King Of Gods Chapter 243

Chapter 243 – Escape
Chapter 243 - Escape

The scene before him stunned Zhao Feng - he would never forget it in his life.

Above the island, the clouds seemed to be torn apart as the battle between the True Mystic Rank caused waves of wind to blow in every direction.

In mid air.

The battle between the experts at True Human Rank caused a tornado which ripped the disciples at the Ascended Realm into shreds, causing blood and flesh to scatter everywhere.

On land, the present disciples were all running in fear.

In just a few breaths, Zhao Feng witnessed disciples whom he had fought be gruesomely slaughtered.

Although the Iron Dragon Country didn’t have many people, the weakest were at 6th Sky whilst the majority were at 7th Sky or higher.

These cultivators were all people who had been in countless battles and had great experience.

They came from the battlegrounds of the two countries, and under normal situations, they were able to take on two disciples at the same cultivation due to their fierceness.

For some unknown reason, the Thirteen Clans had broken into chaos and did not band together in order to fight.

The most important point was that in terms of True Mystic Rank experts, the Thirteen Clans was also suppressed.

Due to the betrayal of the Ancient Shrine’s Grand Elder, the Thirteen Clans only had two experts at True Mystic Rank, but the Grand Elder of the Cloud Sword Clan had been injured.

At this moment.

The purple haired youth from the Ancient Shrine and the silver masked woman suppressed the Grand Elders of the Cloud Sword Clan and the True Mystic Clan.

As for the mysterious black figure leader, he was holding the black flag and occasionally made a move to kill experts at the True Spirit Realm.

The black figure leader was the heart of the Iron Dragon Country and controlled who lived and who died.

The Thirteen Clans were forced into a desperate situation and could only fight for themselves.

At the bottom of the lake.

Zhao Feng took a deep breath before calming down.

His God’s Spiritual Eye suddenly found a group heading towards his direction, and the group was the Broken Moon Clan.

Of course the Broken Moon Clan was also being pursued, Hai Yun Master was a part of the pursuers.

First Elder and Granny Liuyue were filled with rage and helplessness as they ran.

The former’s eyes would occasionally gaze towards the Origin Core Ruins.

“It looks like Master wants to save me on the way.”

Zhao Feng’s heart was filled with gratitude and warmth.

Under this desperate situation everyone was fighting for themselves so it wasn’t rare to not help anyone.

Upon seeing this situation, Zhao Feng stopped hesitate and activated his bloodline power as well as his True Force, causing the crackling of thunder to appear.

Instantly, his aura rose as he officially stepped into the 7th Sky.

Using the remaining medicinal properties, Zhao Feng’s breakthrough was successful and fully complete.

At the same time, he told the news to Cang Yuyue who was nearby.

Cang Yuyue’s heart shook as she heard the news and a light flashed in her eyes.

She was suspicious, but when she saw the God’s Spiritual Eye, every doubt dissipated.

After comprehending the seed of sword intent, she had a sense for danger. The battle above was also quite loud, they could hear it even though they were at the bottom of the lake.

“Let’s charge our way out together.”

Zhao Feng and Cang Yuyue exchanged glances as they dove up into the water and swam towards the surface.

As for Lin Tong, he had hid in some corner of the Ruins, not daring to stop the two.

Due to the fact that the situation was extremely dangerous, Zhao Feng didn’t have the time to find trouble for Lin Tong, so he charged towards the surface with Cang Yuyue.

At the moment he had exited the water, the group of the Broken Moon Clan’s people had arrived.

It was obvious that Zhao Feng had calculated all of this.


First Elder and Granny Liuyue were both filled with joy. Everything had gone smoother than expected.

Zhao Feng had come out to meet up with the Clan.

Swiftly glancing at the group, Zhao Feng had noticed that the Broken Moon Clan had lost over half of the people.

Hai Yun Master had betrayed them and seriously injured the Clan Master, who then died in the pursuit of the Iron Dragon Country.

Of the ten core disciples Quan Chen, Yuan Zhi and Bei Moi had all betrayed them along with Hai Yun Master.

At this moment.

Three experts at True Spirit Realm leading twenty or so people were pursuing the Broken Moon Clan.


An azure lightning suddenly formed in Zhao Feng’s palm which shot out and instantly killed a pursuing cultivator at 7th Sky.

Such destructive power!

The eyes of the group from the Broken Moon Clan lit up. It seemed like Zhao Feng had increased in strength once again.

On the other hand, Hai Yun Master’s killing intent became stronger.

“Feng’er, don’t fight.”

First Elder cautioned amidst his joy.

The Thirteen Clan Alliance were being slaughtered as of present, and if one was too strong, it would attract attention and bring greater pressure.

Zhao Feng nodded as he shot out wisps of lightning to the pursuers.


The wisps of lightning exploded and numbed the bodies of the pursuers, causing their speed to drop.

“Goodbye Zhao Feng, I need to meet with my Clan.”

Cang Yuyue said before she left.

The group from the Cloud Sword Clan was several miles away from the current place they were at and under normal situations, it wasn’t far.

However, at this moment, it was extremely far away.

