhao Feng easily beat Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong. His actions seemed to prove that his position as the Top Star was unmovable.

The Lightning Inheritance increased his speed greatly and this was still without using his bloodline power and Yin Shadow Cloak.

The three at the True Mystic Rank saw all of this.

The Grand Elder from the Cloud Sword Clan was a silver haired cultivator of the sword and he was expressionless.

In his eyes, even those at the True Human Rank were nothing and this was just a junior.

The Grand Elder from the True Mystic Clan was an old daoist who glanced at Zhao Feng with meek eyes.

These two only looked at Zhao Feng once.

Only the Grand Elder from the Ancient Shrine, a purple haired youth with a red mole in the middle of his forehead, scanned Zhao Feng with coldness.

This made the latter hiccup.

The Grand Elder from the Ancient Shrine seemed to have ill-intent for him.

Of course, with his cultivation, he would be too disdainful to attack a junior, even if Zhao Feng was the top genius.

Zhao Feng was slightly frustrated. Although he came first, he was still nothing in the eyes of the experts at the True Mystic Rank. So why would he have ill intent towards him?

At least the Grand Elders of the Cloud Sword Clan and True Mystic Clan didn’t seem to have ill intent towards him.

Even if Zhao Feng didn’t come first, it wasn’t like the Ancient Shrine would be first. And since the Cloud Sword Clan’s elder was so expressionless, this meant that the Ancient Shrine’s actions were not normal.

Zhao Feng suddenly remembered how in the Ancient Temple, the hooded figure was also from the Ancient Shrine and he didn’t seem to have a low position in the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

After that mission, Zhao Feng had told First Elder and First Elder had also discussed this fact in the Three Clan Party.

For this, the three Clans cleansed all the suspicious figures in their Clans and they tried to find spies in their Clans.

The result was that the forces of the Scarlet Moon Religion had only affected the outer layer of people.

Sou- Sou- Sou-

The three Stars had entered the spatial abyss under the gaze of all the Clanspeople.

Whilst traveling downwards, Zhao Feng heard the sound of water being blocked. The hundred of millions of kilograms of water was being forced out of the path.

Zhao Feng, Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong followed the path to the bottom of the lake and a giant hole the radius of tens of miles appeared.

Before the three arrived, they felt a powerful mystic force reverberate around the hole which seemed to have the power to crush the several hundred millions kilograms of water.

Zhao Feng’s feet felt cold as he felt his blood and flesh become suppressed by a domination aura, causing him unable to breath.

The three had a feeling like there was an expert who could flip the oceans and pierce through the heavens sitting in the hole.

“This is the remaining power of intent which still remains connected to the heavens, causing unbelievable power.”

Zhao Feng was full of respect.

Ceng Ceng Ceng!

The three floated inside the hole and the remaining power of intent became stronger.

The Yuan Qi in the hole was in a very weird state and it seemed to repulse everything that came near.

Hong Long!

The wall of water above the hole became calm once more and the several hundred million kilograms of water fell back down.

Zhao Feng felt like he couldn't breath. Just 1% of that power could grind him into powder.

How was a body made of blood and flesh able to block the mass of several hundred million kilograms?

The next scene shocked them.

When the water came near the hole, its speed suddenly slowed down.

“This ground in this hole isn’t wet. Could it be… ?”

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled.

As he thought this, the water was all blocked from entering the Ruins.

This place was the cleanest piece of land under the lake.

Not a single drop of water was able to enter it.

“Without the array’s power, we wouldn’t be able to enter the Ruins.”

Cang Yuyue’s eyes flashed as she surveyed the dark blue water above them.

After that, the three went their separate ways to gain insights.

Zhao Feng opened his God’s Spiritual Eye and surveyed the entire hole. He analysed that the area that was tens of miles wide had been created by a thrust of a palm.

“If the Concealed Dragon really had such terrifying strength, then he would only need a few breaths to topple the Sky Moon Mountain. The defensive array of the Sky Moon Mountain wouldn’t be able to block this.”

Zhao Feng took a cold breath.

At the edges of the hole, one could see the fingerprints and fingertips, forming a whole palm.

This was like a palm of the heavens, limitless in power.

Zhao Feng finally understood why experts at the Origin Core Realm had become legends in this continent.

Experts at this level had devastating power and they were existences that could destroy the balances of life.

Zhao Feng’s figure moved through the hole and surveyed the area.

Soon, he found an old and tattered futon which had stronger power of intent on it.

Zhao Feng opened his bloodline power and he was barely able to move near the futon.

Closing his eyes, Zhao Feng only felt a deafening roar in his senses and the turning of the water.

Of course, everyone’s experiences were all different.

This ruins should be the Concealed Dragon’s place of cultivation. But somehow, even after thousands of years, the power of intent hadn’t faded away.

The mystery of the world wasn’t something that Zhao Feng could solve at his level.

“The power doesn’t seem like water nor wind or lightning… But it seems to survey the heavens and earth, controls water, fire and lightning… ”

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed.

When they were comprehending insights, sceneries would flash through their minds and Zhao Feng found that the Concealed Dragon’s power wasn’t different to normal peoples and it could control other elements.

For a deeper experience, Zhao Feng circulated his God’s Spiritual Eye and the sceneries that he experienced became even clearer.

In the scenery, the lake swirled and splashed. Under the roar, an existence seemed to control lightning, wind and water.

There seemed to be 9 figures of Dragons in the clouds.

That aura almost blocked Zhao Feng’s bloodline power and made it excited.

“Could it be that the Concealed Dragon also has a bloodline? Is that why he has the word Dragon in his title?”

Zhao Feng had his own guesses in his heart.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat appeared and it sat on Zhao Feng’s shoulder while surveying the place with its crystal black eyes.

At the same time, Zhao Feng, Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong were all comprehending that scene.

Zhao Feng’s key point was the ability to control lightning as he wished as well as the Concealed Dragon’s comprehension.

The laws of lightning here was even more profound than the first level of the Lightning Inheritance.

Zhao Feng’s comprehension of the Lightning Inheritance was increasing by leaps and bounds and some parts that couldn’t be understood before were all resolved now.

The peak 6th level of the Lightning Wind Palm was also progressing forwards and it was recreating the old skill.

Time flew quickly by.

Everyone only had half a day's time in the ruins and right now, only 4 hours had passed.

The spatial abyss had been closed by the water and it was calm once more.

No one above could see the situation below.

Because the Alliance Banquet had ended, most of the Clans were leaving right now.


Right at this moment, an aura at the True Spirit Realm flashed through the air.

The newcomer was an elder of the Cloud Sword Clan and he was very hurried.

“Grand Elder, not good!”

The elder from the Cloud Sword Clan shouted urgently.

“What happened?” The silver haired sword user said expressionlessly.

“Half a month ago, the Iron Dragon Country crushed the Sky Rich Country and two of the 7 factions of the Sky Rich Country have been destroyed while another three have surrendered. Amidst the defeated ones was the Sky Rich Country’s number one faction, the ‘Sky Wind Pavilion’... ”


The Sky Rich Country had lost? The Sky Wind Pavilion was destroyed?

All of the older generation of the Thirteen Clans exclaimed and feared for their lives.

Every one knew what it meant if the Iron Dragon Country defeated the Sky Rich Country.