King Of Gods Chapter 259

Chapter 259 – Bride (2)
Chapter 259 - Bride (2)

Hearing the shouting of the crowd, Zhao Feng was speechless. He thought about how he had swept across the entire younger generation of the Thirteen Countries, was he going to lose to a girl here?

He took a light breath and regained his composure.

There was no retreat, hence why not use a plan to defeat this plan?

Firstly, the City Lord’s words couldn’t be gone against. Secondly, he wanted to see if she was the one.

Liu Qinxin who was clad in white spoke with interest, “Master Zhao comes from afar. This makes Qinxin feel happy. As long as you can beat Qinxin, so what if you want to see me? I’ll be willing to give you all of myself.”

Liu Qinxin’s voice contained a tinge of playfulness which caused the crowd to roar in laughter.

No one believed a youth at the 6th Sky could defeat Qinxin.

Of the challengers, Zhao Feng’s cultivation could be said to be rock bottom.

After watching Liu Qinxin fight, even Zhao Feng had to admit there was a large gap between the two.

If it was in a life-death battle, Zhao Feng was confident he could retreat without injury and even turn the situation around.

But right now, it was a head-on clash.

“Qinxin, this young Beast Tamer is an esteemed guest of the Liu family. His age and cultivation is lower than yours. Can you suppress your cultivation?”

The Flooding Lake City Lord suddenly said.

The instant he said this, the crowd once again broke out into discussion.

What type of background did this young Beast Tamer have to make the City Lord look at him differently?

“This…. as Father wishes. Qinxin will restrict her cultivation to 7th Sky.”

Liu Qinxin’s eyes furrowed as she glanced towards Zhao Feng, but soon became normal.

She had obviously not taken Zhao Feng as a true opponent.

In terms of strength, Zhao Feng was far weaker than the opponents before.

Although there was some resistance in the crowd, the City Lord and his daughter had come to an agreement so it didn’t matter.

Furthermore, in their eyes, even if Liu Qinxin suppressed her cultivation to 7th Sky, she could destroy Zhao Feng.

Hearing this Zhao Feng almost cursed aloud. Why was the City Lord going easy on him?

If Liu Qinxin suppressed her cultivation to the 7th Sky, Zhao Feng’s chances of winning reached 50%, and if he held back, it definitely wouldn’t escape the City Lord’s fiery eyes.

“Lady Qinxin doesn’t need to be so courteous. I’d rather see your unrestrained strength so even if I lose, I wouldn’t moan or groan.”

Zhao Feng immediately declined.

Liu Qinxin smiled and gave Zhao Feng a higher review.

If it was some other youth they probably love the fact that she was suppressing her cultivation. Not only would they get a beauty, they would also become the son-in-law of the City Lord.


A bright voice sounded.The person speaking was at the True Spirit Realm.

As soon as the words finished, Zhao Feng lightly slapped a silver bag on his waist and summoned the Azure Sharp Swallow.

The Azure Sharp Swallow screeched and turned into a azure blur that shot towards Liu Qinxin.

In terms of speed, the Azure Sharp Swallow was at the peak amongst the 7th Skys, and under Zhao Feng’s control, the Swallow’s attacking routes were all perfect.

Zhao Feng retreated and kept a healthy distance between himself and Liu Qinxin.

At this moment, he was going use the methods of a Beast Tamer to fight.

Liu Qinxin lightly shouted and sent green streaks of light towards the Azure Sharp Swallow.

Zhao Feng’s expression moved - Liu Qinxin’s attacks could turn in midair. This level of agility had exceeded the limits of the 7th Sky; usually only those at the True Spirit Realm could do this.

Even though Liu Qinxin’s cultivation had been suppressed to the 7th Sky, her insights and skill still remained. All that happened was that the power was decreased by half.


The Azure Sharp Swallow flapped its wings and successfully blocked Liu Qinxin’s attack. It paused for a moment before darting towards Liu Qinxin’s back.

The Azure Sharp Swallow was extremely agile and seemed to have the smartness of a human.

Although Liu Qinxin’s cultivation was suppressed, she could still bring critical harm to the Swallow.

However, with Zhao Feng controlling the bird, the Swallow’s speed, agility and offense had reached its maximum and could escape every time.

After exchanging blows for a period of time, the spectators looked at the young Beast Tamer in a different light.

Zhao Feng’s expression was solemn; Liu Qinxin’s actions were all casual and hadn’t used all her true power yet.

“She still hasn’t used the jade hairbrush.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes glimmered and a dark azure bow appeared in his hand. In the middle was an ice lotus mark.

Three arrows appeared on the Luohou Bow.


The spectators watching smiled faintly, not surprised.

Bows were suitable for Beast Tamer’s because their pets would be a meat shield while they would support from afar.

Beng~ Sou-- Sou--

The Luohou arrows shot through the air and amidst a rumbling of thunder, suddenly broke through the sound barrier, causing a cold flow that pierced towards Liu Qinxin’s small flaw.

