King Of Gods Chapter 242

Chapter 242 – Lightning Barrier
Chapter 242 - Lightning Barrier

This was a nightmare for the Thirteen Clans.

Even the expressions of the impassive experts at True Spirit Realm changed drastically.

Everyone knew that the Thirteen Countries of the Sky Cloud Forest lived between these two countries and that the war between the two countries was actually a clash between the factions of the two countries.

Once the balance between the two countries was broken, it would affect the Thirteen Countries of the Sky Cloud Forest.

The Broken Moon Clan were also stunned.

“The Sky Rich Country and Iron Dragon Country were always equal. What occurred for this to happen so suddenly?”

First Elder’s expression was extremely solemn and uneasy.

These two strong countries were existences that the thirteen countries could only look up to. Their clans and sects were also significantly greater.

“The Sky Wind Pavillion is the leader of the 7 Clans from the Sky Rich Country. They had 3 to 4 experts from the True Mystic Rank experts alone, and their heritage is extremely ancient. How could they….”

The Broken Moon Clan Master’s face was filled with disbelief.

The Sky Wind Pavillion, the strongest force within the Sky Rich Country could destroy the Thirteen Clans with one hand and was ten times stronger than the Broken Moon Clan.

It was inconceivable for such a faction to be destroyed within such a short amount of time!

What happened at that battle?

What help did the Iron Dragon Country receive for them to destroy the Sky Rich Country so quickly?

Questions popped up from within the Thirteen Clans.

“From my knowledge, there seemed to be the interference from the spawns of the Scarlet Moon Religion. Over the past few days, the Sky Rich Country had asked our Thirteen Clan’s for help. May I dare ask Grand Elders…..?”

The reporting elder of the Cloud Sword Clan asked respectfully.

The three experts at the True Mystic Rank stood at the pinnacle of the Sky Cloud Forest and had the power to decide the fate of the Thirteen Clans.

Furthermore, all the people with high authority from the Thirteen Clans were present.

The crowd had grave expressions as the three Grand Elders and the top authority from each of the clans gathered together.

“Once the Iron Dragon Country destroys the Sky Rich Country, their next target will be us.”

“If our Thirteen Clans combine our forces and assist the Sky Rich Country, we may be able to turn the situation.”

“The spawns of the Scarlet Moon Religion have interfered with this war, hence it won’t be as simple as it seems. For assurance, we should ask the Sacred Ground for help.”

The Thirteen Clans began to discuss.

In the middle of the discussion, someone began to speak, “Did the Iron Dragon Country send people over to watch this time?”

This sentence caused the gazes of the Thirteen Clans to shift.

On the spectating stand, the group from the Iron Dragon Country sat quietly with mocking expressions.

A silver masked noble woman stood up as she laughed, “This is the moment of life and death for your Thirteen Clans.”

“Either choose to bow down to the Iron Dragon Country or die.”

A cold and casual voice came from the mysterious figure in black.

The silver masked woman and black figure stood shoulder to shoulder as they emanated the Qi of True Spirit.

True Mystic Rank.

The higher-ups of the Thirteen Clans were stunned.

No one would have thought that there would be two experts of the True Mystic Rank watching.

The silver masked woman’s aura was on par with the three Grand Elders but the figure in black’s aura was even greater, hence surpassing the three Grand Elders.

At this moment, the group from the Iron Dragon Country all released their auras. Those at the True Spirit Realm had reached a dozen whereas the rest were either at the 7th Sky or half-step True Spirit Realm.

The Thirteen Clans was stunned at first but then laughed coldly in disdain.

“Hmph! Do you think you can threaten us with just this amount of people?”

“Hehehe, aren’t you scared of being defeated by us? You only brought along two experts at the True Mystic Rank.”

Indeed, there was quite a lot of experts from the Thirteen Clans here. Over a third of the present people were of mid to high authority of each Clan and were numbered over several hundred.

In comparison, the Iron Dragon Country’s group was much smaller.

“Hehe, really?”

The mysterious figure in black laughed lightly as he held out a black flag.


The black flag fluttered as eight beams of black light shot into the air, creating fumes that enveloped the entire island.

Almost instantly.

Black and red dots appeared in the air around the Dragon Concealing Lake and flew towards the island.

“That is..!?”

The experts at True Spirit Realm heard the sound of fluttering.

Just a few breaths later.

The black and red dots became larger and turned into blood coloured giant eagles, each spanning dozens of yards. They were like a blood cloud as they carried ten to twenty people on each one.

There was 18 of these blood-colored eagles and each of these eagles had at least an expert at True Spirit Realm.

“Blood Cloud Giant Eagles? Could they be the ones that the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion had once secretly created?”

“The 9 Forces of the Iron Dragon, you dare to work with spawns of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion!?”

The Thirteen Clan Alliance roared angrily.

On the Iron Dragon Country’s side the figure in black and silver masked woman laughed coldly.

