King Of Gods Chapter 257

Chapter 257 – Flooding Lake City Lord
Chapter 257 - Flooding Lake City Lord

Finding a husband through sparring?

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but shake his head speechlessly.

Canopy Great Country was enormous and the number of people named Liu Qinxin wasn’t low in number.

It was only a coincident that a person named “Liu Qinxin” was finding a husband through sparring.

“How old is the daughter of the City Lord and what’s her cultivation like?”

Although Zhao Feng thought the likelihood of her being the person he was looking for was low, he still asked for assurance.

According to logic, the receiver’s cultivation and age would be around the same as First Elder’s.

But nothing was certain.

Once someone entered True Spirit Realm, their ages couldn’t be calculated. Those over a hundred could look like twenty or so.

At the same time, there were geniuses who had entered True Spirit Realm at the age of twenty.

As long as one entered the True Spirit Realm, regardless of age, they would become people on the same level who had the possibility to get to know each other.

Hence, this left Zhao Feng with two restrictions in the list:

The person’s cultivation wasn’t too far away from First Elder’s. At least, it was not much lower than his.
Their ages wouldn’t be too distant and to make sure no one was skipped, they had to be over twenty.
There were a few more requirements such as travel hobbies.

The distance from Canopy Great Country to the Thirteen Countries was extremely far and only those who liked to travel would leave a Great Country in order to go a inferior place such as the Thirteen Countries.

“The daughter of the City Lord is extremely mysterious and likes to spend most of her time travelling. Her cultivation should have reached half-step True Spirit Realm. She’s not too old, probably younger than twenty. As for her looks, some say she’s a beauty while others say she’s hideous….”

Liu Yuan said uncertainly.

“The Flooding Lake City Lord is also of the Liu family. Why is it that you don’t even know her age or looks?”

Zhao Feng felt that this was unusual.

According to his requirements, this Liu Qinxin could be the person he was looking for.

Liu Yuan smiled bitterly, “Not only is the daughter of the City Lord is mysterious, even her mother is veiled in mystery. She and the Ciy Lord had only spent a short period of time together before disappearing. However, the City Lord still hasn’t forgotten her, choosing not to wed ever since.”

Zhao Feng’s eyebrows furrowed; the daughter of the City Lord was too mysterious. The information about her wasn’t accurate at all.

“The battles to decide the fiance are only a couple days away. If Master Zhao is interested, you can enter as well. As long as one’s age doesn’t surpass 25 and has the capabilities to defeat her, they can become the son-in-law of the City Lord.”

Liu Yuan said in a probing tone.

Zhao Feng shook his head. Battles to decide the fiance? He wasn’t interested in the slightest.

However, he had thought of meeting this girl. Afterall, she was still on the list and couldn’t be dismissed.


Zhao Feng perused through the booklet.

Every person on the booklet was named Liu Qinxin and they ranged from teenagers to those over a hundred.

All of these people had come from the Liu family but had all walked onto different paths in life.

Under the restrictions, Zhao Feng began inspecting the list and ended up with only ten that fitted the requirements.

Of these ten, only two had reached True Spirit Realm, and the others were all at the half step True Spirit Realm.

“These two are indeed unusual. One’s an Elder of the Qin Sword Palace, and the others an Empress.”

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but take a cold breath.

One Emperor, Three Sects, Four Families.

The Qin Sword Palace Elder and the Empress were both from one of the eight great forces.

Furthermore, their ages and cultivation all suited the requirements.


Zhao Feng let out a breath as he massaged his temples.

His mission had finally found its way.

Apart from Goddess Qin of the Qin Sword Palace and Empress Qin, it wasn’t too hard to see the others.

Zhao Feng recorded the list and information into his mind and went to rest.

His cultivation hadn’t grown much on the journey from the Thirteen Countries to Canopy Great Country, but his foundation was extremely stable.

The late stages of the 7th Sky were extremely hard to reach and every step required countless effort and price.

Back at the Alliance Banquet Zhao Feng would’ve taken at least two to three years to reach the 7th Sky under normal circumstances if he hadn’t eaten the Shedding Spiritual Pill.

After breaking the Ghost Mark Zhao Feng’s cultivation had dropped to the 6th Sky but he didn’t regret it.


Zhao Feng had reached the holy cultivation lands of a Great Country. The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and resources were far better and thus, his cultivation speed would definitely exceed the Thirteen Countries.

After cultivating quietly for the night.

The second day.

Zhao Feng first went to greet Uncle Liu and company. Uncle Liu began to depart as he wore a red face. After all, there was a prodigy was from his branch family.

Liu Tingyu was still immersed by the little thieving cat and continued to play with it.

“This old one will be leaving soon. I hope Master Zhao can look after Ting’er and Dong’er.”

Uncle Liu handed Zhao Feng a faint silver bag before he left.


Zhao Feng was slightly surprised - it was a Spiritual Peg Bag worth at least a hundred thousand low grade Primal Crystal Stones.

“This is just a little gratitude, it isn’t much.”

Uncle Liu smiled.

Although a hundred thousand low grade Primal Crystal Stones was a large sum, it wasn’t much for a family.

Uncle Liu had calculated that Zhao Feng urgently needed a Spiritual Pet Bag as it would be troublesome with his Azure Sharp Swallow.