When Zhao Feng took out the Luohou Bow, Liu Qinxin stopped underestimating the former.

Zhao Feng’s Luohou Bow contained the Lightning Inheritance and would create cold flows that would affect the opponent's speed.

Although the Luohou arrows couldn’t injure Liu Qinxin, it could distract her, synchronising perfectly with the Azure Sharp Swallow.

In a short amount of time, Zhao Feng succeeded in facing off against Liu Qinxin.

As long as a tiny flaw appeared on Liu Qinxin’s body, the arrows would shoot straight towards that area and would synchronise with the Azure Sharp Swallow.

“This Liu Qinxin isn’t simple. Excluding my bloodline power, I’ve been using all my strength but that still isn’t able to take care of her.”

Zhao Feng was extremely wary.


The jade hairbrush appeared in Liu Qinxin’s hand once again and formed green streaks that blocked the arrows as well as the Azure Sharp Swallow while attacking Zhao Feng at the same time.

Zhao Feng’s figure flashed like an illusion.

He was still able to fire the Luohou Bow and control the Azure Sharp Swallow while travelling at high speed. It could be said he was doing three things with one mind.

Not only that, Zhao Feng’s offense became even stronger.

The Luohou Bow and Azure Sharp Swallow complimented each other perfectly.

Liu Qinxin felt troubled when her cultivation was suppressed to the 7th Sky.

“If I used my full strength immediately and instantly attacked the Beast Tamer himself, it would have ended the battle straight away.”

Liu Qinxin sighed in her heart, knowing that she had underestimated the enemy.

The youth in front of her was a Beast Tamer who was at the 6th Sky, yet had the capabilities to exchange blows with someone at the half step True Spirit Realm.

The crowd watching sighed and exclaimed. If this continued, Zhao Feng would be the person most likely to succeed.

The Flooding Lake City Lord sat on the spectator stand with a smile on his face, “This brat has such precise archery skills. If Qinxin’s cultivation wasn't restricted to 7th Sky, the winner will be hard to decide.”

The City Lord finally saw a sizzle of hope.

Zhao Feng’s display had exceeded his imagination. His Beast Tamer powers, archery skills, and use of lightning had all reached a point where others could only sigh.

Across those his age Zhao Feng’s strength could top the Flooding Lake area.

“But Qinxin probably won’t lose this easily.”

The Flooding Lake City Lord’s expression was calm.

Right at this moment, Liu Qinxin waved her jade hairbrush, and the edges of the green strikes were covered in a mysterious silver.


Liu Qinxin’s hair was like a flowing waterfall as her veil gently blew.

A silver light appeared in her eyes. The color was like limitless space - cold and quiet.

Bloodline power.

Zhao Feng’s heart skipped a beat. In addition to the power the attacks from the jade hairbrush emitted, the light seemed to come from the ancient space that crushed downwards.

“Bloodline power… and an ancient bloodline inheritance.”

Zhao Feng’s bloodline power boiled.


A faint azure layer of light spun around his body like a tattoo. It seemed to be from ancient times, old and noble while containing some wickedness within.

Beng~ Sou- Sou-

The Luohou Bow pierced through the air and carried a faint azure red shadow which caused its power to rise dramatically.


The clash between the bloodline powers caused the protective arrays to ripple.

The spectators below were stunned.

“His bloodline inheritance is even purer than Qinxin’s….”

The Flooding Lake City Lord was overjoyed.

Liu Qinxin only felt her bloodline power tremble slightly. This was something that had never happened before.

Although the quantity of her bloodline power exceeded Zhao Feng’s, she didn’t gain any advantage.

The battle was rising to its peak.

Zhao Feng used his Luohou Bow to compliment the Azure Sharp Swallow and continued wearing Liu Qinxin down.

Liu Qinxin had used all her power she could at the 7th Sky and a layer of ice had appeared on her snow white clothes.

Of course, if this battle continued Zhao Feng would still lose because Liu Qinxin’s recovery rate and True Force quantity both exceeded Zhao Feng’s.

“If I don’t go all out now, my chances of winning will go down by 5%.”

As he came to this conclusion, Zhao Feng began to expend his True Force rapidly. If his True Force was expended, he would lose honourably.

Miao miao.

The little thieving cat suddenly appeared from the Spiritual Pet Bag with stars in its eyes. It hiccuped then took a drink from a flask that was bigger than itself.


The spectators and those in battle were confused.

“Could it be that he has another strong pet?”

Liu Qinxin’s expression changed slightly.

Miao miao.

The little thieving cat put the flask away then started drunkenly walking around slowly.

“What is this guy doing?”

Zhao Feng heart jumped.

The little thieving cat was covered in the smell of wine and walked around the stage like it didn’t know what was doing.

The clash between him and Liu Qinxin could rip a normal cultivator at the 6th or 7th Sky into shreds.

“Drunk step?”

Only the eyes of the Flooding Lake City Lord were unusual.

The little thieving cat’s footsteps looked queer but seemed to contain something that surpassed nature. In every move, it evaded the most powerful clashes.