King Of Gods Chapter 253

Chapter 253 – Shore
Chapter 253 - Shore

The eyes of the girl in blue turned watery and seemed extremely sympathetic.

Those watching felt bad for her and told Zhao Feng to sell the little thieving cat to the girl.

“Sure, a billion primal crystal stones.”

Zhao Feng laughed.

The youth in black clenched his fists tightly and stared angrily at Zhao Feng. If it wasn’t because they were on the Crossing Sky Ship he might have already attacked.

Zhao Feng’s one billion primal crystal stones price obviously didn’t have any intention of trading. He was just playing with them.

“Ting’er, wait till we cross the River of Rage and enter the Canopy Great Country. I’ll buy the exact same cat.”

The plainly dressed elderly person behind the two laughed.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat revealed expressions of disdain as it extended a finger pointing towards the sky. Following this, it then extended two fingers and compared it.

“It’s saying it’s the only one? There won’t be another?”

The people nearby could obviously understand its meaning.

Only one in the world. Never another the same.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat nodded its head proudly in response to the crowd.

Everyone’s jaws were wide open and were extremely surprised. The intelligence of this cat could be compared to the Fox beasts.

“Uncle Liu, look! It’s saying that it’s the only one in the world. How can you buy the same one for me?”

The girl in blue pouted and gazed unwillingly towards the little thieving cat, not wanting to leave.

The plainly dressed elder was helpless and the youth in black stared at Zhao Feng with hatred.

Zhao Feng was speechless. In this short amount of time he had offended two groups of people.

The former group wanted to buy his Azure Sharp Swallow but enmity appeared after they were rejected.

This group wanted to buy his little thieving cat but wanted to take it because they couldn’t afford it.

Sigh, what kind of world is this?

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but shake his head. Thinking about it carefully, the reason was because they thought he was easy to bully.

He was alone, had low cultivation, and came from outside the Canopy Great Country. Everyone thought of him as a countryman, and easy target.

The Crossing Sky Ship slowly moved forwards.

Zhao Feng could feel Qi Jiu and Grey Cat Eagle’s coldness.

In the other group, the youth in black was full of anger as he felt that he had humiliated by Zhao Feng.

The plainly dressed elder at the half-step True Spirit Realm’s eyes twinkled, it was impossible to see his thoughts.

“If these two groups attack together after I get off the ship…..”

Zhao Feng hiccupped coldly.

Just the silver haired youth Qi Jiu alone was comparable to Cang Yuyue.

The strongest person should be the plainly dressed elder who had already formed the Qi of half-step True Spirit. He would even be able to resist against normal cultivators at True Human Rank.

Of course.

Zhao Feng thought that even if he wasn’t his match, he could run away with his Yin Shadow Cloak and Lightning Inheritance.

“Little friend, the Overlooking Mist Liu family’s name is very good and we don’t force trades, but we can’t be sure others won’t. If you don’t mind, you can come with us three for the time being.”

The plainly dressed elder suggested.

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped. The older one was indeed smart.

He could tell that the current situation wasn’t very good for Zhao Feng and if he helped Zhao Feng solve it, Zhao Feng would owe him a debt.

At the same time Zhao Feng had to loosen up on selling the cat.

Zhao Feng went into deep thought.

He wasn’t scared of these two groups. Even if he wasn’t their match he could retreat safely.

But… the Overlooking Mist Liu family was a good trace.

Zhao Feng didn’t know the place well nor know anyone. He wasn’t even sure which Liu family he was to find.

“How about you three have to ensure my safety after we get off the boat. As for the exchange, if the little thieving cat wants to go with you, I won’t stop it.”

Zhao Feng answered.


The plainly dressed elder revealed a happy expression. Behind their backs was an enormous family with rich resources. With the little thieving cat’s intelligence, it would definitely come to them with the resources provided.

After the plainly dressed elder and Zhao Feng came to a deal, the former told the girl in blue and youth in black.

“Great! Uncle Liu instantly succeeds.”

The girl in blue said happily, as if the little thieving cat was already in her hands.

The youth in black harrumphed coldly but the enmity on his face didn’t decrease.

With the little thieving cat as the connection line, Zhao Feng soon knew the three people.

The plainly dressed elder who was called “Uncle Liu” was an Elder of the Overlooking Mist Liu family.

The girl in blue was called Liu Tingyu and was a genius of the younger generation but from the spoiledness Uncle Liu gave her, one could tell that her identity wasn’t as simple as it looked.

The youth in black was called Liu Dong, a lover of Liu Tingyu’s.

Zhao Feng smiled and understood the background of the three.

The Overlooking Mist Province Liu family was a tiny family in the Canopy Great Country, just like how the Zhao family was in the Cloud Country.

But even such a small family had Elder’s at half-step True Spirit Realm.

From this, one could see that the advancement of cultivation in the Canopy Great Country had far exceeded the Thirteen Countries.

