King Of Gods Chapter 250

Chapter 250 – Great Country (1)
Chapter 250 - Great Country (1)

Between each countries were wide and desolate lands.

These desolate lands hadn’t been touched by humans yet and contained a large number of deadly beasts and Yao beasts.

Not only that.

Desolate lands were full of dangerous environments and natural disasters. Carelessness could result in death.

This situation was similar to the third stage of the Floating Crest Trial but the boundaries were bigger and the path longer.

Therefore it was very dangerous to travel through countries. Even people of the Clans wouldn’t easily do so.

Of course,

There was still countless numbers of people running from death and cultivators at the True Spirit Realm or higher that did so.

In a desolate desert.


A beautiful plainly dressed girl who held a sword sped off into the distance.

Locust after locust appeared from the desert in front.

The plainly dressed girl lightly shouted and condensed an invisible sword intent that flickered through the air.

The swarm of locusts was instantly slashed apart.

“Although it's a bit risky, this path is the straightest and best. By passing two strong countries, I can arrive at the top sword sect of the Northern Continent - the Ten Thousand Sword Sect.”

Cang Yuyue studied the map in her hands.

The Ten Thousand Sword Sect was a peak force of the Northern Continent whose position was only below of the Ten Great Factions.

Being the top Sword Sect in the Northern Continent, normal geniuses of the sword that had no background had no right to enter, but Cang Yuyue believed that with her age, comprehension, and seed of sword intent that not many people across the entire Northern Continent had, she was able to pass.

Furthermore, she had a recommendation letter in her hands.

Due to the fact that the Cloud Sword Clan had been controlled by the Iron Dragon Country and Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion, Cang Yuyue was treated as a traitor.

But luckily, Zhao Feng had attracted most of the attention, hence Cang Yuyue was able to leave the Thirteen Countries safely.

In the desolate lands, in between canyons.

A girl in purple with eyes as clear as crystal could be seen. Her face was like a beautiful carving and her skin was snow white with a faint redness to it.

Her looks could bring disaster amongst men and countries.

“The Three Yuan Sect is a side sect of one of the Ten Great Factions - the Heavenly Yuan Sect. Who knows if this journey will be successful?”

Zhao Yufei’s eyes were filled with anticipation and worry.

The Three Yuan Sect was a powerful force that could suppress the forces of the Iron Dragon strong country.

What made it even more popular was that it was a side sect of the Heavenly Yuan Sect. If one performed well, there was the chance of being chosen by the Heavenly Yuan Sect.

The Ten Great Factions were spread out amongst the entire continent and the Northern Continent only had one or two at the max. From this one could see the Heavenly Yuan Sect’s importance.

“Brother Zhao Feng is being pursued by the entire Thirteen Countries and the pressure he faces is much greater than mine. I hope he can escape successfully and maybe, hopefully, one day….”

Bright lights flashed in Zhao Yufei’s eyes.

Outside the Thirteen Countries.

Inside a complex landscape in the desolate lands.

“I’ve finally run out of the Thirteen Countries. Hai Yun Master, I’ll pay back today’s humiliation in two fold in the future.”

A black hooded figure said full of killing intent.

Under the hood was an azure haired youth with an ugly expression and full of anger.

Zhao Feng had to keep this thought in his heart as he ran from the pursuers across the Thirteen Countries.

The enemy was an expert of True Spirit Realm that had become the Clan Master - Zhao Feng wasn’t able to fight back.

He believed that there was no place for him in the Thirteen Countries unless he reached True Lord Rank, meaning he was able to affect the area around there.

If Zhao Feng wanted to return to the Thirteen Countries, he needed to be at least at the True Spirit Realm or else it would be full of dangers.

Zhao Feng only had what Master told him to do in his heart.

The first mission: Ask for help.

A map of the Northern Continent appeared in his mind as he started to fly in a certain direction.

Zhao Feng had the God’s Spiritual Eye and the Azure Sharp Swallow which allowed him evade all the dangers beforehand.

The Northern Continent had as many strong countries as how many clouds were in the sky.

The Iron Dragon Country was only one of the more powerful forces. If he was able to find assistance, it was possible to turn the situation of the Thirteen Countries around.

Zhao Feng sat on the Azure Sharp Swallow and headed towards the closest country to the Thirteen Countries and the two countries - the “Eagle Country.”

However, this was an arduous path.

In the blink of an eye, half a year had passed.

In the south of the Northern Continent, a roaring river passed through mountains, plains, and deserts as if it was going to rip the land in half.

The scene was stunning.

This river was called the “River of Rage” and was one of the three rivers that lay within the Canopy Great Country’s territory.

The River of Rage had a powerful current. A wave alone could swallow a cultivator at the Ascended Realm.