From the beginning of the Alliance Banquet till now they were watching a show.

Their aim was to stop the Thirteen Clans from supporting the Sky Rich Country.

“Instead of defending these clowns, it’s better if we take the initiative and attack.”

“Zhe zhe, the Alliance Banquet of these little clans is the perfect opportunity for us to break them all at once.”

The experts from the Iron Dragon Country revealed savage expressions.

The black figure in the front held up the black flag as he spoke loudly, “This is your final chance. Die or obey.”

The crowd was dead silent.

From the current situation, the Iron Dragon Country’s side was on par with the Thirteen Clans and there wasn’t much of a difference.

“What are we scared of? Let’s just team up and gather more of our forces after we escape.”

“That’s right. We have one more person at the True Mystic Rank.”

The higher-ups of the Thirteen Clans discussed through spiritual exchange and soon came to an agreement.

The Thirteen Clans were an Alliance and had experience in teaming up to fight enemies.


The experts of True Spirit Realm led the charge towards the Iron Dragon Country.

The air was instantly filled with sounds of battle and beams of light.

A battle between the world of cultivation had begun.


The mysterious black figure snickered coldly and waved the black flag but the group from the Iron Dragon Country behind him unexpectedly didn’t move.



Screams and howls came from within the Thirteen Clans.

Many figures abruptly began attacking their own alliance.

“What… what’s going on?”

The Thirteen Clans were still puzzled at what was going on.

The Broken Moon Clan Master side was also stunned.

“Watch out for the spies!”

First Elder reacted but just as he finished his words, a group from within the Broken Moon Clan made their move.

The leader of this group was Hai Yun Master.

“Hai Yun… you…”

The Broken Moon Clan Master hmphed and blood leaked from her mouth as her back was hit by Hai Yun Master’s palm.

Along with Hai Yun Master was several mid-authority Deacons and Vice Heads.

Similar situations happened across other Clans as each clan’s spies attacked.

This wasn’t the worst since true spies were limited in number.

The most terrifying part was the betrayal of the entire Ancient Shrine.

The red mole on the forehead of the purple-haired youth, who was the Grand Elder of the Ancient Shrine suddenly ejected a dark red lightning snake which hit the Grand Elder of the Cloud Sword Clan.

“You… you guys actually…”

The silver haired cultivator of the Cloud Sword Clan spat out blood as he was attacked.

The other dozen clans were stunned.

The entire Ancient Shrine had betrayed the Alliance!

“A bunch of dumb ants. The Ancient Shrine was one of the Sub-Divisions of the Scarlet Moon Religion several hundred years ago. Now the time is ripe. The Patriach’s revival is near. It is time for the Scarlet Moon Holy Religion to once again return to this continent!”

The purple haired youth was full of mockery.

The red mole in his forehead twitched as wisps of mental energy spread out.

No one knew what skill he used but all the experts of the Alliance began to fight one another with bloodshot eyes.

The entire island had fallen into slaughter.

Before the Alliance could react, they were surrounded by the Iron Dragon Country.

“Kill them all.”

The mysterious leader in black waved the black flag.

At the bottom of the lake, the Origin Core Ruins.

Zhao Feng, Cang Yuyue and Lin Tong were all mesmerised in their comprehension.

The intent contained in the Ruins was great even for Cang Yuyue who specialised in the sword.

As for Zhao Feng, he was comprehending the Lightning Inheritance.

As time passed, his aura became to slowly rise.

On one hand, it was the comprehension in insights which replenished his mental energy and on the other, the remaining medicinal properties of the Shedding Spiritual Pill was changing his body.

At a certain moment.

Arcs of lightning like a spiderweb circulated Zhao Feng.

These arcs of lightning formed an azure lightning barrier.

“This is the “Lightning Barrier”. Anything that gets close to my body will be destroyed by the arcs of lightning.”

Zhao Feng smiled.

After comprehending the Lightning Barrier, it meant that he had reached high mastery of the First level in the Lightning Inheritance.

At the same time, Zhao Feng’s Lightning Wind Palm had reached the 7th level. which was also the highest level.


Zhao Feng opened his hand as an arc of lightning as thick as a finger appeared on his palm.


The azure lightning sped off as it blew a hole in the ground, causing black smoke to rise.

“En, my cultivation is almost there….”

Zhao Feng felt that the purity of his True Force was comparable to the 7th Sky, hence his current cultivation could be considered to be at the 7th Sky.

“Haha! I’ve gained a lot.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head while smiling.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat on his shoulder threw up the bronze coin before it shook its head at Zhao Feng.

“What happened?”

Zhao Feng’s mind was connected to the little thieving cat’s mind and confirmed what the bad news was.

He immediately circulated his God’s Spiritual Eye and looked up through the water and saw the blurry scenes above.

Why is it like this?

Zhao Feng was stunned when he saw this scene, cold sweat appeared on his forehead as an icy chill spread throughout his body.