“Cang Yuyue, your chances of living if you run with us is at least double. Furthermore, being the top Clan, the force pursuing the Cloud Sword Clan will be several times the number chasing us.”

Zhao Feng persuaded.

“Thanks for your good will.”

Cang Yuyue’s beautiful face was filled with decisiveness, her eyes were sharp.

Zhao Feng sighed. He knew that Cang Yuyue had her own beliefs, and if there was even the slightest bit of hope, she would meet up with her Clan.


The three yard green sword was drawn and under this slash, two cultivators at 7th Sky were slain as she headed towards the direction of the Cloud Sword Clan.

Her display of strength instantly caused an expert of True Spirit Realm from the Iron Dragon Country who quickly flew over.

Cang Yuyue had no fear and charged in a straight line.

As the expert at the True Spirit Realm came, she slashed forwards, the clouds seemed to tear in half!

However, although she was able to block the True Spirit Realm expert’s blow, she was still injured.

Luckily the Cloud Sword Clan’s noticed Cang Yuyue and hurried over. The latter was almost slain by the True Spirit Realm but had escaped just in time.

Yet, this also meant that the Cloud Sword Clan attracted more people and their path of escape was harder.

Compared to the Cloud Sword Clan, the Broken Moon Clan wasn’t of any importance. They had reached the outer edges but were unable to shrug off the pursuers behind.

The speed of the experts at True Spirit Realm were insanely fast and it was fated that not all of them would be able to escape.

First Elder and Granny Liuyue teamed up, and only then were they barely able to keep the three pursuers of the True Spirit Realm at bay.

Hai Yun Master tried to kill Zhao Feng several times but they all ended in failure.

This was due to the fact that Zhao Feng’s speed was insanely fast and after comprehending the Lightning Barrier, his defense had increased.

Furthermore, with Zhao Feng’s current strength, he was able to exchange a blow or two with an expert of True Spirit Realm.

First Elder and the few Vice Heads of the half-step True Spirit Realm all payed attention to protect Zhao Feng.

First Elder told the Vice Heads in secret, “Even if we have to die, we still have to save Feng’er. As long as he can survive, he’ll take revenge for us.”

Although Zhao Feng didn’t know what First Elder said, he could guess what the latter said from the Clan’s actions.

“First Elder, if you want to protect the lives of the younger generation, you’ll all die together.”

Hai Yun Master said coldly.

First Elder’s strength was considered strong amongst the True Human Rank experts, and if he wanted to run himself, there wouldn’t be much danger as long as he didn’t face a few experts at the same cultivation.

“Don’t even think about it!”

First Elder obviously knew what Hai Yun Master meant and thrust forward, causing Hai Yun Master to retreat.

But amidst the exchange between the True Spirit Realms, there would be occasional casualty.

Zhao Feng regained his calmness and opened his God’s Spiritual Eye, occasional killing or severely injuring pursuers at the 7th Sky.

His battle power was even stronger than normal cultivators at half-step True Spirit Realm.

“Master, let me lead the way.”

Zhao Feng suddenly suggested as his God’s Spiritual Eye glowed azure, it was as if it was an eagle’s eye that could see through the heavens.


First Elder gave him a deep glance.

In reality, in this situation no one knew the correct path to survival but everyone chose to believe in Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye could see very far and could see through things that weren’t very thick.

“North-West direction.”

Zhao Feng was responsible to lead the way.

There was only three directions they could run in: West, North-West and South-West.

There was a small group of enemies in the North-West direction whereas the West and Sourth West direction didn’t have many people there.

The people from the Broken Moon Clan didn’t know why but two experts at the True Spirit Realm who were pursuing them had strange looks.

Although the West and South West direction seemed to be empty there was actually greater danger there.

This was especially so for the West direction. There seemed to be no one there, but in reality there were two experts at the True Human Rank there who could assassinate a Broken Moon Clan elder if they got the chance.

The direction Zhao Feng chose was North West and there was a group of enemies there including two cultivators at the half step True Spirit Realm and a dozen at the 6th and 7th Sky.

This group was at the edge of the battle and responsible for clearing out those who had escaped. Although there weren’t very strong it was still a risk for the Broken Moon Clan who was running away.

Wind Lightning Destruction----

Azure lightning flashed around Zhao Feng as he charged head first into enemy lines.

“Zhe zhe, that brat’s gone crazy. He knows we’re here and is still running over.”

The two leaders at the half-step true spirit realm were surprised.

The combined strength of their group could blow Zhao Feng into dust.

One hundred yards…. Eighty yards….. Sixty yards….

Zhao Feng closed in swiftly and had left the Broken Moon Clan group. From both sides it seemed like a risky move.

Twenty yards.

Zhao Feng’s left eye suddenly lit up and as he opened his mouth, a clap of thunder along with mental energy shot towards the group.

“Not good!”

The expressions of the leading two half-step true spirit realm’s changed drastically as they felt their blood shake.

Plop plop!

The three cultivators at 6th and 7th Sky who were at the front immediately died, blood poured out from their eyes, noses and mouth. Others who weren’t prepared were also hit and almost fell down.

This was only the start of the nightmare.