“Thank you Uncle Liu.”

Zhao Feng accepted the Spiritual Pet Bag. He couldn’t afford a Spiritual Pet Bag as of present.

When he witnessed Zhao Feng accept the bag, Uncle Liu left.

Beast Tamers were welcomed everywhere and were people that families and factions fought over.

If Zhao Feng stayed in the Flooding Lake City, he would definitely be treated as a guest of the Liu family and would be able to take care of Liu Ting’er and Liu Dong.

Zhao Feng understood Uncle Liu’s intent as he inspected this Spiritual Pet Bag.

Spiritual Pet Bags could store beasts within and was done so by using a high skilled array.

The difference between the interspatial bracelet and the spiritual pet bag was that the latter could store ‘live items’ and had certain interactions with the Yuan Qi outside.

But the disadvantage was also obvious. Because the dimension with in Spiritual Pet Bags were large, it wasn’t stable and was usually only able to be used for 10 years.

Zhao Feng’s interspatial bracelet only had a metre cubed space inside but the dimension was extremely stable. It could be used for hundreds of years of even thousands of years without collapsing.

As for why the little thieving cat could stay inside the interspatial bracelet for such a long time and enter and exit it as it pleased? Zhao Feng didn’t know why.

As he now had a Spiritual Pet Bag, Zhao Feng put the Azure Sharp Swallow within and the little thieving cat also moved ‘houses.’

Apart from bringing some primal crystal stones and colorful stones the little thieving cat carried the flask of alcohol which was even bigger than itself.

This was taken from the Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground and could create wine by itself.

Since Zhao Feng didn’t drink much all of it went to the little thieving cat.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat snuggled against Zhao Feng’s face before jumping excitedly into the Spiritual Pet Bag.

The Spiritual Pet Bag had a radius of tens of yards.

The Azure Sharp Swallow and little thieving cat got along well but the former seemed to be fearful of the latter.

After the pets settled.

Zhao Feng walked out by himself. With the Floating Liu Token in his hands, there wouldn’t be any restrictions for him inside the Liu family’s territory.

As a guest, Zhao Feng’s actions instantly raised the attention of the Liu family. They sent people to lead him around and guards to protect him in secret.

The treatment and care was perfect.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but sigh. If it weren't for the letter he had to send, he wouldn’t mind staying in the Floating Lake City for a while.

“Master Zhao, are you going to participate in the fiancée battle?”

The person leading the way was Liu Yuan.

The latter knew Zhao Feng’s intent. The young mistress was called Liu Qinxin and was extremely mysterious. Zhao Feng was definitely focused on her.

“Not participating, only spectating.”

Zhao Feng was somewhat speechless.

Liu Yuan smiled and didn’t speak as he led the way.

About half the time it took tea to be made.

In front of the City Lord’s Mansion was a stage with a red gold array spanning a hundred to two hundred yards in area.

Next to the stage were mountains of people, shouting and cheering.

“There are a total of seven days to fight for the fiancée, and this is the last day. In the entire Flooding Lake City, no male is her match.”

“Young mistress Liu is indeed great. Almost no one is able to block three moves in total.”

Discussion was bustling in front of the City Lord’s Mansion.

At this time.

The mysterious daughter of the City Lord stood on the stage covered in a white dress. She was like a Goddess. Just her figure alone gave everyone countless thoughts.

She wore a hijab, revealing only her watery eyes and gave the crowd a quiet and calm feeling.

Although they couldn’t see her appearance, her aura alone made the hearts of the crowd thump.

In terms of aura alone, none of the women Zhao Feng knew could be compared to use this one.

Instinctively, Zhao Feng used his God’s Spiritual Eye to look at her face. Although he didn’t open his bloodline power, it could still penetrate through a small section.

But what made Zhao Feng shocked was that the hijab the daughter of the City Lord wore seemed to contain a mysterious power which made his abilities fail.

Furthermore, Liu Qinxin seemed to sense something. No matter how fast he reacted, the daughter of the City Lord’s eyes still landed on him.

After all, Zhao Feng’s one eyed azure haired appearance was extremely outstanding.

Because Liu Yuan was leading the way, Zhao Feng immediately walked straight onto the City Lord’s sides spectating stage.

“This one greets Uncle Liu.”

Liu Yuan was the stepson of the Head of the Liu family and went to greet the City Lord while introducing Zhao Feng.


The City Lord nodded his head faintly and glanced at Zhao Feng.

The latter immediately felt a pressure comparable to Mount Tai. crush upon him. A casual glance from the City Lord had almost shattered his True Force.

“This Flooding Lake City Lord has at least reached the True Mystic Realm or maybe even higher. It’s certain that no one in the Thirteen Countries is his match.”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath and calmly bowed towards the City Lord.

The City Lord’s face was written with praise, “Mortals say that through youths come heroes. Such young Beast Tamers are indeed rare.”

Zhao Feng could only reply respectfully.

He was sure that the City Lord had seen that his mental energy source was far greater than others and even his bloodline power might have been detected.

“Hehe, you’re definitely here for the fiancée battles right?”

The Flooding Lake City Lord was full of smiles.

Zhao Feng immediately hiccupped and almost fell over.