King Of Gods Chapter 251

Chapter 251 – Great Country (2)
Chapter 251 - Great Country (2)

Zhao Feng thought that if the Liu Family he was looking for was indeed one of the Four Great families of the Canopy Great Country, it would be incredible.

One Emperor, Three Sects, Four Families.

These eight forces sustained the life of Canopy Great Country and were above the other countless forces.

Any one of them had power at least comparable to a strong country and even had the ability to wipe them out.

Of these eight forces the Imperials had the most fame and was the ruler of the Canopy Great Country.

Due to the eight forces existing together, the situation within this great country was very complex, but there wasn’t much connection to Zhao Feng who had just arrived.

He couldn’t even affect the Thirteen Countries situation and was just a speck of dust in the Canopy Great country.

After organising his thoughts Zhao Feng once again looked towards the River of Rage ahead.

The River of Rage had a magnificient current that caused cultivators at Ascended Realm to have a hard time breathing.

“The River of Rage is the biggest river in the Canopy Great Country and is one of the three greatest areas of water in the Northern Continent. Anyone that wants to enter the holy lands of the Canopy Great Country and head towards the Four Families must cross this river.’

Zhao Feng’s eyes gleamed as his azure hair blew in the wind.

It wasn’t just Zhao Feng alone that wanted to cross the river.

The aim of the experts here were all to cross the river.

The River of Rage was situated north and was considered desolate - even though the population here far surpassed the Thirteen Countries.

One had to cross it if they wanted to enter the populated grounds of the Canopy Great Country.


The sound of movement in the air could be heard as a True Spirit Realm expert’s aura caused the crowd’s expression on the riverbank to change.

A four winged flying leopard flew through the air. It’s size was as big as an elephant and a golden robed noble sat on it as they descended to the river bank.

“Four winged Flying Cloud Leopard!”

“It’s a battle-class flying pet. This four winged Flying Cloud Leopard could probably easily rip normal cultivators at the half-step True Spirit Realm into shreds.”

The people on the riverbank full of respect.

The pet of the golden robed person, the “Four winged Flying Cloud Leopard” alone would cause normal cultivators at the Ascended Realm to evade.

When the Four winged Flying Cloud Leopard descended, Zhao Feng could feel uneasiness from the Azure Sharp Swallow.

The Azure Sharp Swallow might not be slower than the Four Winged Flying Snow Leopard in terms of speed but their battle power was uncomparable.

Zhao Feng noticed that a lot of cultivators had flying beasts in the Canopy Great country but his Azure Sharp Swallow was a rare type whose speed made others envious.

The golden robed noble’s eyes were calm as he scanned across the people on the riverbank. He was slightly surprised when he saw the Azure Sharp Swallow next to Zhao Feng but he didn’t take it to heart.

Zhao Feng was only at the 6th Sky but had an Azure Sharp Swallow. One had to know that cultivators at the 7th Sky and even those at the half-step True Spirit Realm didn’t have such great flying steeds.

As time passed, more and more people arrived on the riverbank.

The cultivation of these people were at least at the 4th or 5th Sky, and 6th and 7th Sky were very common.

There were now several cultivators at half-step True Spirit Realm at the riverbank.

The battle prowess of these people couldn’t be compared to those in the Sky Cloud Forest Area. Zhao Feng found it hard to even finish off a normal cultivator at the 7th Sky in a short period of time.

Of course, everyone was filled with respect as they looked at the gold robed person.

“With the cultivation of the True Human Rank, he should be able to cross the river. Maybe he just doesn’t want to spend too much energy.”

Zhao Feng thought in his heart.

The people on the riverbank were all waiting to cross the river.

However, the prices of these ships were enormous and the materials were comparable to Mortal weapons. They also needed array masters to enhance them to be able to stand against the waves.

Normal ships were obviously unable to cross the River of Rage. Only those made with special material and enhanced with arrays were able to stand the chaotic waves.

“The crossing sky ship is almost here.”

Someone in the riverbank lowly shouted and everyone stared at the river.

Zhao Feng had the strongest sight and soon saw a dark silver tens of yards long ship appear.

The surface of the ship was engraved with complex arrays which gave off a earth yellow colour.

Zhao Feng estimated that his full strength attack wouldn’t even be able to harm this ship.

It was only because of these arrays that the ship was able to stand tall and not crushed by the enormous waves.

There was several docks near the River of Rage, and near every dock, there would be ships similar to the Crossing sky ship that sent customers back and forth.

At this moment only a few people had come off the Crossing sky ship.

Usually people only thought of entering the Canopy Great Country and not many would leave after they entered.

On the Crossing sky ship were four sailors with muscular figures. Their muscles were like bronze metal and gave off an invisible pressure.

“These four sailors are all proficient in body strengthening and have reached the 7th Sky. They can use their body alone to fight against cultivators at the same rank.”