Zhao Feng was a person who came into the city from the farm, so him being a countryman was justified.


Liu Tingyu took out her snacks and fed it to the little thieving cat.

The little thieving cat had a huge appetite and didn’t eat normal food. Only till Liu Tingyu took out primal crystal stones and some precious spiritual pills did the little thieving cat eat happily.

The plainly dressed elder laughed. With the little thieving cats gluttony and greed for money, it wasn’t hard to trick it away from Zhao Feng.

At this moment, Zhao Feng obviously wouldn’t forget to ask Liu Tingyu and company about the situation within the Liu family.

“May I ask whether there’s a person called Qinxin in the Liu family?”

Zhao Feng asked.

His trip to the Canopy Great Country was to find this person.

This mission contributed whether the situation within the Thirteen Countries could be changed or not.

“Liu Qinxin? In just the Liu family of the Overlooking Mist Province alone there’s more than one person called Liu Qinxin.”

Uncle Liu shook his head.

There were just too many people with the same name in this vast land.

Zhao Feng stopped talking.

Back in the Zhao family, there was more than one person with the same person as him.

“In the Canopy Great Country, the Liu family of the four great families is our main families. Apart from them there’s Side families and Branch families. From what I know there’s seven Side families and several hundred Branch families….”

Uncle Liu explained.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but click his tongue.

The Liu family was the Main family and had seven Side families under them.

Under Side families were Branch families.

The Overlooking Mist Province Liu family was just a member of the Branch families.

After knowing this Zhao Feng’s heart shook. It was hard to imagine how powerful the Liu family was. The Overlooking Mist Province Liu family probably didn’t even have the right to contact the main Liu family.

“Am I supposed to find the main family, side family or branch family?”

Zhao Feng’s head hurt.

The second mission was for him to send a letter. He had thought it would be simpe but the reality was extremely complex.

From the current situation the chance of being the main Liu family wasn’t high, but not impossible.

“I hope that it’s someone from the Side family who has some power. If she’s from the Branch family then that’d be troublesome….”

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed.

There was only seven side families of the Liu family and each of them were powerful forces.

But there was just too many Branch families. They were counted by the hundreds.

Zhao Feng didn’t know that when he mentioned the name Liu Qinxin to Uncle Liu, the golden robed person’s eyes flashed.

“Liu Qinxin? Could it be that person….? Impossible! No way. It must be someone who has the same name.”

The golden robed person took a deep breath and shook his head.

There were way too many people with the same name. The golden robed person thought.

The Crossing Sky Ship moved forwards.

Time quickly passed by.

In the blink of an eye seven to eight days had gone past and the Crossing sky ship had finally approached the shore.

The shore on the opposite side of the River of Rage was crystal blue. It looked like a scenery from out of an artwork.

Zhao Feng was immersed by what he saw.

“So entrancing, so is this the holy cultivation lands of the Canopy Great Country?”

Liu Tingyu’s eyes flashed brightly and her fists were clenched, amazed by this piece of land.

The south of the River of Rage was considered desolate and barren. Only by passing the river did one truly enter the Canopy Great Country.

Zhao Feng’s God’s Spiritual Eye caught an immeasurable power in the River of Rage. It seemed to be able to rip the continent apart.

“The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the opposite shore is more than ten times denser than the Thirteen Countries. This River of Rage contains some power that can disrupt the distribution of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the Northern Continent.”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath, unable to measure that power.

“The River of Rage is a very mysterious river. The top ranked Inheritances “Heavens Legacy Inheritance” showed up here several tens of thousands of years ago and gave birth to the River of Rage…..”

Uncle Liu said as if telling a story.

“Heavens Legacy Inheritance? An Inheritance even better than the Scarlet Moon Inheritance?”

Liu Tingyu was full of curiosity.

The Scarlet Moon Inheritance was ranked 3rd of the 4 Great Inheritances and was the reason why the Scarlet Moon Patriarch reached such a height.

“The Heavens Legacy Inheritance is the most ancient and mysterious inheritance of the four. It’s appearance rate is extremely low and not much information is known about it.”

Uncle Liu smiled faintly.

There was just not enough information about the Heavens Legacy Inheritance. No one knew whether it was the strongest or not, but it was definitely the oldest and most mysterious.

“Apparently, every time the Heavens Legacy Inheritance appears, the continent’s situation would change. But this Inheritance hasn’t appeared for a long time.”

The golden robed noble who was silent suddenly said.

These were just rumours. No one would take it as true.

The Crossing Sky Ship soon reached the shore.

Sou-- Sou-- Sou--

Everyone left the Crossing sky ship. The fastest person was obviously the golden robed person. In a flash, he had disappeared into the clouds.

“Azure haired brat. Are you sure you’re not going to sell the Azure Sharp Swallow?”

The grey middle aged Grey Cat Eagle closed in on Zhao Feng with two helpers behind him.

On the other side the silver haired Qi Jiu had a cold mocking smile on his lips.