Furthermore, above the river were winds so powerful that even flying Yao Beasts would be instantly torn to shreds.

The river bank.

A sharp green swallow flew through the air and landed on the ground.

Although the size of this flying bird wasn’t big, its speed and aura caused many to glance over.

At this moment.

An azure haired one-eyed youth jumped down from the Azure Sharp Swallow with signs of fatigue.

“It’s the rare Azure Sharp Swallow. It's said that its speed and offense is unbelievable.”

“What background does this youth have to possess such a precious pet?”

The eyes of many people glimmered as they started to discuss.

The azure haired one-eyed youth was obviously Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng felt extremely tired after coming from the Sky Cloud Thirteen Countries.

Luckily, he had entered the territory of the Canopy Great country and was extremely far away from the Thirteen Countries. He believed that no one would know him.

Across the entire Northern Continent, only three countries had the word “Great” in it. The Canopy Great Country was one of the three.

“The second task: Give Master’s item to the Liu family within the Canopy Great Country.”

Zhao Feng surveyed the area with caution.

Although the strongest cultivator here had only reached the 7th Sky, he didn’t dare look down upon them.

This was the Canopy Great Country, it wasn’t something the Thirteen Countries could compare to.

Ten days ago.

Two to three bandits of the 6th Sky had try to steal Zhao Feng’s Azure Sharp Swallow.

Zhao Feng decided to finish them off, but without using the God’s Spiritual Eye and bloodline power, he needed a dozen or so moves.

This was unimaginable in the Thirteen Countries.

The Canopy great country was a treasured place of the Northern Continent for cultivators.

The number of people who had reached the Ascended Realm here wasn’t low.

Zhao Feng had once fought with two experts at the 7th Sky and without using his bloodline power, the battle resulted in a draw.

Furthermore, those two were only the middle echelons of a family, like how the Zhao family was in the Cloud country.

“Skills and techniques of every kind are seen in the mortal world. The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi is several times purer than the Thirteen Countries and apparently, a few big forces are in control of Spiritual Treasured Grounds and full of resources….”

Although Zhao Feng had only entered the Canopy Great Country for a short dozen days, his actions had become more cautious.

Simply said, the Canopy Great Country was more advanced in terms of cultivation.

If the Thirteen Countries was said to be a village in the countryside, then this place would be a city.

Therefore, under the same cultivation, the experts of the Canopy Great Country could easily slay those from the Thirteen Countries.

“I hope the second task doesn’t fail or else….”

Zhao Feng stood at the river bank and his chest heaved from the pressure the River of Rage brought.

Him running away was for two missions.

One: Help

Two: Send the letter.

Zhao Feng had failed the former.

Thinking back to his experience, a bitter smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s lips.

After leaving the Thirteen Countries he reached the closest Eagle Country.

The Eagle Country was the closest to the Iron Dragon Country and Thirteen Countries, but was stronger than the Iron Dragon strong country. If they were willing, they could change the situation of the Thirteen Countries.


When Zhao Feng entered the Eagle Country, he realised that the tens of clans in the country had an internal war and the entire country was in chaos. None of them had the time to bother with him.

After that Zhao Feng arrived at the second strong country nearby, the Blood Fire Country.

The Blood Fire Country was extremely powerful, the original Iron Dragon strong country and the Sky Rich strong country united might not even be its match.

However, the distance between the Blood Fire strong country and Thirteen Countries was already a bit far and the factions there weren’t willing to help.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng almost lost his life there.

“The Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion has not only infiltrated the Iron Dragon strong country, even the Blood Fire strong country has been infiltrated.”

Zhao Feng would still be covered in sweat when he remembered this.

Back at the Blood Fire strong country he had been targeted by the Scarlet Moon Religion but was able to survive due to his God’s Spiritual Eye.

He couldn’t help but be glad that he had destroyed the Ghost Mark even though it cost him dropping one Sky.

With the failure at the Blood Fire Country Zhao Feng’s task for help ended in failure.

Because the other countries were all too far away and who would bother with a brat who came from a poor place?


Zhao Feng decisively gave up this mission that was infested with danger and little hope.

He couldn’t help but remember what First Elder had told him. The chance of getting help was small. The key point was the second task. If it succeeded, not only will you be safe, the Thirteen Countries might also be saved.”

At this moment.

Zhao Feng was standing in front of the River of Rage.

He was placing all his hopes on the second mission.

But right now Zhao Feng needed to pass through the River of Rage to enter the centre of the Canopy Great Country.

The Canopy Great country’s situation could be described as “One Emperor, Three Sects, Four Families” to display its chaoticness.

Amongst the four families was a Liu family, but Zhao Feng didn’t know whether it was the same as the one First Elder had talked about.