Zhao Feng was extremely surprised. If these experts were young enough they had the chance to fight for a place of a Star in the Alliance Banquet.

“There’s a total of 49 places. Everyone pays 300 low grade primal crystal stones.”

The sailor at the front announced.


The second the words exited his mouth, the golden robed person flew onto the Crossing sky ship, his True Spirit Realm aura caused the expression of the four sailors to change slightly but still took the primal crystal stones.

“300 low grade primal crystal stones? That’s not a small sum.”

Zhao Feng was slightly surprised.

300 low grade primal crystal stones were 30000 substandard primal crystal stones.

In the world of cultivators, substandard primal crystal stones were the lowest currency and were mainly used in the bottom echelons.

“The Canopy Great Country has rich resources and the number of primal crystal stones extracted are extremely high, hence the price of everything is also higher.”

Zhao Feng soon understood.

He had won ten thousand low grade primal crystal stones from the Alliance Banquet and this was comparable to one million substandard primal crystal stones.

This sum made the eyes of others red in the Thirteen Clans, but in this place, ten thousand low grade primal crystal stones couldn't be considered to be much. Normal cultivators at the half-step True Spirit Realm were even richer than Zhao Feng.

Sou! Sou!

The group all charged towards the Crossing sky ship.

The Crossing sky ship was docked at the river bank but there were still powerful winds here that was able to push cultivators at the Ascended Realm away.

Therefore the only entrance was the ship gate.

“41… 42…. 7 places left.”

The head sailor said.

The ship would leave when the 49 spaces were filled up.

The remaining group were getting impatient.

One had to know that every a Crossing sky ship came every ten days and they needed to repair the protective arrays on the ship. Furthermore, a Crossing sky ship would be the only around in a span of tens of thousands of miles.


This was the first time Zhao Feng had arrived here so he didn’t know the situation, and therefore was behind.


Zhao Feng’s figure flashed with arcs of lightning but his movement was still a few steps too late compared to those that were prepared.

When Zhao Feng had arrived, there were four people fighting for the remaining two places.

“Sky Frost Dominance Fist!”

One of them was a silver haired youth that sent a wave of ice in a ten yard radius.

That youth forced a cultivator at the 7th Sky and two at the 6th Sky back.

The power here was close to Cang Yuyue’s on the Alliance Banquet.

Zhao Feng was extremely shocked. The Canopy Great Country’s resources were extremely rich and geniuses were like fishes in a river.

Zhao Feng wouldn’t be his match without using his bloodline power. Only if he had reached 7th Sky again would he be able to.

After the silver haired youth landed on the ship, Zhao Feng and three others were left behind.


Zhao Feng’s Yin Shadow Cloak flapped as his body became darker and the sound of lightning increased.

At that instant, his speed surpassed the remaining person at the 7th Sky and the two at the 6th Sky.

“Don’t even think about it!”

These three people weren’t simple. Their strength was similar to Ao Yuetian’s and Xu Zixuan’s.

“Lightning Barrier.”

Zhao Feng didn’t evade in the slightest and a spiderweb made of lightning formed a barrier around him.


The attacks of the three landed on Zhao Feng and the lightning arcs flew everywhere.

The 7th Sky expert harrumphed as his body was numbed for half a breath; the other two were pushed back several yards and a few scorch marks were left on their body.


Before they could react Zhao Feng had turned into a blur and had succeeded in taking the last spot.

After doing this, Zhao Feng’s breathing rate increased as his expression turned solemn.

Ever since entering the Canopy Great Country, the strongest feeling he felt was the competition.

Competition was extremely intense.

Just for a ship crossing the river needed a fight.

“800 low grade primal crystal stones.”

The sailor said expressionlessly.

“Why 800?”

Zhao Feng’s expression changed slightly.

He clearly remembered that everyone only had to pay 300 and this was already very expensive.

“Your flying pet costs an extra 500.”

The sailor replied impatiently.

Zhao Feng silently handed over 800 primal crystal stones. The Azure Sharp Swallow’s value was far more than this.

However, the golden robed person’s Four Winged Flying Cloud Leopard didn’t cost him any extra.

As if sensing Zhao Feng’s eyes, the golden robed person smiled faintly, “You’re not from Canopy Great Country are you?”

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

Hearing this the others on the ship looked towards him with disdain, as if they were looking at a beggar.

However the golden robed person didn’t show any signs of underestimation and explained patiently, “I have a Spiritual Pet Bag, specifically used to carry flying beasts.”

“Senior, may I ask you how much this Spiritual Pet Bag costs?”

Zhao Feng’s eyes landed on a black sack on the person’s waist.

“One hundred thousand primal crystal stones.”

The golden robed person responded casually.

One hundred thousand primal crystal stones.

Zhao Feng took a cold breath. This Spiritual Pet Bag alone was worth more than ten times the amount he owned.


Another thought of the Canopy Great Country appeared in Zhao Feng’s mind apart from the competition here.

It was money.